Happy Anniversary My Darling

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“Happy anniversary my darling,” Gerry said as he touched glasses with Carly.

“And you husband of mine,” his wife answered. “And thank you for this lovely surprise”.

The trip to a top London hotel had indeed come as a surprise to her. Expecting the obligatory bouquet of flowers and a card, this was indeed a shock.

Carly had had a difficult year. The couple’s second child had now left home, and Carly was suffering from empty nest syndrome. Gerry, on the other hand, was revelling in having the house to themselves at last. Twenty plus years of having three females in the house, monopolizing the bathroom every morning was over. Plus, being able to pad around the house naked was an almost forgotten luxury.

Carly still couldn’t get used to the idea when lovemaking, that she could make as much noise as she liked. Now a weekend in luxury was going to be perfect, and she was determined to make up for all those ‘shh, you’ll wake the kids’ moments.

Their journey to London had been a smooth, easy one, with the high-speed train whisking them down country effortlessly. The taxi ride to the hotel had even passed in happy chatter as they pointed out various buildings and monuments to each other.

Arriving in the early afternoon, the couple went to their room and started to unpack. As Carly was hanging her dresses in the wardrobe there was a knock on the door.

Gerry opened the door to the chambermaid. He stood back to allow her into the room.

“Good afternoon, sir, madam, my name is Ruth. I am your chambermaid for the weekend. Anything you require please ask, and I will do my best to accommodate you,” the pretty young maid said.

Carly smiled to herself as she saw Gerry cast an appreciative eye over the girl’s shapely figure. She had to admit she was attractive, with a figure very similar to hers twenty years ago. Before as she often laughingly said, everything went south. Full 38c breasts, tight round arse, and only a trace of belly fat.

After a quick check on the room, the maid left, closing the door behind her.

“You fancy her don’t you, my horny husband,” Carly said with a laugh. “And don’t come out with the old, I hardly noticed her crap. Your eyes stood out like organ stops, not to mention this,” she said running a hand over the bulge in Gerry’s trousers.

“Okay, I admit it. Yes, she is attractive, but so are you, my love. You are the one I will be taking to bed later,” he replied and kissed her gently on the forehead.

Even as she felt her husband’s lips on her forehead Carly could feel the germ of an idea forming in her mind.

After Carly had used the luxury shower room, Gerry took his turn. As the warm water cascaded over his body, his mind turned to the shapely figure of the chambermaid. He had to admit he would have loved to fuck her, feel his cock sliding into her tight young pussy. He was thinking about wanking off right there and then when Carly’s voice cut through his thoughts.

“Have you gone to sleep in there my dear?”

“No babe, just coming,” he said hurriedly stepping out of the shower and donning the fluffy robe provided.

Walking into the bedroom, Gerry casino oyna was greeted by the sight of his forty-eight-year-old wife, lying naked on the large bed. She was gently stroking her clit in the way he loved to see. Small, slow circles, with her slim fingers occasionally dipping into her trimmed pussy, to gather up more nectar.

“Get that robe off, this bitch wants your hard cock in her cunt. Treat me like a whore, your cum slut, fuck me, my handsome stud!” Carly purred as Garry looked down at her. She knew how he liked her to talk dirty, a game they often played in their sex time.

Only too willing to play the game, Gerry slipped out of the robe and climbing onto the bed buried his face in her already, moist cunt. His tongue lapping up to her clit and back down over her pussy lips to the small puckered hole beneath.

“God, yes, eat me out, make me cum on your face. Finger- fuck my holes. I fucking love what you do,” Carly screamed as his tongue and fingers worked their magic.

Five minutes of sucking, licking, and fingering, had the desired effect and Carly’s first orgasm ripped through her writhing body.

Gerry knew that Carly would be ready for a good fucking immediately after being sucked off, and would last that much longer on her second one. A few seconds later found him kneeling between her open legs looking at the saliva covered cunt that would soon be milking the spunk from his rampant cock.

“Fuck me, big man, fuck your slutty wife, spunk up me, use me,” Carly spat the words out as his cock pounded her dripping cunt. She knew he would soon be filling her with jets of hot jism, and she loved the feel of it spurting up inside her tight sex slit.

The feel of her pussy muscles stroking his cock, plus her dirty language, was enough for him to unload his balls into her waiting body.

“You really fancied her didn’t you?” Carly’s words took Gerry by surprise. They were lying next to each other as she idly twisted his chest hair in her fingers.

“Who are you talking about babe?” he asked, inwardly knowing that he was lying there with thoughts of the tight arse and great tits on the young chambermaid.

“You fucking know you randy sod; Ruth, that young cunt that is looking after our stay here. Now don’t tell me you wouldn’t push your cock up her given the chance,” said Carly, as she gently started stroking his half hard cock, feeling it grow in her hand.

“Okay, yes, she looks fuckable, but not a chance of having her. I guess I am stuck with this old pussy I have been sliding up for twenty-five years,” Gerry said with a laugh. He was immediately treated with a painful squeeze of his balls by Carly.

“Any more of the old and you will spend the rest of this weekend wanking off. I will be keeping all holes closed, and out of bounds to you, arsehole!”

Both of them dissolved in a fit of laughter and rolled into each other’s arms. Thirty seconds later, Gerry, had his cock once again embedded deep in his wife’s more than willing cunt.

Lust temporarily satisfied, the couple set off to find the hotel bar. On the way, Carly noticed Ruth, the chambermaid loading her trolley. “Carry slot oyna on dear and order me a gin and tonic. I will just be a moment,” and without waiting for a reply Carly hurried after Ruth. Anyone watching would have seen the two women involved in a hushed conversation, which was followed by them both smiling and Carly giving Ruth’s shapely arse a gentle stroke.

The evening passed in a good meal and pleasant conversation until Carly announced that she felt an early night was in order. By the smile she got from Gerry, Carly knew he felt the same way.

Half an hour later found the couple showered and lying naked next to each other in bed. As Gerry turned towards his wife, his intentions were obvious.

Carly raised her hand and said. “Not so fast lover boy. I have ordered room service and it will be here at any moment, so your cock is just going to have to wait.”

Before he had time to protest, there was a tap on the door and a voice called out, “Room service.” Grumbling slightly, Gerry pulled the bed covers up over their naked bodies and called out for the person to use their key and come in.

Ruth entered the room carrying a tray with a bottle of red wine, and three glasses, placing it on the bedside table.

“Why are there three glasses,” he inquired, puzzled.

“Because tonight, my wonderful husband, there will be three of us!” said Carly as she pulled the bedding off and exposed their naked bodies to Ruth’s sight. “We have company, and it is rude not to offer them a drink.”

Before Gerry had time to take in the situation, Ruth had slipped out of her uniform and stood at the foot of the bed in her underwear, matching powder blue bra and bikini panties.

“I took the liberty of asking Ruth to join us for an hour or so. I take it, hubby, dear, you have no objections. In fact, by the look of your cock, I think I am correct in that assumption” Carly laughed.

Ruth smiled as she looked at the two older, naked people on the bed. The man, still in good physical shape, with his impressive cock standing to attention, and his attractive wife, with her erect nipples showing that she too was in a state of sexual arousal. With deliberate slowness, she discarded her underwear and stood naked before them on Carly’s side of the bed. In contrast to Carly’s trimmed pussy fur, Ruth was shaved bald and her puffy cunt lips already glistened with traces of her juice.

Carly broke the stalemate by inviting Ruth to join them on the bed. She then took Ruth’s hand and placed it on Gerry’s cock saying, “He’s all yours girl, use him, suck and fuck my husband, give him the treat of his life.

Gerry could hardly believe what was happening to him as Ruth’s warm mouth closed around his throbbing cock and began a slow, pulsing suck. This was a sure giveaway that, in spite of her young age, she was an adept lover.

As Carly knelt beside the girl bent over her husband, she felt an overwhelming urge to touch her. This was something she had never considered before. Yes, she had watched lesbian videos, mostly with Gerry at her side, and they had masturbated together watching them. But that had been in a fantasy world, this canlı casino siteleri was for real, and she wanted to touch young female flesh for the first time.

Almost as if Ruth was sending her a signal, she reached out and took Carly’s hand, pressing it against one of her dangling tits. Ruth felt a thrill pass through her, as her nipple hardened. This, coupled with the taste of Gerry’s precum on her tongue, was enough to make her almost cum.

The sight of his naked wife fondling the breast of the girl with his cock in her mouth, was too much for him. Suddenly, without warning, he flooded Ruth’s mouth with jet after jet of hot spunk.

Carly was fascinated not only by the sight of Ruth struggling to swallow her husband’s load, some of which was escaping from the corners of her mouth but also by the choking noises she made as it poured down her throat. She had sucked him of a hundred times and knew from her own experience that his first cum of a session could release copious amounts.

As Gerry’s cock slowly softened and slid from her mouth, Ruth turned towards Carly and kissed her. Ruth was pleased to find Carly’s lips opening to allow her to transfer the remains of his cum into Carly’s mouth.

For Carly, this was another new experience, and she found she loved it. The taste of another woman’s saliva and her own husband’s spunk was a heady mix.

Gerry knew the pure sexiness of the situation would be enough to get him hard again almost at once, and he was right. Within a few minutes, he was ready to fuck, and Ruth’s fresh cunt was his target.

“Lay back girl, you are going to get my cock deep up you, while my darling wife watches,” Gerry growled at Ruth.

Only too happy to oblige, Ruth rolled onto her back and opened her legs, “There it is, my wet open cunt, take it, spunk up it and make me cum,” she gasped.

As he pounded the tight young cunt, Gerry looked at his wife kneeling beside the fucking couple, rubbing her own clit and squeezing her tits, her face contorted with lust as she strove to reach her own climax.

“Fuck her, fuck the slut, spunk up her fucking sex slit!” Carly yelled at her husband as her fingers frantically rubbed her own clit. “Fucking cumming, now!”

The sound of Carly’s orgasm was too much for the fucking couple and their orgasms burst from them both. Ruth’s cunt pouring juice, and Gerry cock spurting spunk into her. His second load seemed, to his amazement, to be even more than the first.

“Eat her out love,” Gerry said to his wife as he slid his exhausted cock from the warm sticky sheath of Ruth’s well-fucked pussy, “suck my cum from her babe, just for me.”

Without a word of protest, Carly indulged in another first and sucked spunk from a woman’s cunt. Once again, it seemed the natural thing to do and inwardly hoped her own cunt would receive the same treatment before the weekend was over.

As for Ruth, the feel of another woman’s tongue licking her cunt and clit was enough for her to a have another small, but satisfying climax.

Ten minutes later Ruth, now dressed, kissed both of the now, well-satisfied hotel guests and left their room. As she walked off down the passage she smiled to herself, knowing that tomorrow her services would again be requested, and she was determined that next time Carly would be treated to a lesbian sex-fest beyond anything she could imagine.

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