Dear Diary: My First Swing Party

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Wow, oh wow. I got invited to a party last night, by this guy I know, Guy. On the phone he asked me what I was doing, I said I was going to get dressed and go to a bar, talk some dude into buying me a few drinks and then come home alone and go to sleep. He asked me what I had on, I said “Just my thong and my bra” he said, “Get dressed, and lose the bra”

Huh? Oooh, I’m gonna have fun!! Well on the way there, he said “We’re going to a bar outside of town, they are closing after tonight and want to go out in style. These people get friendly, so if you aren’t comfortable with someone, let me know and I’ll keep them from you” I said “Cool, no problem here” he said “No I mean they get REALLY friendly, maybe you don’t understand what I mean” I looked at him, realization dawning, and said “You mean groping, heavy petting and kissing?” he said “yes” and looked at me sideways. I said “Cool, no problem!” Then I thought for a minute and said “women too?” he said “yes, women too, but if you don’t want that just say so and they will respect you and back off”

I don’t respond. Secretly, silently, somewhere deep inside me has always been curious what it would casino siteleri be like to be with a woman. Sometimes this curiousity is sooo deep that I even refused to acknowledge it. I guess that makes me Bi-Curious, huh? However, years of “society thinking” had me burying this curious side of me. Now I would get to let loose. Now I would get to see what it was truly like. And maybe, finally, I would get to see what it will be like to kiss a woman!! WOW!

I squirm with excitement, already getting wet. When we get there, he walks in and walks up to his friends. Since I don’t know anyone I follow him.

It doesn’t take long to make friends. Yes they are very friendly. And everyone is so comfortable with their bodies, nothing seems to mar the fun. Big women, skinny women, big breasts, sagging breasts, no breasts, everyone has a ball.

One woman, C, she kissed me. My first kiss. It was soft, sensual, and absolutely electrifying!! Then she broke the kiss, smiled at me and turned away. I blinked to clear my vision and looked around and everyone was staring at me and smiling.

Hm, I like C!! There’s another woman there who doesn’t speak to me, slot oyna even though Guy said she’s a good friend of his. This is the woman that he wants to get into bed with me. He wants a 3some with her, and I look at her, she’s beautiful, and she’s so sensual. But she doesn’t speak to me, instead concentrating on him.

I kept hearing about this one guy, SC. He seemed to be somewhat of a legend, and I kept looking for him. Finally they said “He’s here.” I look over and he was so cute. He was a tall, thin, black guy with a beautiful face and an incredible smile that would light up the whole room. I watched his attitude and then walked up to him and said “I will bring you to your knees” he smiled and said “Oh really?” I responded by lightly stroking his nipples, causing him to almost drop his drink, and making his knees shake.

*Grins * Then Guy said “Dude, this woman will HURT you. Trust me. She will hurt you!”

Thanks, Guy. High praise indeed. I played around with SC for a while, teasing him with my fingernails, all the while staring in his eyes, refusing to let him look away. I succeed in making him hard as a rock, which was impressive indeed considering canlı casino siteleri he was in baggy pants. He looked delicious, from where I was. At one point, I was leaned back in a chair, I had about 4 or 5 different men on me. One had his hands down my pants, caressing my clit to an incredible orgasm, one guy on each nipple, one guy kissing the back of my neck, and somewhere, someone had removed my shoes and was sucking on my toes.

I tell you, I was in heaven. At one point, I was giving this guy a lap dance (fully dressed) and C was giving another guy a lap dressed (also fully dressed) and her and I were facing each other, kissing and fondling each other. The knowledge that so many people were watching me was intoxicating, until I completely forgot that I was in a bar, in public. At another point, I was dancing, belly to belly with a different woman, my shirt raised, nipples touching.

I have never had such an incredibly erotic experience with so many people present. I just closed my eyes, and felt the sensations caress me, and lift me to a plane somewhere above the earth. I felt fingers and tongues and lips all over my body, and every single one of them set me on fire. Every single one of them was a complete and separate experience in itself.

There were so many firsts on this night that I can’t truly count them all. But, tomorrow is another day!!

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