Finishing a Job

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“Hey Sean, I need to finish off this film,” said Maura waving her camera, “hold still.”

Sean pulled a joke muscle man pose as Maura took a snap. He was still in good shape; the only clue to his 56 years was the small patch of grey in the middle of his hairy chest. He often wore no shirt around the house, especially when he was doing a few DIY jobs like he was right now.

“Oh there’s still one more, wait a second,” she said. Sean obeyed but dropped the pose. Maura fiddled with the zoom and angled the camera down slightly. She wanted a close-up of that glorious chest – his whole torso was covered in thick, dark hair – but she didn’t want to make it too obvious. She had long since fancied Sean, but he was her cousin’s husband, so he was forbidden fruit, especially as her cousin Barbara was only downstairs! She took a sneaky close-up of the forest of hair.

“God, I still don’t think it’s finished,” she said studying the camera.

“Hmmm, is there room on there for a big one?” Sean said as he hooked a thumb into the waist of his sweat pants and began pulling down on them very, very slowly. He waited for a reaction from Maura but she did nothing. Her face appeared red with shock, but she did nothing. Her eyes were locked onto his crotch awaiting the reveal. Sean took this as a cue to continue, the intensity of her gaze was turning him on. He pulled them down, slowly, taking his underpants down as he went, to reveal his thick, flaccid cock. Maura gulped. Her face was burning. She was pleased to see that his hairiness continued down below. His legs & groin were covered in the same dark mass of hair. Though his legs were noticeably whiter than his somewhat tanned upper body.

“I think you’d better kneel down to get a close-up,” said Sean. She obeyed, barely taking her eyes off his tool, which wasn’t the longest she’d ever seen but was very thick she was shaking slightly.

“Oh, it must have casino oyna run out after all,” she said nervously.

“Ah well, you’ll have to find another way of committing it to memory.”

“Sean we can’t, Barbara is just downstairs.”

“Fine,” he said, pulling his pants back upwards – teasing.

“No wait,” she said as she grabbed his hairy hand. He smiled. She slowly pulled them back down again. Making herself even more wet with the second reveal.

She took it in her hands, hesitantly, and then put the whole thing in her mouth. She rolled it around in her mouth waiting for it to harden. That was her favourite part, feeling a big, fat cock stiffen & fill her mouth. Sean’s cock obeyed her wishes rather quickly. It filled her mouth ‘til she had to release it. It stood to attention, looking her in the eye. She grabbed it & began licking veraciously, up & down the sides, over the top, all over. Sean leaned back against the wardrobe he had been fixing, enjoying the oral attention on his piece.

She pawed his fleshy stomach. Though he certainly wasn’t fat & you wouldn’t describe him as having a belly, he did have some excess there. He worked a physical job, but even so, 56 years – with most of them spent drinking plenty of Guinness – meant that he wasn’t quite as trim as he once was. Maura continued exploring his torso with her hands, all the while sucking that cock for all it was worth. She loved running her fingers through his copious chest hair. Feeling its density at first resist, but eventually give in to her roving fingers. Her fingers traced a line around one nipple, through the sea of fur across to his other. She could easily play here all day.

“Ohh, I’ve wanted to do this for a long time,” said Maura.

“I know,” replied Sean matter of fact. “I’ve noticed you looking at me.”

“You have?”

“Yep, I’m glad to make your acquaintance,” he laughed; grabbing her head & pulling slot oyna her mouth back onto his meat once more.

She grabbed his arse cheeks, they were about as fleshy as his stomach, great for prodding her fingers into. Of course, his arse was just as hairy as the rest of him. She flitted between running her hands softly over his cheeks (taking great pleasure in the way the soft hairs felt against her skin) and then pawing she had him all the way in, but she enjoyed trying – as did he.

Without breaking her rhythm, she picked up the camera & held it out to her side with one hand. She pointed it herself & took a few pictures of her slobbering all over Sean’s hard cock.

“Hey, I thought you were at the end of a roll there,” said Sean.

Releasing his cock for a moment she said, “I must have lied,” a cheeky smile spread across her face as she took several more pictures of Sean’s erect dick & groin area. The two of them laughed. She continued taking shots from different angles as she resumed licking & sucking his piece.

She then took one of his balls into her mouth, licking & swirling it around. She swapped over a few times, filling her gob with one wrinkly nut, then the other.

“I just love sucking on your hairy nuts,” she said exasperated.

Jesus, Barbara was never dirty like this, Sean thought to himself.

“Barbara doesn’t,” he said.

“She doesn’t know what she’s missing,” said Maura with a smile before engulfing them once again.

Without warning, she pulled her top off over her head & popped her tits out of her bra. She had a nice figure, but at 35 years old, not the trimmest. The few extra pounds she carried seemed to lie mainly in her big bosom. She grabbed Sean’s monster & rubbed it over her tits.

“Oh yeah,” said Sean as his tip met her stiff nipple. She rubbed his big dick over every inch of her jugs, licking & sucking it now & then. She then trapped canlı casino siteleri it in between her fun bags, squashed it & looked up at Sean with a cheeky grin.

“What are you gonna do with those?” He said smiling back. She shook her tits vigorously, wrestling Sean’s helpless cock between them. Sean laughed.

“Ohh yeah,” he exclaimed once again. She continued abusing his piece with her knockers, but more rhythmically so she could lick & suck his head as it poked through between her mounds.

She gobbled it to the hilt again, and swirled her tongue over the tip. The extra pressure Maura was applying was taking its toll on Sean. He could feel the swelling in his hairy ball sack; and as Maura’s chin was virtually resting on it, she could probably feel it too. Damn, she could probably hear it!

“I’m gonna cum,” Sean said. Maura released the massive tool from her grasp. They heard a footstep at the bottom of the stairs.

“Shit, Barbara’s coming up,” said Sean. Maura made a move to get up, but about to blow a load all over the place he grabbed her head & forced it back onto his cock. She gagged slightly on the surprise second helping she was getting.

“There’s less to clean up this way,” he explained as he finally came. “Aargghhh!” He had to try very hard to suppress his vocal pleasure, what with Barbara’s imminent arrival. Maura gagged on the first wave of cum, but managed to keep most of it to herself. She tried hard to swallow all of the subsequent loads. He tapped her on the shoulder when he thought he had cum enough. She got up, picked up her top & headed straight for the en-suite bathroom. Sean put his softening monster back in his sweatpants, his tip still oozing the last of his load. He wiped his hand on the inside of his pocket and turned back to the wardrobe door he was fixing. Barbara walked in.

“Where’s Maura?” she asked.

“Oh she’s in the bathroom.” Sean replied.

“Oh how are you getting on with that?” She said nodding at the door. “Job just about done?”

“Yeah, I would say so.”

“Was it a big job?”

“Ah, big enough,” Sean said with a smirk.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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