The Bargaining Problem Ch. 01

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The second semester came that December, and I was rather distraught, as I had absolutely no way to pay my tuition. My mum had died in October and money had become very scarce for me. I was working almost full time to pay for my apartment and food, and it seemed as if, after that, nothing was left. I talked to my aunt, and she suggested I go ask a friend of the family, Stanley Coughlin. I myself had known Stanley quite awhile, and although he was a 45 year old man who had lost his wife almost 4 years previous, he had a fatherly role in my life. We had originally met at a charity event, where I bumped into him while sorting cans into their respective boxes. I knew he was very wealthy also, I often saw him slipping 50 dollar bills into the collection basket on Sundays.

At 6’5”, 200 lbs, Stan was no small chap. He had a presence about him, where he commanded the pendik escort situation, wherever and whenever it may be. His light complexion and chiseled jaw indicated his European roots.

I myself was just coming into my womanhood at 22. I was almost 5’10”, about 150 lbs, with blonde shoulder length hair, and what I would call a swimmers body. I have a very strong upper body, but my legs taper nicely, with just enough muscle to be effective.

Auntie Ida had sent me to Stan in hopes of getting some money. She knew him well, and thought that if he wouldn’t give me the money straight away, that at least he could hire me to help on his farm. I called to make an appointment, and the following Friday I met with him. He sat in his green leather chair, looking intently at me.

“May I ask why you’re here young Kara? I haven’t seen you in quite some maltepe escort time. And although it is such a shame that we must be meeting for business, I am pleased to see you nonetheless.”

“Well Mr. Coughlin, I’m sure you heard that my mother passed away.”

“Yes I did Kara, and what a tragedy it was. No one knew…I’m really sorry.” He said, sympathetically.

“That’s okay. But…the main reason I came was to ask you for some assistance.” I said wearily.

“Assistance my dear?” He looked at me quizzically.

“I’m having trouble with my monies sir, and I was wondering if you would forward me a loan to help me pay my tuition. I could pay you back in any way you would like sir, I am just really desperate to pay it because I do not want to stop going to classes.”

“Yes, yes” He said, fingering his chin. “I understand. Well…”

“Well kartal escort what? Please tell me…I’ll really do anything you could think of to get this money…” I said, pleading.

“Well, you know since Sarah died, no one has cooked me a good meal in quite some time. And from time to time, I need a massage. How about I hire you on as an assistant, and you can do favors for me. I’ll pay you according to the services you provide.” He said, with a wry smile on his face.

I knew what he wanted. He wanted me to give him sexual favors. I could tell by the way he was looking at me.

“Okay sir, I’ll be by on Monday.”

When I did show up that Monday, he made me make him dinner, which was easy for me…a simple steak dinner with vegetables. I also ended up giving him a massage which turned out to be really steamy with the way he was moaning. I became quite aroused, but didn’t let on. He paid me 100 dollars for my services.

Well, the deadline was coming up in 4 weeks, and I knew that 100 dollars a day wasn’t going to cover the almost 25 grand I needed…

To be continued…

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