Goody-Goody Two Shoes

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It was early one afternoon, and I was supposed to go with my friend Stephen to the mall. We were going to hang out and maybe catch a movie. Stephen and I went way back. We had played together when we were little kids, but he had moved before we started school. I had seen him once when I was 12. He was visiting his grandmother and we had hung out a time or two that summer. As happens, he went back home, and I didn’t see him again until the summer I turned 22.

He moved back, and called me. We went out to dinner, and started a weekly ritual of hanging out. We were the best of friends, and didn’t want to do anything to change it. I had a slight crush on him, but I knew it would ruin everything to mention it, so I kept quiet, I was always a little scared of being too forward, so I was never forward enough. Well, anyway, back to that fateful afternoon. When we got to the mall, we ran into Samantha, another old friend of Stephen’s. She was babysitting, and had just turned the baby over to its mother. We sat in the food court and talked, or rather they talked. I just sat there and listened… and looked. I wouldn’t have left my child with her… if I had had children, that is.

Sam was the complete opposite of me. She was blond and thin. I have brown hair, and a larger build. She was wearing this outfit that would look trashy on me, and looked right at home in it. She had a large tattoo of a dragon on her left shoulder, visible in her skimpy white halter that left her midriff, and belly ring visible. Her long hair hung to her exposed waist just above her low-rise faded and worn jeans, and her makeup was on the heavy side, especially her black eyeliner.

I sat there beside her in my black Capri pants and pink blouse looking very conservative, with my shoulder-length hair pulled back in my sunglasses feeling dumpy… I was out of sorts, and it was all her fault. I had been raised in an environment that looked down on such manner of dress and action, and I knew that if Sam had been me, she would have made a move on Stephen, and to hell with the consequences.

I could see her flirting with him, and he was leaning in, responding to casino oyna her in a way he had never responded to me. I was jealous of her easy manner, and knew that she had never been held back by confines of society that had suffocated me, and would continue to suffocate me until the day I died. I was feeling like a goody-goody-two-shoes, and not liking it one little bit.

Sam told Stephen she needed a ride back to her parents’ house. I had ridden with Stephen in his truck and knew that if she went with us we could drop her off first, thank goodness. I wanted him all to myself. On one hand, I wanted him to tell her that he was busy, and didn’t have room. On the other, I was drawn to her behavior. I wanted him to offer her that ride, so that I could study her actions. He told her he didn’t have a problem taking her home if I didn’t, but that we were going to have dinner first. She pounced on the idea, and said she would love to go with us.

During dinner it came out that I was in between boyfriends, and Sam asked me how I lived without sex. She said it as if sex was the only reason to date someone, and that everyone who had a boyfriend was getting sex… and plenty of it. She said that she just had to have it all the time, and kept a string of boyfriends all the time so that she didn’t have to go without. I smiled, and brushed it off saying it wasn’t a big deal, and tried to change the subject. The last thing I wanted to discuss was how sad my sex life was. I had never been fully at home in my skin, or at least that was how I was feeling that day. I am normally an optimistic person, and wasn’t used to the blah way I was reacting to Sam. We talked of other things, and pretty soon dinner was over.

When we got to the truck, Sam jumped in the middle by Stephen… right where I wanted to sit. I climbed in, and settled in for the 20 min ride to Sam’s house. It was dark, and we had to go across a long dam road by the lake to reach her house. There was an accident ahead of us, so we were stuck on road, waiting for it to clear. Sam must have been thinking about our dinner conversation, because she turned to me, out of the blue, and asked me slot oyna if I masturbated all the time since I didn’t have boyfriend. I was shocked, and embarrassed. I stumbled around an answer.

Stephen had looked at me, like he was curious, too. I wanted to tell her that I masturbated all the time, and could think of nothing but having Stephen sweating on me as he pounded into me. But I had to be honest, sex had been a forbidden thing to discuss growing up, and I didn’t really know how to touch myself. I had tried, but with little luck. I was always getting interrupted before I finished, and it took a long time.

She must have gotten the gist of my random mutterings, and she asked me if I knew how. I told her it was none of her business, and could we please discuss something else. Sam said she was horny right then, and she looked at me and winked. I was very confused… She said she would show me how to pleasure myself. I was aghast! I am the most heterosexual human ever, and a girl was telling me she would show me how to masturbate in a truck with a guy I had a crush on watching… and listening… I was appalled, and somehow it turned me on… Stephen was staying completely silent. I leaned forward to gage his reaction. He was in heaven. What guy isn’t turned on by the thoughts of two women together in any sexual way. After feeling so down and un-sexy all day, I sure was having a mood swing.

Sam must have taken my sputtering as a sign that I wanted to, because she put her hand on the crotch of my pants and said that she would show me what I was missing. I started to protest, and pushed her away, but Stephen looked at me, winked and asked me to let her. He told us this was his oldest fantasy, and begged me to join in. We were going to be stuck here anyway. I’m not sure what I was thinking, or even if I was, but before I knew it, she had her hand back on my sex again. Stephen asked me to slide my pants down so he could get a better peak. Something ancient and primal took over in me. I was suddenly taken with the idea. I told them that I would, but we had to get off this road and go somewhere we wouldn’t be seen.

He turned around canlı casino siteleri and went back down the road a ways to an old dirt road, and pulled in. I pulled my capris down, and Sam started to rub my panties. I spread my legs a little, and she started telling me what she liked about my body. She said she wished she looked like me, all the right curves. Stephen told her that we were both beautiful, but that I was more his type. He said that to be honest he had been trying to figure out how to get me in this position for a long time. She giggled and told him he just liked the fact that my pants were on the floor of the truck, right where he had wanted them for ages. I was silent, and he didn’t disagree.

Sam could feel my moist slit through my white satin panties, and knew I was turned on. She told me to start with my clit, because that would give me the most “bang for your buck.” She slid her hand in my panties and showed me how to get my finger wet in my hole then rub it around and around my clit. I was so turned on that she only stroked me for a minute before my first orgasm ripped through. I opened my eyes and saw that she was stroking herself at the same time she was stroking me.

Stephen was rubbing his hard cock and had pre-cum on the tip of his cock. I had an empowering moment, and reached across Sam. I took Stephen’s cock in my hand, and told him that I wanted to help. Sam didn’t want to be left out, so she took his hand and put it on her breast, and told him to touch her too. Stephen stroked her breast, and I jacked him off. I wasn’t going to let her get ahead of me now. I stroked him hard and fast, from the base of his cock right up the shaft, paying special attention to the sensitive tip. He must have been in the throes of fantasy, and he shot his load so fast. I think it was the fact that two girls were getting intimate in his truck while he watched.

While I was busy with Stephen, Sam had her own orgasm. She pulled 3 fingers from her dripping cunt and licked them clean. We all collapsed back in our respective seats after that quickie. I think we were still all in shock that it had happened. The truck was so silent. I knew that things were fixing to get weird. I told them that we could go back to my apartment, and stay there for the night. They we surprised that I suggested it, and agreed whole-heartedly.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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