Kim Driver: Graduation Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 — Quantum Step

Walking down the hallway to their next class Kim and Ron tried to come up with plans for the weekend. “What did you say your parents are doing this weekend K.D.?” Ron asked.

“You know, dad’s going to a conference at NASA, and mom went to consult on a patient in Manhattan. So, other than the B’s being home for the week we have the place all to ourselves.” Kim replied and added “what about you?”

“Come on Kim you know my parents, they’re going to another craft outing or maybe heading up to cheese country for some festival. Anyway they’re out of town for the weekend.” Ron responded as he heard the second bell for class then smacked Kim on the ass and said as he ran to the his next class door while looking over his shoulder “Looks like we have endless options. We’ll make a plan at Cyclone Wings after practice.” Kim smiled after the spank and open innuendo that they would be in for another couple of days filled with delicious fun.

Kim’s mind drifted back to when their relationship moved to the next level. It had been five weeks since Sierra, the head of intelligence now, sent them on an emergency mission. Since then they followed standard procedures of daily evaluation of regional reports to assess any needs for support, counseling or intervention, but it seemed the spring came in like a lion and was leaving like a lamb. Their spring break trip visited a small Missouri town to break up and arrest four boys that planned on taking siege of their high school and killing as many teachers and students as possible before a suicide rush of the police. Then to Southern California to stop three vein cheerleaders from hazing a heavy set team member with such dangerous pranks they were sure to cause permanent injury or death. A week later Kim and Ron were on an Ivy league campus handing over a chemical engineering graduate student to homeland security and confiscating the biological weapons developed by her.

April was filled with the usual topics of kids feeling either like an outcast, their teachers picked on them or drugs and alcohol. The first week in May found Kim getting pretty restless since they hadn’t been out saving the world. Kim was cheering for the track team and Ron in the pole vault; another one of his combat skills he was able to translate into an existing sporting even. This sidetrack was fun but eating wings and watching a movie was not ideal for fulfilling her physical over load.

The uneventful week was capped with a Track meet on a no school Friday and a weekend filled with nothing special. So, riding back from the track meet with the other cheerleaders Kim asked a number of the girls their plans but they were all pretty much the same as what she anticipated for herself. Kim knew that Lori was more adventurous than most of the other girls on the squad so she sat next to her best girlfriend on the bus to see if she had any ideas. “Say Lori, I’m so wound up this afternoon and I know I’ve got way to much energy for just dinner and a show, do you have any suggestions?”

“How do mean ‘wound up’? Do you need to go running, do some sparing or is it something else?” Lori nodded her chin down as she asked.

Kim had a slight look of surprise. “What do you mean something else?”

“Well Kim, you do have a ‘boyfriend’ in Ron right?” Lori still thought of Ron as the little kid always bandaged up reading comic books, so she asked the question in a finger quoting sarcastic manner.

“Yes Lori I do. What of it?” Kim bit back.

Lori smiled. “Maybe, just maybe you have some built up sexual tension that’s coming to the surface since you’ve had so much down time?”

“No…no!” Kim shook her head answering.

Shrugging her shoulders Lori asked. “What have you and Ron been doing lately?”

“You know, going to school and, well, what we did today.” Kim saw Lori glare at her and shake her head. “Oh, um go out to eat, kiss and make out every now and then.”

Lori took hold of Kim’s hand. “It sounds like you may want to consider being more intimate with Ron.”

“But Lori.” Kim exasperated.

Lori pulled her closer. “But what. You helped me with my problems with my parents now I’m trying to help you. You’ve been consumed helping people and saving the world it’s about time you helped yourself.”

Kim closed her eyes then looked at their clasped hands. “Alright, what do you suggest?” “If I were you, and knowing one of you two will have an empty house this weekend,” Lori said lowering her voice “I would sex up my man.”

Kim’s eyes widened and she scooted in closer to Lori. “What?”

Lori placed her hand on Kim’s bare thigh and bent into her a little more and explained. “You know when Tom and I were dating, after things moved out of the making out stage when we could get some place to have some quality alone time we would fuck each others brains out!” Kim sat back with her hand over her mouth. Lori seeing the response tugged on Kim’s forearm to pull her hand down bahis firmaları as she continued. “Please don’t tell me after a successful time beating the crap out of bad guys and saving the day you’ve never thought of throwing Clark on the ground and riding him like a slutty little bitch?”

Kim looked around to see if any one else had heard that comment then bent close to Lori and in a soft mock scolding voice “Lori!”

“So you have. Haven’t you? You tart.” Lori said while smacking Kim’s knee. They both sat back and laughed a bit.

“All right I thought about it but condoms aren’t part of our regular mission gear and I’m not on any type of ‘protection plan’, and well…we just haven’t moved to that stage of physical intimacy.” Kim said softly.

“What the hell came of the saying ‘A Driver can make any drive they set their mind to’ shit I hear way too often. You and Ron have been dating for months now and you’re going off to college in four months. We all turned eighteen in August, so set something up with your doctor. As for tonight, I’ve got a pack of condoms in my locker I’ll give you when we get back to school. Just remember don’t let those bad boys get in the way of good sex game fun.” Lori quipped in quick retort as she slid her hand up Kim’s thigh just under the hem of her short skirt.

Kim smacked her hand smiling and asked. “What do you mean by don’t let them get in the way?”

“Come on Kimmy you’re not going to be wearing any thing covering your pussy when you’re grinding your box on his face, so why should he when you suck his cock. Tasting each others cum is so much fun, and once you get him to were he can last more than thirty seconds you’ll want him pumping his load in and on as many places as you can.” Lori responded.

“Oh you dirty mouthed harlot.” Kim said as she grabbed Lori’s hand and continued. “When did you become such a sultry sex kitten?”

“Not long after you posted your web site and you and Ron’s first mission. You were miss goody two shoes before but then you became notorious. I just rebelled against your virtuous thing in the opposite direction. I did some stuff with my boyfriends through the years, but your damn web site and all the advice it has on abstinence kept me from getting laid until after I turned eighteen. You know Steve I was dating this fall well I started doing more and more with him, if you know what I mean?” They both laughed. “I started off with giving him a hand job then made him finger fuck me. The next day I suggested that we try the two words that equal 69. Holly cow oral sex was great. I thought the taste of his cum was going to make me sick, but I enjoyed the lightly salty earthy taste and swallowed it down. Then when we kissed after I came all over his face I found the taste of my own juices so good if not better than his jiz.”

Barley able to speak Kim jumbled out. “Re…really?”

“Oh yeah sister. So, the following day”

Kim cut her off. “The next day?”

“Yes the next day I was so aroused I knew I wanted to fuck him stupid. So, I kept my head on straight for as long as I could and printed out as much research on birth control, sexual positions and tips as possible. I went down to the clinic; it is much easier than the drug store, to pick up some condoms.” Lori paused nodding her head up and down.

Kim whispered. “You went and got the…um…condoms yourself?”

Lori looked at her with a scowl “Seriously, you think I’m going to trust a horny little boyfriend with that much responsibility especially when I’m craving it like a bitch in heat.”

Kim tilted her head down a little with her eyes looking up slowed things down “Alright let’s back up a little bit. You started all of this because I seemed too virtuous?”

Lori looked at her with the corner of her mouth up turned “Well not totally. You know how my parents are always out of town. They provided me with my nanny and always substituted gifts and cash for their presence and real love; So, I became pretty adept at pleasuring myself. Naturally it was not much of a stretch going the opposite direction you had.”

Once again Kim gasped “Did you and Steve… you know… do it that day and how in the world did no one hear about any of this?”

“Kim it’s ok to say fuck. And yes we did. I got him back to my bedroom and we stripped each other’s clothes off as we made out on the bed. Then I pulled one of the moves I read about that morning to make my first time last longer granted this was only my second blowjob, but I picked up a few tips from my research also. I began by taking the head of his cock in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it in clockwise then counter clockwise circles stopping every once in awhile to stick it in his pee hole. I could tell I was getting to him by the moans and gyrations of his hips.”

Kim was mesmerized by the descriptions of her story as she sank her folded hands into the crotch of her skirt.

“Then I slowly took him deeper and deeper kaçak iddaa in my mouth running my tongue like a snake down the under side of his shaft until it got to my throat. I thought about trying to take it in to my throat but the thought of gagging almost made me gag, so I laid my tongue flat against the bottom of his cock, sucked hard to cave in my cheeks and pulled up a little faster than when I went down. When I reached the head I jerked back quickly so it made a load pop coming out of my mouth. As Steve was gasping from that action I drove back down to the same depth I’d just been and pulled back up to were just the crown was still being pleasured by oral delights. I repeated that two or three times. Then I buried about half him in my mouth and wrapped a couple of fingers around the base and started jacking him off as I increased my tempo of suction. As I increased the quick bobs of my head up and down his cock I was jerking him as fast as my hand would go. The double action made him cum like a geyser in my mouth and down my throat.”

By this time Kim had unfolded her hands and turned her palms so she was cupping her inner thighs tight to her center folds…of her pleated cheer skirt. She ran her tongue over her top lip looking into Lori’s mouth with a low sultry voice “Wow…you’re only on day three of the sexual adventures and you sound like a sex goddess.”

Lori sighed and retorted. “Kim, on your first mission you traveled across the country, jumped through laser beams, saved peoples lives and captured a student trying to kill his professor and everyone in his class.”

Kim softly grabbed Lori’s knees “Sorry, you’re right. I guess we both get a fast jump on things, so to speak.” They laughed. “So, you …guzzled his load.” Both giggled again. “What’d you do next?”

“After I got him off, I laid down on my side next to him in a sideways sixty nine and had him lick my pussy and suck my clit ’til his cock was ready to go another round. As soon as the diver had climbed the ladder I grabbed a well positioned swim cap and rolled it on. My pussy was so wet I was on the edge of an orgasm. I pulled my legs under me and pushed up on my knees. Kissing some of my juices off his face I whispered in his ear to relax we’re going for a ride. I straddled him and lowered myself down on to his rock hard shaft. Of course from playing with myself as much as I did I’d already broken my hymen so I was able to sink down pretty fast. When I bottomed out I sat there for a few seconds to let my virgin pussy adjust to him being in me. I leaned forward and put my hands on either side of his shoulders to brace myself. This position brought my clit against his pubic bone, and I started grinding my slit into him. That action had his cock stroking in and out of my dripping wet cunt. I was close and I let him now it. I moaned to him I was almost there and told him to let me know when he was going to cum. I ground into him a bit more then pushed myself upright, jammed my right hand down on my pussy rubbing my clit and grabbed his hand with my left and messaged my tits with it. I was playing with my clit and tits while wobbling around on his cock when he says he’s close so I just started bouncing up and down on his steel rod, and in seconds I’m screaming; I’m cumming I’m cumming. That threw him over the edge. He was barely able stutter that he was cumming. I flopped my chest down on his; both of us were panting trying to catch our breath. As we recovered I put my fingers between us so I could hold the rubber on him as I pulled off. I pulled the used swim cap off, threw it in garbage and sucked the remaining cum off his cock. When I did that you would’ve thought I was hurting him the way he was gasping. “Holy shit; Holy cow. Shit baby.” I sucked and jerked off his tool until he was hard again. He was a pretty good sport by fingering me with two fingers while I sucked him back to full attention. This time I got on my back, handed him another rubber and spread my legs for him to move on in. He had his hands by my tits and I guided him in. He started with long slow strokes for some time until I told him go a little faster. Now we’re up to quicker long strokes and I grabbed behind my knees and pulled them up next to his hands. That position shortened his strokes and sped the pace. His pelvis kept banging into my clit with good force to the point I was reaching the top again, so I pulled harder on my knees and yelled out to him ‘fuck me…fuck the shit out of me…bang my cunt you mother fucker.’ Man did that do the trick. He was using fast bang the shit out of me strokes. Boy, it did me in. This time I’m moaning I’m cumming again. He just continued pounding me until I came again. I’d hardly stopped the first orgasm when the second started. I was in a daze when I breathed out the words I’m cumming pull it out and cum on me…shoot your load on my stomach. A minute or two later he did his little lady a favor and pulled out, whipped that condom off and spurted jiz allover my stomach and tits. kaçak bahis I rubbed it all over and licked a lot of it off my hand.”

Lori stopped noticing Kim’s hands moving around her crotch and her harder breathing. “Are you alright there Kim?”

“Lori you’ve got me so horny right now I’d almost jump you right hear on the bus.”

Lori put her hand on Kim’s cheek brushing her thumb back and forth “Any time Driver.”

Kim smiled and winked at Lori “You dirty little whore.”

“Really, you get the urge let me know, remember that.” Lori said matter of factly as they both sat back laughing.

“So was that it for the night and why wasn’t Steve bragging about these conquests to all his friends?” Kim asked with her hand on her stomach and waving her other at Lori.

“Oh yeah, I was beat after that last orgasm, and I let him know in no uncertain terms that if he peeped a word of our exploits that number one: he’d not be back in my pants and number two: there would be tales of his inadequate performance and equipment. He was like but I didn’t and don’t. I said back no you were great and have exactly what I need, but I don’t need to be known as the school slut either. He assured me he would never tell especially because he wanted to carry on with our explorations in the sack.” Lori answered back while closing her eyes and gently rocking her head up and down.

“Nice. Oh, there’s school. You have got to tell me more about you two when we get a chance.” Kim said as she glanced out the window.

Lori put her hand on Kim’s knee. “So what are you going to do with Ron tonight? Do you need to come by my locker?”

“I don’t think we’ll go that far tonight but we do have all weekend and from what you’ve said of your first time I could see us knocking boots by Saturday night or Sunday, so I think I will stop by and pick up the protective gear from you if that’s ok?” Kim responded as the bus pulled up by the gym and everyone unloaded.

As they were walking into the locker room Lori answered. “Sure it’s ok, but you have to tell me all about it since I told you about mine…this is going to be your first time right?”

Kim bumped shoulders with her. “Yes it will be my first time. But unlike you I haven’t busted my cherry so it’ll probably hurt a bit more for me than your first.”

“Are you telling me you don’t push around the little man in the boat?” Lori asked shouldering Kim back.

Kim rolled her eyes around. “Lori…I’ve gotten pretty good at beating that little sailor red, but I haven’t pushed any of my toys deep enough to…you know. And well I wanted to wait until you know a special guy has the pleasure of knowing he’s taking my virtue.”

“Special is definitely a good word for Ron.” Lori said in her sarcastic tone.


“Alright, alright. But you still have to let me know all about it and I mean all the details of your hot weekend. Come to think of it, have you come up with a plan for tonight?” Lori asked as she spun in the combo at her locker.

Kim leaned back against the locker next to Lori’s. “Well my brothers are home from college so I’ll give them a project that will take them most of the weekend to finish. That way they’ll be in the garage or workshop other than when they eat or sleep. I’ll pick up dinner for them, Ron and I from Cyclone Wings, invite Ron over for said dinner and a movie and when the boys have made their way to the garage I’ll suggest we watch the movie in my room. Once we get up there I’ll turn on some music set him down on my bed, and from what sounded pretty good from your story give him a hand job. Of course I’ll make him reciprocate.”

Lori motioned for Kim to open her gym bag and she stuffed the box of condoms down under other clothes to the bottom. “Is that it for tonight?”

Kim looked at her with eyes wide and shrugged her shoulders. “That’s all you did you’re first day.”

Lori shut her locker and locked it. As she turned she slipped her arm under Kim’s and they started walking arm in arm out of the locker room. “True but what I didn’t tell you is it took less than ten minutes. I’m thinking by the time you’ve both climaxed it’s only about 7:10 and Clark will be hard again while he’s getting you off, so you may want to add the oral part in as well. And the hand job, you may want to think about a towel or a dirty shirt to catch his cum. Oh, even better, get on you knees to jerk him off and make him pump his load in your mouth.” They we standing on the courtyard out side the gym looking into the parking lot. Kim had a look of shock on her face. Lori continued. “Just a thought. You won’t be sorry though. Hear comes the track team. Remember, Monday I get all the details.”

As Lori stepped away to head to her car Kim asked. “So what are you doing tonight?”

“All this sex talk has got me so worked up, I need some satisfaction on the double. I’ve got two little friends in my dresser that should provide the relief I need. See you later.” Lori said as she kept walking backwards and waved her farewell. Kim also waved and told Lori to enjoy herself in a naughty little tone and she would tell her every thing after practice Monday.

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