Casual Encounters – The Backup Plan

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Note: The following was written before CraigsList dropped its Casual Encounters section -a sad loss!!


“Yeah, faster, yeah!” Nancy shouted. “Yeah, good, hard, yeah, yeah, yeah!”

I hoped our next-door neighbors had already left for work. The walls between the apartments in our building were poorly insulated for sound.

My cute Asian girlfriend was riding me in her favorite cowgirl position, plunging up and down on my rigid cock as I played with her nipples. Each time she lowered herself her cunt muscles tightened round my cock, then loosened a little as she raised herself until only my cockhead remained in her pussy. And then fast down again. And again.

“Yeah! Yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Nancy was screaming now as we slammed our bodies together. I knew she was close to cumming. I squeezed her nipples as hard as I could.


As her orgasm hit, I thrust harder myself, then came deep inside her in a gush of jism.

As my cock slowly subsided, Nancy gave me an approving smile. “That was fun. Good timing, Pete.”

We separated ourselves and sagged back on the king-size bed that filled most of the apartment bedroom. In an hour we’d have to head for meetings with our thesis advisors at the western Oregon university where we were graduate students, but for a few minutes we could luxuriate in the early September warmth.

Nancy slipped a couple of fingers between her legs where some of my cum juice was dribbling out past her pussy lips. She lifted her hand to her mouth and licked both fingers before giving me a mischievous grin. “I am looking forward to Saturday night, though.”

“Yeah, me too. It’s been too long.”

We’d not played with our friends Alan and Karen in Portland for almost a month. Alan had recently been promoted to sales manager in the electronics firm where he worked and was having to spend more time out of town.

Nancy gave me a smirking smile: “I bet you’re really looking forward to fucking Karen again?”

For a moment I visualized playing with Karen’s lovely tanned body, with her gorgeous breasts and silky shaved pussy. “Yeah,” I said. “And I bet you’re eager to have Alan ram his big cock deep in your little cunt. How many times did you cum when we were last with them? You were totally out of control as soon as you saw Alan’s dick.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Nancy tossed a pillow at me. “You’ll be getting another hard-on if we don’t quit talking about this. Anyway, we need to shower and get some clothes on.”

Twenty minutes later, we were both dressed, and Nancy was sitting checking emails on her laptop.

“Goddamnit!” She pounded her hand down on the chair arm.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s Alan. And Karen. Look.”

I peered over Nancy’s shoulder at the email from Alan. He was being sent to the Paris office for six weeks to train European sales staff, and Karen was taking a month from her job as a nurse at a Portland hospital to go with him. It was an urgent project and they were leaving on Saturday evening, just when we’d expected to be with them.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” Nancy slumped back on her chair. “That’s too bad of them!”

“Yeah,” I said. “Imagine preferring to spend six weeks in Paris when they could be fucking with us in Portland.”

“Oh, shut up, smart ass.” Nancy muttered. “I was really needing a little group sex fun. Damn, if only Karen were staying in Portland we could both have played with her.”

“You’re bi now?” I’d noticed Nancy and Karen had been doing a lot of mutual touching when we were all together.

“Just a bit, maybe,” Nancy responded. “It doesn’t worry you?”

“Not too much. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing you and Karen together. Anyway it’s not going to happen this month, for sure. And now we don’t have a date for Saturday.”

“Yeah. Shit! If Alan is going to be gone all the time now he’s a manager, we’re going to have to have a backup plan.”

“What do you think? Another look at Craigslist?”

Nancy glanced at her watch. “We need to be going. But, yeah, look at it tonight. MW4MW, right?”

** *

Nancy was already scanning the Casual Encounters section when I got back to the apartment in the evening. She didn’t look happy.

“I don’t know where the hell all the perverted young couples in Portland have disappeared to,” she told me. “And the local list is even more pathetic than last time.”

“Let me see.”

“Oh, sure, maybe I’ve missed the world’s sexiest, most attractive, filthiest-minded couple of twenty-somethings.”

I ignored the sarcasm but after five minutes I’d done no better. Attractive twenty-somethings wanting to play seemed to have vanished.

“There’s one thing we could do,” I suggested.


“Run our own ad. I bet there’s more people out there ready to play than actually post ads. Like us before we met Alan and Karen.”

“I guess. I don’t have a better idea.” Nancy shrugged. “Maybe we should just post it on the local page, though, rather than Portland. We should probably be offering to host, and people casino siteleri won’t want to drive a hundred miles. Even though we did for Alan and Karen.”

“Yeah, but that was only because you were desperate to watch another couple fucking.”

“Oh shut up. Be a little constructive, will you, Pete, and help me write an ad.”

“Sorry.” We were both being grumpy after losing our Saturday date. “Can you remember what Alan and Karen’s ad said?”

“Vaguely. Something like ‘Attractive, fit 20s couple looking for similar for same room sex—and maybe more…'”

“Okay, let’s start entering it into Craigslist.” Nancy worked her way through the pages for posting new ads to Casual Encounters and started typing. “I’m adding something about newbies welcome, and asking for pics. What about a heading?”

“How about ‘Come and Watch—Watch and Cum’?”

“Very expressive.” Nancy rolled her eyes at me. “No wonder you’re in the Creative Writing program.”

We took a look at what Nancy had typed, decided it was okay, added our own body pics, and hit Enter. Now we had to wait.

But not for long.

An hour later we were giving each other high fives as we saw the long list of responses in Nancy’s Hotmail inbox

“This is fantastic,” I said. “Dozens of them. Looks like we’ve really hit pay dirt.”

We quickly realized we hadn’t.

“Fuck,” Nancy said, scanning through the list. “There must be close to thirty ads for Viagra here.”

“And another dozen or more that just link to membership porn sites,” I added. “And then there’s all the pathetic single guys who don’t know what MW4MW means. Shit!”

Nancy was deleting incoming emails almost as fast as they arrived. Soon we were down to the only half-dozen that appeared to be from real couples. I read these over her shoulder as she opened them.

Nancy deleted the first four as either too old or what she divined to be “too creepy.” Now we were left with just a couple. Nancy opened the first.

“Oh my God!” She laughed.


“I know this dude. He’s a prof here who taught a biology class when I was a junior. It was really warm that spring and a couple of times he was wearing just a t-shirt for a top and I saw these tats.” She pointed at the carefully cropped image the man had enclosed with his email. The tats on one arm—a pair of intertwined green snakes—were very distinctive. “Sneaky bastard! He’s lying about his age, and I know this isn’t his wife.” She slammed a finger down on the Delete key.

Now we were down to one unopened email.

“Okay, fingers crossed.” Nancy clicked on the message.

We gazed at the screen. “This might be a possibility,” Nancy said.

I nudged her sideways to see better. It did seem promising.

“Hi N and P

“My gf and me are intrested! We are juniors here at the u in prety good shape but not skinny and like to fuck a lot but never done it with other people but it sounds fun. We can do it this week end if you can. Here are pics. K and J”

“Obviously not in the Creative Writing program, but the pics are kinda interesting,” Nancy commented. “Especially the guy’s.”

I peered at the laptop screen. Faces had been cropped out, as ours had been, but I could see why Nancy was interested. The guy’s arms and bare torso were hugely muscled and his legs, in blue shorts, looked like tree trunks.

“Be interesting to see if his other parts are on the same scale,” Nancy ran her tongue across her lips.

I was studying what I could see of the girl’s body. It was hard to tell with her bare freckled arms crossed over a dark-colored t-shirt, but it looked as if she might have generously sized breasts.

“It does look promising,” I said. “Let’s send something back right away, tell them we’re good for Saturday. And ask them to call either your cell or mine, so we can check them out a bit. If they sound okay, we should host. Shoot for like eight o’clock here. We can’t afford a motel and if they’re students they won’t want to either.”

* * *

By eight thirty on Saturday evening we were wondering if we were being stood up.

“I don’t get it. The guy sounded eager enough,” I told Nancy. I’d had two phone conversations with Kanye, who’d told me he was from Hawaii and was a linebacker on the university football squad, things that explained both his size and his problems with grammar. He and Jenny, who was majoring in sociology, had been dating for just a few months. From Kanye’s comments, I gathered that Jenny had grown up in a very conservative farming community in eastern Oregon, where her father was a pastor, and was the first of her family to go away to college.

I walked across to the window and peered out at the street. A blue Toyota SUV was parking outside the apartment. “Maybe this is them.”

Nancy joined me at the window. The blue Toyota had parked but no-one had gotten out. Another five minutes passed with no apparent activity, then the Toyota started to pull out of its parking spot. Then it stopped again and reversed back into the same space.

“Someone slot oyna can’t make up their mind,” Nancy commented, as the Toyota brake lights flared and went out.

Finally, a young couple emerged from the vehicle and walked slowly towards our building. The guy, in t-shirt and shorts, with a mop of dark curly hair, was as large as his picture had suggested. A few steps behind, in some kind of pink sundress, was a smallish girl with blazing carrot-colored red hair. A minute later there was a knock at our open door.

“Hi. I’m Kanye,” the big man introduced himself as he entered, a wide smile on his face. “And this is Jenny. And you guys are Pete and Nancy, yah?”

“Right. I’m glad you got here.” Nancy walked over to Kanye and gave him a quick kiss on the mouth. I reached out to Jenny to give her a hug and discovered she was trembling.

“Are you okay?” I asked her. She was pretty in an innocent kind of way, with big green eyes, but she was very pale, her freckles almost orange against her white skin.

Kanye answered for her. “Jenny’s a little jumpy.”

“I’ve never ever done anything like this before,” Jenny managed to say, as I raised my eyebrows at Nancy. I had a strong sense Jenny didn’t want to be here at all.

Why don’t we just sit down?” Nancy suggested. “Maybe have a drink and chat a bit?”

This produced a couple of nods, Jenny’s noticeably less enthusiastic than Kanye’s. I headed into the kitchen to find drinks, wondering if the evening was going to turn out to be a bust. I suspected beer wasn’t going to be enough to deal with Jenny’s nervousness, but remembered we had a bottle of cheap liquor left over from a party the week before. I put my head round the kitchen door.

“Diet Coke, okay? Maybe with a dash of rum?”

“Great,” I heard from Kanye, and a less eager murmur from Jenny.

I poured four Cokes and added generous slugs of rum to each, trying to judge the amounts right. I didn’t want to get Jenny drunk, but I did want her to relax. I brought the drinks over to the couch where Jenny was sitting, still white-faced, very close to Kanye, with Nancy next to her. I handed out the drinks and sat down next to Nancy.

I looked at Jenny, sipping at her drink. Now she was close I could see she was small only compared with Kanye. She was probably an inch or two taller than Nancy and—I noticed with interest—seeming very nicely curved beneath her unflattering sundress. The pink color did not go with her almost orange hair. “What made you respond to our ad?” I wondered.

Jenny turned to Kanye with an embarrassed look before answering. “We’d been at Kanye’s place, messing around—”

“Having great sex,” Kanye interjected.

Jenny reddened. “Well, yes… And I wondered what sort of things other couples did really because…” She tailed off.

“Jenny’d never fucked anyone else,” Kanye finished for her.

“Well, yes… And Kanye said there was a way to find out and he started looking at Craigslist and found your ad. But I thought he was just joking when he emailed back to you.” She took a long drink of her rum and Coke and added softly: “I never thought it was serious.”

“But you’re here anyway?” Nancy commented. “And you still want to see what other couples do?”

Jenny giggled suddenly, making me think that the alcohol might be relaxing her. “Well, sort of. But I don’t think I could…”

I had an idea. “if you’re not ready for any actual live sex, maybe we could just watch a video. You’ve watched porn before?”

Jenny gave me another embarrassed look. “Only once or twice. Just with Kanye.”

Kanye grinned at her: “You liked it though.”

“Let’s see what I can find,” Nancy offered. She opened her laptop and skimmed her fingers across the keyboard, making me wonder what she had in mind, then settled back on the couch between Jenny and me, with Kanye on Jenny’s far side.

“It’ll be pretty short because it’s on a free site,” Nancy explained. “But it should be fun.”

I connected the laptop to the big screen TV, which lit up to show a snowy city streetscape—Russian I guessed—with two young couples greeting each other. The subtitles showed a brief exchange about the cold weather, then the picture switched to an apartment interior, clearly well insulated against the cold, since the four were now naked, with the girls—one blonde, one dark—sucking vigorously on their partners’ cocks. Another couple of minutes and the four were fucking to a soundtrack of moans, one couple in doggie mode, the other with the girl riding her partner in reverse cowgirl position.

I leaned forward past Nancy and saw that both Jenny and Kanye were gazing intently at the TV, where the two girls had separated themselves from their partners and moved together to start a long mouth-to-mouth kiss, nibbling lips and sliding tongues together. Disengaging, they began to stroke each other’s breasts, then the blonde girl lowered her mouth to her darker friend’s nipples and began a long loving suck. Their boyfriends watched for a while, running their hands along their canlı casino siteleri stiff cocks, then moved towards the girls to slide their dicks back into what looked like very wet pussies.

I glanced back at Kanye and Jenny, holding hands now, still focused on the screen. Jenny seemed to be squirming a little on the couch and Kanye definitely had a hard-on. I was getting hard myself, and next to me Nancy had slipped a hand down the front of her shorts.

The action on the screen became increasingly vigorous, with the boyfriends ramming their cocks harder into the girls’ pussies as they moaned and grunted. Then the two couples rearranged themselves, switching partners and moving into doggie positions next to each other.

“M-mmm,” I heard Nancy whisper.

The action was clearly coming to a head. The fucking was getting faster and harder and the girls moans were louder. Suddenly both men pulled out of their partners and sprayed cum across the girls’ asses.

As the picture faded, I looked across at Jenny and Kanye. Jenny’s mouth was slightly open and she had more color in her face than before. She was leaning close up against her boyfriend. Kanye had a big grin on his face and was running his hands up and down Jenny’s back.

“Oh, brudda,” Kanye commented. “Dat was something.”

“Did you like it?” Nancy asked Jenny.

Jenny giggled. “It was really hot,” she said softly.

“What did you like best?” Nancy pressed her.

“I liked the girls making out—” Jenny stopped and made a little “ooh” sound. Her face reddened. “I can’t believe I said that!”

Nancy slid closer to her. “Like this?” Nancy slipped a hand under Jenny’s chin, pulled her face closer, and kissed her on the mouth.

Jenny made a little surprised noise but didn’t move.

“And like this?” Nancy kissed Jenny again, this time for longer, pushing her tongue gently between Jenny’s lips before edging back.

Jenny gave another little giggle. “Don’t stop. It’s nice.”

Nancy said, “I really liked it, too, Jenny. Can we try something else?”

Jenny gave a tentative nod. Nancy reached down and pulled her t-shirt up over her head and tossed it on the floor. As usual she wasn’t wearing a bra. I heard Jenny give a little gasp.

“Would you kiss my boobs?” Nancy asked softly. “Please.”

“Oh. I don’t know…” Jenny tailed off.


I held my breath as Jenny slowly leaned forward, her eyes fixed on Nancy’s breasts, then lowered her head to take first one and then the other in her mouth. Nancy gave a little sigh, then asked: “Harder, please, Jenny, suck my tits.”

I watched as Jenny’s tongue swirled around Nancy’s nipples, hard and protruding from her dark areolas, moving from one breast to the other and back again.

As Jenny paused for a moment, Nancy asked: “Would you like me to do that to you?”

“Oh!” Jenny giggled again. “I don’t think…” She turned to look at Kanye. He gave an encouraging nod.

“Maybe Kanye could help with your dress,” Nancy suggested.

Kanye’s big hands moved around to Jenny’s front and unbuttoned the pink sundress, then lifted it over her head.

I stared. Jenny was now in just a white cotton bra and panties. Her breasts were very large, and I could see her nipples hard through the thin fabric.

“Kanye,” Nancy asked, “could you…?”

I saw Kanye smile and nod. He reached behind Jenny and unhooked her bra.

“Oh, yes,” Nancy made a happy sound next to me.

Jenny quickly moved her hands in front of her breasts. “I’m so big,” she said. “Not like you, Nancy, all athletic looking.”

Voluptuous was the word that came into my head. Jenny was just a little plump, but even half-hidden by her hands her heavy pale freckled breasts were magnificent. I waited to see what Nancy would do.

“I think you’re lovely, Jenny,” Nancy said quietly. She looked towards Kanye and then me. “Don’t you think so? Don’t you think she should move her hands?”

As Kanye and I made eager affirmative noises, Nancy took Jenny’s hands gently in her own and moved them aside to reveal remarkably large stiff nipples, set in huge pale pink areolas.

Nancy lowered her head. A second later she was running her tongue back and forth across one nipple and then the other. Jenny leaned back against the couch, allowing Nancy easier access to her breasts, making little m-m-mmm sounds. I glanced over Nancy’s shoulder towards Kanye, who looked up and gave me a big grin before gazing back at the two girls.

Nancy was picking up the pace now, her hands supporting Jenny’s breasts as she sucked and licked and squeezed Jenny’s tits between her lips while Jenny squirmed and made soft moaning noises. I was reaching down to run my fingers along my stiff cock when I saw Nancy lower one hand from Jenny’s breasts.

Jenny whispered, “No, please don’t…” followed by, “Oh, oh, oh…” as Nancy’s fingers slipped between her legs, causing her to writhe up and down on my girlfriend’s hand. Jenny’s breasts were visibly pinker now and her breath was coming in little gasps.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh… yes… Ohhhhh!” Jenny climaxed with a shout and fell back into Kanye’s arms.

“Oh, brudda.” Kanye sounded awed, and I could see he had a huge bulge in his shorts. I knew just how he felt.

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