Burned Ch. 12

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“It’s Leah,” Joe said.

“Oh boy,” I reflexively attempted to get up.

Missy held me in her embrace and wouldn’t budge. My cock was still inside her pussy. I didn’t really want to get up. She felt good lying on top of me. My cock didn’t want to leave the snug warmth between her legs.

–In case you haven’t read any previous chapters, Leah is my cousin with whom I am having an incestuous affair. However, she is back in California visiting her parents. I’m at my best friend’s house seeking advice for problems I’m having with my mom that are of a sexual nature. The discussion of those problems had led to sex with my best friend’s little sister. Leah happened to call at a very inopportune time.–

“You’re mine for at least a few more minutes. You can call her back,” Missy whispered without any rancor and contracted her pussy muscles against my dick as we listened to Joe’s side of the conversation.

“Hi Leah. How are you?” Joe said with a continued mischievous look.”


“Yeah, he’s over at our house. Yup. She’s here too.”


“No, he can’t come to the phone.”


“Missy has him, um, somewhat occupied with some, uh, video and electronic stuff we’ve been struggling with. You know how good Chris is with computers.”


“Yeah, we’ve been doing some videoing and want to get it on our computer so we can do some editing.”

My heart skipped a beat.

“Uh, kinda hard to describe. Maybe we’ll show you when you get back.”

“Joe!” I mouthed at him with alarm.


“Yes. He told us. We were surprised. When are you coming back?”


“Really. That’s great. Missy and I’d like to spend more time with you.”


“Nope, he can’t pull…, away just yet. The project demands his full attention.”

My heart lurched again and I mouthed, “God-damn-it Joe.”


“Missy, I mean Chris says he’ll call you back in a few minutes.” Joe was really enjoying his innuendo filled conversation.


“Oh, wait, he can talk now,” Joe told Leah as he pulled the plug from the base of my phone. The video feed broke. Mom’s naked ass, with my cock wedged between her generous pussy lips, disappeared from the screen.

“No, I mouthed silently.”

Joe stepped over and held out the phone and grinned his shit-eating grin.

I took it from his outstretched hand, glared at him and mouthed angrily, “Fuck you.”

He stepped back and leaned against the cabinets by the TV.

Missy nuzzled my neck as I said “Hi Leah.”

“Are you alone?” Leah asked without greeting.

“No. Missy and Joe are both here,” I said as felt my shrinking cock begin to slowly slide out of Missy’s pussy.

“Um, I’m in trouble,” said Leah very quietly.

“What happened?”

“Mom came into my room to wake me up when I slept in so late this morning.”


“She saw my laptop on the bed.”

“Ok. My battery died. There shouldn’t have been anything on your screen,” I replied.

“Yeah, but I wasn’t wearing my pajamas.”

“Oh,” I could imagine the wheels turning in her mom’s head.

“She just told me it was time to get up.”

“That was it?”

“No. You should have seen the look on her face. She was upset.”

“Hmm,” Missy hummed against my neck as my cock continued to shrink.

“What are you going to do?” I asked struggling to concentrate.

“I don’t know. I’m afraid she might think it was you…,”

“That wouldn’t be good,” I said.

I looked over and watched Joe plug the HDMI video cable into his phone.

“I think it’s best if we come up with something. Otherwise, I won’t be coming back there this summer,” she said with her voice beginning to choke. I could tell she was almost in tears.

“Shit!” casino siteleri I said in response to both Leah’s observation and the video of Missy and myself coming to life on the 80″ screen. Missy’s white breasts loomed larger than life above my hungrily licking and sucking mouth.

Missy turned her head away from the crook of my neck to see what was on the TV. “Oh my,” she said as the camera’s perspective pulled away from my mouth sucking on her tits and repositioned for a lurid close-up of her pussy running up and down my glistening wet shaft.

“Just great,” I thought. “Another fucking video. I’m a fucking porn star.”

“Is that Missy?” Leah asked with alarm in her voice.

Distracted by the HD images of Missy’s pussy lips slowly inverting and then everting as she road my dick up and down, I didn’t respond to Leah’s question.

“Chris. What’s going on? Is that Missy?”

“Uh, sorry, yes, I’m working on their, uh, video,” I stuttered out.

“Oh yeah, I forgot. But what’s going on?” Leah asked.

I heard concern, maybe even an edge of suspicion in Leah’s voice.

“Joe just turned on the TV.” I said feeling ever more guilty about my lies of omission. “Joe, mute that damn thing please,” I ordered with a meaningful glare. “It’s the video. I’ve been helping Joe and Missy edit.”

“Well, what do you think we should do,” Leah asked.

“Uh, maybe…,” I stammered very distracted by both the TV and the sensation of Missy’s warm pussy still contracting against my slowly withdrawing cock. I tried to focus on Leah; really, I was trying.

“I’m going to have to tell her something. How about Joe?”

“What about Joe?” I asked as I looked over at Joe.

“Fuck!” I involuntarily blurted. Joe was stroking his very erect cock as he watched the images on the screen.

With obvious reluctance Joe tore his eyes from the image of Missy’s pussy repeatedly engulfing my cock. Joe looked at me, smiled and shrugged as he continued to stroke his erection.

Joe walked over and caressed Missy’s ass. I could feel the jiggle of her cheeks transmitted to my glans still inside of her vagina.

“Chris? What’s going on?” Leah asked with alarm in her voice.

“Uh, Joe just pushed a button he shouldn’t have, he’s messing up the edit,” I replied lamely.

I watched Joe’s hands pull Missy’s ass cheeks apart. I looked at Joe’s face. His gaze was fixed on the area between Missy’s stretched ass cheeks. I could visualize what he was looking at; my cock inserted between Missy’s plump pussy lips, her brown anus exposed and stretched and my balls resting loosely on the valley between my touching thighs.

My cock slipped free of Missy’s pussy and plopped onto my balls.

“Joe!” I said as I watched his hand reach between Missy’s legs.

I flinched when the back of Joe’s hand pressed against my soft cock. Missy sighed as she straddled my body with her knees and raised her hips slightly off my pelvis and presented her pussy and ass to Joe. I realized Joe was catching the cream pie. He was catching my cum as it flowed from Missy’s pussy.

“Chris, What’s going on?” Leah repeated more urgently.

I pressed the end button on the phone.

“Joe, what the fuck?” I asked rhetorically. I knew what the fuck.

My phone rang. Leah. I didn’t answer. The voice message signal buzzed.

Joe held his cupped hand out and tilted it to where Missy and I could see the pool of thick white cum in his hand. He raised it above Missy’s tilted ass, tipped his hand and the cum ran out and disappeared between her upturned ass cheeks.

“Um, that feels good Joe,” Missy purred against my neck as I watched his hand move between her butt cheeks.

I flinched again as I felt Joe’s hand rub against my cock.

“Jesus, look at all this cum flowing out of your slot oyna pussy,” exclaimed Joe. He tipped his hand again to reveal another puddle of cum in his palm.

Joe raised his hand over the head of his upright cock.

My phone rang again. I guiltily ignored it again. The voice message signal buzzed again.

“Oh my,” Missy whispered huskily as her hand reached between us and maneuvered my flaccid dick under and between her fat pussy lips. She rubbed herself against me with slow fucking motions of her hips.

Globs of sperm dripped from Joe’s palm, ran thickly over the head of his cock and down the shaft of his erection. Joe gripped himself and slid his hand up and down his cum lubricated cock.

My phone rang again. I pressed the power button and turned it off mid-ring.

I watched my friend masturbate his cock with prurient fascination. My heterosexual ambivalence was being overcome by salacious and voyeuristic beguilement. I couldn’t take my eyes off the dark blue head of Joe’s dick. Clear precum oozed copiously out of the swollen tip adding to the sloppy mess of my cum on his cock.

My heterosexual cock began to fill with blood and swell against Missy’s wet pussy as she worked he clit against my growing hardness.

Joe’s fingers brushed against my cock again as he scooped more cum form Missy’s gash.

“Yes Joe. Um, that feels good. Put your finger inside my ass.”

Joe held his cock in his left hand and finger fucked Missy’s anus with his right.

Missy continued to hump against my hardening dick.

“Joe, put Chris’ cock in my pussy.”

“No!” I objected as I felt Joe’s hand encircle my cock. “Oh fuck Joe…,” I didn’t finish the lost thought as he pressed my cock against Missy’s hole and I slid inside her body once more.

“Joe, fuck my ass. I want you both inside me.”

“No way you guys!” I said without conviction. I was relieved then surprised by my feeling of disappointment when Joe stood up and silently walked from the room.

I closed my eyes, relaxed and enjoyed the pleasurable sensations Missy’s ministrations were having on my still growing erection.

I felt a cool sensation on the base of my cock that slowly spread over my balls. I opened my eyes. Clear jelly was dropping from a tube Joe was squeezing over Missy’s ass. Joe’s right hand reached between Missy’s ass cheeks. I felt Missy squeeze my cock with her vagina. The pressure continued in a stroking fashion along the undersurface of my penis inside Missy’s pussy.

“Um Joe, that feels so naughty and so good,” Missy cooed with a soft voice.

I felt the motion of Joe’s fingers moving in and out of Missy’s ass. My cock was rock hard inside Missy’s cunt. Only the thin walls of Missy’s rectum and vagina separated Joe’s fingers and my cock.

“Oh fuck!” I groaned as Joe stroked my shaft. It was like a pussy had a hand. Oh, it did. God it felt good.

“Joe, fuck my ass. I want both of you inside me,” Missy ordered more urgently.

I felt more cool jelly on my balls as Joe squeezed additional lube onto Missy’s proffered ass. I flinched when Joe’s hand touched the inside of my thigh. Joe didn’t say anything as he applied a gentle outward pressure against my leg.

“Joe, I’m not sure I’m ready for this man,” I said nervously looking at my naked friend’s large erection. I was extremely uncomfortable having someone else’s cock in such close proximity.

“I’m fucking Missy, not you Chris. It’s cool,” Joe calmly replied as he gently nudged my leg again.

I spread my legs and Joe knelt behind his sister. I watched him press his cock down towards her ass.

“Um, yes, Joe, um, oh fuck, slowly, yes, owe, slow, your so big, yes, yes, ok, more, push it in, um, god, yes,” Missy breathed raggedly.

Joe grabbed and held the sides of Missy’s ass. canlı casino siteleri I felt him enter missy’s rectum. His cock pressed against my cock. With each in and out thrust, his dick entered more deeply. His cock rubbed along my cock each time until I felt the press of his dick against the undersurface of my glans. Our dicks were pressed together inside of Missy’s body. Joe’s balls pressed against my balls outside of her body. I lay passively under Missy as Joe slowly and gently fucked her ass. Each thrust slowly and firmly road up the length of my cock. It felt good.

Missy’s lips covered mine, her tongue thrust into my mouth. I felt her hand masturbating her clit between us as Joe continued to thrust slowly in and out of his sister’s ass. I moaned as the tension of an impending orgasm grew.

“Fuck, I can’t last much longer. Are you guys getting close?” Joe asked huskily.

Missy groaned and we both felt her orgasm. The muscles of her pussy and rectum contracted rhythmically against our cocks. She sucked my tongue into her mouth as her climax took her, then pushed her tongue deeply into mine.

“Oh fuck me I’m cumming,” I groaned around Missy’s tongue as my cock contracted and began to spurt another load of cum into her pussy. Each ejaculation was intensified as Joe continued to fuck Missy’s ass and stimulate my pulsing cock.

“Fuck yes,” Joe groaned as he thrust one last time and held himself deep inside his sisters’ ass. Joe’s cock contracted and began to pump his seed into Missy’s rectum. My orgasmic contractions died out as felt Joe’s forcefully squeeze against my cock.

Missy relaxed and let her let full weight rest against my chest. I opened my eyes was surprised yet again. Joe had my phone pointed at the conjoining of our three bodies. He was videoing the double entry fuck of his sister.

“You bastard,” I said without conviction and smiled at Joe.

“Wow, that was way cool man!” Joe said breathlessly with the phone still recording the lurid scene.

I realized I actually wanted to see the action. I really am a voyeur.

“Sorry Chris, this might be a bit messy,” Joe warned as I felt his cock begin to pull out of Missy’s ass.

Joe’s cock flopped against my balls when he pulled it free of her anus. Warmth flooded across and around my balls. I realized it was Joe’s cum running out of Missy’s ass. Joe continued to record the scene.

My cock rapidly detumesced and fell free of Missy’s pussy. Another flood of warmth flowed across and around my balls.

“Wow,” Joe whispered. “Cool.”

“You fucking pervert,” I said with a laugh.

“Yep. Like I said, I have a complicated sex life,” Joe chuckled.

“Yeah, but yours may be even more complicated Chris,” Missy entered the discourse. “We may be perverts, but I love this perversion. That was great. Being intimate with my two favorite guys at the same time. That was so fun.”

Joe finally stopped recording, looked at the screen of my phone and said, “Oops, you’ve got about 20 missed calls here,” Joe said.”

“Oh shit, Leah?”

“Yep, and your mom too.”

“Oh man. This is going to be difficult to handle,” I observed. “My life has gotten way weird the last couple of days,” I complained.

“I think Missy and I are very happy with your weird and admittedly complicated situation. We’ll help out in anyway that we can dude,” offered Joe.

“Ditto,” added Missy emphatically nodding her head in agreement.

“I don’t think I can face Mom or talk to Leah tonight. Can I stay here with you guys?”

“Of course you can stay with us,” Missy cooed into my ear as she hugged me affectionately. “Joe, get some tissue and mop up this mess you guys made,” she instructed with a throaty laugh. “Let’s clean up, eat and then I want to watch all of these sex videos!”

“What the fuck am I going to do with Mom and Leah?” I thought silently to myself as I followed Missy’s naked ass back to the bedroom area of their house. “I’ll figure something out tomorrow,” I mumbled quietly to myself.

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