Cassie Ch. 2

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When last we were with Cassie, she had just given her dad a world class blowjob. This after revealing that her ex, James had taken her virginity and then dumped her.

“Cassie, baby, do you realize that we just stepped over the moral boundaries between father and daughter?” I asked her.

“Yes daddy, I realize that fully and want you to now make slow sweet love to me like I know you want to, if your cock staying hard is any indication of your desires,” she purred as she continued to stroke my still hard cock.

I gazed at my daughters exposed breasts, the nipples sitting on them like hard little erasers and thought to myself, “What the hell am I getting into here?”

Cassie took my hand and started to walk towards her bed.

I stopped her by not moving and told her, “If you want this, then we are not going to fuck in your tiny little bed, we are going to go do this in my bed.”

Cassie did not say a word, just turned on her heel and drug me towards my room, her free hand undoing the button on her shorts and tugging them down as she walked ahead of me. My eyes nearly popped out of my head as I watched her sexy ass sway provocatively in front of me as in a daze I followed her. I could not believe what was happening here, but you know the old saying, “A stiff cock has no conscience” and this was certainly true in my case. Any thoughts that what was going on here were immediately banished from my sex starved brain at the sight of her bare ass wiggling ahead of me, the little minx had truly prepared for this moment, with the tube top and no panties under her little hip hugger shorts.

As we reached the door to my room, Cassie turned to me and said , “Daddy, you are wearing entirely too many clothes right now” and proceeded to unbuckle my belt and undo the button to my jeans. I Stood there watching my now nude daughter drop to her knees once again in front casino siteleri of me and tug my pants and underwear down off my hips. She had to let go of my hand to accomplish this task, so I took the opportunity to quickly raise my T-shirt over my head , throwing it in the general direction of the clothes hamper. Cassie loving laved her tongue across the head of my cock while she was on her knees before me, but this time, I was going to take control of the situation. I drug her to her feet in front of me and swept my arm under her ass, lifting her off her feet and carried her to my king-sized bed. Setting her down gently, I dropped to my knees between her legs and planted a kiss on her thigh. “Ooooooh daddy,” she cooed. ” That feels so good.”

Not stopping there, I lifted her leg and turning my head, I began to kiss her leg, from her ankle to the top of her thigh. She began to squirm, tossing her head from side to side, begging me to hurry. “Please eat my pussy daddy, hurry, I want to feel your tongue on my hard little clit,” she moaned.

I took my sweet time, dragging out the feelings she was receiving for as long as I possibly could. Her sweet shaved pussy was leaking juice in copious amounts in response to my oral ministrations to her legs. The scent or her arousal was more then I could bear though, so I dove into her pussy headfirst, literally. My tongue went wild on her outer lips, licking and sucking them into my mouth, lavishing them with all the attention I could muster. Her hands went to the back of my head, pulling my face into her sweet pussy as her first orgasm washed over her, her tiny body quivering.


“James never ever put his tongue on my there,” she panted as the waves of the orgasm crested and then ebbed. “all he ever wanted to do was for me to suck his cock and then shove it in and out of slot oyna my pussy, never caring if I got off or not. That was my first orgasm daddy, at least my first that I didn’t give to myself masturbating and thinking of you,” she said.

I looked up from between her thighs and said, “Baby, it may have been your first, but it definitely wont be your last one,” and reburied my head between her thighs again, my tongue seeking out the hard nubbin of her clit. Finding it, my tongue slid across it softly pressing against it ever so softly as she moaned at the contact. My tongue became bolder, lashing back and forth against her clit faster and harder.

Cassie began to thrash about on the bed as another orgasm ripped through her body, this time even harder then the first one. I took a finger and traced her outer lips as my tongue continued to lash her clit. Getting the tip of the finger nice and slick with the juices flowing from her, I let it slide inside her pussy, marveling at how wet she had become. Her hands continued to try to pull my head inside her pussy, so I went ahead and slid a second finger inside her hot box. This brought another series of small orgasms coursing through her body and more moans escaped from her lips. Cassie continued to ride the waves of pleasure coursing through her body as I slipped the fingers from her pussy and replaced them with my tongue. I took one long wet slurp of her pussy with my tongue and then flattening it out and making it as stiff and long as I could, slid it as deep inside her pussy as I could.

This brought another series of moans from her lips and another flood of juices flowed out of her pussy. I lapped and slurped at the free flowing juices, as she slid her hand down to caress her clit as I continued to tongue fuck her for all I was worth.

Sensing that she was nearing another one of the orgasms that would be classified as canlı casino siteleri earth shattering, I rewet my fingers with her juices and let them slide farther down her slit until they came to the crack of her ass.

Not letting up with my tongue fucking, I traced all around her tiny star, wetting it with her slick juices. “OH MY GOD DADDY, THAT FEELS SO GOOD, IM GOING TO CUM AGAIN,” my sweet daughter wailed.

Taking that as my cue, I pressed inwards on her tight asshole until my finger slowly slid past her sphincter, sliding in to the first knuckle with ease. I wiggled it back and forth, spreading her natural lubrication around and then slid a second finger in her tight little ass.

Pausing for a second, I looked up at the face of my daughter, her eyes screwed shut and her mouth open in an O as she moaned through another orgasm. Feeling no resistance to my fingers probing her tight asshole, I jammed them in to the hilt, as my tongue went back to lashing hard and fast across her clit.

” DADDY DADDY DADDY DADDY” she wailed as a monster orgasm assaulted her senses. “FUCK MY ASS WITH YOUR FINGERS,,,,,,,,,,,SUCK MY CLIT ,” she was screaming now as the waves of pleasure ripped through her body.

I continued to saw my fingers in and out of her tight ass as she came, wave after wave of juices flooded out of her pussy, my tongue working in high gear trying to catch every drop of her nectar.

With one final scream, Cassie wailed how good it felt and then went totally limp.

I pulled my fingers from her ass and stood, looking down at the unconscious body of my daughter. I was suddenly worried, not ever having had a woman pass out from an orgasm in my life. But as I stood there looking down on her, I could see that she was breathing, and had a HUGE smile on her face.

I backed away from between her legs and reached down to grab the blankets, pulling them over the sleeping form of my loving daughter. I thought to myself, “How did this all come about, and where is it going to go from here, now that there is no turning back from what we have done?”

To Be Continued…

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