Got S.M.I.L.F.? Ch. 02

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This story contains m/f, f/f and group sex. If any of these types of activities offend you, please stop now.

Disclaimer: The characters in this story are entirely fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. If descriptions of sexual acts offend you, please read no further. For everyone else, you are very naughty. Go to your room. Invite a friend. Enjoy the story.

* * * * *

Trixie was terrified. You wouldn’t think that a thirty-seven year old woman would be experiencing such intense panic just because it was her first day of work. But she had never had a job in her life. And the job in question . . .

Trixie had experienced an eventful summer. After eighteen years of marriage to the same man, she had walked out of their home. Of course, that was after realizing they hadn’t actually been in love for a long time and after having sex with a handful of young soccer players and one cheerleader. After a week of total debauchery, she left him and had gone to live with her younger sister for a while. Her sister Margaret was a dear soul who had no problem with letting Trixie stay as long as she needed. Margaret had been married to a wonderful man named Samuel who managed an electronics store. They had two darling sons named Matthew and Jacob, ages five and seven, who absolutely adored their Aunt Trixie, and the feeling was mutual. Margaret and Sam had listened to her calmly when she explained her emotional reasons for leaving her husband Paul, though she left out the wild-orgy-with-eighteen-year-old-boys part of the story. They both understood. While neither of them had any personal problems with Paul, both had noticed a distinct lack of chemistry. But like her, there wasn’t anything in particular about him that they felt warranted a divorce. Trixie agreed to look after the kids during the day since both their parents worked. It saved her sister some daycare money and gave Trixie something to do. Her nephews were a constant source of entertainment. Her own son Roger, now eighteen, had treated her with nothing but disdain for years.

When her husband got home and read the note she had left, he called her immediately. What was strange was that in their first conversation over the phone, he didn’t sound surprised. They agreed to meet at a public place to talk things over. That meeting was a surprise for both of them, because it was the first heart-to-heart talk they had engaged in for ten years at least. Much like Trixie, Paul realized after reading her message that they hadn’t really been a couple for a long time. He even apologized for not noticing earlier. What Trixie had expected to be a hostile encounter turned out to be the most pleasant conversation she had had with him since they had gotten married. Neither of them can figure out what had gone wrong or when, but they both acknowledged that it was over long ago. Paul admitted to having cheated on her a number of times, which didn’t upset her at all. She admitted to “a recent infidelity,” but didn’t go into details. Trixie realized that it might take some time, but that eventually they might wind up being better friends than they ever were as spouses or lovers to each other. Despite Trixie’s insistence that she had no intention of asking for anything from him in the divorce, as she truly felt none of it belonged to her, Paul insisted on sending her alimony. They both laughed at the idea of the husband forcing his soon-to-be-ex-wife to take his money against her will. He would help out until she found a way of getting back on her feet. Since their son Roger was over eighteen, there was no need to discuss custody. As if he would want to have anything to do with his mother after the divorce. He had barely noticed she was alive before.

They chatted well into the evening, parting with a warm and genuine hug. It was like the real world being unveiled to both of them after living in shadow for almost two decades. They exchanged numbers and made plans to meet with each other’s lawyers, and then they went their separate ways.

Trixie spent a few weeks adjusting to being single for the first time since high school. She wasn’t someone’s wife anymore. She wasn’t someone’s caretaker. She wasn’t a soccer mom. She was just Trixie again, and that took some getting used to. She played with her nephews for hours on end, but she knew that once school started again they would be off to kindergarten for Matthew and the second grade for Jacob, and she would be left alone in the house all day. She needed to start down the path towards self-sufficiency, but realized with some apprehension that she had no idea where that road began. Her sister told her to just start checking the paper and going to job agencies. Something would come up.

She did as her sister had suggested. Once the kids were back in school, she started pounding the pavement looking for some kind of job. Her sister lived in town, so she was able to utilize public transportation. That didn’t seem illegal bahis so bad until she had to sit next to a few truly disturbing looking individuals who smelled a tad unsanitary. She applied for secretarial jobs, cooking jobs and waitress positions. It was depressing for her to realize that those were the only things she was qualified to do, and that she was going to wind up losing those jobs to people who had even the most useless of college degrees simply BECAUSE they had degrees. After a few weeks, her spirits had hit rock bottom. Then she got a call from Dennis and Brandy, two of the young people who had helped awaken her sexual passions, which in turn led to her leaving her husband. They wanted to come and visit her, an offer that she gladly accepted. She could use some cheering up.

They drove up on a Friday afternoon after their classes let out and rented a hotel room. Brandy had gotten a car from her parents when she started college, so she was able to transport them around. Trixie had told her sister that she was going to go out with some friends, but didn’t mention who. She felt like she was back in high school and lying to her parents. They went to a movie, played miniature golf and then decided to go to dinner. Having those two young people around made her feel good again.

On Brandy’s almost joking suggestion, they had dinner at the local Hooters restaurant. It turned out to be a great idea. All three of them ogled the top-heavy waitresses and got their fingers really messy. The place was fairly busy, and from the “Help Wanted” sign in the window, the trio was able to discern that the establishment was understaffed.

“You should apply here!” said Brandy. “You would look so cute in one of those uniforms!”

“Oh stop it!” Trixie said blushing. “Can you imagine that? Me, a thirty-seven year old woman working at a place like this? No one would want to order wings from a mother hen.”

“Trixie, you are once again forgetting that you are attractive. Hell, I could picture you working here.” Dennis closed his eyes. “Actually, I’m picturing it right now.” He smiled.

His girlfriend was grinning from ear to ear. While their relationship had blossomed into full-fledged romance since they had all gotten together, the two of them had still expressed interest in “knowing” the older woman in the biblical sense. They had shared some spectacular sex before Trixie had left, and none of them wanted to call a halt to it quite yet.

“C’mon Trixie, at least fill out an application. What have you got to lose?”

“Are you looking for a job?”

Trixie turned to look at the new voice, and came face to face with a great set of tits. There was a nametag attached to them that read “Candy.” Indeed they were!

“We are SO needing help right now. A bunch of our summer help had to go back to part-time once school started, so we are really short on the late shift,” said Candy.

Trixie finally tore her gaze away from the massive bosoms. She herself was generously endowed, but this girl was almost porn-star-proportions. And she was very pretty as well, with long black hair, strong cheekbones and a wide smile. Her brown eyes sparkled in a friendly manner, and they were almost as inviting as those boobs that were straining against the trademarked shirt all the waitresses wore. She had a flat tummy and medium-sized hips that tapered into good, muscular, waitress-style legs.

“I . . . I don’t think I could. I mean, I don’t have any waitress experience,” Trixie stuttered, trying to keep her eyes from going back to those tits.

“Oh, that doesn’t matter much around here. Most of our clientele aren’t horribly concerned about professionalism. Give them barbecued wings, a beer and a waitress in a skimpy outfit and they are pretty much good to go. I could get you an application if you’d like!”

“I really don’t know . . .”

“C’mon Trixie,” said Brandy. “You’ve applied for waitress positions all over town, and now you’ve got one beating down your door!”

“But I’m sure they’ve got an age limit or something. Don’t you?” she asked, turning to Candy.

“Not . . . that . . .I know of. But why would that matter to you?” The girl looked a bit perplexed. “How old are you? Twenty-six? Twenty-seven?”

“Add a decade.”

Candy’s eyes widened to the size of saucers. “No way!”

“Yeah way.” Despite everything, Trixie was feeling a bit smug. She worked hard to stay in shape, and for someone to think she was ten years younger than she actually was pleased her greatly.

“You HAVE to apply! No one will believe your thirty-seven!” She actually started called waitresses over to guess Trixie’s age, and the closest guess to being right was thirty. Dennis and Brandy loved every minute of it. Finally Trixie agreed to fill out an application. The manager would probably throw it away as soon as he saw how old she was anyway.

The waitress wandered off, and Trixie glanced appreciatively at her cute little ass. With those illegal bahis siteleri dimensions, she was surprised the girl didn’t fall over. Suddenly she felt someone’s foot gently pushing her legs apart. Trixie had worn a smart little business skirt, so that foot was able to sneak in with ease. She looked across the table. Brandy was leaning against Dennis, biting her bottom lip and giving her a quick eyebrow raise. Dennis had his arm wrapped around the girl and was whispering to her, apparently egging her on. It was easy to figure out whose foot that was.

“Brandy! It’s not like we’re in a small, poorly lit booth here!” The foot pushed in a little further in, and a stocking-clad toe rubbed delicately against the front on Trixie’s satin panties. “Oh fuck! Someone could see us!”

“For someone who’s objecting, you seem to really be enjoying this.” It was true. Trixie had almost subconsciously started humping Brandy’s toe. The young girl was attempting to push the largest toe into Trixie’s box, panties or no. The door to the patio opened and the pressure at her crotch vanished. Trixie felt a bit disappointed.

The busty waitress was dropping off their check. When she was gone (after another long glance from Trixie), Brandy’s foot temporarily found it’s way back under her skirt. As she caressed the older woman’s mound with her toes, she said, “Well, we were hoping you might come back to the hotel room tonight.” She thrust her big toe into the camel-toe formed in Trixie’s panties. “Since you were my first lesbian experience, Dennis’s first real experience, and you where there when I got my cherry popped, so I thought you might like to be there for another of my firsts.

Trixie was a bit perplexed, but was too busy getting toe-fucked to much care.

Brandy turned slightly so that her perfect butt was visible. She was wearing bicycle shorts that displayed her rear assets to their utmost. Even if there wasn’t a toe in her crotch, just seeing that butt would have made Trixie wet. “He was telling me how great it was when he got to do it to you, so I want to see what its like to have his thing in here,” she finished, tracing the outline of her butt crack with one finger. After she told Trixie this, she settled down into a more comfortable, fully seated position.

Trixie’s mind was going a mile a minute. No way, she thought. Brandy had the sweetest, cutest, tightest ass that Trixie had ever seen. Dennis’s beef would split the poor girl in half!

“So,” Trixie said with heated breath, “when do we leave?”

They paid their check, and Trixie dropped off the job application on the way out. She gave it directly to Candy, just as much to get another glance at her enormous tits as for any other reason. Candy gave her a friendly smile and said she’d get the application to the right person. Trixie doubted anything would come of it. She and her young cohorts piled into the car and raced back to the young couple’s hotel room. It was a nice, clean hotel. Nothing too fancy, and Trixie’s motherly instincts made her hope they hadn’t spent too much money. But those instincts vanished when the door closed and she was left in the room with two hot and horny young people.

Brandy stood leaning against the door, twirling a thread between her fingers that was the only thing holding her top on at that moment. She pulled the string and her shirt opened, letting her small pert breasts pop out. “So,” the young girl said, “where should we start?” She was a vision of loveliness, an angel’s body with a devil’s desire. She stood there against the door with her blonde hair looking quite tussled already, her big beautiful eyes full of promise.

Trixie’s knees were about to buckle, so she sat down on the edge of the bed. Dennis sat beside her and helped her get out of her dress coat. “Dennis, why don’t you sit behind me for right now. Good boy. Now unbutton my shirt.” He reached his arms around her and slowly undid her silk shirt. “Now Brandy, why don’t you walk over here. And you know what I mean when I say ‘walk.’ Oh, that’s a sweet thing.” Brandy was moving over to her slowly with a nice swing in those tiny hips. It was the kind of swing that made red-blooded American males lick their lips. It had the same kind of effect on bisexual soccer moms as well. “Now turn around, bend over and slowly take your shorts off. Dennis, pay attention. This is what it is all about tonight.” Brandy did as she had been asked, slowly peeling her skintight bicycle shorts down over her ass. Dennis rested his head on Trixie’s shoulder, marveling at the view while simultaneously unclasping the older woman’s bra, letting her sizeable chest get some fresh air.

“God, it’s perfect isn’t it?” he said of Brandy’s bottom. The young girl was still bent over, now wearing nothing but a tiny pink thong and a pair of sneakers.

“Definitely. It looks good enough to eat. But she’s your girlfriend . . .”

“Go ahead Trixie. You’re our guest this time, and guests should always canlı bahis siteleri be allowed to eat first.”

“That’s what I like about you Dennis,” she said dreamily. “You’re such a considerate boy.” She nuzzled the lower end of Brandy’s slot through the pink, cotton thong. “And you have such a sweet,” she paused to kiss the now very wet fabric, “little girlfriend here.” She pulled Brandy’s thong down those long legs, and nothing was stopping her tongue from ravishing that soft, pink little pussy. She kissed it gently several times before sticking her tongue it and swirling it around. Brandy began moaning, and she bent further over so she could grab her own ankles while the older woman ate her out.

Dennis had managed to get Trixie’s top-half completely naked, but until she was done with Brandy, her butt was staying planted on the bed. So Dennis stood up and removed his own clothes, then sat down again and stroked his eight inch dick while watching two beautiful women get it on.

Trixie’s full attention was on the crotch in front of her. She had licked and sucked every available piece of flesh between the young girl’s legs and had gone back for seconds. She could help but squeeze those perfect ass cheeks in her hands and wonder what it was going to look like for them to be spread wide open for Dennis’s cock. She glanced over and saw Dennis playing with that very cock, and felt obligated to shift her attention.

“He’s all hard just from watching us. I think it would be rude to leave him out, don’t you?”

“Terribly,” said Brandy with a grin. The two girls pushed him onto this back with his knees hanging over the edge of the bed. Both of them knelt before him, taking turns at taking his shaft into their mouths. Trixie marveled at how much better the younger girl had gotten when it came to her blowjobs.

“Practicing?” she asked.

Brandy pulled up from a particularly long stroke. “Yeah.” She smiled at her boyfriend. “Almost every day since you’ve been gone.” She flicked the head a few times with her tongue before devouring his swollen member, taking six inches of it into her throat. Trixie leaned in a sucked gently on his balls, eliciting a series of groans.

The two young lovers realized that except for a toe job, they hadn’t provided much pleasure to their guest (though their guest would disagree). They stood Trixie up and finished undressing her and then almost threw her back on the bed, causing her sizeable tits to jiggle wildly. They smiled at each other and then each of them took one of those glorious globes in their hands. They fondled, licked and teased Trixie’s tits as Trixie started to squirm. The older woman completely enjoyed their breast-play. Then Dennis moved down between her legs, pressing the head of his dick between her lower lips.

“Honey, can I fuck our guest now?” he asked jokingly.

“Please,” Brandy said. “Go ahead. But what does that leave me to do?” She pouted her lips, making her look that much more adorable.

“Well,” said Trixie, “my face is getting cold.” And that settled it. Brandy slowly stretched her leg over the older woman’s body before bringing her knees down on either side of Trixie’s face. “You are so juicy and yummy,” she said as she started to lick. She meant every word. The young girl was primed. Her mound was slightly swollen and literally shining with her own juices. It was the sort of thing normally reserved for finer quality adult films. And it beckoned to her, almost begging to be ravished. She wrapped her lips around as much of that juicy delight as she could and stuck her tongue straight into Brandy’s red-hot box. She sucked her lips in as she wiggled her tongue around like crazy. All the while, Dennis was pounding Trixie’s own love canal with his beautiful young dick. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he fucked her long and hard. Even over her own slurping and Brandy’s moaning she could hear and feel his heavy balls slapping against her ass. He would thrust and she would lick, much to the delight of all.

Trixie decided it was time to start getting Brandy ready for her big moment. As she licked and sucked Brandy’s inner lips, she inserted a couple of fingers into her tender box. After they were good and slick, she began sliding one of them slowly into the young girl’s tight sphincter. She was rewarded for her deeds with a gasp of delight. Trixie finger-fucked the young girl’s ass for a minute or so before working a second finger in. Everything about that girl’s ass was tight! Trixie was afraid her fingers might break with the pressure being exerted on them. After a while, that puckered rosebud started loosening up a small bit, so Trixie began using her fingers like little pistons, going in and out with great speed.

Brandy was gasping and moaning much more audibly now, and she pushed her pussy harder against Trixie’s face. Her juices were running much more freely now. When she came, she was going to cum hard!

Finally Trixie was able to free her mouth long enough to move things along. “Dennis dear, I’m sure you brought something along to make your gorgeous cock nice and slick. Why don’t you go get it now?” He smiled, gave her pussy a few more pumps and then headed over to his travel bag.

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