When the Rainmaker Came

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If you didn’t look down, the powder almost felt like you were walking through snow. But it wasn’t cold. It had a soft, silky feeling similar to when a cat rubbed your leg.

Holding the cloth tight to my face to keep out the dust, I made my way through the darkening afternoon towards the old truck sitting beside the tall wagon it towed. Colored like a circus attraction, its sides bespoke of miracles to be had for the asking. Promises of the impossible, just ask within.

Daddy and the other menfolk had said he was a fraud. They had thrown things at the side of the wagon when he first pulled into town. Then, after he gave his speech, they threw things at him. He was a nice-looking man, maybe my daddy’s age or a few years less. He spoke with an elegance and tone that was soothing to the ear. A “City Slicker” the men had called him. That was one of the nicer things they had called the well-dressed man.

Some of the words they used I was not supposed to know the meaning of yet. Especially after he told them what he needed to make his machine work.

Blinded by the dust and wind, I held out my arm and walked till my hand touched the painted wood. The old flakes of dried pigment rustled and came away under my touch. Coughing, I hugged the side of the wagon and made my way around till I found the door. I knocked hard, bruising my knuckles. After a few moments, the door opened just a crack.


“I’ve come to give you what you need to make the rains come back.” I shivered even as I said this to him. How could I have talked myself into this? Then the memories of my father hacking so very deep in his chest. Momma bleeding from her nose after collecting the few measly eggs our hens laid. My little brother… little Dalton, crying himself to sleep because he was hungry. For them I would do this. I would do far more than this.

He opened the door to his wagon just enough to let me in then quickly shut it behind me. I felt his hand on my back as he ushered me in. His touch caused a shiver of fear.

The inside of the wagon could have been owned by a magpie. The collection of shiny things would have done a child proud. There were globes and things that looked like globes but were not. Clocks lined the walls far too many to just tell time with. If they were all to chime at once the noise would have to be deafening. For a grown man to collect stuff like this was repulsive.

There was an object, the size of a small plow, covered with a piece of colorful canvas, sitting to one side of the wagon. It took up far too much room. I had to dodge around it to get further from this man.

“What’s your name, girl?” he asked when I lowered the cloth from my face. I was shedding dust with cloth, but he didn’t seem to mind. His eyes were taking in my face. Then they dropped lower. I felt that same unease I felt when Daddy’s friends would look at me some times.

“Cora Ann. Cora Ann Steward. My daddy’s a farmer hereabouts.” I was about to say more when he stopped me.

“I don’t need to know about your father, girl, just about you.” He let the words all but roll off his tongue. They dripped with a honey that spoke of big city streets and faraway places. “Tell me Cora Ann… How old are you?”

“I just turned eighteen, last month.”

“Eighteen and not married? Why not, gal your age should be already married and a mother twice over. Anything wrong with you I need to know about? You are a virgin right? My machine won’t… bring the rains, if you’re not.”

“I’s a virgin. So long as kissin’ don’t count. I let Scott Madison kiss me behind the schoolhouse one time. That doesn’t count right?” I asked, suddenly afraid I had come here for nothing. If that one kiss kept the rains from coming back, I would beat Scott with a carpet beater like he was momma’s old rug.

The man smiled, then chuckled. He shook his head, then moved past me to where I saw a chair pulled out from a table. He closed a large book on the table, after putting the strip of gold silk in place to mark his page. I relaxed a bit when I saw it was a Bible and not some book of sorcery. That had been one of the stories that had been told after church services yesterday. That anyone who claimed to be able to bring the rains in any way other than praying for them must be a sorcerer. No man who reads from the Good Book could be a bad man.

No sooner had that thought crossed my mind when I looked up at his face and had to step back from the intensity of his gaze. Then he smiled.

“Young lady, I am proud of you. I am proud that you and you alone in this little town had the common sense to come to understand that something so simple as a lost hymen cannot begin to compare to the good that the return of the rains would do,” As he spoke he laid his hand upon the Bible. “This land has become so parched that even a drop of rain would be welcome, and I am here to promise you that your sacrifice on the altar of scientific progress will not be but a drop, but a true deluge of biblical proportions. I was, at the very moment you knocked on my door, pondering illegal bahis the ways of God in the scriptures, and as I looked upon the story of Noah, you did knock upon my door. The ancient peoples of Greece and Rome set much store by omens and portents, so indeed do many now-a-days. I do not. I see not the hand of fate or the guidance of God in your coming here. I see the very spirit of the founders of our great nation. You, are to be saluted for your courage my dear.”

Blinking, I swallowed the grit of dust that filled my throat. I felt not pride or courage when he took my hand and led me towards a bed. I noticed little things then, like that the bed had not been made. That a bottle of whiskey sat within reach and had been nearly drunk empty.

“Now my dear young lady, I must school you in the ways of science and biology. Forgive me if my words do go beyond your school’s no doubt simple teachings into reals of science, best left to the great… thinkers… of our age.” As he spoke, he began to loosen the string tie that he had worn when he spoke earlier to the people of the town. The beautifully tailored jacket he had worn now hung from a peg by the door. As he began to disrobe, before me my mind found such common things as that coat to look at. His words did not stop coming, but the meaning of them was soon lost. He continued to speak as he first shed his shirt, then slipped off his suspenders. When his hands went to his trousers, I covered my face.

His words stopped.

“My dear girl. Do not be afraid of me. Not of me or of my body. I am but a man, no different than the one that will, no doubt, one day soon be your husband. I have nothing under my clothes that you father or your brothers do not have. There is no reason to fear the sight of a man without raiment. For was not man made in the very image of God? Well, if that is so then is not the sight of a man, standing as Adam stood in the garden, not a holy sight to look upon?”

Slowly moving my hands, I could not help but look down upon his… Oh my lord in heaven! I quickly covered my eyes back up.

His weight next to me made the bed settle.

“My dear.” His words were soft. “Look at me, please. I’ve covered myself again, so you can look.”

When I opened my eyes, I saw that he had placed that large, swollen… thing… away. The sudden thought hit me that that… that was going to have to go inside me. My heart began to thunder with a quickening of panic.

“Shush, my dear.” He placed his arm around my shoulder. “Now listen. I don’t know the reason that a girl your age is not married to some young farmer’s son around here, but it matters not. By this time in your life, you should be more than familiar with not only the sight but with the feel of a man’s Vienous Maximus. It should be no more strange to you than your own flesh. That such a thing is unknown to you shows me better than any words you could say that the men folk around these parts are deprived of any and all common sense. They are most certainly lacking in eye sight if they have not seen what a lovely young woman they have here among them.”

His bit of flattery should not have eased my fears, but it, in a small way, did. Like any girl in these dusty times to be called lovely is more than most would say. My hair must be filled with powder, and I know my face where I did not have it covered with cloth has to be chalky brown.

“Take off your clothes my dear… and let’s make the rains come back to these lands.” His smile was smoother than twice-churned cream. It would have taken a far more experienced woman than myself to not want to do what he asked.

With hands that shook with nervous strain, I began to disrobe. But then I stopped.

“You’re sure this thing of yore’s will work? That it will make the rain come back? That it can make the crops grow again? That it can take away the dust storms?”

“Make the rain come back? My dear girl.” He got to his feet and moved over to the canvas covered thing. When he pulled it back, I gasped at the sight of it. “This is a miracle of both the ancient and modern worlds. I, and I alone have managed to combine both the knowledge of the Indian shaman, and the Greek oracles with the science of the modern world. You see here a design that has been inspected by the great Nikola Tesla himself. And although it was far too complex for even his mind to fathom, he said it was a device beyond the realm of the works of men, and that it did approach the very works of God himself! This machine can and will drag the very moisture from the stratosphere.”

“Why does it need a virgin’s blood to work?” I asked my eyes jumping from this devilish-looking contraption of tubes and wires. The tall, strangely twisting, metal pipes looked particularly villainous.

“That my dear is where I have shown my true genius. I took teachings of the heathen Indians and combined them with the ancient learning of the great Greek mathematicians and devised this wonder of the modern world. It will take your sacrifice and turn it into the very Orgone Energy that summons the illegal bahis siteleri rain. This is based on the theories of Wilhelm Reich, another man who is, even now, trying to steal my work. Were it not for my patents to stop this man, my rainmaking device would be in mass production… in a plant of Henry Ford style! And the world would soon be completely under water.”

He looked at me, and then his eyes went to the half-unbuttoned shirt that just hid my breasts. At his smile, I pulled the cloth back together. I turned away from him.

He walked over to stand behind me.

“Come my dear, let us not dally any longer.” His smooth words brushed at the short hairs on my neck making them want to stand up. “I promise you. Not only will it work, but by this time tomorrow it will be as if the heavens themselves have opened up and the tears of God are falling upon these lands.”

His hands came to rest on my hips. I shivered at his touch. A shivering that grew quickly when I felt his hardness pressed into the back of my dress.

“Take off your clothes.”

The rest of the buttons on my shirt were easy. The buttons on my skirt were not. When I stood there in my slip, not daring to go further, I heard a soft chuckle from behind me. Then just that quickly his hands were on me. I, for a moment tried to stop him, and then terror held me still as he gripped my arm tight and spun me around.

“Young lady, I’ll have you know that I care not in the least if your little town gets buried under all this dust. Do you understand me?” He pointed his finger at my chest. It touched right between my breasts. “I can take my device and in some town near or far I will find a woman with the true courage to do what must be done to make the rain return. I thought that you had it, but I can see that I was wrong. Dress and get out.”

He turned me loose and stepped back.

“No… wait. I’m… sorry. I’m just scared,” I told him as I rubbed at my arm where I was sure a bruise would soon form.

“A girl your age scared? To become a woman? Nonsense! There are women with children already in school that are younger than you. Women that can call themselves that and not ‘girl.’ If I was a female and your age, I would be ashamed to know that I had not yet felt a man’s touch.”

The bitter nerves rolled in my gut, as his words echoed ones I had spoken to myself so many times. I had watched my older sister go away married; my friends had done the same. Only Daddy’s sickness and Momma’s getting weaker had kept me from following. I had turned away my suitors when they came calling on me, knowing I could not leave Momma and Daddy to be with them. How would my younger brother get food, with Daddy hacking up black phlegm and Momma fainting from breathing the dust?

Reaching down to the bottom of the lacy hem, I pulled my slip over my head. I couldn’t look at him as I undid the laces under my arms and then lifted my Symington away from my breasts. The store-bought brasserie had been too expensive so when my breasts started to swell, Momma had handmade this one for me, using the Sear’s and Roebuck catalog picture as a reference. That I was trying to think of that and not that I was standing bare-breasted before a strange man showed just how scared I was. Then, as I looked up, I saw that he had let his trousers drop and was stepping out of them.

All thought left me as I saw again that thick thing between his legs. It was, if anything, even bigger than when he took it out before. I shrank inside in terror at the very idea that my body would have to take that inside it. I could not even begin to imagine what that would feel like. I knew from talking to my friends that had married that it would hurt. That the first time was awful was a well-known fact to any woman, but what it would feel like? They had tried to tell me and I had gotten sick just thinking of it. Now it was going to happen, and not with a husband, in the dark, on my wedding night, but here in this wagon, in the light. With the man who was taking me, not a caring husband but, a stranger.

“Don’t fret at it so, my darlin. I promise to be as gentle as I can. I know just how to do this, having taken the flower from more than a few maidens in my time. Now, trust me. Lay back there on the bed for me and open your legs.” As he told me this, he took himself in hand and stroked the length. I saw a white ooze drip from the tip as he slid a hood of skin down over that purple head. “That’s right, just like that.”

That I had moved onto the bed and even done as he asked came as a surprise to me. I felt the scratchy blanket under my bare ass cheeks, as I slide further from him and that thing of his. That thing that he was going to be put into me.

“The rains must come back,” I thought to myself as he climbed up into his bed and walked on his knees between my legs.

“Damn girl, you have some nice titties.”

I winced as his hands, hard and rough, took a hold of one of my breasts and gave it painful squeeze. His finger found the dark brown nipple, and I screamed as he canlı bahis siteleri pinched it too hard.

“Ow, ow ow!”

“Oh, hush now. That couldn’t have hurt a tough farm girl like you.” He moved his hand and cupped me under my thighs. With a sudden jerk he had me flat on my back and my legs sinfully wide. He looked down at the thick patch of dark brown hair. I could feel the head of him brushing through my curls. Then his gaze moved across my belly to my breast. “Yep, damn nice titties.”

His hand was between us, moving him, and then as I felt that slick head moved to where I pee from, I started to shake my head. I reached down to try and move his thing from before me but it was too late. With a grunt he thrust that hard bridge of his flesh between my lips and up against a point of pain inside me. As I tried to move back from him, he leaned his weight down onto me and something gave way.

The shriek that tore its way from my throat was painful even to my ears. It echoed in the small wagon, bouncing back from his dozens of ticking clocks. It died away, almost as quickly as it had begun though, as loss of breath took away my ability to scream. One of his hands was just under my ribs, lying flat on my stomach, as he pulled back almost out of me.

“There, there my dear. See that wasn’t so bad. The worst is already over and now you can simply enjoy the rest, as best you can.” He looked down at me with a superior-than-thou grin. “After this you can truly call yourself a woman.”

Tears rolled down my cheeks to soak his pillow when I turned my head away from that face. How could I have thought him handsome once?

I grunted out a second scream when he thrust deeper into me than before. Then I couldn’t make a sound as his full weight came down upon me. My legs were forced wider by his hips till the joints hurt. I had to lift them a bit to make that stop, but no sooner had I done that then he grabbed the backs of them and all but bent me over. I felt a bristle of beard rubbing my neck raw as he leaned his head in next to mine.

There was now a deeper pain, no longer just the burning, stretched feeling, but now a hard punched-in-the-gut ache, that took the little air I had from me. I felt myself being forced open more with each thrust, till I must have reached the limits of what my body would do.

“Oh yeah, so very tight. You have such a good little cunny. I’m going plant some seed in this valley I’ve plowed. Oh yeah, we’ll make the rains come. Isn’t that what you want?” he asked between thrusts. “Answer me, girl. You want the rains to come?”

“Yes,” I whimpered.

“What was that? I didn’t hear you. You want the rains to come?” I noticed his breath was a panting groan with each driving lurch into me.


“That’s a good girl. Oh yeah, you’re going to make the rains come, they’re going to come hard! That’s what you want isn’t it? You want all of it don’t ya, every inch of the rain?”

“Yes, I want every inch,” I told him, wishing he would just be silent and finish. The longer this went on, and the more he spoke the more I began to feel like a fool. What had I done? As I felt my body being made to wrap around him, bend to his desire and will, I, in my heart, knew what my head didn’t want to know. I had been a fool to let this man, this rainmaker, take me like this. I had been a foolish, young girl.

But I would not be a foolish young woman. Oh no, I would not.

“Don’t… don’t… finish… in me,” I told him, holding him up from my chest enough to get a breath. “Don’t do that.”

He laughed, looking down at my face.

“Too late.”

With a thrust much harder than any before, he pushed the whole of himself into me. I could not contain the scream of pain as that hard shaft pushed against the inside of me, causing me to hurt and making the torn places burn. Then I felt it, a slick wet feeling deep up inside me.

“Oh god, no!” I thought, trying to push him up from me, but couldn’t

He had finished inside me. More and more of it seemed to flow out of him and into me as he gasped for breath and clutched at me. He gave weaker and weaker thrust each time. Then his mouth went to one of my nipples, and he bit down hard while sucking at me, like he was some kind of newborn. I felt nothing but disgust at this man now. I had once thought him so handsome and so dignified a man. A Bible reader. A city-bred man, so much more educated than the simple farmers around here. The maker of that miracle machine under the tarp that would bring back the rains.

That he, a grown man, would want to suck at me like a child not yet weaned was disgusting.

Then he was sitting up, his body dripping sweat back down on me. I felt him pull out, and when I looked down, I saw, to my horror blood mixed with some thick white slime. He collected this on a handkerchief and folded it upon itself.

“There you are my dear, your maiden blood mixed with my seed. All that my machine needs to make the rains return. Now.” He got to his feet, holding onto the bed frame as he stood up. I looked down at the drooping length of him. Not nearly so impressive now as it had been. Not frightening at all, in fact. “If you would be so kind as to get dressed. I have an incredible amount of work to do to get the machine ready to operate.”

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