Caught in the Act

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You’ve come to my apartment, even though I’m not expecting you. You know that I went out with my girlfriend to go dancing. Also, you know how horny grinding on the dance floor makes me, so you want to see if you can reap the benefits of that horniness.

You get up to my stoop and notice that the window is dark and you fear that I wore myself out dancing all night and that I won’t have the strength to fuck your brains out tonight.

‘Oh well’, you think to yourself, you can just enjoy lying by my side.

The stoop is dark so you have a moment of trouble trying to get the key I’ve given you into the door. Finally you have managed to wrangle the lock, and the door is opened.

Yes! Access!

The front room is pitch black, except for the street lamp shinning through the window, filtered by the vertical blinds. A smell of vanilla candles attacks your nose; this smell causes a rise in you, because this is what I light just before having sex. Then you start to worry because I wasn’t expecting you tonight, but yet you still smell the candles, the vanilla candles that you have begun to think of as the smell of sex, whether slow and passionate or hot and fast, it’s the smell of sex, our sex.

A pang of jealousy hits you as you can’t help but wonder who is getting the benefit of our vanilla smell, and your subconscious registers anger at my friend Rachael for taking me out on the town tonight, automatically thinking that she has talked me into finding another man.

You block out your jealousy and anger for a moment, so that your other senses can record the entire stimulus going on around you. You begin to walk through the front room, being careful not to trip over anything and bring my awareness to your presence. As you get closer to the bedroom, you hear soft music playing, and then another sound registers. The second sound is from me, the sound I make while in the throes of orgasmic torture, a sound you know all too well since you have brought me there many times. You put all your strength into the power of your ear and search for the sound of the brutal noises of male grunting, but you hear none. Then, almost inaudible, you hear the sound of someone going down on me, the kind of humming sound that a person makes when his or her tongue is busy working hard.

The jealously returns in great bounds, as you feel cheated because oral was your job, your talent, and no body else should have that right. Your travel quickens because you wish to confront this man that is trying to please your woman in the manner that is only your pleasure and no one else’s. Finally you reach the bedroom door, which is left open, and you peer inside. The room is dimly lit with candles everywhere, and slowly you turn your attentions to the actions on the bed, fearing what you will see.

You are stunned beyond belief, just in a shocked silence.

You see me, lying on the bed, naked, with my legs spread open. There is a head between my legs, but this head is definitely not male. Your eyes become adjusted to the dim light, and you recognize the head between my legs. Even from behind you know the long red hair that belongs to my friend Rachael. Realization hits you like a gale force wind! It is Rachael giving such intimate attentions to my pussy, not a man, but Rachael my friend, my girlfriend. You are witnessing my first bi-sexual experience. Immediately your member becomes stiff within your pants as you watch the beautiful site before you.

Suddenly my eyes open wide and connect with your own. There is no fear or anger in my eyes, only an acceptance and a pleasure in your presence like I was hoping you would make an appearance. My eyes close once again as Rachael’s talented tongue sends me spiraling into orgasmic oblivion. You do not want to interrupt the sight before you, afraid that if you interfere it will stop, never to be repeated. Quietly you make your way across my bedroom, with your sites set upon a chair placed in a dark corner. You sit in that chair and turn your attentions on the action on the bed and watch. That is all you do, you just watch.

You sit in excited silence in your dark corner of the room. You watch the action on the bed like your own lesbian porno played out for your own pleasure. You attempt to photograph each image within your mind, never to forget the beautiful site before your eyes.

You watch Rachael’s backside, her long, straight electric red hair cascading down her backside contrasting with her porcelain white skin. Her arms were tightly wrapped around my thighs, and her head is moving slightly as her tongue continues to tease into the depths of my aroused sex. You look upon Rachael’s body, being able to view her naked backside for the first time, her full figure curving provocatively into the perfect full hour glass shape, her creamy white buttux wiggling slightly as she works diligently to satisfy my passions.

Finally, you turn your attentions to me, your highly sexual and newly bi-sexual girlfriend. You watch as my body convulses casino siteleri as orgasm after torturous orgasm rips it’s way through my body. My long mane of curly, light brown hair is spread out in a halo around my head, a contrasting color to that of my burgundy comforter. You watch as my face contorts into pleasure filled expressions. My chest rises and falls with each rapid breath, my handful sized breast rounding into my armpits and my dusky nipples standing erect against the tissue of my chest.

The room is filled with an assortment of aromas, the smell of vanilla, the joining of two perfumes, one you recognize as mine the other you figure belonging to Rachael, a slight hint of jasmine. Also, there is the potent smell of arousal and, just as with the perfumes, you recognize not only my smell but also a new, enticing smell. You know this new scent must be the scent of Rachael and you can’t help but wonder how wet she is becoming as she intently works her tongue to please my aroused pussy.

You already know that my pussy is drenched in my juices because you hear the passionate noises as orgasms spasm through me. You watch as I begin to play with my breasts, squeezing and kneading the tissue and running the palms of my hands over the marble hard sensitive buds. You so enjoy seeing me playing with myself and you watch intently as I please and tease my wondrous hard nipples.

The whole scene plays out in front of you and it has you harder than ever before. Your arousal throbbingly builds up stiff in your pants. A few times you have to make slight adjustments so you erection isn’t pinned in a painful direction.

With your high level of arousal, the thought of joining the foray on the bed cannot help but cross your mind. Even though you cannot help the workings of your mind, you can help your body. So, there you stay, suffering in your own arousal, because this was my wish.

*** You think back to a conversation we had about this exact situation. It was an easy afternoon and the thought of a three-way had just crossed your mind. Of course, the only three-way you could consider was a two female and one male type of three-way, though this wasn’t my only idea of a three-way. We had a very honest and open relationship, so you felt no nervousness at telling me your thoughts. The thought came really for no particular reason other than it was there.

“You are a little bi-curious. Right?” you said.

“Okay, this is out of the blue, but actually I would consider myself more bi-aroused than curious.” I said, with a playful smile playing on my lips.

“Well, what’s the difference?”

“The difference is when a woman gets turned on by other women, either in everyday life or seeing pictures of lesbian situations, videos, stories, etc… but she’s not ready to actually get with another woman, that is bi-aroused. Now bi-curious is when the woman is actually ready to take that final step and meet a woman with the same thoughts and be together to see if it’s only a curiosity or maybe something real.” I said in a way that it seemed as if I’d put a lot of thought to it.

“Okay, given all of that would you ever consider a threesome?”

“Depends on what kind of threesome you want.”

“What do you mean what kind of threesome?”

“Which, a MMF threesome or a FFM threesome?”

“I mean a two female one male type of course,” you said, a little stunned I had to ask.

“In that case no, I wouldn’t consider that.”

“Why not?” you asked a little confused. “You’ve admitted to being aroused by other women and possibly wanting to be with one.”

“Tell me why you totally ignored the two male one female type of threesome?” I asked.

“Well, I’m not attracted to guys and I wouldn’t want to see you with another man. Hell, I even hate just thinking about you with another man.”

“Okay, well for one thing you don’t have to get it on with a guy to have a MMF threesome. Both guys can just do the their best at pleasing the woman, but everything else I agree with and it’s the reason I wouldn’t want to be involved in a FFM threesome.”

“I think I’m starting to understand.”

“It’s like this,” I said. ” I love you too much to share you with another woman, plus there would be too many questions to come up if that were ever to happen, like does he like her better and so on. Also, I wouldn’t want to share the woman with you.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well, you’ve been with a woman before, but I never have, so if I were to have an experience with a woman it would be just for me, my special moment.”

“Okay, I understand.”

“I’ve got a question of my own. What do you think when you see two women together?”

“I think it’s beautiful poetry in motion and highly sensual and erotic.”

” I couldn’t agree more, now why would you want to interrupt that beautiful erotic scene with your animal ‘gotta be able to boast about being with two women’ maleness?”

“Okay, I get you, but if you do get with a woman slot oyna what do I get to do?”

“Watch perhaps, if she allows it.”


“Yep, you’d be Mr. Invisible, watching but not participating.”

“Okay, hypothetically you get with a woman and I watch.”

“Yep, actually I’d want you to watch,” I said, with the playful smile returning to my lips.

“Why is that?”

” Because it would be something special to happen to me and I’d want to share that with you, but only in the form of you watching.”

“Okay, so you get to be with me and you get to be with a woman if you so choose and I can watch. Still, that seems a bit unfair. I should get to be with someone else, too.”

“Well, hon, if you are ever so inclined you are free to be with a another man.”

“Thanks, but no thanks.” you said with one corner of your mouth turning up.

“Well, I’m only trying to be fair. It’s like you said, I get to be with you but no other man, but I can also get with a woman if I want. So it’s the same for you. You can be with me, but no other woman. But you can get with a man if you want, though I don’t know if I’d want to watch! Well, you never know I might.”

“That’s okay, it’s not going to happen.”


Thus the pact was made, you are to watch but not get involved.

You bring yourself back to reality and the wondrous fantasy being spewed out of your head and into the real world. Your eyes readjust to the scene before you. You watch as Rachael’s head is buried away into the depths of my pussy and her tongue is obviously making an erotic torture there.

Then Rachael does something you can hardly believe. She runs her hands down my thighs and then she catches me at the knees. She grabs both of my knees and pushes them upwards so that my fanny crack is closer to her mouth and my cheeks spread out before her. She dives her face in there and begins her tongue pleasures.

You feel a little jealousy pang, because this was the erogenous zone you’d found on me, this zone that brought me so much pleasure. Rachael pauses her ministration on my sphincter area to say something.

“Oh Missy, ever since you told me how much pleasure your, boyfriend gave you by giving you anilingus, I’ve been dreaming of doing the same thing. This is really a fantasy come true.” says Rachael.

‘In more ways than one,’ you think to yourself, as the pang miraculously the pang subsides.

Rachael again begins her erotic tongue dance on my rosebud, my body writhing in pleasure. She stays with the depths of my crack until you think I am on the brink of spontaneous combustion. Then she works her tongue all the way up the length of my crack until she reaches my aroused sex, then she grabs a hold of my clit that is pulsing so hard. A few teasing flicks later she has me shaking from head to toe, then my pussy gives way in an erotic gush of my juices.

You can see my nectar gushing out all around her face, drenching her neck and shoulders, even her fine fiery red hair gets soaked. She continues to lick that little bud until you think I will flood the entire bedroom. Finally, she releases her tongue tortures on my clit, and lifts her face from between my legs and plants kisses all along my thighs.

Eventually Rachael looks up and into my eyes.

“Missy,” she said her voice filled with honey. “I knew you would taste so sweet.”

My voice suddenly chimes in, finally a voice that’s comfortable but still soft as silk to your ears.

“Oh God, Rachael. You made me feel so good. That was wonderful! Thank you.” I said.

“Oh really! I did! Better than he’s made you feel?”

I cast a nervous glance in your direction and you wonder if Rachael knows you are here.

“Well, I can’t say which is better or best, just different styles, but both capable of making me feel marvelous. Now, I’d like to return the favor and have the pleasure of making you feel as you have made me feel.”

You were very satisfied with my answer.

“You’ll get your chance, but not yet. In all the excitement of being able to be with you and the desire to taste you so badly, I totally forgot to pay any attention to those wonderful nipples that I’m always trying to view when you bend over in one of your v-necked shirts. I caught a couple a views here and there and since the first time I got a good look I’ve wanted to suck on them so badly.”

“Well, far be if for me to stand in your way. If you must you must.” I say, with a devilish grin.

Rachael suddenly comes up with her own grin that was even ornerier than mine. She stands up from her kneeling position on the floor and turns so you are able to view her frontal naked form. She has pinkish nipples, not quite as dark as mine, but the breast tissue behind each nipple is more plentiful than my own.

Her full waist curves gracefully into two wonderful hips, which announces her ability to carry a child and the fertility flowing through her. Her creamy white skin is like whip cream, canlı casino siteleri absent of imperfections, except for a vertical scar running from the bottom of her bellybutton all the way to her pubic bone where it disappears into a bright thatch of red pubic fur. At that moment there is no doubting that she was a natural redhead.

You watch as she straddles my middle. She bends over and you get a wonderful view of upraised buttocks. Also, from underneath her you can finally see my ravaged sex, slick with my juices of arousal and wet with Rachael’s saliva. The lips of my pussy hanging slack and open for your viewing pleasure.

You want me desperately; you wish to go over and ravish me with your tongue as Rachael has down with hers. There is one thing that you knew Rachael couldn’t do and that is to satisfy me with her cock as you would. You actually feel pride at having that one thing that Rachael cannot do and you know that no facsimile will do the trick, only a flesh and blood throbbing male member. This thought you cling to, knowing I won’t leave you for Rachael, despite her tongue talents, because she is missing that one important thing, a cock.

Your eyes are plastered to the action occurring in front of them, even if your mind chooses to go elsewhere, since it kind of has to so you could keep your sanity while you watch two beautiful women making love right in front of you and resist the urge to neither join in nor beat your meat off in that dark corner. You transfix all of your being back to the current events. You already know the view down south is awe-inspiring, but you decide to crane your neck a bit and see what is going on up north.

You are immensely glad for your little strain of physical exertion, because it grants a spectacular view. You see Rachael using her tongue and mouth talents on my hardened nipples. My chest is thrust forward pushing my breast closer to her awaiting mouth. Her tongue flicks tantalizing licks around the areola and teases the tip to the point of causing me to moan and squirm underneath her. You enjoy this little performance being played out in front of you.

You begin to take mental notes as to exactly what Rachael does to make me scream in excitement so that you will be able to create the same excited scream for yourself. You watch her quick pink tongue lave sensual circles around my dusky, erect nipples and suddenly your throat becomes very dry. You don’t need a glass of water, but you are yearning for the sweet taste of my wonderful nipples.

Suddenly you notice that something else has happened while you were paying so close attention to what was going on with my chest area. You nearly miss the fact that my hand had ventured downward and my fingers are now rubbing vigorously in Rachael’s overexcited pussy. You see my hand work with an expertise that only a woman who has touched herself many times would know. As my hand nimbly rubs her sweet spot, she stops and sits upright. Her chest arches forward, pointing her beautiful, full breasts toward the ceiling.

A cry of passionate release escapes from her lips as her body ripples with orgasmic tremors. Her body shakes with a force that is as if she has been struck by lightening. Then a beautiful thing occurs; suddenly her muscles tighten and from the core of her is a release of a great gush of wonderful feminine nectar. It is truly an amazing site to see. You’ve seen me ejaculate a million times, squirting gallon after gallon of my erotic juices, but to watch another woman do it in the flesh was something extraordinary. Plus, the fact that Rachael’s nectar explodes because of my hand, your girlfriend’s hand, is something even more amazing and exciting.

Next, Rachael’s hand moves down between my legs, and even though her mouth and tongue have already given me so much pleasure she begins to work diligently at pleasing me once more with the vigorous movements of her fingers. It kind of becomes a contest between the two of us, to see who could get the other to climax first. Each time my fingers cause Rachael to utter an excited cry of passion; her fingers desperately search out the center to my interior pleasure.

It is like we are each attempting to not climax so that the other would climax first and we’d win in our little cumming contest. You are rather curious as to who will win this contest but in the end it is a tie, with both of us letting out an excited scream of climatic satisfaction. Our bodies erupt in orgasmic convulsions, the torture of pleasure exploding in unison.

Then, suddenly the nectar locked deep within our insides spews forth. Rachael’s juices come splashing out in an erotic waterfall, cascading on to my bare midriff and streaming down my stomach. My feminine nectar comes out in a sensual gush, my juices pouring forth with such a force it is as if I have a pipe burst somewhere inside. The amount and pure force of my orgasmic spray drenches everything beneath me and then some.

As our bodies calm down from our orgasmic tremors, we each release each other’s clit from the movements of our flurried fingers. Once we each are released we both exhale a great satisfied sigh. You see that each of us has bedroom-clouded eyes, glazed over from our waves of pleasure.

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