The Begining of the End

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The Beginning

It’s after ten. I’ve been holding back the feelings all night. It’s been so long and finally the time is right. I feel my hot skin in the cool air, you brush up besides me and I laugh, out of nervousness and anticipation. I get in my car, you get in yours. I feel the smooth wheel under my hand and grip as hard as I can. You pull out in front of me and head to your house. I follow, just enough to keep up but not enough to make you think I’m anxious, even though I am. Your blue eyes boring holes into me all night has driven me crazy.

We go into your neighborhood, the cool air and the bright moon giving the evening a mystical feel. As we pull up into your driveway, you parking in your garage, me, on the street, you look at me intently and put a finger to your mouth. Your parents are asleep and they can’t know I’m here. We creep around to the back of your house, the pool glistening under the moon. My mind snaps back to reality as I wonder what the hell I’m doing, but you turn around and look at me, making any thought in my head dance away. I can only concentrate on you. You pull the hair out of my face, the way you always do, and pull me close. This is the moment, the moment you and I have waited for, for so long. You look into my eyes and bring your face really close to mine. I can feel the heat coming off of you in the cold. I want to speak, the air between us thick and heavy. I open my mouth slightly, but instead of words, nothing comes out. I close my eyes as I think of how badly I want you. I open my eyes again, back to your deep blue eyes, staring so intently at me. This is the moment. You grab my face, gently, and you kiss me, so passionately and lust driven, the kiss you have been holding from me for months. I kiss back, my wet lips sliding over yours. I am doing something so bad but it feels so good, I can’t stop and neither can you.

You pull away and say nothing. I have the urge to go forward, beg you for more kisses. You grab my hand. I look at you again, knowing that there is no stopping now. You pendik escort open the door to your house, and go in, pulling me behind you, slowly, cautiously. Your every step is slow and measured, your breath shallow. In the darkness I can make out different rooms, the kitchen, the living room. The walk from your door to the bottom of the stairwell leading to your bedroom takes eternity. You slowly walk up the stairs, and I follow. You open the door to your room and I see what I expect; the blue comforter, the plants, the statue you told me about. You go into the bathroom for a minute, and I, suddenly so unsure of what I am doing, sit down on your bed. You return a moment later, and you turn the overhead light off. The darkness is suffocating and erotic at the same time; a light comes on from your closet. You have turned it on. You close the door so it is only slightly open, leaving a small wash of light over the bedroom.

You turn to me, with those eyes. You come closer, and touch my shoulders, my neck, my lips. I lean my head back and close my eyes. Your fingers trace from my neck down to my dress. It’s your favorite dress, the blue one. You trace farther down my body, down my stomach to the middle of my legs. The silk between you and my vagina is so thin, and your fingers send a thrill of ecstasy through my body. You put your hand up my dress, and you slowly pull off my panties. You then explore my vagina with your hands, touching my clit and stroking my swollen lips, wet with juices. I stand up and take off your shirt, and then I take off your belt and your pants. You’re left in your boxer briefs and a wife-beater. I take a step back and look at you. Your tan, muscular arms, your flat stomach, your legs, your ass…I get wetter just looking at you.

You come behind me, tracing your fingers over my soft light skin, touching my back. You find the tie for the dress in the back. You slowly pull the tie undone, and my dress flutters to the floor. I’m left in a black lace see-through bra and black stilettos. What hair I do have maltepe escort on my pussy is wet, my pussy aching to be fucked. But this is the night, and we are not going to rush. You stare at me in my nakedness, my long legs and bright pink nipples startling you. You come closer and take off my bra. Your fingers run over my small tight tits, barely skimming the top of them but alerting my senses to your sexual power and desires.

I take off your shirt, wanting our skin to touch, wanting to feel the heat from you. You pull me close and attack me with your mouth, your tongue and lips kissing and sucking my mouth, my lips, my tongue, my neck, my ears. I moan slightly, because it feels so good. I reach down to your briefs and stick my hand inside to touch your hard dick. The touch of it makes me so horny I can’t concentrate. I want it inside of me so back. I rip off your boxers, down to the floor. You laugh, you sense my excitement. I pull you over to the bed and lay you down. I get on top of you, with my arms holding me above you, so I can see all of you and you can see all of me. I kiss your stomach, and go farther down, to your penis. I can’t help it, I want to lick it so bad. I put it in my mouth and run my wet lips over it, sucking on the head, going down as far as I can go. I keep doing this, and you moan because it feels so good. I stop before you come because I know once you do, you’ll be too tired to do anything else. You roll me over and lick my tits, biting my nipples and flicking your tongue over them, causing me to touch my clit, I am so horny. You kiss my inner thighs and then you lick up the juice on my pussy lips. I moan really loud and hope your parents can’t hear. You like this and you lick harder, sticking your tongue into my pussy and them licking my clit. I feel so close to the edge, I beg you to stop. I pull your face close to mine and I kiss you, a deep soulful kiss. I want you so bad, I try to say with my eyes. You understand.

I spread my legs and close my eyes. You penetrate me, your body kartal escort so close to mine I can barely breathe. Your dick inside of me feels so good and so big and hard, and I gasp as soon as you enter me. Once you are inside of me, you go in really deep and hard, and I nearly scream. You go really slow, both of us lowly moaning at how good we feel. I can’t help it and I turn you over, with me on top. I ride you real slow at first while you touch my tits, and then I start going faster. You like this, but you want to be in charge. You pull me to the side of the bed and lean me over, entering me from behind. You start fucking me really hard and you touch my clit with one of your hands. It feels so good. I moan really loudly and you put your other hand over my mouth. You pull out and I lay back on the bed. You enter me again, this time fucking me so hard your bed is shaking. The headboard makes thumps against the walls. I feel a swell inside of me, heat and fire, and I come, really loudly, my eyes closed, as you fuck me over and over and over again. Your penis, inside of me, is relentless, pounding me over and over again. My orgasm won’t cease, it keeps going, and as my vaginal walls contract and release around your penis, you begin to come too, moaning and fucking me as you come because you simply can’t stop.

All at once, we both finish. You lay on top of me, glistening with sweat, still inside of me. I lay beneath you, catching my breath, not knowing what to say. I open my eyes and you look into them. We lay there, staring into each other’s eyes without a word. You kiss me again and I kiss back.

Finally your lips part. “This never happened…”

“Next time you’ll say the same thing,” I reply.

You pull me close and hug me, feeling closer to me than anyone in the entire world. We fall asleep like that, together under your blue comforter, holding each other as if this is the last time we’ll ever see each other. At dawn, you wake me up and we shower together in your bathroom, washing each other slowly and kissing. As I leave before your parents wake, as we stand out in your driveway, you kiss me one last time before I go.

I walk to my car, but before I get in, I look back to you.

“Congratulations on Graduation,” I say.

And I drive away.

The End

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