Uncle Jared’s Family Bonding

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I hadn’t seen my brother Eddie in years. But that’s what happens when you’re a city businessman and your brother lives out in the sticks. Eddie had inherited our parent’s farmland, no love lost there, it was a money pit, more land than farm, but Eddie had always liked the quiet life. He and his wife had settled down with some kids and boom, they were out of sight, out of mind. But when I got the call that Pricilla had passed, I knew it was time to reconnect.

A flight led to a tax, and a taxi led to a bus stop, and then I was out in the middle of nowhere, nothing but forests and fields for miles. It was pretty, in a dull sort of way. Eddie met me at the bus stop. The ride back was quiet, and it was dusk by the time we rode up the drive.

“Your old rooms made up for ya,” Eddie said

I nodded and headed down the hall, passed two quiet rooms that must be his kid’s. Shit, they ought to be teens by now.

It rained the day of the funeral, and the turn out was dismal. six or seven far-off neighbors showed up. I made small talk and helped myself to the food. Eddie’s daughter, my niece, finally emerged from her room. She was a pretty thing, dressed in a pair of short shorts and a tank, dark red hair, and dark eyes with full lips. She moved about, saying little but helping where she could.

“Ella!” Eddie barked. “Set up the dessert platters!” She jumped slightly and got straight to it. Well-behaved for teenagers I thought to myself. Cody, the son had been talking with guests. he was less fine than his sister but seemed a hard worker, a typical farm boy. It was hard to believe this was my only living family. I felt far removed in my city suit and polished shoes.

As guests left Ella began to subduedly clean dishes and to my surprise Eddie and Cody plopped down on the couch. “Take a seat, Jared, don’t you mind Ella there. She’s full of southern hospitality.” I shrugged, not arguing with a man who just lost his wife on how to run his home and took a seat. We watched football for the remainder of the evening as Ella cleaned. I caught myself taking a few glances as her ass cheeks as she worked, her long legs accentuated but her frayed shorts. I didn’t feel too bad though, I barely knew this girl, she didn’t mean much to me as a niece past her title.

As the game finished and the TV clicked off I yawned to retire early. My flight was tomorrow and I had made my appearance, it was time to leave this quiet boring hovel. I lay in bed almost asleep when I heard the noise. It was the unmistakable noise of a creaky bed and a box spring mattress. Did Codie have a girl over? Eddie? I crept out and to my surprise heard the noise coming from Ella’s room. I turned around and went into Eddie’s room to alert him his daughter was fooling around under his roof. But when I entered his room—Eddie wasn’t there.

Shit. Well, I had to do something. I opened Ella’s door and if I had thought I had been surprised before, I was baffled by what I saw taking place in the room. The light was dim, and Ella lay splayed on the bed, hands grasping firmly to the sheets, a hand pressed down on her mouth, her grunts stifled as a man twice her size fucked her, gruff jerks in between her open legs. It took me three thrusts to wrap my head around the fact that it was Eddie, and it took Eddie four thrusts to realize I was standing in the doorway, mouth ajar.

He climbed off her quickly and ran a hand through his hair, a man caught and without words.

“Jared…What the fuck are you doing in here?”

I ignored the question as it was absurd and looked passed him to Ella who lay kocaeli escort eyed closed on the bed, legs barred shut.

Eddie ushered me from the room and into the hall.

“Listen. I can explain.” He said I cocked an eyebrow.

“I doubt it. You’re fucking your daughter.”

“Jared, she’s the spitting image of Pricilla. Hell, she’s hotter. I’m confused, I’m grieving.” He continued to ramble.

I put a hand up, “Level with me, Eddie. How long has this been going on, and how willing is Ella in this.”

Eddie ran a hand through his hair again and took a breath.

“Since Pricilla’s chemo. About a year ago. She ain’t fought me since the first time, maybe the second. She lays there like a good girl, take’n care of her daddy.”

“How do you hide it from Codie?”

Jared looked confused for a moment then said, “Oh no, Codie watches from time to time. He’s never taken her proper but he likes it well enough.”

“And Ella?”??Eddie swiped the air, “Shoot. Ella ain’t got no opinions on it. She’s lady of the house now and does as her Momma taught her, she care for the men of her house. Things are different out here in the Boonies brother.”

“Things are illegal,” I said

Eddie looked put out then his eyes sparked, “True if there’s someone to tell. But Ella a good little thing, and if I let you in, you’ve got no need to tell, am I right?”

“Eddie, are you suggesting I fuck my niece?”

Eddie shrugged, “Do what you want with her. She gives a good blow too, you can shove the whole thing in and she don’t fight none.”

I started to reject but he rushed, pulling me back into the room. “Here. I’ll show ya. Ella—”

He snapped his fingers and grabbed her by the arm, having her stand before me. Her nightgown was loose and translucent in the moonlight. Pink nipples pressed against the fabric.

“Show Jared how you suck me off.” Then he pressed her down to her knees and unzipped, bulbous cock flinging forward he squeezed her cheeks and popped his cock straight in. Bunching her hair into a fist he rammed continuously into her, as she breathed deeply through her nose and accepted him. The slaps of saliva and groans making my own dick twitch.

“See?” Eddie said, still face fucking his daughter. “Like a baby on a tit, she just sucks away. Never tired.”

Before I could think I was unzipping my own pants. My cock is double my brothers. I was astonished when he pulled her off him and turned her only for her to accept my size in stride. Her mouth was wet and warm, her tongue lolled brushing against my veins. I drove into her like I did my fist when I jerked off. The feeling of not holding back a type of intoxication. She began to gulp as deep throated her, soft lips pressed against the base of my shaft. Eddie began beating himself off but then turned and moved the bed so it was sideways in the room.

He pulled her off me, and she gasped, choking down air and she was slammed onto the bed. She groaned, but we were on either side of her, the task only half complete, I pulled the nightgown from her body and she way there, lean yet supple, hanging off either side of the bed. I grabbed her breasts eagerly, then dipped my cock back into her warm mouth. On the other side, Eddie raised her thighs and began pressing his fat prick into her tiny pussy. He started to rock in her as he had before, in forceful pumps, we gained a rhythm in moments and she was dragged back and forth across the bed like a two-man hand saw. The slap of Eddie’s balls against her ass and the gurgle of my cock going down her throat the only noise for a while.

Eddie kocaeli escort bayan grew close to cuming. “Good girl.” He moaned just as he pulled out and came on her flat stomach. There was no such luck for her on my end though. My cock was still gliding into her with vigor, and she was taking it like a machine. Her tits jiggled and bounced and she sucked my cock and I bent down unable to resist pinching the soft flesh between my teeth. She cried out and I realized I liked that even more than her perfect sucking skills.

Trying to get her to cry out more I twisted and pulled on them, her nipples as hard as diamonds due to my abuse of them. Eddie had left and returned with Codie who now masturbated to his sister in the corner wordlessly. Holding her breasts like handles, I face fucked her, and as she cried out again I came, her mouth filled with my cum. But I wasn’t like Eddie. I was never done after just one go of it. She swallowed and gasped, a bitch well trained, and I switched sides with Eddie, while he worked at getting hard again.

Drawing her legs apart I entered her cunt she began to whine slightly, and Eddie pet her hair and soothed her, his cock half swollen he pressed it to her lips. “Good girl. You show your Uncle Jared a good time now. He’s a man of this house too.” Her teeth gritted clothed and her eyes shut as I entered her, she was un-use to my size and girth and I felt her body tense. The squeeze into her pussy was firm but yielding, then finally I felt her tight pussy give way and I began fucking her. I held her thin waist for support and within seconds I had gained speed and was barreling into her full force. She cried out and moaned, the more powerful the stroke the more grunts of anguish. Her body rippled with the force of each thrust.

Codie let out a moan from the corner, his fist jerking across his cock in a ragged motion, sweat dripping from his forehead. Eddie finally beefed up and pulled Ella’s head back, shoving his plump cock between her lips. Groans and the slap of skin on skin filled the room, the warm southern air mixing with sweat and the smell of sex.

I felt my balls swell with my impending second orgasm, I penetrated her deep and forcefully until I could hold out no longer. Following the etiquette Eddie had displayed I released myself on her stomach, the spasm from my cock lasting what felt a lifetime, I grew instantly light-headed and felt the purest bliss of my life. As I took a step back to lean against the wall and catch my breath I was surprised to see Codie stumble forward feverishly and take my place. He practically crammed his entire cock inside her and leaned into her with everything he had. Father and son humping into Ella like she was little more than a bitch in heat.

Eddie breathed his praise in between thrusts. “That’s it son, fuck her. That’s right, let her have it.” Then to Ella, “That’s a good girl. Accept his cock. Be a good girl for daddy.” Ella was a VERY good girl. She lay there, accepting double penetration, the only sign of her discomfort her gagged moans and how tightly she held her bedsheets. Once Codie had finished it triggered Eddie’s load and his seed spilled out the sides of his daughter’s swollen lips. He lightly slapped her cheeks reminding her to swallow.

When all three men had finished we stood there, heavy breathing. Ella lay gasping, swollen breasts rising and falling, and I actually felt a twinge rise in my pants once more. Opting to catch my breath I left the room with the other two and we all journeyed to our separate rooms to sleep it off.

The next morning I sat drinking my coffee, izmit escort checking on my flight updates. Ella came out and quietly began working on breakfast. It was like nothing had happened. The only indication of how thoroughly she had been fucked last night evident in the way she walked like she was sore and hollowed out. I sat in silence while she fried eggs and sat them down on the dining room table in front of me.

“Just for me huh?” I said, not able to help a smug smirk.

“Pa will get mad if I make him food that’ll get cold. He ain’t up for a few hours.”

I realized then she was only up because I was up. I had gotten up early to check into my flight. This was better than hotel service. “Ah,” I said, taking a bite of the eggs. I continued to eat and she stood there, practically on standby until I needed anything. Turns out while I was fine, my morning wood was less morning, more wood as I looked down at her slim figure. She wore a simple slip, probably her mothers, and it looked like nothing else. Her perky tits pressing against the satin.

“Come here and sit on my lap while I eat.” I made sure it was less of a beckoning, more of a command. She did so, tentatively sitting on my right thigh. I took another bite and stretched my arm around her, pulling her towards me and pressing her into my solid frame. Her slip shifting up so that her bare ass was against my cock. My hand moved under her nightgown and fondled her breasts while I finished my meal.

Upon finishing I set my fork down and she got up to remove it, but I jerked her back, the dishes shaking on the table.

I pressed my mouth to her neck, and breathed into her ear, “not just yet.” She shivered beneath me as I uncoiled my arm and pushed aside the breakfast plate, then quickly shoved her face down on the table. She whimpered but didn’t struggle as I kept her head pressed down with on hand and pushed the slip up with the other. Her smooth, white, bare ass stood at attention, curving into a narrow waist. I gave a strong slap just to see it ripple beneath me, then pulled my boxers down to release my cock.

Knowing I couldn’t enter her raw without some difficulty I reached over to the butter on the table and rubbed a chunk of it into her ass crack, she let out another whimper as my buttered fingers entered her ass. Then it turned into a groan as I stretched her.

“Please… Pa don’t enter that way…” She said quietly, nervously.

rubbing the last of the butter onto my cock I angled my cock to her ass and leaned it,

“Well, I ain’t your Pa.”

Then I shoved.

She cried out and I felt a moment of excitement realizing no matter how loud she yelled nobody was going to stop me, I could do no wrong here. Holding her in place on the table I shoved again, inching in with each thrust. She gripped the table for dear life, hips banging into the edge each time I jerked into her. Then I pulled back and with force re-entered, my thick cock stretching her young body to its limits. She gasped and moaned, her tight ass accepting my rod hungrily, latching on tight— causing fantastic friction and pull as I fucked her. As my momentum kicked up a notch I felt my final seize before cuming, I rammed into her upon my release, my seed bursting into her and filling her to the brim. I pulled out and she gasped slumping down from the table to sit on the floor. I wondered if she was even capable of rising right then. I walked away without another word to finish packing up my things.

Eddie and I shared a firm handshake on my way out, when we’d left the house Ella had been sucking Codie off in the living room, I’m sure Eddie was eager to return home. As I got on the plane I realized I too was more eager for a return visit. After all, family was incredibly important. ?

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