Friday Foibles and Easter Edibles

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Yawning as I realize my phone is ringing, reaching to glance at the caller ID and smiling as I read the incoming number. My voice deep with sleep, and, as always when you come to mind, desire. A lazy hello greets me as I flick open the phone, already eliciting a soft moan from me. “Good morning babe,” is the most I can muster at this hour.

The time zones play havoc with our sleep patterns, and my morn is your day half gone…so you chuckle at my greeting and sleepy voice. Responding as always my body comes to life while my brain is still sleep shrouded and my hand drifts to my crotch, rubbing across the freshly shaved pubis, enjoying the silky feel of my skin. Your voice, also taking on a husky edge asks, “Is your hand already where I suspect it is?” “Mmmmmmm,” is the best I can add in response.

“My tart…pull your hand from your cunt and listen to me for a minute, I have work to be done as you laze about with your hand where my mouth longs to be.” You talk and I listen, your lovely accent making my skin quiver, I hang on your every word. As you finish, my pussy is pouring, my clit aching to be stroked, my nipples singing tight, puckering the aureole. Assuring you that I have not touched myself again…I groan as you explain that I cannot use my hands in any way to pleasure myself…but that if I can find a way to do so…without involving my hands…then I may go right ahead…in fact my orders are to achieve five separate orgasms today, by way of inanimate objects. When I have done that I must read the email…not before and follow the next set of instructions.

Groaning on this Good Friday, knowing that good will not be part of my demeanor today….I whimper my good byes into the phone. Laying back in bed, just the knowledge that I may not touch my engorged clit or nipples…I close my eyes, tightly pressing my thighs together. My brain wills me to reach down and touch, one little touch, should be sufficient to take me to the brink of that first orgasm, shaking off the thought, I bound out of bed, and slip into the bathroom. As I pee I eye up the shower, longingly looking at the hand held shower head…would be so easy to let the jet of water play over my throbbing clit, clean and cumming in one fell swoop. But that would be using my hand to help my orgasm and then…an idea.

Smiling as I stand and put the plug in the tub…a bath is definitely in order this morning. Adjusting the temp as I turn the faucets on high I climb into the tub, laying back and pushing myself forward, letting my feet crawl the wall until my willful cunt is positioned directly under the flow from the faucet. I part my legs as far as possible and groan as my pussy lips part, my clit directly in the stream. Wanting to pull at my puffy lips or tear into my swollen nipples I resist and let the water pummel my clit. The delicious feelings seeping into me, my clit dancing under the waterfall, trying not to wriggle and to keep that water in constant contact, I can feel the familiar pressure building…and I wait.

The tremors and quivers that accompany this precum state are quite intense, owing to the fact that it is almost as if my hands are literally tied and unable to help. Bucking my hips upwards as the orgasm finally hits….so sensitive that I almost pull away….but hold this position as it rolls, and rolls as if thunder from a storm. As it wanes, slowly receding, I slide back in the tub and allow the water to soothe and caress me. Closing my eyes as the tub fills, shivering uncontrollably as my wet nipples, exposed to the air tighten and pucker even more. Turning off the faucet, I slip under the water…eyes, nose and mouth the only parts kept in the air. Breathing deeply and relaxing…thinking of how to get to number two.

Pulling the plug with my toes, I lay back as the water drains, standing at last to shampoo and soap, showering off quickly and stepping out and into a fluffy towel…rubbing briskly at my skin. The towel working magic as I rub it across my nipples, causing me to suck air across clenched teeth. Unable to resist, I scrub my nipples to a raw mass of swollen flesh, wondering if this is in violation of the rules…but reasoning that I do have to dry off. I drop the towel to the floor and slip into a short robe leaving the front open, letting the air dry my skin even as it cools me and makes me shiver.

Collecting the soiled laundry I take it down the basement steps, the temperature dropping as I descend. I scan the basement for a way to cum again and can’t quite find anything that would do the trick. AS I finish adding the soap to the machine and flick it on, I turn and am faced with the cold metal pole that supports the upper floor. Smiling I grab it with both hands up high for balance and tilt my hips….letting my mound grind against the cold smooth surface. The retained chill in the metal pole making me gasp…I continue, also pressing my left nipple to the cold steel. Sliding my closed cunt up and casino siteleri down, my clit starting to pulse a little from the friction, my lips part and my inner hot pick flesh is in direct contact. OMG…..the sensation indescribable…my clit instantly hard and long…hood retracted and I can hear the clink of my pierced hood on the metal pole.

Mashing harder with my nipple….and grinding hard, the sensations almost painful, feeling the juices on the pole making it easier to slide up and down. My fingers aching as I grip so hard…letting my greedy cunt open and kiss the cool steel. Closing my eyes I grind up and down….back and forth and then without the familiar warning…I am cummming… screaming and cummming… can’t stop grinding… it hurts so wonderfully, the cold metal searing to my hot wet flesh.

My nipple scraping and throbbing while I slide and wriggle through another orgasm. Collapsing to the floor…I lay back and stare at the ceiling, waiting for my hungry body to still, my depraved mind to settle down. Mentally already starting to calculate my next three climaxes….my limbs finally able to take my weight….I climb back up the stairs to sink into the computer chair.

Avoiding my email program….knowing that I would not be able to resist and would not be able to lie successfully when next talking to him…I instead peruse the new Adult FriendFinder members. So many pics of hard naked cocks, my cunt starts stewing its juices. I wriggle on the chair…as my fingers fly on the mouse, jumping from one pic to the next.

Finding a video to watch I lean back in the chair…legs splayed wide and watch, getting more aroused with each lash of the whip, watching her backside turning crimson, a sharp shock cruises my spine, making my muscles lock. I frantically search my kitchen…so in need of penetration and I see the upright vacuum handle staring back at me….switching it on, a low vibration travels through the handle. Maneuvering my body so that I can lower my gaping wet pussy over the handle…I let myself down, moaning as it penetrates my aching cunt. Letting it settle fully into me, my cunt spasms around the rigid handle, my hands afraid to touch my nipples, clasped in the standard behind the head position…I let my legs work the make shift dildo in and out of my stretched hole.

Oh, to be able to also stroke my clit…the orgasm builds but does not quite make it to the edge. Groaning in frustration, I cast my eyes and seeing the chair I inch my way to it….muscles dragging the vacuum the few feet til I can rest my clit on the arm of the chair…the handle still embedded deep inside me. After just a few strokes back and forth I am again cumming….screaming THREEEEEE! My body jerks and shudders, enjoying the full feeling inside….the rasping of my clit. As I am howling in ecstasy, I hear a knock at the door…crimson faced I hoist my dripping cunt off the handle and wrap my robe tightly around me. With shaking hands I wrench open the door to be confronted with my friend who had promised to drop by and give me a hand assembling my ceiling fan.

He gives me a quizzical glance as he sniffs the air and a grin splits his face. “So that’s what the screaming was about.”…he chuckles. “Guess I’m a little late to help with that am I?” I assure him that never too late to help with that , my voice still husky, eyes still glazed with the afterglow of orgasm. He grabs me and kisses me, pulling my hair back so that I must look into his eyes. He parts my robe and reaches beneath to cup my drenched mound in his hand. Probing inside with one finger, he growls into my mouth. I place both hands behind my head , clasping my fingers tightly as I moan, and wriggle on his finger.

Letting go of me, he smiles and says, “So that is the game this time is it….what are the rules this time?” Shaking my head I let him know that I cannot tell, and that he must figure it out on his own. He sits in the chair and grabs his cell phone…after a quick conversation he looks back at me and laughs out loud…”Lets get to number 5 so that we can read that email.”

Tag teamed again, I can do nothing but stand and wait for him to help me, quivering and shaking, my knees threatening to give way. He reaches once more and hooks his three fingers into my cunt and pulls me close…my thighs sticky and wet as my juices continue to seep from my eager hole. He licks my cheek, nips my lower lip and bites down hard on my earlobe before whispering in my ear, “Turn around and bend over!”

I can hear his belt buckle jangle as I comply with his demand. Gasping for air, my buttock muscles rippling, I stare at the floor. Hearing that first whoosh I tense as the belt strikes my bottom. My feet shuffle forward slightly as it knocks me off balance….and then three more in quick succession. Ready to scream I feel something running up and down my slit…being pushed into my vagina and then running to my puckered rosebud. He grabs my hair and pulls slot oyna back so that I can not move forward and pushes against me, my rosebud blossoming and allowing the object to penetrate my tight asshole. I hear a low hum, and feel the handle of the vacuum start to vibrate deep in my ass…my pulls me back further until the pressure becomes a pain and I scream in frustration.

Howling the spanking begins once more, he finds his rhythm and my cheeks are crisscrossed with three dozen stripes. There is a pause as I catch my breath and then the whoosh….OMG….my pussy and clit….the tip of his belt striking my swollen clit….screaming, my ass convulses on the handle and I cummmmm and cummmmm and OMGGGGGGG, the belt strikes my ass and my cunt , my clit bucking and heaving…until I fall forward…too weak to stop myself. A screaming writhing mass on the floor.

His voice as from a distance says simply, “Four.” He allows me to quiver on the floor until I can sit up….looking at him he hands me a bottle of water and tell me to drink. So I do. Then he pulls me to my feet and kisses me…telling me to assume the position. So like the obedient soul that I am….I drop to my knees, hands behind my head….knees spread and wait. He leaves the room and to my horror comes back with my bag of toys…oh my. Number 5 may finish me off.

“I am in a hurry to read that email….so lets get to number 5 quickly.” his smile dances on his face, his eyes lighting up. He rummages in the bag and finds the inflatable butt plug, the cruelest of nipple clamps, the clover leafs and a strap on clit vibe. Silently he attaches the clamps to my nipples, pushes the plug into my well lubed ass and pumps it up til my hole is stretched, ass filled…and then he positions the vibe and sits back in the chair watching me….remote control in hand. He thumbs it on and turns it up to high speed…instantly producing a fresh loud groan from me…and my hips start to undulate. After only two minutes…I gasp, tensing ready to cum again….when he turns the vibe off and strikes my breasts with his belt…”But not too quick….”

Shaking I beg, letting my hands come unclasped moving them to cover my breasts, he strikes my fingers, reminding me to hold that position….screaming in frustration I rest my hands behind my head once more…trembling. Tears welling in my eyes, spilling over my cheeks, my red breasts heaving with the exertion.

“Open your mouth and suck my cock…and be really really enthusiastic about it.” he drawls at me. I obey, licking and sucking while he twists my nipples with the clamps, unable to breathe, my ass closing on that plug…trying to push it out…the belt once again striking my ass, hitting the plug and driving it deeper, my clit coming to life as the vibe starts buzzing…not sure I can take anymore until I feel his fingers digging into my cunt, tearing at my silken walls.

He drives his cock into my throat and lets loose his spunk while my clit explodes, ass tensing and bruising the delicate tissue with the force of this orgasm, his fingers on my gspot….pressing, digging , probing…..and I swallow his seed, as my juices pour, soaking his hand, my thighs , even the floor beneath me….and in a fog I hear “Five.”

Waking up, I look around, my own room…sighing I lay back, realizing that I have an itch on the end of my nose, but am unable to scratch. Coming fully awake quickly I realize that I cant move my limbs…I am tied to my bed …..and I am alone.

Saturday passes in a blur…tied to my bed…fed on his timetable…catheter inserted so that the bathroom is not necessary….my irritation and anger rising moment by moment. Indignant…not so much by the confinement…and loss of control, but because I cannot touch myself and he is not touching me either. When questioned he just shrugs and makes vague references to that damn email that I didn’t get to read. My body shivers and quakes…as much in withdrawal as the alcoholic trying to kick the habit.

Sunday dawns bright and sunny….the light coming in through the window shaking me awake. Remembering the plight of my misery, I flinch, only to find that I am untethered…no catheter…and my bladder is full. Stretching as I get out of bed and padding naked to the toilet, I pee….such an enjoyable feeling, my bladder emptying. Peeking out of the door , expecting to be ambushed, I step back into the bathroom and turn the water on…adjusting the spray and stepping in.

It feels luxurious as the water cascades over my aching body, soothing away the tension, I can even smile remembering the last two days. Not all bad, five amazing orgasms on Friday. A frown creasing my brow as Saturday unfolds in my mind. Not fair…no chance to cum at all, and I havent had a chance to read that email yet.

Stepping out and reaching for a towel….odd that…no towels. I drip on the floor and puzzle where the towels have gone. Shaking my hair into the tub, I run a facecloth canlı casino siteleri briskly over my wet tresses, taking the bulk of the moisture away. No robe on the back of the door…my curiosity pondering why? Walking to my dresser to find something to slip into….and OMG!!! Pulling open drawers, running to my closet…a scream erupting….”Where the hell are my clothes???” Silence is my only answer.

Storming to my computer and banging away on the keys til I find that cursed email….gasping….no! They wouldn’t. Oh yes they would. Panic overtaking me, my heart I hold my breath and listen. Afraid that there are already people here. I slip quietly to the door and sneak a peek into my hallway, moving carefully, I enter the living room… sighing…no one here. I move to the hall closet, he must have hidden my clothes somewhere…urgency spurs me on…I hear the doorknob turning.

Wrenching open the door…the closet is bare…not a jacket, nor scarf…nothing. I hide inside and close the door quietly. Keeping my breathing low and quiet I listen to hear who is coming into my house. Not one voice but many, at least 4 distinct voices. And I recognize each one. They, those two partners in crimes against me have jacked my email list…and sent out breakfast invitations. OMG…these men that I hear outside my closet door…they dont know each other and should never, ever have met under any circumstances.

I am feeling absolute anguish, heart hammering, tears in my eyes at the unfairness of having my privacy thus invaded. Thinking of what the email said. I didn’t finish reading it…just bolted to find clothes. A wild goose chase. I can hear them moving about my house…room to room…presumably hunting for me. Damn it…its Easter…I should be hunting eggs, not cowering in my closet. As if they read my mind, the closet door opens a crack and something is rolled in on the floor, then it closes again.

I reach down as the tears spill out and wet my cheeks, shaking once again with the hopelessness. It is an egg, the plastic break apart ones meant to pop kids treats into. I open it up and find a piece of paper, but not enough light penetrates the darkness of the closet to read it. And how did they know where I was hiding?

Cracking the door til the light shines in, the note in the egg says, Breakfast is cooking, please join us. Stamping my foot in frustration, I yell out, “Bring me clothes, NOW!” A voice from the other side of the door states simply, “No.” “I recognize your voice…where is that damned man who tied me to my bed?” The answer comes back, “Cooking breakfast, you did invite us all here for breakfast. What do you have in mind?”

Realizing that all of the men here have seen me naked before I yank open the door and move quickly past the door guard and walk into my kitchen. “Get out! All of you…get out of my house.”

The ringleader answers, “We are not leaving, at least not til we’ve had the promised breakfast. You did invite us after all.”

“You of all people know that I did not send that email…you did and this is unfair.”

With his cutest little boy innocent face he answers, “I did not send it, I received it. You promised breakfast and dessert. And I am helping out by cooking it, you should be saying thank you.” Defeated, I drop into the chair, it does smell good and what more can possibly happen. I hear a familiar voice and look up to see my laptop, webcam activated and my fave guys face smiling at me.

Admitting it was him, he invited them all, 6 in total…only 4 there…pity. Shaking my head. Knowing that now I am in trouble, because he knows all my secret fantasies and he loves to let me indulge. Blowing a kiss to the cam, I sit back and spread my legs, might as well enjoy.

A knock on the door and I am told to answer it. Shaking my head, refusing to move, not going naked to the door.

A booming voice from afar enters the room from the laptop, “DO IT!” Rising from my chair I answer the door, butt naked…no where to hide and let two more of my ‘friends’ in. I finally break down and introduce them to each other. As the laptop explains to them why they were invited. To partake of the lusciousness of my body in any way they choose. As I have shared most of my encounters with him, he knows what each of these men like from me. One is really into anal, another only likes to fuck my throat. The man across the table from me likes to chew on my nipples, beside me loves to take my cunt hard. And the other two like to do all of the above and spank my ass…so…not one part of me will be left unused.

Breakfast is served, and the conversation begins in earnest. Each of them anxious to stake their claims on my body, a pissing contest and I am the center of the circle. As the last bites are finished, it is quite apparent already that my traitorous and greedy body is more than willing and ready to have them all.

Everyone is looking at the other…no one wanting to start…until my ringleader, who by the way, loves to warm me up with a spanking demands me to stand and bend over the chair. “Show them what an obedient and good girl you are…don’t make me tie you up again.”

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