Annie’s Sex Diary 02

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Well, where to begin. Not long after that interesting event with Tim and Ben, Tim dumped me. I don’t think he could face looking at me anymore knowing that I had enjoyed having Ben there as well. To be honest though, I don’t care. It just means I can have more fun at university, which is where I am now. I have made plenty of new friends, including some that are willing for some extra-curricular activities. The only problem is I have my eye on one man and I’m not sure he is interested in me. His name is Lance and he is rather unorthodox. He’s a tall lanky man with a lip ring (I still can’t imagine what kissing someone with a lip ring is like although we have now kissed.) He has a gorgeous pair of brown eyes and dusty brown hair which he ties with a ribbon at the nape of his neck like someone out of the regency period. He just sets my heart a flutter every time.

Enough of that… I am writing this as we finally had it on as some people like to call it. I had been giving him hints and finally he had taken the bait. I had told him me and some of the girls were heading to a club that night and giggled that we were going to be dressed like whores- miniskirts, tops too small for our bosoms. We were casino oyna out to have a laugh.

So there we were dancing on the floor with men eyeing us from all directions and none of us giving a shit, when he appears. The girls all make an excuse that they needed a drink but giving me knowing looks at the same time as they pushed their way off the dance floor. It became just me and Lance. He pulled me close and I had to try and control my breathing so he didn’t realise how excited I was that he had come and was now dancing with me. He kept his hands on my hips at first but then they began to move, to clutch at my bum cheeks. I was in heaven.

Well, we danced like that for a while before he shouted in my ear, above the music, “fancy a smoke?”

“I don’t smoke.”

“Not even one.” There was a look in his eye that suggested he wasn’t really taking about smoking. His face moved close to mine. Hastily I added, “I do fancy some fresh air though.”

He smiled, oh that smile. I just wanted to melt into it. It was so sexy, his lips just turned up slightly in one corner as if he knew something that I didn’t. I could feel myself getting turned on.

We fought our way out and bought slot oyna gasped as we sucked in cool air. He took me by the hand and led me away from where the smokers were huddling around the fire exit. Around another side of the building he pulled me close against him as he backed up against the wall. I clung to him as he muttered, “you area minx. I’ve tried to resist but what you are wearing is too much.” He kissed me, short little kisses. His hands ran up my back and back down, pulling at my buttocks, pressing my hidden pussy at the growing lump in his jeans. I moaned as his kisses moved to my neck. His hands went under the tiny skirt I was wearing and he felt the dampness on my knickers. He pushed his finger into the fabric and I moaned again, as I imagined that finger was his cock.

I pulled him away from the wall and over to a car. He spun me round so that my stomach was pressing against the bonnet of the car. I heard him undoing his zip and could only imagine what size his cock was which made me moan at the thought of it. His fingers pushed aside my knickers and I felt them probing me. He found my wet hole and his fingers slid in, I wanted him so badly. They came out and I felt an ache where my canlı casino siteleri pussy tried to cling to them. Then his cock came. It felt big as it slid in. My body clenched at it, pulling it in deeper. He leaned over as he pushed his cock further in and I could hear him breathing in my ear, “god you are tight. I don’t want to come here.”

I moaned, “no.” He pulled out and stuffed his pulsating cock back into his jeans and grabbed me by the arm and led me down the row of cars. All I wanted was him back in me.

Reaching one car he opened the passenger door and sat down. He pushed the seat back as far as possible. I needed no incentive. I got in on top. I undid his jeans and his cock leapt out. I smiled as I admired its length. He pulled me closer and pulled off my top leaving my breasts bare. My nipples became erect in the chill of the car and he tugged at one with his lips as I pushed my wet knickers to one side again and slowly sat on his magnificent length. We both moaned as my pussy grabbed at his cock again. Slowly I moved up and down on it, it rubbed at my insides and I felt myself cumming. I shuddered and he smiled knowing. I smiled back and then leant forward to kiss him, a long slow one, our tongues dancing. He continued to rock me on his cock until he pressed hard on my hips and I felt as if he would split me. He fought a cry as he came… And that is where I am going to leave it for the moment.

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