Crucifix: Temptation Ch. 02

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Chapter 2. Wet.

The phone rang at the Anderson house on the seventh around nine fifteen at the Anderson house. “Hey, quiet you guys. Nolan, bed, now!” Brody picked up the portable. “Hello?”

“Hey, baby.” It was Shannon, “So did you pick up that girl, Claudia, yet?”

“What? No, I’m supposed to do that tomorrow. That’s what you said, the eighth at seven, remember?”

Shannon did her best, ‘oh my goodness, I’ve made a mistake’ voice, “Oh, no. I must have gotten the dates backwards. She was supposed to be picked up tonight at eight.”

“Jesus, Shannon, it’s almost nine thirty. There’s no one there. Didn’t you give her our address or phone number?”

“No. Slipped my mind. I’m so sorry.”

“Christ, Shannon, it’s pouring outside. Let me get off the phone and I’ll go get her. Bye.” Brody Anderson hung up the phone and looked at Nina, his ten year old daughter and then at Nolan, his eight year old son. “I’ve got to go to the station.”

Nina laughed, “Yeah, we heard.”

“That poor kid has been sitting out in the rain for over an hour. Nolan, for the last time, go to bed and Nina check on Nicholas, okay?”

“Yes, sir.” Nina watched her dad climb into the Escalade and take off down the road. “He’s so pissed. Come on, runt. Let’s see what’s on HBO.”

After the thirty minute drive, Brody pulled into the deserted station and jumped out of the car. Luckily the rain had finally stopped about five minutes prior to his arrival. There was a minimal amount of light and he didn’t see anyone. It was terribly cold thanks to the rain and wind. Brody walked around to the back of the station and saw a suitcase and backpack next to what he assumed was a person curled up into a tiny ball. “Jesus. Claudia? Claudia Fitzpatrick?”

She lifted her head to see who had called her, “Yes?”

Even in the subtle light, Brody could tell that she had a beautiful face and striking eyes. {Do I know her?} “I’m so sorry. My wife told me the wrong date. Here, let me help you.” He reached down to lend her his hand. Her fingers were icy cold. “Jesus Christ, you’re freezing. No wonder, you’re soaking wet.”

Claudia was so cold and numb she could barely talk. “Got, got caught in the rain.”

He grabbed her bags and threw them in the car. “Come on.” Brody picked her up and carried the drowned rat of a girl to the car. He looked down at the soaked FSU ball cap she was wearing and shook his head in anger. {Shit, Shannon. How stupid can you get? She’s probably going to get fucking pneumonia now.}

Claudia closed her eyes and felt the warmth from his body. It was wonderful. He apologized over and over as he carried her. She just rested her head casino siteleri against his chest and listened to his heart beating as she shivered.

“That’s it.” Brody slid behind the driver’s seat, turned on the heat, and realized there was no way she was going to warm up in those clothes. “Hold on,” he reached into the backseat and felt for his trench coat, “good, it’s here. Put this on.” He turned the key and started back home.

Claudia took the coat and started to wrap it around her.

“No. I’m sorry. I meant take off your wet clothes and put the coat on.”

She looked at him, her eyes wide. {Oh God, is he some kind of pervert?}

Brody immediately recognized her. {Those eyes. Shit. She’s the girl from church.} “I won’t look, Claudia, I promise. But you’re never going to get warm in those clothes.”

“Okay.” Claudia, ever trusting and his voice so sincere, took off her ball cap and set it on the floor board. She pulled off her wet shoes and socks and set them next to her cap. The warm air from the heat felt so good against her cold feet.

Next, she unbuttoned her light Capri pants and quickly looked to the side just to make sure he wasn’t looking. Satisfied that he was focused on the road, Claudia worked to peel the wet material off. She had to lift her hips and wiggle to get them down. She could feel the warm air hit her legs as she slid the wet material off.

Claudia glanced yet again to see that her new boss was not watching. As she pulled her arms through her wet T-shirt and quickly lifted it over her head. She was finally starting to feel warm. She took the coat that he’d laid across the console for her and went to put it on. Claudia slipped her arms into the sleeves then wrapped the body of warm material around her and snuggled into the best she could.

As for Brody, though he’d promised he wouldn’t look, he did, on accident, at first. He had a long habit of looking from the passenger side mirror to the center mirror and then to look back on the road. And, it so happened that as she was squirming out of her pants he saw her.

She’d lifted up in the seat so that her back arched as she tugged at the material. And as most people do when they are intently focused on doing something physical, she gave tiny grunts and sighs. He chanced to see her lacy white panties. And he quickly looked away. One more glance in the mirror and he saw how her T-shirt clung to her chest and that her nipples were erect from the cold and they practically pierced the thin cotton material of both her shirt and bra. Brody bit his lip and forced himself to look forward once more.

Then, when she went to take off her shirt, he couldn’t slot oyna help himself. He had to sneak in a few peeks. He saw her pull the cold, wet, clingy material over her head. Her bra was nothing more than a thin swath of white lacy material, obviously the mate to her panties. And, her bra, which when wet, acted as any thin white material did, became see-thru. Brody bit his lip when he saw the outline of her dark pink areolas as well as her erect and subtly lighter pink nipples.

He stared forward and bit his lip once more. “Done?” He asked when she put the coat on. Claudia smiled at him and nodded. Brody almost lost control of the car when he looked over and saw her small frame in his coat and how her necklace hung around her neck. Then when he saw those eyes and her killer smile. “Sorry, lots of water still on the road.”

That’s when Brody realized how hard he’d gotten from watching her. {Christ, Anderson, you barely saw anything.} And it was getting so hot in the car, too, which didn’t help him any. “Are you warm enough, yet?” When she nodded, yes, he quickly turned off the heat and tried to coax his cock to calm down.

“Thank you, Mr. Anderson. Summers aren’t this cold in Florida. That’s where I’m from and I’m kind of wishing I was there right now.” She giggled and smiled at him.

{Jesus fucking Christ. She’s got the face of an angel and the giggle to boot. Shit.}

When they got to the house and pulled into the garage, Brody watched her trying to put her shoes back on. “It’s okay Claudia. We allow bare feet inside.” He came to the passenger side and opened her door. Brody suddenly wished he’d not given her his coat because when she stepped out of the huge SUV, her tanned legs were the first thing he noticed. They were slender and well muscled, like a dancer’s. And he got a quick peek at those lovely white panties once more. {Jesus, God Almighty. Hurry up child and get away from me, please.}

She got to the kitchen door and looked at him. “Mr. Anderson?” {He is so good looking. Wow.}

And he was. Brody Anderson was thirty eight and six-one with a slim, muscular body. He had dark brown hair and striking green eyes. Any woman in her right mind would want him. Especially with his infectious laugh and smooth as silk voice. He wore clothes like a model and acted like a kid. But when he was drawing, he was so intense. To watch him at his finest was awe-inspiring as his long fingers gripped his pencils and pens to get the images out of his head and onto the page.

Claudia opened the door, “Uh, Mr. Anderson. Are you coming?”

{Almost} Brody smiled and said, “I’ll just get your bags.” He took them and walked, with pained steps, canlı casino siteleri inside the house. Luckily it was dark in the kitchen. “Your room is right over here.” He led her to her small room and handed the bags to her. “I suppose you’re pretty worn out, so I’ll just say good night. Sleep well, Claudia.” He smiled and then dashed away.

Claudia smiled and quickly said, “Thank you and goodnight, Mr. Anderson,” as he walked away. She muttered to herself, “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” {Oh, well, suppose that granola bar will tide me over until tomorrow.} She sighed as she closed the door. “I think I’m going to love this summer!” She giddily went to bed.

She thought of how warm his coat had been, how he carried her, and his strong heart beat. She felt a tingling sensation between her legs. Hiding under the covers, as though someone might see, she slid her fingers between the soft folds of skin in the one area of her body that she’d been told over and over to avoid and felt how hot and wet she was.

Claudia smiled but then felt terribly guilty. She cried to herself and recalled Sister Margaret Mary’s words when she and Susan were caught touching one another when they were sophomores. Susan ran away before the Sister could see who she was. But she clutched Claudia’s arm and squeezed it so hard, she was bruised. “Claudia Fitzpatrick, that’s not what good girls do. It isn’t right. It isn’t natural.”

And when she had to sit in front of Father Elias as he went on and on about ‘sins of the flesh’ she thought she was going to die. Those words and the shame she felt had haunted Claudia for two years and even though she was done with Holy Cross, it still had a mighty grip on her. She forced herself to resist the temptation and finally fell into a restless sleep.

As for Brody, he made it to the hall bathroom before he had to stop. He stepped inside, locked the door and unzipped his pants. With the pressure of the material gone, it wasn’t quite so bad. But his cock was screaming at him to help it feel better. Brody took his hand and placed in on his swollen shaft. He stroked it gently at first.

Then as the tension grew, he wrapped his hand around it and pumped up and down with great speed. He gritted his teeth and tried not to make any noise. This particular bathroom was close to her room. He didn’t want Claudia to hear him so he gritted his teeth and held in all the moans he wanted to make. Finally, he felt the familiar tingle and leaned against the wall as he feverishly worked himself until the orgasm came.

Brody gritted his teeth to keep quiet and felt his warm juices flowing across his hand and sighed in relief. He stood there leaning against the wall breathing deeply. After washing his hands, Brody looked into the mirror and said, “Goddamn, Brody, you’ve got to control yourself or this is going to be one bad summer.” He sighed and went to bed.

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