Getting in Shape Ch. 02

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I had just started going to a gym. The first day there, I was fucked in the sauna by a bodybuilder. I was now going back to see if I could hook up with him once more. As I walked in to the gym I saw him. My lover was talking to some other guys when he saw me. He excused himself and walked over to me.

“I see you came back for more,” he said. “Wait for me after you work out.”

I did as he asked. I got my workout in and then I looked around to see him. He came over and said he would be waiting out in the parking lot for me. When I got changed and came walking out, there he was. He motioned for me to follow him in his car. I drove to his apartment complex and we went into his place. I found out that his name was Luke. I told him I was Sam and then we got down to business.

He said I had been on his mind for the past few days. I told him his cock was the biggest I had ever taken. He smiled and said if we did it again that he only fucked bareback. Was that okay with me? I wasn’t too happy. I normally make my lovers use a condom, casino siteleri but what could I say? I had to experience that cock again. I told him it was fine with me and we headed back to his bedroom.

He had a king sized bed squeezed into this small room. We both stripped down and before you knew it he had his body on top of mine. We started out kissing and our cocks were rubbing against each other. Luke was getting me so worked up. Eventually he flipped me onto my stomach. I felt him get behind me. He slid my legs apart and his finger began to probe my hole.

He slid his digit into me as he reached over to get a bottle of poppers. He pushed the open bottle under my nose and my head was soon swimming. I felt his body on my backside. That giant cock was pressing against my sphincter. I grunted as he began to feed me. He was pushing that ten inches into my bottom. It wasn’t long before he was pumping into me harder.

“Fuck me Luke!”

That was when he really started to speed up and give my ass a workout. I had to have had his slot oyna entire prick inside me as I felt his balls spanking my ass cheeks. God help me, I needed that cock splitting my ass open. Luke was stretching me, making sure I would be able to take his cock for a long time to come. It felt like a jackhammer was driving in and out of my bottom.

Luke must have taken me a good hour when he let out this moan. I felt his cream filling my ass. It was like someone turned a hose on inside my bottom. Luke just kept pumping his sausage into me. I thought I might pass out, but he finally finished me off and pulled his dick out. I was trying to catch my breath. No man had ever taken me so thoroughly as Luke had.

We both rested on the bed together. Luke pulled me into his body and we kissed.

“I haven’t had a lover like you in a long time,” he told me.

He said he wasn’t joking. Most of his past lovers said his cock was too big and that he ended up having mostly one night stands. I told him that I craved his big cock and he could have canlı casino siteleri me anyway he liked. Once we calmed down we went into the bathroom. Luke turned on the shower and we stepped inside. The water was hitting us as we began kissing once more. Luke had me wrap my arms around his neck and he lifted me up.

As he had me pinned to the shower wall, Luke lowered me down onto his still erect prick. I was able to take him easier as I was still filled with his cum. Luke thrust into my hole as the water poured over our bodies. I screamed as he pushed that giant cock into my greedy ass. I only knew that I needed fucked by Luke. I was hoping I could handle that cock all the time. We both got worked up into a lather when Luke came in me one more time.

He didn’t have quite as much juice to give me, but I felt it squirting into my belly again. Where all the seed came from I couldn’t figure out, but I was becoming addicted to it. Luke and I became permanent lovers. We would work out together and then we would hit the sack. We were now living together so it was easy for Luke to fuck me whenever he was horny. He was horny most every day. I take Luke’s bare cock sometimes twice a day. There is no substitute for a ten inch cock in your ass. Believe me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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