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In his monotonous life, he met a woman, beautiful like no other, who just so happens to be a lover of fine dining, who’s life goal was to eventually become a provider of such. He met her casually on a regular day on their job. They began to know each other and all of that, fast forward to this moment, our porn star (he is not really a porn star) is about to penetrate the love of his life (at least that’s how he’s been feeling lately). Every life decision was a trial to ready him for this moment; to see her the same way Adam saw Eve, to kiss here the same way you would eat ice-cream (tongue kisses; he wants her tongue with his), to whisper things to her ear like in the movies, and to her penetrate her the same way the government fucks the people.

They are in a private room, lust filling them both. Her dark, long, straight hair; her beautiful, large breasts; her round and voluminous glutes; and those thick, juicy legs. He wants this woman the same way a conqueror wants blood. To fuck her is a daily necessity he feels, despite never having gone beyond a sensual touch of her breasts. That alone ignited his fire, when he came back to the nest he calls home (not a real nest, just a cheap studio apartment close to his job), holding his need to release was problematic. Immediate was the transition of his hands to his pants, to his underwear, to his cock; stroking and stroking and stroking.

“Are you nervous?” Asks the beautiful woman, hiding her own nervousness. Despite considering herself rather proficient in this, she always felt nervousness when it was her first time with a new partner. In this specific occasion, the feeling was more intense. She found our horny bastard a rather fascinating specimen of a man. Despite his flaws, he gave her the impression of a future. He seems to work hard, enjoys studying, and last but not least, has problems containing his erections in her presence. Is he a good fuck? she has asked herself on many occasions. Rarely does someone find a person with so many positive qualities and on top of it all, being good at sex. Nothing in life is perfect.

“Not in the very least” he answers with a smug look. “Anxiety would be a better question. I’d say yes to that one”. Despite never being on the verge of intercourse, they were a rather communicative couple (turns out they were both horny bastards). They spoke so much of sex: desires, fantasies, misadventures, turn-ons, turn-offs, and so on. “You know me, and I think I know you. It’s been a while since I’ve wanted to have you like I’m about to do so as soon as this clothing is removed by hands. Your panty specifically by my teeth, pup”. For she was as stubborn as pup, but non the less desirable. Despite her weakness, she had a tender heart. Everyone enjoyed her company, something that made our horny protagonist want her even more. A woman such as her was a rare sight -cult, ambitious, beautiful, and more-… no man would be foolish enough to simply let her go unless it truly was a broken relationship.

And there she goes, she smiles at the sound of the tease, pup… and it drives him crazy. That smile, that fucking smile, that’s how this eventuality began. The smile that never fails to save him, be it in times of extreme rage, or unbearable sorrow. His mood always goes towards the better after being witness to it. Now, however, he wants to change the tender smile to the one he still has difficulties comprehending. It was when he caressed her breasts: pure, unrestrained, unforgiving lechery. An unquenchable thirst for his third leg like none he has ever seen. What a sight that was for our protagonist.

And so, no time wasted, they begin. He sits his woman on the bed, allowing the sense of dominance, him above her. Erection already in place, he begins with soft, delicate kissed on her forehead. The same kisses that for some reason have always made her feel secure, both physically and emotionally. She answers by embracing him, savoring those small, cute kisses. “I’ve desired you for a very long time, pup” he says after making contact forehead with forehead. That word, damn that word, pup, it makes her shiver and apparently, it’s just made her moist.

“Since when? You seem like you’re about fuck me till I’m dry as a desert” is her answer. Her voice soft and sweet, her smile slowly but surely changing as his warm, calloused hands fondle with her cheeks -Her left cheek usually being the one in contact with the muscles of his left pectoral, her left ear frequently hearing the roar of his accelerated heartbeat that her nearness activates. Not even a lethal dose of Atropine would give him such a frequency. Her own heartbeat begins to rise as his lips contact hers: first kiss, a quick one; second kiss, slower, deeper; third kiss, a sensual bite of her lower lip; fourth kiss, tongues collide, slowly. They stay there, feeling each other’s wet tongues. A very hard cock, a very wet pussy. None have yet to feel as they want.

As illegal bahis they release their tongues, they stare at each other, fire in their blood, lust in their eyes… lust… her smile… it’s changed.

There is no word in the current dictionary that can describe what he feels. The woman he wants for more than just a sexual experience’s smile has changed. How can such a beautiful, knee buckling smile change to one so cannibalistic? That smile, those eyes, her breathing, he already feels as if he is being suck…

Her hands proceed to unbutton his pants, her eyes never leaving his. He stares fiercely back at them and at her lips, whom she bites sensually. She takes her cock out with her strong hand -her right- and begins to stroke it, gently at first. “You are so wicked” is her final sentence before introducing the gland into her mouth.

He feels and intense tingling sensation right where her mouth makes contact, it makes him shiver with excitement. He feels more blood rushing down to where said mouth is working. She moves to suck only the gland slowly, eyes making direct contact with his, it drives him crazy. His cock being held by her right hand, she uses her left to signal him -by a soft pull of his shirt-, to bare himself. He complies.

First his shirt, then his shoes and pants. In a moment he is completely undressed. A somewhat defined body, the nakedness excites the woman. She fits in one swift movement all his size in her mouth. “Oh, fuck!” is his response as he touches her face with is left hand softly, a cuddle in this moment of desire.

As he is fully inside her mouth, she twists her tongue around the shaft of his penis. Her hands placed on his gluteus muscles (which are rather strong to the touch), she pulls towards her, making sure no centimeter is out of her mouth. All this makes him weak. Already he wants to cum, but he cannot… must not. He wants to be insider her cunt so bad. He had waited so long for this. He would not let a blowjob be the end of it.

Her oral pleasuring was becoming more intense. Up and down she went, deep with every go. “Why are you still dressed?” is the question asked. Upon hearing it she slowly, sensually-damn it!”- releases her mouth from him and began to kiss his pelvis, up to his belly, his chest, till the contact was lip with lip. His hands started caressing her body: her face he cups; her neck passes his fingers gently; her tits he squeezes, exciting her even more; then he grabs her beautiful ass, hard… “

“I can’t believe that every single part of you is so provocative. You are fucking sexy.” He speaks softly into her ear as her hands begin to stroke him softly, no need to cum just yet. “And yet hear I am, yet to be fucked” is her response, mortal response. Our protagonist violently removes her full purple dress and tosses it to the floor. No time to waste, he also removes her pantie. His mood has shifted completely. That response was the final trigger. He considers himself a possessive son of a bitch, and he will fuck her, cum inside her, mark her as his only desire; this woman will be his.

No signs of resistance or question as he commands her to lay on the bed, face up. She complies. She is finally about to have him inside her. She feels the intensity of his glare. A hunger for sex as if about to devour the world. As she lies on the bed, she can’t help but wonder what he will do. The glare alone has her moist. This is the first time she has ever been witness to such a look. She wants that. Someone to look at her as if all her defects are meaningless. As if she is the only thing that a man can ever desire…

It is time to attack.

The man closes in on her slowly, eyes never leaving hers. He places himself directly on top of her, however, he does not enter her. Instead he begins to kiss her forehead softly, then her cheeks, her lips, he goes lower to her neck, sweet bite with a kiss. But he doesn’t stop there, he keeps going lower, middle of her chest receives a kiss, and then he reaches her right breast. He stays there rotating his tongue around her nipple, gently squeezing her left breast with his right arm. He uses his right arm to knead her legs. Then he repeats, opposite side. All this she enjoys, all this has no similarity to what she is about to feel as he stops and begins to kiss even more below; her belly, her pelvis, her labi… her right leg…

Sly bastard. He made to kiss where she did not know she wanted, only to shift to her right leg… her left leg. This is clearly a tease. Slow kisses on both legs, every inch. Her eyes closed during all of this. She licks her tongue, fondles her own breasts… waiting… waiting… waiting.

“For such a pervert, you are really taking your ti…” she gasps at the kiss of her clitoris. A sharp current flows through every nerve in her body.

He kisses her clit one time to many. He bends her legs at the knee then rests his arms on her hips. The smell of the illegal bahis siteleri sea drives his impulses as he closes in once more, not for another kiss, but rather a pass of the tongue. The very tip of it circles her clit, slowly. Every few seconds he closes his lips to give a teasing tug, then to return with the encirclement. He feels the soft movement of her butt elevating; an involuntary contraction due to the pleasure of this. And it is only the beginning.

“It’s getting a bit hot.” She says, unable to control her soft contractions due to this sensation. She bits her lip. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

Now it is the full width of his tongue that tastes her. His taste buds respond to this as evidenced by the strength of his erection. It is a struggle to hold his desire to stop and insert himself inside her. He is at war with himself. A part of him wants to hear her scream as she climaxes with his tongue, another wants to be a dagger to the heart… the dagger being his cock, the heart being her vaginal orifice.

He will contain himself, for her pleasure will ensure his own, and hopefully the frequency as well. He wants to fuck her every day, despite this being his first time with her.

He slides all his tongue slowly, starting from his lust, all the way to her clit. The sharpness makes her moan with a rather elevated tone. Horny is no longer a meaningful word. With every repetition of this technique, she inhales deeply, “So good, you sick bastard. This feels so good.” Hard was the process of forming these words, for her mind was fixed on the melody being performed by her man… shit.

What a term, and probably the correct one. She wanted him (although maybe not as much as him to her) for a while. They were such a good couple. They felt so comfortable together but this, this. This was something she did not know she wanted so much till now that it’s happening.

Her man… after all that’s happened between them, she found extra pleasure from the thought.

Up and down is the sequence what dictates now. Focusing now only on her pink, lovely button. Hard licks with an occasionally pull of it. His left arm hunts down her breasts, he squeezes the left one first; plays with it, teases its nipples, then alternates, and so forth. Two sensations together make her moans more audible, along with an occasional contraction of pelvic muscles. It’s getting really hot and still no penetration to be made. He will not give in to the temptation to fuck her. He will make her cum, then enter whole and show her a fire as if the Sun itself came to burn the world.

But before that, a third and final finesse. He slowly inserts his index and middle finger insider her. Not much, just an inch or two, then places said fingers in the form of an anchor. He softly presses to make sure he has found his intention. A soft, rubbery spot for him to perform the final movement needed to ensure she cums for him, before finally placing himself insider her to at last fuck her till she moans her pleasure to the heavens.

This touch, for the first time in her life, makes her nervous.

Although she knows of this famous area, no one other than herself has touched her there. Everyone gives a rather miserable attempt at licking her, before repetitively stroking their cocks inside her in the same manner. Although somewhat enjoyable, her main pleasure came from when she was the dominant and not always. For the other men wanted a change, wanted to dominate; failed attempts at her pleasure. But at least they came. That must count for something, right? She could just finish herself after they went to sleep. Technically they both came, although not as she wanted.

But this time it would be different, she knew it before entering the room, and what’s happening at this very moment vindicates it. She tries to hold herself; wants this to last. She is feeling so many sensations at the same time, she is confused, lost, happy, lustful, excited, timid; she has no damned clue what’s she supposed to be feeling but no sex god can give her a reason to envy because it feels so good. She is ruined, she wants nothing more than to cum. The playing of her breasts, the tongue that’s been destroying her pussy, and now… fuck, fuck, fuck!

Those two fucking fingers! They play with her in a way she did not even knew she desired. A “come here” motion that combined with everything else… more, I want more. “Sick bastard! Just like that, just like that! You are going to make me cum… so good!” She says not in a murmur, but in an adequate, comprehensible tone. She is lost in her own ecstasy. To make matters more brutal, all these movements are being performed with one goal. This is no longer foreplay; orgasm is what’s about to happen.

Her eyes roll all the way back; her lips remain open to support her kussmaul breaths; her hands clinch the bed quilt with a strength she never knew she had; her chest and stomach on par with canlı bahis siteleri her breaths; her pelvis bends awkwardly, outward; her legs press on the bed; and her vagina contracts hard, making difficult the movement of his fingers. That contraction however, the extra sensation of those fingers combined with everything else….

“You horny bas…! I’m… I… oh! I think I’m about to cum!”

And so she did. During the peak moment of her contraction, she let out a moan signifying the end of a very pleasurable journey. For the very first time, with another, she came.

Her body relaxed, her spirit not. She pushed his head away from her, telling him at the same time she was trying to find her breath, “You made me cum… I don’t believe it. You made me cum.” Still very much wet, wondering she was, now what will he do to me? It did not take much to find out though. A rather dominant entity he was. He placed himself on the floor and violently pull her from her legs all the way to the edge of the bed. Her ass barely making contact. “Believe what you wish, pup, I’m going to open your legs and fuck you. You are mine now.” And there it was, coming from his mouth it felt so strange. It was the first time in her life she felt it true. All the things they shared, all their aspirations, joys, anguish. It felt strange; felt good. Made her hornier.

Grabbing her ankles, he spreads her legs just a bit, enough to allow himself to be placed directly on top of her, he looks at her in the eyes before sticking his tongue inside her half open mouth. She returns the favor, all the while his cock is sliding itself on her organ, yet to finally enter. The anticipation is killing her. He is in absolute control right now. She still can’t believe she came… and so intensely. It felt like nothing she has ever felt before. It was the best seconds of her life. Nothing mattered, no pain, no sorrow, no past, no future, just the moment of greatest lust. Her man did this to her. Her man that just claimed her… “You are mine as well, sick bastard”. She says in between their dance of idioms.

The claim made him crazy. Claimed by that which he desired every day, all day if possible. It is time.

Never releasing their flaring kisses, he grabs the base of his cock and places it right on the entrance to his lust. Once placed, he locks hands with her, kisses her one final time on her forehead, and slowly enters the wetness he wanted for so long. In his soul, he let out a roar that could have made the world tremble from the excitement upon entering her.

It was true after all, being inside someone is nothing more than wetting the cock, however, when done with the right person, everything changes. It was the release of the purest of songs straight from the heart. Nothing mattered. It was just him and her; her and him. A life changing passion that could put any to envy.

And the main event began. Slow and deep thrusts. How she lubricated him was a wonder. Damn all those who desire her. They will have to wait the next life and pray to whatever god they know that he is not born in that one as well. He will make her his again, and again, and again.

She felt his size fit perfectly in her. Every thrust was a wonder she rejoiced in. She was a victim of pleasure and glad of it. They kissed intensely (needless to say, their tongues were working hard), her hands being a therapy for his wide back. There was nothing more she could do with them. She was dominated and out of ideas. She was being fucked just how she wanted… she came like she never knew was possible.

“You are mine” He says yet again, eyes locked with hers, his strokes gaining a bit of speed. She moans a bit louder as well.

“You are mine” she answers with difficulty. It’s the only thing she can do. Her whole body is incapable of anything else at this moment.

His face goes down to her neck, a kiss. Then to her right breast. He stays there caressing it with his lips, then his tongue. Never breaking rhythm, his arms embrace her around the hips and pulls her towards him. That additional centimeter or two being a huge factor. The evidence being her silence; silence other than her now consistent moaning. These are now very deep penetrations; you honestly could not go deeper.

Things turn difficult now. He senses his thick liquid rising, the tip of his penis feeling heavy. A ticklish furor swallows him. He is about to expel his ejaculate. It’s an anguish; he doesn’t want to do it. More, he wants more, needs more. He cannot stop thrusting. Tachypneic his current state. It does not help that she cannot stop looking at him with those eyes. Those eyes that have always turned him on. Now more than ever.

Brave as he is, just before the point of no return, he exits his woman and holds tightly the shaft of his cock at the same time he squeezes his Kegel muscles. He holds it all back. All this happens without avoiding eye contact, both smiling, knowing what would have happened had he not escaped the lust. Gods, she drives him mad! He felt a load enough to make her feel wet for hours after finishing. He knows what he wants now. He wants to mark her with his seed. He wants to finish inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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