Tim, the Teenage Part V

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Note: —I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I’m not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it’s not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I’ve decided to split all of these up into smaller posts. And I believe you’ll thank me for this because, as where chapters I and II were just two parts, this one chapter was supposed to be 11 parts. I’ve added an extra part to this posting because it has no sex in it and you guys would probably just skip over it. ENJOY—-—

Tim, the Teenage Part Five By: Rass Senip

+++ Chapter III: 9th Grade – Winter 1986 Part 3 – The Horror of the Power (mc, Mm, Mf, Mfm)

“Come to me slave,” the huge man said. “You’re mine now.” I felt my legs obey the deep voice, finding myself trapped in a body I couldn’t control. It was kneeing before him with my head down in servitude, while my mind screamed at it’s refusal to obey me. “So, you found my pet, did you? How did you… Ah, I see. I missed something. Well, at least my small mistake was not a foolish one. Now I have a new slave who’s powers I will add to my own. I already own your body.. Now I shall take your mind and soul..” I felt his mind attacking mine, feeling my mental shield start to buckle as his strength was far greater than mine. As the last of my defense crumbled, I suddenly became aware that his commands had a shape to them. They had almost a physical form. My mind barely noticed as these objects entered my mind and joined with it.
I was lost in curiosity until he spoke. “Slave, rise and worship your new master.” I looked up at the man and found I wanted to please him. I knew he had changed me, but didn’t care. I felt as if I was a puppet without strings. I was a willing puppet. “Oh master. Please, tell me what you wish me to do,” I said. “First, I wish you to make your two lovers my slaves as well.” “At once, Master,” I gleefully said. I couldn’t believe I was going to do it. I felt myself struggling against it, but the need to please him was too strong. Suzi and Joey appeared before me, and I quickly enslaved them to my master. “Master!” They both said, as the rushed up to him. They started kissing his chest, working their way down. I simply stood there waiting to be told what my master wanted next. I watched painfully as they both declared their everlasting love for him.

I was horrified as my master stood up and declared he was ready to take their souls. He unsnapped the cloth covering his crotch, and his huge dick was now unveiled. My master commanded Suzi to lay down. He tore her shorts and panties off with a single movement of his hand. Then I watched has he shoved his extremely large dick in Suzi’s virgin vagina. Suzi screamed in pain, but soon was whimpering in pleasure as her master’s dick pounded her without compassion. My conflicting feelings of love for my friends and the need to serve my master in every way were tearing me apart. When my master released his seed inside Suzi, he got off her without any show of gratitude. To him, she was a toy, an object to be used and discarded. Suzi was gently crying, but not because she had been used so horribly. She was crying because her master was done using her. I felt my heart breaking at the horribleness.

My master didn’t stop there, however. Joey was now cleaning his dick off with his tongue. Then he licked his lips and worked his way to my master’s ass. I shuttered and became sick to my stomach as I imagined Joey eating my master’s shit, but to my relief, my master stopped Joey’s licking. He commanded Joey to fuck Suzi. Disappointedly he mounted her. As I watched Joey go through the motions, my master kneeled down behind him, pressed his dick up against Joey’s asshole, and violently shoved it into him. Joey screamed in agony, while his master pumped his huge cock in and out. The screams echoed in my head, but I soon realized they had become screams of pleasure, and that Joey was calling my name. “Ahhhhggg, Harder Tim. Harder!” I watched in amazement as the man I called my master started growing younger. I couldn’t believe it when my own face looked up and said, “Come, Tim. This is your destiny.” I couldn’t stop myself from walking up to him, then I took my man sized dick and plunged it into my own form on top of Joey. The horror, the wrongness, the incredible amount of pleasure filled me as I felt my body become the man who was my master.

I awoke screaming. I was so terrified that I had even wet myself. The most realistic dream I have ever had played out my greatest fear. I was convinced it had not been a dream, but a vision of the inescapable future. It was my destiny to become the most uncaring, evil person I ever could imagine, and destroy everything and everyone I loved just for the pleasure of it. I was still screaming when my mother switched the light on. She spent an hour calming me down, but despite her soothing words, I couldn’t fall asleep the rest of the night. The next day at school I was a wreck. I couldn’t tell Suzi or Joey what was wrong. I wanted to tell them to run and hide from me, and never let me find them. I couldn’t get the images out of my head. I finally broke down in my sixth hour class. It was all suddenly too much for me. I just put my head down into my arms on the desk and started crying. I went for about five minutes before someone noticed.

When Mrs. Taut put her hand on my back and asked what was wrong, I looked up at her and accidentally looked in her eyes. The brief contact with my horror and sorrow made her gasp. She still didn’t understand why I was crying, but she knew I was becoming so lost in grief I would be a danger to myself. The thought hadn’t formed in my own head, but she knew I would attempt suicide if I didn’t get help. She took me down to the nurses’ office, and was taking to both Principle Higgs and the nurse. My mother had been called, and she was coming right over. I didn’t care. I really didn’t care what happened to me at that point. Higgs tried to speak to me privately, but I wasn’t listening to his words. I just said, “you just don’t understand,” and didn’t say anything more. He went back through the door that connected the nurses’ office with the main office. My ears picked out him saying Suzi’s and Joey’s names.

A minute later I heard someone speaking into the PA asking for them to come to the office. I probably would have stopped them if I hadn’t been so depressed. I just sat there, sitting slumped on the nurse’s couch, looking at a piece of dirt on the floor. I wanted to just fade away into nothing. I had hit rock bottom when Higgs brought Suzi and Joey into the nurses’ office. I ignored their pleads to know what was wrong, my only response to them was the tears rolling off my checks. I blocked every attempt Joey made to find out using his own small abilities. Once Joey had stopped trying, Suzi ran out holding back her own tears. I made the decision I had to end it all before I hurt anyone else. Without a word I sent Joey and Higgs out after Suzi, then quickly scanned the nurses’ mind for the fastest method of ending it all. My mind was made up, and once the nurse unlocked the medicine cabinet, I made her leave too. I closed the door to the office, walked up to the medicine cabinet, took the two bottles of pills that if taken together would cause me to go to sleep and never wake up.

When my mother finally arrived, I was already becoming drowsy. As soon as she saw what I had done, she gently sat down beside me and said, “Timmy, why? Why are you doing this. You haven’t done anything to deserve dying for..” All I said to her was, “I’m sorry.” “Tim. You’re not going to die. I won’t let you,” she said in total calm. I felt her attempting to make me throw up. I started to feel sick in the stomach, so I began canceling her commands as she was sending them out. Even though I was very drowsy, my mother was no match for me when it came to my own body. “Timmy, stop fighting me!” she said with the first sign of concern. I wanted to die. I didn’t care if no one else wanted me to. She realized she wasn’t going to get anywhere that way, and quickly analyzed her options. I was finding it hard to keep myself alert, and barely was able to react in time when she attempted to change my mind by force. She pounded me with the command “live!” I started to slip into a dreamy state. I kept brushing her endless stream of commands away like I was swatting a fly.

In fact, I started seeing them as flies, and I simply took my swatter and swatted them away. As I drifted farther and farther from reality, the flies started becoming larger. I found myself not swatting flies, but hitting baseballs with a bat. The balls became bigger, and bat became heavier, and I started having trouble swinging my bat. Then the balls were not balls. They were some strange looking letters out of no alphabet I recognized. The symbol was always the same, and as I swung the bat one last time, I understood what the symbol was. Just before the next symbol hit me square in my imaginary gut, I knew I wanted to live. Not because my mother had succeeded, but because I had discovered kocaeli escort something new. I wasn’t conscious when I threw up into the pan my mother held. I had been fairly close to succeeding in my suicide. Perhaps another two minutes would have made all the difference. I was in the hospital for two days, one of which I slept entirely through. When I awoke, I found the world seemingly just like it had been. But I had found a reason to live. I wanted to understand the symbols I saw in my two dreams. I didn’t start questioning my mother about the symbols until the ride home. To my utter dismay, she didn’t know what I was talking about.

The school insisted I go see a shrink before returning to school, and as things turned out, I wound up helping Dr. Cain (the 39 year old woman my mother picked) more than she helped me. At first it seemed like we were playing mind games. I wasn’t about to tell her about my dream, since she simply wouldn’t believe why it was so disturbing. But somehow she knew I was holding back the most important part, so she kept trying to get me to give it away. Since I was watching her thoughts for the response she was trying to get, she was getting nowhere. I found her thoughts to be very organized and overall a pleasant experience. She really didn’t try anything tricky. She just used her knowledge of how people should react to certain questions to guide her towards her patient’s trouble spots. But with me, every answer I gave wasn’t informative. On my fifth session, she finally ran out of ideas. So she sat in her chair and looked at me for several minutes.

Suddenly, I felt something brush my mind. My startled expression didn’t go unnoticed, because she asked, “What’s the matter?” “You just probed me,” I said after a moment’s hesitation. “Excuse me?” she said with genuine confusion. “You just tried to see what I was thinking. Didn’t you know you were doing it?” “I’m still not sure I know what you’re talking about,” she said with some doubt. “Why did you wait so long to do it? Wouldn’t it have been easier just to peek in my head the first day?” “Tim, are you feeling okay? You’re not making sense.” “You really don’t understand, do you..” “No, I don’t believe I do. Does this have anything to do with what upset you?” “No, not… Well actually, I guess it does. But not in the way you mean.” She waited for me to continue, but I wasn’t sure which way to go. So I asked her, “A minute ago, when we were just looking at each other not saying anything, what were you thinking?” “Hmm? All right. Let me think… At first I was considering having a private session with your mother, and then I was trying to imagine what was going on in your head. Sometimes it helps me see something I missed and…” “What if I said you might not have been imagining what was going on in my head.” “I don’t really follow…” “Yes you do. I can see it on the tip of you mind.” Her eyes grew wide a moment, but then shook her head and said, “I’m sorry. I’m not falling for it.” “You think I’m trying to trick you?” I said surprised, and a little amused. “It hasn’t been the first time someone has tried that trick on me. It never works. I can always tell..” I looked at her, and felt her mind attempt to probe me again. I allowed it.

The look on her face made me grin, and for a moment I thought she was going to panic. But she got a hold of herself. “You’re serious. You really believe you can read minds.” “Believe? Yes I believe it, because I can. But you can to, a little.” She said in a shaky voice, “What do you mean?” I sighed. She was a very down to earth person. She had no room in her mind for ‘supernatural’ powers and that sort. “I’ll try to explain, but you have to promise to, uhm, keep an open mind about this.” “I always do.” “Okay. Lets like start with what I’m thinking right now. Try to imagine what is going on in my head right now.” “Okay.. but I don’t know what that will..” I felt a faint probe, not really even full one. She started to, but for some reason she stopped it. “Why did you stop?” “Stop what? I’m trying to imagine what you are thinking.” “No, you started to peek, but then you stopped. Hrrr. You really don’t have any control over it do you.” “Tim, I think we are letting this go too far. Why don’t we..” I made eye contact right then and felt the familiarity pass between us. I tried to emphasize my truthful intentions in trying to help her. When I broke away, she blinked at me and just said, “Extraordinary.” “What was?” I said grinning at her. “I never have felt such a strong sense of contact like that. How did you do that?” “To tell you the truth, I don’t really know how that works. It’s different that just popping in and out of heads.” “So, if you really can read minds, what am I thinking right now?” “What? The spotted elephant? Or how you are starting to believe me, even if you don’t want too.” She stared at me for a moment, then shook her head. “I can’t allow you to do this. Some how you are planting suggestions and I am falling for it.” I sighed.

This was getting old. I wanted to help her understand what she could do, but I was beginning to wonder if she would ever even accept she could do it. “Doctor, I am not going to force you to believe me. You have tried to peek in my head using you own mind twice now, and started to a third time. I only know of two other people who can do that. Me and my mother. “If you really want to know what I have been going through, you would have to believe we can read other peoples minds, and more. I mean, that’s part of my problem. So if you don’t stop thinking about what your father said to you when you were…. uhm… seven, I might as well go home.” She sat there blinking at me, then said softly, “What did my father say to me?” “People create their own world in their mind to live in. They will do anything to convince others to live in it with them. Don’t let them convince you.” “I’ve always lived by those words. That’s why I became a psychologist… But what world do you live in?” “The same one you do, because I know you believe me.” “There is no other explanation for knowing what my father said to me. But I am not sure I can truly accept your explanation.” “Well, let me help you. Try imagining what I’m thinking again.” “Okay, but I’m having trouble thinking myself,” she said with a weak grin. I watched her mind for a few minutes, but she just wasn’t doing it. “Relax a little. You must be trying too hard. Here, let me give you a hint..” I sent her a.. there is no other word for it.. a thought. Or more precisely, a part of the thought process that would trigger her mental probe.

I watched her combine that with all sorts of combinations of thoughts, and finally, she got it right. “You’re thinking about my telephone on my desk, and something else… Oh..” She broke of her connection. “What?” I said a little confused. “I couldn’t get past your fear and pain. You really are hurting inside.” “Yeah, and I don’t think you could handle it yet. I mean, you just now figured out how. You can barely handle that.” “Maybe you’re right. But my job is to help you, not the other way around. I would like to try. It would be the least I could do.” “I just hope you don’t have to go through what I have. Look, let me think about it. I’m not ready to share this with anyone yet, and you’re not ready anyway. I promise I won’t jump off any cliffs. As long as you don’t quit your job and become a mind reader at the circus or something.” “I don’t think there is much of a chance for that. If I really can do this with anyone, I can help a lot of people. And it would be so much faster. Thank you Tim. It is just starting to sink in how good this will be.” “Enjoy it while you can… Uhm, look. It’s not that I don’t trust you or anything, but…” “What is it Tim. Of course you can trust me.” “Well, you see… You would figure this out anyway so I might as well tell you… We can do more than just read minds. You can change them too.” “Change them? You mean control them? I can’t see you turning people into zombies..” “Not zombies. Well, I guess you could if you wanted to, but that would stupid. I mean, you can make people do or think what ever you want. Oh shit.” “What?” she said surprised by my language. “Man. How could I be so stupid. I’ve just showed you and told you everything that has screwed me up so bad. Shit.” “Tim, I don’t understand. What is so horrible?” “You don’t know how hard it is to resist making people into what you want. But now… Well, pretty soon you’ll either be seeing a shrink yourself, or turning everyone you have the hots for into your slave,” I said, starting to shake all over. “I’m sorry. I can’t put you through it…” “I felt that! What did you do?!” “You won’t be able to control anyone. It’s for the best. Believe me.” “Tim! That was uncalled for! You are treating me like a child, which I am not. I had no intentions of controlling anyone and…” “Doctor, I know you believe that now, but sooner or later you would have tried it, and then you would have found it easier to use it every time you did. I shouldn’t have shown you anything in the first place. But _you _understand _I _had _to _do _it.” I saw my commands strike home in her mind, and saw her anger fade. “You did something again, didn’t you.” “Yes. I’m sorry. You still can read kocaeli escort bayan minds you know.” “Yes, I suppose that is all I need. Well Tim, I hate to say it, but our time is up for today. Next week, how about I help you instead of the other way around?” “Maybe,” I said as I got up to leave. “Only if we are both ready.” “Well I’ll try,” she said, with a grin. “See you next week, Doctor Brandton.”

++++++++++++Part 4 – A Little Help From Your Friends. (no sex)+++++++++++++++

Dr. Cain informed my school I could return the following Monday. I had avoided Suzi and Joey the entire time I had been out of school, but on Monday, it was impossible to so anymore. “Hi,” Joey said in a soft voice as I sat down next to him on the bus to school. “Hi,” was all I could manage. I shuddered as I realize I was going to start crying again if I didn’t get a hold of myself. “Is your voice changing again?” Joey asked. “No,” I replied. “I’m just kinda horse from…” I stopped. I screamed this morning almost as long as the first night I had my nightmare. I knew I would be seeing Joey and Suzi that day, and I was very… scared about that. “You still having that dream?” Joey said, almost a whisper. I nodded as my tears started to flow down my cheeks. We sat there in silence for most of the ride, but I finally put on a fake smile and said, “I guess you haven’t had much action lately, have ya?” To my surprise, he turned a little pale, but then put on a fake grin himself and said, “Yeah, I guess not.” After that, I couldn’t get rid of a feeling of even more tension between us. It was obvious what I said upset him, but I didn’t violate his privacy, mainly because I knew any kind of shock would make me go to pieces. We didn’t say anything else for the rest of the trip, and apart from a few words with Suzi before our first class, I didn’t say another word until we were all sitting together at lunch. “I guess I scared you guys pretty bad. I’m sorry.”

The silence remained between us. I started to feel there was something else wrong. Suzi and Joey kept glancing at each other. Joey finally said, “It wouldn’t have been so bad if you would have talked to us. I mean, I’ve talked to your mom more than you the past two weeks.” “I cried myself to sleep every night last week, and,” Suzi started. She didn’t continue. She was going to start crying on her lunch if she had. “It’s been really hard on her too. Last week, we skipped a couple of classes be cause she was so upset… and…” Joey faltered. I felt the tension sky rocket. Suzi was staring at Joey, looking surprised. Then she looked at me, and we accidentally made eye contact. “Oh, shit!” Joey said when he saw it. “Timmy, we wanted to tell you, but we had to tell you in private. And you wouldn’t ta…” I got up and as made my way through the tables as fast as I could. My eyes full of tears, my heart broken in half. They had done it. They had gone all the way. All the way, without me. Without me. I walked as fast as I could to the exit, not even hesitating to make the guard not only open the door and allow me to leave, but under no circumstances let Joey or Suzi to follow me. I was sobbing up all two flights of stairs, and even had trouble opening the door to our room. They had done it in here. On the couch. The small stain of blood from Suzi almost blended in with the pattern of the old flower patterned couch. I put my hand up to it, about to touch it, then pulled my hand away. I sat down next to it and just let myself sink into my grief.

I almost didn’t hear Suzi knocking urgently on the door. “Timmy! Help Joey! Please Timmy! He’s in trouble!” I looked up and saw her teary face through the window. I saw she was truly afraid for Joey, so I nodded and felt for his mind. I found him being taken to the principles office by one of the male teachers. After the woman guarding the door wouldn’t let them leave, Joey did the only thing he could think of. He told Suzi to get to me no matter what happened, then turned around and tackled the unsuspecting woman. I reached out and made the teacher holding Joey let him go, then had him forget what taken place. It only took Joey a moment to realize what had happened, then he turned and raced to the stairs. Suzi had let herself in by then, and sat down next to me. I didn’t look at her, and pulled my hand away when she took it into hers.
Joey reached the door out of breath a second later, then stood there relieved I was okay. He stayed in the doorway, letting Suzi talk to me first. “Tim, we didn’t mean for it to happen. It just.. happened. Last Thursday I couldn’t take it anymore. You wouldn’t see us, you wouldn’t even talk to us. We both were miserable.. Joey was holding me while I was crying, and… well, I needed him more than I ever needed anyone before.” “You had sex. Without me. Without ME.” I sobbed. “How could you. How could either of you. I LOVE YOU!” I started heaving out the really heavy sobs, and wound up choking on one. “Joey, close the door and put something over the window too.” Suzi said as she held me to her chest. “Why?” I managed to sputter out. “Tim, Joey and I didn’t have sex. We made love. Now were going to make love to you. Both of us.”
I lurched away from her as if she was full of electric current. “NO!” I said, terrified. The shock on their faces was no match to the horror on mine. I turned away from them and put my face into the arm of the couch and started to sob again. I had used up most of my tears, so I was mostly making the ‘waa’ sounds. “Tim,” Suzi said softly as she rubbed my back. “If you really love us, then tell us. Why did you try and kill yourself.” Her voice started to break up saying, “Why are you scared of us.” I looked up at her, then at Joey who was kneeling beside the couch next to me. “I’m not scared of you,” I said glancing back and forth between them. “I’m afraid of me.” “Shit. I knew it.” Joey said, a little disgusted. “Tim, you’re acting like a fuckin’ baby,” he said angrily. “Joey, don’t be so mean!” Suzi begged. “Well somebody needs make him face this. Why is it that only I see that?” “Fuck you, Joey.” I said. “That’s it!” Joey said standing up. “Tim, either you are going to tell us about that dream, or I’m going to… I don’t know what. But you won’t like it.” “NO! Don’t you understand! I wake up every morning, SCREAMING! Every time I close my eyes I see it! When I look at you, all I can think of is….” I shuttered again. “Tim, show us your dream. Joey is right. If you can’t face it yourself, let the three of us face it.” “Yeah, Tim. The three of us.” “But.. But..” Suzi looked straight in my eyes, and somehow triggered that familiar feeling. She made me feel better, and I knew they were right. They at least had the right to know. “Are you sure you want to see it? I could just tell you, I think.” “Suz and I talked about this before. If you have to live through this thing every night, we can live through it at least once.” “Okay, I guess. We better all sit down on the couch.” “Scoot over. You should be in the center,” Joey said. Suzi took my hand in hers, and Joey followed her example and took my other one. Out of habit, we all closed our eyes at the same time, putting a momentary smile on our faces. I was starting to shake as I linked up to them and prepared to share my memory of the dream.

As I started playing my memory in my mind, I somehow triggered the real thing. I never intended for them to experience the real dream, just my reconstruction of it. But once it started, I was trapped in the dream. And so were they. The dream was exactly the same as it had been the past two weeks. I was completely lost in the dream, but my mind kept feeding the experience to Joey and Suzi. As usual, I was screaming when it ended. Joey and Suzi we obviously upset, but they didn’t scream. Suzi hugged me as we both cried into each other’s shoulders. Joey was trying to comfort us both, and said to me, “I’m sorry Tim. I didn’t know. I didn’t know.” Once Suzi and I recovered, I did feel better. I even smiled once. We started talking about the dream. “I wish I never had found that memory in Katie’s mind,” Suzi said. “It caused all of this.” “Maybe, but it probably would of happened sooner or later anyway,” I said. “Why wouldn’t you talk to us?” Joey blurted out. “I.. I wanted.. I guess I wanted to protect you from me. I didn’t want you around me to get… you know.” “What? Fucked? Oh. Now I see why you had a spaz attack when we wanted to love ya.” “I can’t help but believe that it was more than a dream. I think it was real. I mean, that it was from the future. I’m destined to become my own slave, and turn you two into slaves too.” “Well, it wasn’t the future you know,” Joey said. “No, I don’t know.” Suzi said, “I understand. Joey is right. In the dream, I was a virgin. Remember?” I blinked at those words. It had hurt when she said that, but then I realized what it meant. They were right. It was only a dream. It couldn’t have been the future, and I was even sitting on the proof. I spread my legs and stared at the blood stain.

Confused, Joey and Suzi followed my gaze, then they knew I had gotten their point. “I can’t believe it,” I said slowly. “What?” Suzi said. “The two worst things izmit escort that ever happened in my life just.. canceled each other out. If you two hadn’t done it without me, I would never have stopped believing in that dream. I can’t believe it!” I said happily as I looked at Suzi. Her face lit up. “Does this mean you’re okay now?” “I think so. Well, I’m better anyway.” I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight. She gave me a peck on the cheek before I let her go. “Thank God. Maybe things will go back to normal, whatever that is.” Joey said. I turn around and look straight at him. “Joey, I’ll never doubt you again. Thanks, man.” His eyes got a soft look to them, and just leaned forward and hugged me. When we didn’t break the hug after a minute, Suzi wrapped her arms around me and hugged my back. We broke it up when the bell rang. Joey and Suzi started straighten up to go to class, when I said, “Let’s take the rest of the day off. I feel like we could use a little lovin'” They looked at each other, then at me. “Are you sure?” Joey asked. “No, but if I chicken out, you guys can go on without me. I could just.. watch.” “No, we wouldn’t do it again without you. Besides, Joey only took one of my cherries. We saved the other for you.” Suzi said with a wicked grin. “Yeah mine too, if you wanna.” “Holy shit! You’re serious! I don’t know guys… I mean, what if the dream..” “Fuck the dream shit Tim. It was a dream. That’s all it was. Only you are making it something more.” “Tim, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to. It’s up to you..” Suzi said, giving Joey a stern look. “Okay, I guess I shouldn’t be so anxious to get butt fucked,” Joey said with a grin.

They sat back down on the couch, and we talked about nothing in particular for a few minutes. The bell rang again, reminding us we were now officially skipping class. We sat on the couch for more than a minute without saying anything, just looking at each other. “So how many times did you guys do it?” I finally said to break the ice. Joey replied, “Just once. I guess we were so horny from not having our three ways, we couldn’t stand it anymore. Knew you would be upset, but we were pretty upset ourselves. I like cried a little myself after we did it because I like betrayed you.” “So, did you guys, you know, get naked?” “No,” Joey said. “We really hadn’t planned on doing it. We just got so hot from kissing, we both just had to get into each other’s underwear. Then I guess I… Told him to do it.” “More like you begged me.” Joey added. “Not that I had to be begged. When we got done, all we had to do was pull up our shorts a little. Man, did we have a guilt trip then.” “I brought a king size bed spread for us in case the three of us wanted to… get naked.” Suzi said grinning. “It’s behind the couch.” “So, are we?” Joey asked, always ready to get horny. I kept a straight face, and didn’t say anything. Both of their faces drooped. “Only if I get to strip you both,” I said, keeping my straight face. “You fucker,” Joey said with delight. “I guess that means we both have to share stripping you.” Suzi wasn’t going to wait to get naked. She crawled on my lap and wrapped her legs around my waist while grabbing my shoulders to keep her balance. “Kiss me you fool,” she said to me. “Uhm, I can’t.” “Why not?” she said. “Because if I did, I’ll come in my shorts. I haven’t jerked of for two weeks..” I said with a lustful look in my eyes. Not really disappointed, she climbed off, then pet my lump in my pants and said, “poor baby!”

Then she went to the side of the couch and started pulling out a huge overstuffed comforter/bedspread. I hadn’t noticed how the couch was nearly a foot away from the wall. She still had to have help pulling it out. I wondered how she had gotten it here in the first place, so I asked. “My brother drove me here with it Friday. I finally caught him peaking last week while I was on the phone with Joey playing with myself. He’ll do anything I want him to do as long as I don’t tell on him. Well, actually, part of the deal was he could watch me again as long as he stayed out of my room while I’m doing it.” “You didn’t tell me that part,” Joey said crossly as Suzi handed him a corner of the comforter. “That’s because you wanted to beat him up for spying on me. You forget he is a senior, and you’re just a lowly freshman,” Suzi said smiling at me while handing me my corner. “Besides, you might have wanted to do him afterwards.” “That’s gross. I’m not a fag, ya know.” Then Joey turned to me and said,” Are we going to fuck or what?” At first I thought it was the old Joey saying something stupid, but I saw through his mask for the first time. He deliberately had set himself up. “Have you always done that?” I asked. “Done what?” “Say something stupid, on purpose.” All he did was grin at me, and put his finger up to his lips. Suzi had been too busy laying out the comforter to have caught my last comment, so I just winked at him, then started straightening my corner of the comforter. “There. You think it’s enough room for three horny teenagers?” Suzi asked. “It’s big enough for ten horny teenagers and their pets.” I said. It could have gone from wall to wall one way, and covered a little more than half the floor in the room.” “Shit. Hey Tim, maybe we could get another room made up just so we don’t have to keep folding and unfolding this thing every time we get horny.” “Oh, sure.. Why don’t I ask Higgs for a king size bed while I’m at it. You know how hard it was to just get the couch. He was sure we were going to make this our private little sex club.” “Well, he was right, wasn’t he?” Suzi smiled sitting in the middle of the ‘bed’. “Well, yeah,” I admitted, sitting down next to her. “But he was thinking that when I told him about bringing others up here, that we would be having sex with them too.” Joey crawled up to us and started pulling off all our shoes, tossing them off the ‘bed’. “I guess he didn’t know it was a member’s only sex club,” he said as he pulled off the last shoe.

Suzi and I were sitting with our legs stretched out side by side, leaning back on our hands. Joey was sitting at our feet when he started crawling up our legs, brushing the lump in his shorts against our toes. Suzi and I just laid down. Joey crawled up to our chests, then laid halfway on top both of us, spreading his arms out to either side. He couldn’t really move without kneeing one of us somewhere, so he said, “Well, that won’t work,” and rolled off over me. He sat up beside me and said, “Does anyone have an idea how you have sex with two other people at the same time?” “Uhm….” I said. I didn’t have an answer. “It figures you men wouldn’t have a clue about how you have sex,” Suzi said wickedly. Then she turned to me and said. “Tim, what do you want to do. Do you want the three of us to do it, or just you with Joey or me.” I swallowed hard when the image of my adult size dick making Joey scream in pain. I must have showed on my face. “Before you answer, I did a little checking,” Joey said. “I asked some of the Senior jocks if they had ever done it to a girl up the butt. I almost got beat up a couple of times, but I managed to weasel my way out of it. Anyway, Ted Phillips, the big football guy? After he saw I was serious, he was cool about it. I asked him a bunch of stuff. “He said it hurts at first, but it goes away once it is in. He said you have to really get her to relax back there. You start using one finger, then a second, sometimes a third, depending on how big your dick is. I gave him a funny look I guess, because he said he’s been doing it since he was a freshman, and he remembers having to start using three. Heh, he said he uses four now. I think he was kidding. “Uhm, lets see.. You have to use lots of KY. Oh, he said if you fuck her the regular way to get your dick all lubed with her juice, that works pretty good too. He didn’t say if you still had to have KY that way, so I got two tubes.” He started to blush. “Man, you should have seen me blushing when I paid for them and the condoms.” “Condoms?” I said surprised. “Yeah. Well, I didn’t want to have shit on my dick. I didn’t want it ending up tasting like yours..” he said jokingly. “Actually, I asked him to get them,” Suzi said. “After doing it once with Joey, I knew we would do it again, hopefully with you. I’ve been on the pill for a year, but I still can get pregnant if we are not careful.” “Man. You two have planned this all out and got what we needed… I haven’t contributed anything..” “You brought yourself, and that was what we were missing,” Joey said. Then he lowered his gaze to his hand which was touching my arm and said, “I’ve had my turn already, and I think I would try and push you into us doing it once we got started. I’m really turned on by the idea, but if you don’t want you and me to do it, I’ll leave you and Suzi alone and go to class.” I took a deep breath and held it for a minute. Then I let it out in a long swooshing sound. “Shit. Joey, I do want to. But… Hell… We can try, but I’m not promising I won’t chicken out.” “Heh, okay. Cool. So. Back to our original problem. How do the three of do it at the same time using three bodies?” “Well, that’s obvious,” Suzi said. “We start out with me on bottom, and Tim in the middle, and Joey on top.” “Sounds like were going to be a sandwich,” I said, a little uncertain. “Yeah, a sex sandwich,” Joey added. “And you’re the meat,” Suzi said, squeezing my hardon through my pants.

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