A Writer’s Dream

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Cock Rub

Tom was sitting at his computer, just staring at the screen. He had been asked to write a couple different stories, but simply did not feel up to the task that day. Instead, he opened up his browser and directed it to his safe haven, Literotica. Motivation always seemed to be close by when he visited this site. Not only could he publish his work, but he loved meeting the women who liked his work.

A few clicks later he found himself in a thread with pictures that really caught his eye. Simple, yet absolutely sexy was all he could think.

“I’d like to do more than meet this one,” he said.

He decided to go for it and clicked over to send her a private message.

He wrote, “Your pictures are amazing. You couldn’t be any more sexy! Would you mind if I used you as an inspiration for a story?”

Luck was with him that day as she was online and quick to respond.

She replied, “That would be great. The catch is that you have to make sure I get to read it.”

Tom always let his subjects read the stories, so this was an easy thing to accommodate.

“That I would be glad to do. Can you tell me a little about yourself?” he wrote back.

“Sure, you can call me Eve,” she wrote and proceeded to tell him about herself. “Your profile says you are from the mid-west. What part?”

Tom decided to oblige her with this information and wrote, “I’m in the St. Louis area. How about you?”

Her reply was quick, “I live in St. Louis, too.”

Tom leaned back in his chair, hardly believing his luck. Surely this was too good to be true.

“Alright, meet me at the Arch at 7 tonight then,” he wrote, knowing he was really putting himself out there for trouble.

“You’re on” is all she wrote back. She logged off moments later and Tom was left stunned. Would Eve actually be some big guy looking to use him as his fuck toy? Could his luck actually be good enough that the girl in those pictures would be waiting for him? Tom was willing to take the risk.

The afternoon seemed to creep by, but the time came soon enough to head downtown for his date with destiny. The huge monument that stood on the riverfront seemed to glow in the lights of the city. Tom found a bench near the north leg of the Arch and waited. He was nervous and excited all at the same time.

Just as his watch showed 7, a figured approached him.

“Tom?” she asked.

“Eve?” he asked in reply.

She smiled and stepped up closer to him. Tom studied her gorgeous face and wondered how he could be so lucky today.

“You want to grab some dinner?” he asked.


“How about the Old Spaghetti Factory?”

“Mmm, one of my favorites,” she replied.

They started chatting as they walked off toward the Landing. Luckily the crowd was light that night, so they were able to get a table right away.

“So, are you from here originally?” he asked.

“South City, actually. Used to live down near Tower Grove Park.”

“That’s cool. I grew up over in Belleville.”

“Ooooh… an East Side Boy,” she said with a chuckle.

“Don’t knock until you’ve tried it,” he said, smiling.

“We’ll see,” she replied with a coy grin.

Tom couldn’t help but smile as the waiter arrived with their food. The chat continued through the meal and over a few drinks.

“So, what do you say we get outta here,” suggested Tom after they had finished their last beverage.

Eve smiled and said, “Sure, let’s go for a walk then.”

They left the restaurant and walked back towards the Arch grounds. The area was extremely dark and void of people as they strolled on to the south.

“So, you liked my pictures?”

“Loved them. I have to admit that

1 was my favorite though.”

She just grinned and stopped walking. Tom stopped to and looked at her. She walked about twenty feet away to a tree. There, she bent at the waist and leaned on the tree.

She looked back over her should and asked, “Is that the one where I’m posing like this?”

Tom just smiled and said, casino siteleri “Almost.”

“Oh,” she said. “Maybe this is a little more like it.”

With that, she reached back and slid her pants down to her knees, she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her perfect ass and pussy were now in plain view. Pretty much the exact view he had enjoyed in that picture.

“Uh, yeah. That’s perfect.”

“Well?” she asked.

“You look great,” he said, trying to figure out the right answer.

“You’re just gonna stand there?”

Tom suddenly realized this wasn’t a pose, this was an invitation. He glanced around briefly as he walked towards her. Taking his place behind her he slid a finger into her.

“Damn you’re wet,” he said in surprise.

“I know, so what’s the holdup?” she asked. Her smile turned Tom on more than he could have imagined. Once again glancing around he unzipped his pants and released his rigid cock.

“Mmmm,” she said as she felt him rub the head of his cock along her slippery pussy. He wasted no time and pushed it into her. The heat that engulfed him nearly took his breath away as he plunged his entire length into her. He started fucking her with a steady rhythm, feeling his balls slap against her. Her clit absorbed the beating from his balls and sent a surge of pleasure through her with each penetration.

Tom leaned over her and wrapped on arm around he waist, holding her body as he pounded into her. The other hand pushed her shirt up and then squeezed her soft B cup tits. He was quite sure he had never done anything that felt this good in his whole life.

Just when he thought he couldn’t take any more she squealed a little and her muscles clamped down around his cock. This drove him over the edge and before he could even pull out he started spraying his semen into her. Instincts took over and he pushed hard against, making sure every last drop made it into her womb.

They both panted as they recovered from the ecstasy and Tom staggered back a couple steps.

“Fuck… that was amazing…” he commented between breaths.

“You’re one hell of a fuck,” she replied.

“Thanks,” he said with a chuckle.

She turned around and slowly pulled her pants back up. Tom enjoyed the view until it disappeared into her slacks. She then pulled her top back down. He then followed suit and tucked his softening meat back into his pants.

He just stared at her for a moment with a satisfied grin. She seemed pleased with their encounter, so he was happy with himself.

“Where did you park?” she asked.

“Over at the Arch garage,” he answered.

“Well, I rode the Metro, so how about we go for a spin. I’d rather not take the train.”

“Sounds good to me,” he replied, excited that this evening was not over yet.

He held out his arm and she took it, as they headed back toward the garage. They didn’t say anything as they walked, only enjoying the thoughts of what had just happened.

“That’s mine over there,” he said pointing to the 2009 Challenger.

“Sweet ride,” she said with approval.

He was quite proud of his car and made no attempt to hide that fact. They got in and headed off down the city street.

“So, where are we headed?” he asked.

“You’re driving,” she answered.

“Oh, not your place then?”

“No, that wouldn’t work. My husband is home with the kids tonight.”

Tom nearly choked. “You’re… husband?” he said.

“Is that a problem?”


“Look, we have an open marriage and tonight was my night out. I planned on having some fun and you seemed like you were up for it.”

“Hell yeah, but I hadn’t considered the fact you could be married.”

“Well, then don’t worry about it. Hey, let’s go to Shannon’s.”

“The bar scene? Really?”

“You don’t like to drink?”

“Oh, absolutely, we’ll do whatever you want. There was even a game tonight, so their should be a good crowd.”

She nodded her approval and the pulled into an open spot on Market Street. slot oyna A quick walk around the block and they were in. The music was blaring and the crowd was packed into the place. Tons of cute little things were grinding on more than willing guys and many other partiers took in the scene as they enjoyed a cold drink.

Tom grabbed them each a beer from the guy at the beer tub and they headed off into the crowd. Eve took her bottle and led him to the middle of the dance floor. He was no dancer, but took a big drink and prepared himself for whatever she had in store.

The beat filled the air and Eve began grinding herself against him. Her tight little ass teased his cock as it jumped back to life.

“Feels like someone is enjoying this,” she said to him as she leaned back against him. He just smiled.

He held her hips against him, just enjoying the thought of that sweet pussy only inches away from him. He would thrust against her in rhythm as she pushed back against him.

As the song wound down, he led her off to the side of the room. They found an empty high top table and he led her around back of it so they could watch the dance floor. The crowd seemed like a swarm of sweaty bodies and he enjoyed the view as he hooked his thumbs in her pants. He slid them down ever so slowly and she didn’t resist. Instead she untucked her blouse and let it fall along her legs, hiding the bare skin.

Almost as if she read his mind, she leaned forward against the table. A quick slide of his hand and his cock was out of his pants again. Not wanting to risk being caught, he immediately slid it inside her. The crowd was oblivious and the music was pounding as he crushed his hips against her. She held onto the table as she bucked her hips. He ran his hands down her back and thrust against her. Their little dance looked much like anyone else’s, only they had removed that thin barrier of cloth from their dance.

The excitement of the situation pulsed through them and all too quickly it was over as he emptied his balls inside her again. She screamed in pleasure just as Sammy Hagar vocalized a popular Van Halen song. No one even noticed as Tom pulled his hips back and quickly stuffed his cock back in his pants.

Eve pulled her pants back up again and turned to face Tom.

“That was hot. I think I like you.”

“But you’re married.”

“So, maybe I’ll just keep you as my fuck toy.”

“I might just be interested,” he answered with a smile as he led her back to the dance floor. They slugged down some more beer and danced like teenagers aching for their first fuck. The crowd around them was just a blur of bodies and they blended right in.

About an hour later they drifted toward the exit.

“You ready to blow this joint?” he asked.

“I’m ready to blow something,” she said with a grin.

Tom just smiled and led her out the door. They walked back to his car, holding hands all the way. As he opened the door for her she leaned to him and planted a kiss on him. He grabbed her, pulling her close and shoving his tongue into her mouth.

“Get a room!” a kid shouted from across the street, laughing with his friends.

They parted and laughed at the kid’s commentary. Eve slid into the passenger seat while Tom walked around to his side. Tom guided the vehicle into what little traffic there was and looked over at Eve, who had unbuttoned her blouse a little.

“Lookin’ good,” he said.

“Thanks. So what’s next?”

“Well, it’s 11, so we have all kinds of time as far as I’m concerned.”

“I told the hubby I’d be home by midnight, so we have an hour.”

“Do I have to allow time for you to ride the train or can I just take your there?”

“I guess I trust you enough to let you take me home,” she said with a smile. “Head for University City.”

Tom simply accelerated as they headed west. Eve’s hand slipped off the armrest and into this lap. In a very nonchalant manner she slid her hand to his crotch.

“What are you up to?” he asked.

She said nothing canlı casino siteleri but slowly pulled his zipper down. She obviously had done this before as she pulled his tool out through his pants and started rubbing gently. Tom just sighed as she had some sort of magic touch that drove him wild.

Looking down the street he spotted the Pageant Theatre, parking lot should be packed, but no one coming and going just yet. He pulled in quickly and was lucky enough to find a spot near the back.

“Don’t want to waste 30 minutes of my evening out?”

“Don’t want to waste a second,” he said as he climbed over to her side of the car.

He slide the seat back and kissed her firmly on the lips.

“There is one thing I want to do before we call it a night.”


He didn’t reply, but instead unfastened her pants and slid them down and off. Her blouse followed and her bra was close behind, leaving her completely naked. She just grinned. Tom quickly stripped his clothes off and leaned over her. She looked him in the eye as he laid the seat back. She spread her legs as she slid towards the edge of the seat.

“I wanted to feel your naked body against mine, just once,” he said.

“Mmm… that’s a great idea,” she said as he pressed himself against her. His member was now completely hard and wedged between their bodies. Tom simply enjoyed the warmth between them for a moment before raising his hips and settling his cock at her entrance. She hugged him close as he pushed into her.

Her muscles gripped him as he slid completely inside her. She quickly wrapped her legs around him and held him tight.

“This is how it was meant to be done,” he whispered into her ear.

“I couldn’t agree more,” she replied as she flexed those muscles deep inside her.

“Damn you feel good,” he said in response to her flexing. He then pulled back and plunged deep into her again. He built up to a slow and steady rhythm, fucking her with passion and not just lust.

She began to pant and moan as he kept up his onslaught of penetrations. He braced himself against the seat as he enjoyed the feeling of her hard nipples against his chest. Their bodies melted into one as the windows fogged over.

Eve sighed as she released her biggest orgasm of the night. Her body shook as she squeezed Tom tight with her legs and pussy. He fought to keep from coming and survived her first wave.

After she relaxed a little he started fucking her again. She squealed and kissed him, enjoying every inch of meat he was stuffing into her. Then the second orgasm hit her and this one was more than Tom could fight off. Eve’s hips bucked into the air as she squeezed her legs around him, forcing him deep into her vagina.

He couldn’t help but feel his balls begin emptying what was left of their contents into her. The pulsing sensation of his cum entering her sent her into a minor aftershock and they held each other tight.

Finally, after a wild night of adulterous sex, they collapsed together. They kissed some more as his cock stayed hard inside her. He didn’t want to leave her.

“I have seven minutes,” she said as she looked into his eyes.

“Damn,” he replied as he reluctantly pulled out of her.

“It is only three weeks until my next night out,” she responded. “Should I send you an email?”

“Oh, hell yeah.”

“Catch is, you have to show me your place next time.”

“Fair enough,” he answered as he watched her dress. Admiring her tights abs and beautiful body.

“You aren’t going to drive like that are you?” she asked with a laugh.

He just smiled and grabbed his pants and shirt, pulling them on quickly. He then pulled out of the lot and headed down Delmar.

“Which house?”

“That one, she said pointing to her left.”

“No shit,” he said, staring up at the huge house. “Well, you have a good evening.”

She leaned over and kissed him again, grabbing his crotch at the same time.

“Sweet dreams, Tom,” she said as she climbed out of the car.

Tom watched her sweet ass sway as she walked away up the drive. When she was gone from sight, he headed back into the city.

“What a night…,” he said to himself. “I think I better share this one with the world.”

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