Linda Morris – Lesbian Jailer Ch. 03

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A lot of the people who have read about my ‘adventures’ as a lesbian jailer working inside a women’s correctional facility mistakenly believe that all I ever do is molest the pretty girls locked up here, but that’s complete nonsense. I’m actually very good at my job, and even if my superiors doesn’t always take notice, my fellow jailers and a lot of the inmates incarcerated here appreciate me.

Take last week, for example. This cute little blonde girl serving a 30-day sentence for possession of amphetamines sought-out my protection in the usual way, wiggling her naked little butt for me while I watched her showering, which, of course, resulted in my immediately placing under in my ‘protective custody’ in the private ‘playroom cell’ that we guards keep upstairs for our own entertainment & amusement.

Anyway, as I was undressing this little blonde hottie a couple of hours later (so that I could fuck her doggy-style with my strap-on), she presented me with some information that prevented a possible fatal stabbing the very next morning. The girl had apparently spotted this tough Latina gang-banger named Mariel Mendez sneaking a shiv (aka: a homemade knife) into her mattress, and the girl then overhears Mendez and two of her ‘chicas’ planning a breakfast-ambush on an Italian woman named Capelle.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I used this knowledge to foil their plans. No, I didn’t report it to my superiors, as they would have wanted to know exactly how I came upon this inside information, which might be difficult to explain without going into unnecessary details regarding my off-duty activities. No, I instead positioned myself in the cafeteria the next morning, close enough to this Capelle woman so that when Mendez and her gang struck, I was right there on top of them before any damage was inflicted. It was pretty awesome. I mean, the very second Mendez flashes her blade, I was on her, my nightstick slamming down hard on her wrist, snapping it and forcing her to drop the shiv onto the floor. I then jammed my stick hard into the gut of the large hispanic inmate now grabbing at me from behind, and a second later I swung it down onto the back of the head of a third woman bending down to pick up the fallen blade where it lay on the cafeteria floor. In a mere five seconds I had single-handedly disarmed Mendez and her entire gang, and immediately thereafter several other guards converged to place the three would-be attackers in custody.

Of course, the captain praised my alert action, promising to put me up for an official commendation. I, of course, thanked her, but quickly forgot about it. I mean, what good is a commendation? I’d have much rather received a pay-raise and/or a promotion, but what are you gonna do, right?

Anyway, a few days later I discovered that Delora Capelle, the woman whose life I had saved, was in fact the wife of Luca Capelle, a high-ranking capo in San Francisco’s Lugano crime family. She was here in our facility serving a six week sentence for contempt involving an ongoing drug investigation – I really don’t know the details beyond that. But apparently, the mob suddenly wanted to thank me. This mob lawyer named Buscelli calls me at home, and asks me what they can do to show their appreciation for my fast action in disarming the ‘Mexicanas,’ thereby saving Mrs. Capelle’s life. I told him not to bother. I mean, the San Mateo County government isn’t stupid, and if they notice a sudden sizeable deposit in my bank account (and trust me, they notice things like that), I’d immediately be investigated for corruption and probably fired, am I right?

So anyway, I politely decline his offer, and that’s the end of it. Or so I thought.

A week later, there’s a knock on the door of my apartment on my day off. I open it, and standing there is this beautiful, stunning-young blonde girl, wearing a raincoat and staring at me nervously.

“You are Linda Morris?”

I nod and she hands me an envelope. I then invite this lovely blonde hottie inside while looking down at the return address on the envelope. It’s from the mob-lawyer, Buscelli…

To: Linda Morris

From: P. Buscelli & Associates

Re: Jana Kulikova, your new maid

In regards to our earlier telephone conversation, we have refused to take no for an answer, and are offering you this lovely young Latvian woman to be your new housemaid. Her services have already been paid for by those grateful to you for your quick actions of earlier this month.

My client checked with his wife, who informed us of your reputed interests, and we believe that Miss Kulikova will suit them to a tee. She is eighteen years old, obedient, and all of her legal papers are in order. Thank you again for your service to our community.


Paul Buscelli

Attorney at Law

I then look at the girl, and she’s looking back at me, almost fearfully, before then venturing a question:

“Everything is good, yes?”

“Everything is wonderful. What’s your name, sweetie?”

“I am Jana, your new maid. For casino siteleri six weeks.”

Six weeks. That figures.

I stare at her. She’s really beautiful. I mean, I feel like I’m standing there with leggy blonde supermodel Candice Swanepoel (I really love her, by the way)… I’m serious, this girl is incredibly beautiful, you know? I shake my head sadly, realizing however that there’s no possible way I can’t keep her.

“Take off your raincoat and have a seat,” I say, motioning to the couch in my small living room.

Big mistake!

The girl removes her raincoat, and underneath it it’s like she’s wearing super-sexy black & white lingerie outfit – ‘French Maid’ lingerie, to be specific! She looks incredibly hot! Her body is slender and very fair-skinned to begin with, with these incredibly hot curves… I’m talking nice breasts, a luscious little ass, and killer long legs! I involuntarily lick my lips.

“This is acceptable maid’s outfit, yes?” the girls asks, looking at me questioningly. I was given it to wear.”

I nod while signalling with my index finger for her to turn around, and she obediently does so, with her innocent blue eyes then meeting my own. “Is good for you?”

“Yes,” I admit, again licking my lips. “Is very good!”

I then had to excuse myself and go into the next room where I immediately got on the phone with lawyer Buscelli, leaving the girl alone in my living room.

“What’s the big idea, buster?”

“Ah, Ms. Morris,” he began. “I was expecting that I might hear from you about now.”

“Are you trying to bribe me with a girl?”

“Absolutely not! Think of Jana as a ‘thank you’ gift from Delora’s grateful family for protecting her from that knife-wielding maniac. There’s no quid-pro-quo here! We expect nothing more from you in return!”

“Yeah? Well since when does the Lugano crime-family give gifts to county correctional officers?” I asked, adding: “With no strings attached?”

“See here, Ms. Morris, you’ve got this all wrong. For one thing, it’s the Profaci family that operates illegal human trafficking in the bay area, not us. But it just so happens that their organization lost the services of this particular young woman to us over substantial unpaid debts, but as we don’t deal in women we have opted instead to offer this lovely young girl to you. It was Miss Capelle, the lady whose life you saved, who insisted upon it! She told us how grateful she was for your help, and demanded that we do something special for you!”

From where I stood I could observe Jana in the next room. She had somehow produced a feather duster and was already making the rounds, cleaning off my perpetually dusty living room furniture. Her legs and ass both looked incredible in that short little French Maid outfit!

“Fine,” I announced. “You win. I’ll try her out… you know, for a few days, at least.”

He chuckled, and I hung up.

I then sat Jana down on my couch to get the full story from her, trying to avoid staring at her cleavage while doing so. No good. I then forced my eyes down to her gorgeous legs. Damn, she was shot! This clearly wasn’t going to be an easy interview! But eventually I forced myself to focus.

Yes, she was 18-years old and hailed from Latvia. She had learned to speak English in her school at Riga. This Profaci-run outfit responsible for shipping over here had apparently promised to marry her off to a rich American, when in fact they had instead decided to sell her to either an escort agency or possibly a strip club. But their plans had run afoul of the Lugano family, which is how she’d ended up at my door.

The FBI had been coming down hard on organized crime of late, which explained Delora Capelle’s contempt charge and jail time. And the Luganos were reportedly big into the drug trade, which explained the Mexican drug-cartel’s attempt to ice her in jail. Since that attack, by the way, she’d been safely moved to another, more protective wing of the facility. And because the FBI was now nosing around, the Luganos didn’t want them discovering a gorgeous-young-illegal-foreign-girl in their possession, and so they’d gotten rid of the problem by passing her onto me.

Now I know what you’re thinking, but you’re wrong. I’m really not about using innocent young girls lost in a foreign land for my sexual thrills. Well, at least not initially! Maybe later. Yes, she was incredibly hot, but I sincerely wanted to help her. And if my helping her eventually landed her in my bed, then fine. But first things first!

I asked about her family.

She explained that both of her parents died several years earlier, and that she’d been raised by her grandmother, now 70-years old, and still living in Riga. Apparently, some charitable Latvian-American organization had offered to re-unite her with her granddaughter, but only if Jana was settled and had received U.S. citizenship.

“Best way to become citizen is to marry American husband,” she lamented. “But they wanted to make me sex worker instead.”

“All men are bastards,” slot oyna I commiserated. “But you’re more-than-welcome to remain here with me until we can work something out. I can fix up the spare room for you!”

“I will work as maid for you,” she offered, hopefully, showing me a timid smile. “You are wonderful woman to help me.”

She then reached over to hug me. She smelled good! It was extremely difficult for me not to begin passionately kissing her, or at the very least begin squeezing that luscious butt of hers. But I resisted. For now.

“When I first see you open door I think you are woman who dresses like man,” she gushed, before then quickly changing the subject. “Your place, it is nice, yes? Many nice furniture and appliances.”

“Yeah, it’s all mine.”

“How should I be calling you?”

“Calling me?”

“How should I… be addressing you?”

“I’m just Linda… and I’ll call you Jana!”

She smiled in response. A beautiful smile!

I then showed her around the place. My apartment really isn’t all that spacious. I mean, there are two bedrooms, one at either end, each with its own bath. In the middle, a small living room, kitchen, foyer, and den. Modest by California standards, but Jana seemed to be very impressed by it.

“All of this room for just one woman… is very nice!”

“I’m guessing that apartments in Riga must be pretty crowded.”

“Yes, is not so much room.”

That night, after getting her settled in, I returned to my own room and got busy trying to figure out what to do next. Re-uniting her with her grandmother was an obvious priority, but the only way to do that was to get Jana naturalized.

I know what you’re thinking. This is California – in this state it’s EASY being an illegal! Maybe so, but for some things you still need citizenship, and as I’m technically a member of the law enforcement community, I always try to go about it officially. And legally, the best way I could think to get Jana on the fast-track to acquiring citizenship was getting her married, and the quicker the better.

Then it hit me! The ideal solution! I immediately got up and hurried to the guest bedroom where I had just installed her half-an-hour earlier. I knocked softly on the door.

When she opened it, she appeared to have just stepped out of the shower, with a bath towel loosely wrapped around her gorgeous nude body! Her wet skin had a healthy, glistening, almost glowing sheen to it, with her bare shoulders and long, shapely legs especially appealing. I momentarily lost all train of thought… definitely a ‘Dear Penthouse’ moment!

“Yes, Linda?”

“Can I talk with you?”

“I am just finishing shower,” she explained, unnecessarily. “You have news?”

“Yes,” I observed, trying not to drool as I ogled her standing there in that towel. “Come into the living room where we can talk.”

She obediently followed me, sitting down next to me on the coach, just barely keeping her towel in place.

“I know how we can bring your grandmother here!”

Her quizzical expression quickly brightened!

“And how is this?”

“We get married!”

Her eyes widened into something like shock.

“We get married?”

“Yes… you and I!”

“But you are woman!”

“Yes, and so are you! But we’re in the San Francisco bay area, and women can marry one another here,” I explained. “And once you become my wife you will have immediate U.S. citizenship status as well as a permanent residence… as you will legally live right here with me!”

“This is so?”

“Absolutely so! And we can then bring your grandmother here to live with us… I’ll even give her the guest room that you’re currently using… it will become HER room!”

I could see by the furrowed-brows-expression on her pretty face that she was rapidly digesting this information.

“Yes, yes… she would be so happy to be living here with me!”

“I’ll bet we could have her moved in by the end of the month!”

Jana’s eyes lighted up with joy as she looked me in the face.

“And you would make this happen… for me?”

“Sure, why not?” I answered, as nonchalantly as I could. “After all, we’re both single young ladies of marrying age, and I can even telephone that Lugano-lawyer-Buscelli tomorrow and get him to help speed things up… he owes me!”

“But we are just meeting today… for first time,” she said, looking at me in wonderment. “You are not knowing me.”

“True… but think of it as being like an arranged marriage… and those have been happening throughout history, with married couples not meeting one another until their wedding day, am I right?”

“So you are saying you are wanting to make me wife?”

I did a cursory glance over her luscious body, only barely covered by that little white bath towel. I had to surreptitiously lick my lips before replying.

“Sure I would… you’re a very beautiful girl… a person would have to be crazy not to want to marry you!”

“But I am not lesbian woman.”

“No, of course canlı casino siteleri you’re not, but that’s not what’s important here. The important thing is making you a legal citizen so that we can bring your grandmother over here to be with you!”

I had to be careful with my words, as I didn’t want to alarm her, but inside I knew that there was no way I wasn’t going to eventually possess this gorgeous young-blonde-hottie and turn her into my own personal plaything, but that could wait.

“You are being so very nice to me, Linda,” she blurted out. “Thank you for coming up with plan!”

At this point, I reached over and gently grabbed her cute little chin, pulling it close to my face and planting a kiss on her on her sexy, pouty mouth.

“Just think about it, OK?”

She stared into my eyes for several seconds before nodding her head.

“Yes… this I will do,” she softly responded.

I then rose up off of the couch and returned to my room, triumphant that she would come to see the logic in my plan. She desperately wanted to be re-united with her grandmother, and this was easily the fastest way to make it happen, regardless of her personal sexual preferences. I quickly undressed myself down to the black sports-bra and matching biker-shorts that I regularly slept in.

As I got into bed I was then surprised to hear a timid knocking on my bedroom door.

“Come in,” I called, and Jana did so, now clad in what appeared to be a white cotton tee-shirt that did nothing to cover her amazingly long supermodel legs. Her blonde hair was still slightly damp, but she looked stunningly-beautiful. Everything about this girl was just drop-dead gorgeous. I patted my bed, offering her a place to sit down, which she immediately accepted.

“I am thinking, Linda,” she started slowly, looking down at her knees while trying to form her words, “that I would like very much to be your wife!”

Her eyes then met mine, looking somewhat fearful. I smiled, and reached out to embrace her. She smelled ‘shower-fresh’ and her pretty body felt incredibly soft and feminine in my arms. I then again looked into her eyes, which still had that vulnerable, almost frightened quality to them.

“I am so happy,” I assured her. “You will make a very beautiful wife for me!”

That got her smiling that beautiful smile of hers.

“Kiss me, Jana,” I ordered. And she did so, blushing as our mouths came together. Her pouty lips felt wonderful pressed against my own, our tongues also briefly touching, and I could even taste a hint of the cinnamon toothpaste in her mouth that I’d left for her in her bathroom. She tasted all-around delicious.

“You just leave the details to me,” I murmured, still clutching her warm body, my hands caressing her sides. I continued holding her as she nodded in response. “Now go get some sleep!”

I patted her butt as she got up to leave, but instead of exiting my room, she turned back to ask me another question.

“If I am to be married to you… and to be your wife,” she began. “And you are to bring my Nanya here for to live in your guest room… then I am to sleep in here, with you?”

“Yeah, that’s kind of the plan…” I responded, my heart momentarily sinking, as I suspected that she was about to come up with an alternative sleeping arrangement that would place her somewhere else.

“Maybe I am saying that you would like me sleeping in here with you… in your bed… right now?”


What I actually responded was: “Sure… if that’s what you’d like!”

Inside I was exploding with joy. Outwardly, I limited my reaction to a barely-repressed smile. She was smiling back! I was in heaven!

As I pulled back the covers and sheets to allow her to slide in with me, she further surprised and delighted me by shyly requesting: “Would you like to undress me first?”

I openly grinned and without another word I reached over to pull her tee-shirt up and over her head, revealing her gorgeous breasts to my ardent gaze at for the very first time. All she had on now were a tiny pair of white cotton panties! Her body looked smoking hot!

“Over here,” I ordered, somewhat huskily, before then tightly embracing her and passionately kissing her on her lips. She lifted her arms around my neck, kissing me back.

“I will be good wife to you, Linda,” she gasped, between kisses. “I promise this!”

“Yes, you will,” I agreed, sitting down on the side of my bed and pulling her onto my lap. We continued passionately making out for at least another minute or so, my hands running down her back while also fondling her legs & thighs.

Eventually I eased her head back down onto a pillow so that my lips could begin travelling down to her neck & shoulders. She shivered slightly as they then came into contact with her beautiful breasts, with my tongue hungrily licking those delicate, perfectly-formed tits, while my mouth found its way onto one of her nipples. She moaned aloud as I began softly sucking.

I switch from her right breast to her left breast, and then back again. Both were wonderfully succulent. She continued softly moaning the entire time.

I then rose up and began tugging off her white cotton panties. I wanted her completely nude.

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