Big Beautiful Cass Ch. 05

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I felt the need to bring this series to conclusion before I got further into a new one. I hope that you will read Chapters 1 through 4 before you start reading Chapter 5. They’re all short and you’ll see where I was coming. I’m sorry this is so long waiting.


The combination of Cass’s models parading their wares and Beverly’s sensual handiwork had Sam ready to burst in his chair. He had always been drawn to larger women but he had never seen more than one, his late wife Edith or Cass, so scantily dressed at one time.

Men and women applauded with equal enthusiasm for every model as she sultrily strolled on the runway, though a few shouts sounded more drunken than others. Sam made mental notes of the fashions he liked best, But it really didn’t matter since his girlfriend was running the whole show.

“What do you think, Babe?” Beverly whispered, as she nibbled on Sam’s ear. “You, me and Cass, after the show?”

“Uhh, I don’t know,” Sam replied, shaking nervously. He enjoyed Beverly’s attention and he certainly found her attractive. But he had never given thought to sharing his wife, or past girlfriends, with another woman.

“Why not? Two sweets are always better than one,” said Beverly. “I’ve never had anyone exclusive, why should you?”

“Have you ever been married?” Sam asked. “I was, but I’m widowed now.”

“I’m so sorry, baby. But no, I’ve never been married. I’ve never been into the marriage and family thing. Maybe that’s why I’m so drawn to Cass. She’s so strong, so confident. Takes no crap from anybody.” Beverly stopped playing but she left her hand on Sam’s thigh.

Sam chuckled, as he took her hand in his. “Yeah, I know that feeling. But that’s why I like her. Edith, my wife, was a lot like that, too. But she never had many women friends. Other women found her confidence off putting.”

“That’s a shame. I might have liked her, too.” Beverly smiled then she licked her upper lip as Cass approached their table. The runway show had ended. Cass had gone around to speak to those who were most likely to have the money to dress their ladies like her models.

“Hey Babe, great show!” Beverly got up from her chair to hug Cass. She planted a wet kiss on her cheek.

Cass nodded. “Yeah, we’re gonna do really well off this one. Give ’em boobs and booze and they’ll eat out of your hand.”

Sam got up as Beverly sat, but he felt awkward. He could not get any words to come out of his mouth.

Cass saved him the trouble. She touched his elbow and looked into his eyes. “I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you about Beverly, about all this. But I couldn’t take the risk,” she said.

“I know,” Sam replied. “I’m in business, too. I can deal with that part of it. But I just can’t see myself sharing my lady with another woman.”

“Well, I like men, and I like women, too. If you want to keep seeing me you will just have to deal with it.” Cass took Beverly’s hand and squeezed it tight. Beverly got up, wrapped her arm around Cass’s waist and kissed her smack on the lips. The kiss did not end there. Beverly slid her tongue into Cass’s mouth as they embraced tighter, their silk-covered breasts touching and rubbing together.

Bystanders walked by the table, some couples, men-women, women-women, even combinations of three or four. But no one paid Cass and Beverly any mind.

Sam watched as Cass and Beverly drew tighter, not wanting to let go. Beverly kissed Cass’s neck while Cass, sighing and biting her lip, ran fingers through Beverly’s thick red hair. Then Cass reached for a belt loop on Sam’s pants, gently pulling him into the action. She ran her fingertips along Sam’s zipper line as Beverly kissed her way down to her shoulders.

“C’mon, babe,” Cass whispered softly in Sam’s ear. “You’re gonna love this, I promise.” Cass rubbed her hand along his crotch. She whispered something into Beverly’s ear that Sam could not hear through the music playing.

Beverly took over from Cass, stroking on Sam through his pants, though she did not pull out his cock. “Sweetie, let’s go. We’re gonna have some more fun tonight.”

Sam and Beverly left before Cass, with Sam doing the driving back to Cass’s hotel. Beverly kept her hand on his thigh during the short trip while Sam had his eyes on the road.

“Sam, please. Enjoy this. We both want her. But we don’t own her,” she said. “She can do what ever she wants.”

Cass had given Beverly a key to her suite. She fixed two drinks for her and for Sam, who downed his in one gulp while Beverly sipped slowly.

“Take it easy,” Beverly said, gently rubbing Sam’s arm. “It’s not like you’re a virgin.” She kissed Sam’s cheeks and ran her fingers along his inner thighs. Then she opened his pants, sculpting his throbbing cock. “My, oh my,” she said, and smiled. “I can see why Cass got into you.” She ran her fingers along the shaft coaxing the throbbing into hardness. “Mmmmmm, I want some of that.” Beverly leaned over, kissed the head. Then her lips and throat devoured his throbbing.

Sam moaned as Beverly took his cock deeper into her throat, the force of her mouth too powerful for his to resist any longer. He ran his casino siteleri hands through her hair and worked his hips, fucking her mouth and throat until he could not hold back.

“God, you’re so yummy and gooey.” Beverly smiled, licking her lips of Sam’s cum. “I love it.”

Sam kissed Beverly and took him into his arms as Cass had done earlier that night. But he did not rush to undress her, as he would Cass. It was one thing to share, but what if he wanted the other lover more? He and Beverly made out on Cass’s bed for more than an hour until Cass arrived.

“What happened?” Beverly asked. “You’re late.”

“We got some problems, sweets. Some hoods tried to rough up our models. They threatened to close us down unless we give ’em a piece of our action.”

Beverly looked panicked, though Cass had been calm when she arrived. “Oh my god! Are the girls okay?”

“Yeah, my cop friends got rid of them before they could really hurt somebody. A few cuts and bruises. I’ll take care of that. But they said they’re coming back.”

Sam knew the story. His friend Pete had paid so many people off over the years to protect his business and make his best customers feel safe. Pete knew how to respect a customer’s privacy, and where to find them companionship when they asked for it. But there were always the seedy characters to deal with. They took more of his time and money than anyone else. But as long as the booze kept flowing and the woman came, he could make up the losses by raising his prices.

Cass looked at Sam and Beverly sadly. “I’m sorry. I’m just not in the mood. Why don’t you two kids take off and have some fun?”

“No,” said Sam. “I’ll talk to Pete. He’ll know how to keep those goons off your back.”

“No, no, you gotta let me handle this. For all I know, Pete put them on to me,” Cass answered.

“Pete wouldn’t do that, Cass. You’re miles away. If you opened across his street, maybe, but not where you are.”

“How the fuck do you know? What makes you such an expert on clubs, Mr. Goody-Goody car dealer? You’re so blind, thinking I’m the next incarnation of your wife. Get the fuck out of here.” She pointed to Sam, then the door and she took Beverly’s hand tightly in her’s. “Get out, Sam! Now!”

Eyes down, Sam went back to his car and drove to Pete’s. He didn’t want to lose Cass, but he had to accept that fate. He did not know what upset him more, Cass’s comments about his best friend, or her relationship with Beverly. As he walked into Pete’s club he ordered a Scotch and stared at the pictures on the walls above the bottles in the bar. He was in a couple of those pictures along with famous baseball players who had come to town on barnstorming tours. He was a successful businessman, after all.

“Hey buddy,” Pete said after he came over, slapping Sam on the shoulder. “You look like you got the wrong end of something.”

“Yeah, I did. Cass.”

“Oh, yeah her. Big ass. Geez, you gotta work on your choice of women.” Pete squeezed Sam’s shoulder to console him. “C’mon buddy. Forget her. She’s not worth it. She got another guy?”

“Worse. Another girl.” Sam looked down at the bar as if his manhood had taken a huge punch to the stomach.

“Whoa. That’s a downer. One thing to lose a gal to another guy, but…”

“It wasn’t like that,” Sam turned to look at his best friend. “They both wanted to be with me. The girl’s a redhead. Cute. But not Cass.”

“Why don’t you take up with the redhead?” Pete asked.

“Uh, no. She’s with Cass.” Sam finished his drink and placed the glass on the bar.

“Want another?” Pete asked. “You could really use it.”

“I don’t know. Say, have you had problems with anyone roughing up your girls?”

“Why?” Pete asked, confused.

“Cass, she’s in your business. She runs a club. Girls play with girls and play with guys, too.”

“That ain’t gonna last. The temperance crowd or the Cavallo Brothers, either one could close her down.”

Sam’s eyelids lifted. “Cavallo Brothers? Who are they? Friends of your’s?”

“No. They run things In Cass’s town. Pretty tough guys. Got the cops in their back pockets. Couple of judges, too. They tax hard, or they beat the tax out of you.”

“Pete, I gotta know. Is there anything you can do?” Sam asked.

“What? You want me to help that woman after what she did to you?” Pete raised his voice, but not loud enough for anyone else to hear. “What do you think I’d do?”

“She’s got a good crowd. Put some money into her business. Help her take the tax.”

“Are you out of your mind?” Pete turned red and slammed his hand on the bar. “You have any idea what those guys might do to her? Come to think of it, do you care? She hurt you, bud. Hurt you really bad.”

Sam shrugged. “Yeah, she did. But her girls weren’t involved. No one should hurt a young girl. What if it was one of your’s? What would you do?”

“I’d be really mad. I’d get the right guys to settle things. But jeez, they’re dikes. And they’re my competition. I’m sorry, bud. I gotta look the other way.”

Sam grabbed Pete’s arm as if he wanted to twist it off. “No, she can make money. You can make slot oyna money. Guys were packing that place, too. You let the Cavallos have their way, I guarantee you won’t reap the rewards. Those customers ain’t coming here. You’d never put on that kind of a show.”

Pete pushed Sam away, so he would release his grip. “Okay, if she’ll make nice I’ll talk to her. Maybe we can work this out.”

Sam left the bar satisfied, but unconvinced that Pete would follow through. Pete had been taxed enough over the years. He always got the money back by raising his prices on booze and cigarettes, and no one ever complained. But there might come a day when he would not be able to recover that money if he backed Cass, too. There was talk of repealing Prohibition in Washington. Legal booze might come cheaper. But more bars and clubs would open, cutting Pete’s profits big time.

A week later, Pete called Sam. He and some partners bought into Cass’s place. The partners were more interested—their wives pushed the deal. They offered the Cavallo Brothers a steady piece of the profits, provided they stayed away. The Cavallos had no problem: easy money was easy money. They had plenty of prey to prey upon.

“She’s got a good head for business. Have to say, I was impressed” said Pete when he stopped by Sam’s Ford store. “Gave her one of my best girls to show her how to deal with those guys, if they dare set foot in her place.”

“Damn nice of you,” Sam answered, smiling, shaking Pete’s hand.

Pete looked into his best friend’s eyes and squeezed his shoulder. “You’re right, bud. We’re gonna make a lot of money together. But what about you? You really want to see her again? She’s got Edith’s smarts, but you know..”

“Yeah, I do. But I gotta try.”

After close of business, Sam called the hotel where Cass had been staying. The operator told him that she had checked out, her bills all paid. The next morning he drove to her dress shop. She was not there, but Beverly was.

“Hi ya, babe,” she said, planting a kiss on his cheek. Beverly wore a low-cut silk top and tightly cut pants. Her curves caused Sam to look down as she kissed him. “Eyes front, sweetie. I’m working now.” She was the only one in the shop. Cass would not be arriving until later in the afternoon. “Why don’t you stick around, keep me company?” she asked.

Sam paced around a mannikin dressed in black lace, its lips painted a bold shade of pink to match.

Beverly looked at Sam, licking her lips. “I can put that one on for you, if you like,” she said, and winked. “Maybe, that one, and that one.” She pointed to similar ensembles in purple and red.

Sam’s cock started throbbing and took a slow rise. “Why not?” he told himself. He and Cass were not an “item,” and her lover liked him too.

As she saw the rise Beverly smiled, and shook her head. “Yeah, it always does the picking. Why don’t you sit there and relax?” Beverly took the three outfits off their mannikins and went into a dressing room, while Sam found a chair. The viewing area, where the sales girl or the buyer modeled, was a circle where her admirer could see the potential purchase, though not the price tag, from all sides.

Sam’s throbbing, and the rise, had not stopped by the time Beverly returned wearing the black lace outfit. She stepped out of the dressing room and did a slow turn in the circle for Sam to see all. Then she stepped closer to him, leaned over, and gave him the full view of her breasts.

“You want these?” she asked, as she reached over to touch his throbbing.

Sam’s heart skipped. He could not say a word. But he nodded yes, as if he was an obedient puppy.

Beverly walked over to the front door, locked it, and hung a ‘Closed’ sign in the middle. Then she took Sam’s hand and led him back to Cass’s office. She silently instructed Sam to sit down in her boss’s office chair, then proceeded to unzip his pants. She fondled his cock until she smiled, it’s hardness to her satisfaction. Facing away from him, she mounted Sam’s lap, easing his cock in slowly. “I’m gonna ride ‘ya, cowboy. Ready?” she asked.

Again, Sam said nothing, but nodded. Beverly worked her hips and legs into a steady rhythm. As she squeezed tighter on his cock, he pushed his hip muscles to rise as she dropped down. Gradually, they both picked up speed as he rose deeper into her wet pussy. Beverly leaned back slightly to take in more of his growing mass. She tightened her legs around him.

“Ohhhh yesss, baby. Yessss,” she moaned. “More, more.”

They both picked up their rhythm, Sam still silent, but more excited by Beverly’s wet kitten and the way she moved around him. He reached for her breasts and rubbed their nipples.

“Ohhhhh harder, babe. Rub ’em harder,” Beverly went down faster on him. Enjoying his rise, she bit her lip and leaned her back against Sam’s chest. “Take me, babe, take me.”

Sam still had reserve, his muscles pumping his hardness into Beverly faster still. He gripped her breasts harder, rubbing the nipples redder with his thumbs.

“Yesssss, ooooh Sam, yesssss!” she moaned loudly.

Sam and Beverly climaxed together. Rested, they shared canlı casino siteleri a long deep kiss.

“Damn, baby. Now I know why Cass was so into you,” she said. “God I’d love to have both of you right now.” They kissed again before Beverly dismounted. Beverly looked at the pool of Sam’s juices and her’s on his legs. She smiled, got down to her knees, then slowly licked off the mix. “Mmmmmm, we taste so gooood together, sweetie.”

There was plenty of mix on the lace outfit Beverly had worn. Sam offered to buy it and have it cleaned for her. But Beverly refused.

“Oh honey,” she said. “That’s sweet. But you might as well swap a car for this.” She showed him the price tag. It cost 500 bucks.

Sam smiled. “I’m good for it, on one condition.”

Beverly put her hands on her hips. “And what’s that?”

“Next time I see you, you better wear that.”

Beverly leaned over and gave Sam a soft kiss on his cheek. “Let me get changed, and you can buy me lunch. There’s some towels in the bathroom. Why don’t you get ready, too?”

After Sam washed up and dressed, he opened the bathroom door, only to see Cass come into the office. Beverly had not come out of the dressing room.

“Well, well, well,” Cass said, studying Sam from the crotch up. “What do we have here?”

“Uhh, I wanted to come by, see how you were doing.” He tucked in his shirt and fixed his belt.

Cass rolled her eyes and put her hands on her hips. “Oh, I see. And how am I doing?” She kept a stern expression on her face.

“Ok, I guess.” Sam’s face had turned beet red.

“You’re so cute,” Cass said, grinning. She stepped over to Sam and pinched his cheek as if she was a mother or grandmother. “But so so lost in the woods. I almost feel sorry for you.”

Beverly returned from the dressing room, her top slightly off, her tight pants fit right, holding the juice-stained lace outfit on a hanger. The red and purple outfits were draped over her other arm. “Cass, I didn’t know when you were coming back. I’m sorry.”

Cass took the black lace dress from Beverly. Beverly went back in to the showroom to hang the other two outfits. She looked at Sam sternly again as she inspected the lace.

“You’re gonna pay for this, I hope. You really damaged the merchandise,” she said.

“Already told Beverly, I would,” Sam answered. “I was about to take her to lunch.”

“She told you what this costs, right?” Cass inspected the lace some more. “This one comes from Paris. Royalty buys these by the dozen. Doubt you can afford one on a car salesman’s salary.”

“I’ll take care of it,” Sam said.

Cass smiled. “Oh I know you will. And I know you’d take good care of Beverly, too.”

“Thank you. But I’m learning my place. And I’m so sorry for what happened last time.”

Cass took his hand. “So am I. Sam, you’re a good guy. But I’ll always need a little more. So will Beverly. We wouldn’t care if you took out one of us, or both of us. But neither of us could ever replace your wife. She was the real special lady.”

“No, nobody could replace Edith. But I’m not sure I’m looking for a wife right now. It might be a good idea not to be so settled.”

Cass’s hand had not left his. She kissed his cheek, then took in the fullness of his lips. She broke the kiss when Beverly returned to the office. “Say Bev, let’s have a little party at my place tonight. You, me and Sam? You up to it?”

Beverly stood beside Sam and took his hand. “Always, love.” She kissed Sam smack on the lips, then kissed Cass. “Always.” Cass and Beverly took turns teasing Sam’s now throbbing cock.

“We might have a little surprise for dear Sam tonight,” said Cass, winking at Beverly. Give him directions to my house. And by the way, lunch is on me. He’s gonna be a little short of cash.” Cass smiled as she held up the juice-stained lace.

Sam and Beverly had a nice lunch. The food was delicious, and for each other, the company was pretty good. Beverly teased him under the table, rubbing her foot against Sam’s ankle, her hand against his thigh. But she left his cock at bay. She gave Sam an address and directions for the night and told him when to meet. Then she walked back to work.

Sam had enough time to check on things at the dealership, then return home to put on a new suit, not that he’d be wearing it for long. Bobby, his best salesman, had told him all was good. Five new Model A’s out the door, with five more arriving on the carrier the next morning. Pete had left a message, but Sam decided not to call him back. Bobby asked where he had been during the day. Sam mumbled something about shopping for new clothes. Business was good, and it might get better. Those who taxed were going to place orders for new cars any day.

Slightly nervous, Sam drove to the address Beverly had given him. What did Cass mean by a surprise? he asked himself as he watched the road ahead, watching for signs as to where to turn. The directions ended at the open gates of a mansion. “This can’t be it,” Sam thought. But he drove through the gates. He spotted Cass’s car in the driveway in front of the main entrance to the house, as well as two other cars, one probably Beverly’s. He got out of his car and knocked on the entrance door. A thin fair-skinned woman, in her twenties, Sam guessed, with stylish curly black hair,cherry-red lips and a low-cut white dress answered the door.

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