Their Best Homework Session

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I liked her from the moment I saw her. One day I walked into class and there she was sitting on the farthest table from the door on her own. Being shy, I never looked at her directly, but instead kept shooting glances out of the corner of my eye. I couldn’t be sure if she was new or had just been moved from another group; I couldn’t tell without looking straight at her.

When the lesson was over, she walked in front of my table. For the first time I got a full look at her and she was beautiful, with a perfect figure. Her clothes weren’t slutty or revealing, which somehow made every inch of skin she was showing all the more erotic. When she had left the room I turned to my friend.

‘Who’s the new girl?’ I asked.

‘She’s called Melissa. Seems quite nervous to me… mind you I suppose it is her first day.’

I thought to myself… it was her first day. I’d be nice to her and make her feel welcome… then who knows.

‘Dude you coming?’ my friend asked as he held the door open.

‘Yeah,’ I followed him out.

In the next lesson, Melissa was sitting on her own again. I sat down on the same table, near to her but not right next to her.

‘First day?’ I said as I smiled at her.

‘Yeah,’ she said slightly shakily.

‘Don’t worry, you’ll soon find out this place isn’t as bad as the others,’ I looked away with a slight scowl, showing her subtly that I had been through some of the same things she had.

‘I’m John by the way,’ I said, looking back at her face, taking in her green eyes and perfect lips.

‘I’m Melissa,’ she said, smiling slightly for the first time.

‘Man, she is HOT’ I thought as we made small talk whilst working. I helped her on the bits she was stuck on and made her laugh a few times with some of my ‘flippant’ answers (as the teacher called them.) When she did laugh she showed shining white teeth beneath her lovely, soft lips. She was too good to be true.

‘Have you got MSN?’ I asked her at the end of the day.

‘Yes. I’ll write down my addy for you…’ she said, scrambling in her bag for a piece of paper.

‘Here,’ I said, fishing into my pocket and pulling out some scrap paper and a pen.

‘Thanks,’ she said. She wrote down her addy and said goodbye, giving one of her electric smiles and a wave. I was wearing quite a wide smile myself as I walked into my room 20 minutes later. I added her and waited for her to come online. When she did, we talked for about 2 hours straight. Just about the usual stuff really: music, food, likes, dislikes… we had a lot in common. She really was quite incredible.

I went to bed feeling very contented. Who would’ve thought a day with both French and Art in it could be so good?

After a few more days, I had collected around 100 electric smiles and even a goodbye hug. As we broke apart from a goodbye hug at the end of Friday’s college day, she asked me if I would help her with some homework over the weekend. I said she could come round to my house at 6, because my parents would be out then so we could play some nice loud music. She agreed and gave me a final departing smile, turning around to show the rest of her wonderful body and walking back to her car.


At 5.50 the next day, I was attempting to get my hair to behave itself and making sure my teeth were pearly white, though I knew I could never match hers. At 5.55, after giving up on the hair, I was trying to make my room look tidy and not smell like Doritos. At exactly 6pm I heard a knock on the door. With one last try at flattening my hair, I sped downstairs and opened the door.

‘Hi,’ I said, smiling at her.

‘Hi,’ she said, with a smile to rival that of a 200watt light bulb.

She looked fantastic. She was wearing a black tank top, which was slightly lower cut than usual. It was also short enough to show off some of her midriff, which was very sexy. For the first time, she was wearing a skirt instead of jeans. Like her other clothing, it was not slutty or too revealing. It ended about half way down her shins, which is not usually the sexiest area of a woman’s legs, but with her, it was sexy as hell.

‘Shall we go upstairs?’ I said, trying to hold back the erection I could feel developing in my pants.

‘Ok,’ she said, going up the stairs first. As I followed her, I could see slightly more of the back of her legs. It was a good job my crotch area would be hidden under a desk soon.

‘I like your room!’ she said as she entered my room and put down her folder on my desk.

‘Thanks,’ I said, sitting down with her at the desk feeling secretly relieved. ‘What homework are we doing?’ I asked.

‘Didn’t ask me that in college did you?’ she smiled. ‘It could be too hard for you.’

‘It certainly is…’ I thought. ‘I wanted to hang out with you too,’ I said. ‘Anyway, there are more clever people than me in the class; you could have asked them,’

‘Yeah, but…’ she let her voice trail away delicately.

‘So, what are we doing?’ I asked again.

‘English,’ she said antalya escort as she got some sheets out of her folder.

‘But you’re really good at English,’ I said. She had got very high marks in the last test.

‘Don’t be silly…’ she said, blushing slightly.

We worked our way through the sheets. She was smiling at me almost constantly. On the last question, she dropped her pen on the floor accidentally.

‘Oops…’ she said.

‘I’ll get it,’ I said quickly. I dived under the desk and picked up the pen. As I was under there, she scratched her thigh so that her skirt moved up for a brief second and I saw a bit more of her legs. I emerged to find her wearing another electric smile.

‘Thanks,’ she said.

When she had finished the last question, she stretched and yawned, giving me an even more tantalizing view of her stomach.

‘Thank you so much for helping me!’ she said. ‘You were really good at that,’

‘No problem, I enjoy doing it,’ I said. She raised her eyebrows. ‘I mean… I enjoy doing it with you-I’m not a homework addict,’ I said. She giggled.

‘You’re so sweet,’ she said.

‘I try. You wanna listen to some music?’ I asked the vision of beauty in front of me.

‘Sure,’ she said. ‘Can I use your bathroom?’ she added.

‘Of course-its right out of this room and then straight ahead,’ I said. I put on a band that we both liked, but found the slowest, most romantic song I could find and set it on repeat. With my erection finally gone, I went over and sat on the bed, which was more comfy than the office chairs under the desk. She came back into the room, almost looking as if she was floating, but maybe that was just me.

‘John, I’ve got something to tell you,’ she said, looking serious.

‘Sit down,’ I said, noticing her serious tone.

‘I don’t really know how to say this…’ she said, looking nervous.

‘You can tell me anything,’ I said soothingly.

‘Ok… well… I like you,’ she said, looking directly into my eyes.

‘I like you too,’ I said.

‘Not the same way,’ she said quietly, turning away.

‘What do you mean?’ I said, hardly daring to believe my ears.

‘I mean… I like you as more than just a friend,’ she said, now fully blushing. ‘But I know you don’t feel the same way.’

‘I do,’ I said, almost laughing with disbelief.

‘You’re just saying that to make me feel better,’ she said.

Without thinking, I reached across the bed and pressed my lips against hers. I had never done anything so reckless before, but I don’t think I could have resisted any longer. Putting one hand on the back of her head, I opened my lips slightly wider to deepen the kiss. Feeling I had made my impression, I broke away from her.

‘Do you believe me now?’ I asked her. She didn’t answer, but leaned across the bed twice as quickly as I had and resumed the kiss. It was wonderful. It was like our lips were perfectly coordinated with each other, moving slowly and blissfully up and down together as if dancing.

I lightly pressed my body against hers and as I did she made a small crooning noise and pulled me closer. I couldn’t believe my luck. We were now sitting side by side on the bed, locked together in a tight embrace whilst our lips crushed together.

At this point Melissa moved her leg and put it on top of mine, so that it was overlapping. Then she slowly rubbed it up and down my leg, in time with our lips’ movement. She made another crooning noise.

Suddenly she shifted her body, without breaking the kiss, and pulled me back slowly so that I was on top of her. She continued rubbing her leg against mine. She also started rubbing her hands up and down my back, whilst continuing her crooning noises. Then I ran my right hand slowly down her side, starting near her breast and finishing at the lovely curves of her waist.

‘Mmmm…’ she purred, pulling me more tightly against her warm body. I ran my hand down her side again, this time brushing the side of her breast with my palm. At exactly the same moment, I felt the tip of her tongue touch the tip of mine. I returned the favor, and she crooned again. Then our tongues had joined the dance, intertwining gracefully and wonderfully.

Our tongues gradually went faster, and so did our touching. Soon she was pulling me against her so tightly that I could feel her hard nipples even through her tank top and my own t-shirt.

At this point I broke the kiss and quickly moved my lips down to her gorgeous neck and kissed as much of it as I could find.

‘Mmmmmmmm…’ she half-moaned, moving her hands up to my head and holding it there. I kissed more fiercly.

‘Mmmmmmmmmm…’ she said again, fully moaning this time as her body jolted slightly under my relentless kissing and rubbing.

‘Do you mind if I go further down?’ I asked daringly, moving my lips away for a second.

‘Mmn… no… mmm…’ she said, as I quickly resumed my kissing. She pulled me back up to her head so that we were kissing again.

I fethiye escort felt her lightly push me away from her body slightly and looked down. She was taking off her tank top. I almost bit my tongue in excitement – I had never seen a girl even half naked before. She pulled one of her straps down slowly. She smiled, seeing how mesmerized I was by her actions. She pulled her tank top down and my eyes almost popped out – she wasn’t wearing a bra.

‘Do you like them?’ she asked playfully.

‘I’m not sure yet…’ I replied. We looked at each other and smiled.

I let my body and lips regain full contact with her again and we were kissing more fiercly than ever, our tongues dueling and our bodies writhing. I moved my kisses down her face and onto her neck. She was moaning almost constantly now. I could feel my already throbbing erection get bigger. I moved down from her neck onto her chest, kissing just above her breasts but not touching them. Her moaning became louder.

I continued to kiss the area directly around her breasts, but her hands were trying to force my head further down. Taking this as an invite, I closed my lips around the smooth skin of her right breast.

‘Ohhh god…’ she said in pure ecstasy, still trying to force my lips further down onto her nipple. I had no problem with that. I began to kiss, lick and very gently nibble it, which made her body writhe even more. I swapped breasts, but let my hand take over the right breast at the same time. I kept swapping round, making her moans louder still.

‘Mmmm yeah…’ she kept saying, still holding my head firmly in place.

‘Mmmm… mmmmm… mmmmmm…’ she was moaning, louder and longer each time. ‘Mmmmmmmm…!’ her body suddenly shook violently as she gave her loudest moan yet. Her whole body arched upwards into mine and then she collapsed onto the bed, panting.

‘Did you just…?’ I asked, wondering if it was even possible.

‘Yeah,’ she said sounding just as bewildered as me. ‘How did you do that?’ she asked in amazement.

‘I don’t know, I was just doing what felt good,’ I said honestly.

‘No kidding!’ she laughed, still panting. ‘That was my first orgasm,’ she said.

‘Seriously?’ I said in shocked disbelief.

‘Yeah… I was waiting for the right guy to come along,’ she said, beaming at me.

‘Well you’re definitely the right girl,’ I replied.

She gave me a smile brighter than the sun and hugged me warmly, kissing my cheek.

‘Do you want to have sex?’ she suddenly whispered into my ear. I pulled away and looked at her.

‘I’ve never had sex before,’ I said nervously.

‘Neither have I, but I know it would feel right with you,’ she said, her smile back in place.

‘What about protection?’ I asked.

‘I’m on the pill,’ she said, looking slightly guilty for some reason.

‘But I thought you were a virgin?’ I asked bemusedly. She smiled.

‘I was hoping to get lucky tonight,’ she gave a cheeky grin. I grinned back.

‘Well… you’ll have to be well lubricated first,’ I said, extending my grin.

‘I think I am a little bit already,’ she said. She giggled at the look of surprise on my face.

‘Well…’ I said, starting to run my hand slowly up her leg, ‘…I don’t think a bit is good enough,’

She grinned naughtily and watched me move down to her skirt. I continued moving up her leg until I reached her skirt. I pulled it up slowly until I could see her whole legs.

‘Fuck, those are hot,’ I said, thinking out loud.

I ran my hands up the inside of her thighs, squeezing them slightly and wondering if I was dreaming. I reached her underwear, which I saw was slightly damp. Reaching out I pulled it down her glorious legs, allowing me to see her pussy for the first time. It was a wonderful sight. Deciding not to beat around the bush (though she had no pubic hair) I moved in and buried my tongue down her pussy.

‘Mmmm!’ she moaned. She had clearly not been expecting me to go straight in like that. I took in the taste of her; it was sweet with a slightly musky quality to it, and it was wonderful. She seemed to be enjoying herself as well, as her body starting writhing again.

‘Yes.. yes.. yes..’ she moaned, as I waggled my tongue vigorously inside her. After a further few minutes, her moans were becoming more frequent but not louder. Deciding this wouldn’t do, I slowly inserted one of my fingers into her wet hole. This made her produce a gasp as well as a moan.

I moved my finger faster, in and out, in and out, fingering her whilst still licking the insides of her pussy joyfully. She started to moan louder, and I collected enough of her juices in my mouth to swallow. I suddenly had an idea. Reaching up with my free hand, I found one of her breasts and started to squeeze her nipple.

‘Oh fuck!’ she shouted loudly as her body shook very slightly. I fingered her at top speed, still squeezing her nipple and eating her out. This proved to be too much for her.

‘Yes! kaş escort Yes! YES!’ she screamed; her body writhed all over the bed and I felt my mouth be engulfed by warm, quickly flowing liquid. I lapped it up, keeping up my finger speed, getting every last drop I could squeeze out. Her whole orgasm lasted at least 5 seconds. Finally, she collapsed onto the bed, sweating and breathing heavily.

‘That was amazing!’ she said after finally regaining her breath.

‘You’re incredible,’ I managed to blurt out, still in a state of disbelief.

‘I still want you to fuck me,’ she said, a note of urgency in her voice now.

‘Are you sure?’ I asked, not wanting to force her into anything too soon.

‘Positive,’ she said, her eyes burning with lust. She spread her legs. I took my pants off and then my boxers, letting my cock become visible for the first time. I looked at her face. She was looking at it with her eyebrows raised, half smiling.

I moved over towards her, letting her legs touch mine as I positioned myself in front of her dripping wet hole. I lined up my cock and slowly guided it towards her until the very tip of my cock touched the outside of her pussy lips. She gave a very small moan, but even that made my cock twinge. She put her hands on my back.

‘Are you ready?’ I asked her. She nodded.

I slowly urged my cock forwards, pushing it into her for the first time. She gave a louder moan and her hands on my back gave a twitch. She was so deliciously tight. I closed my eyes and pushed it in further, savoring every moment. When my cock was about half way inside her, I felt something blocking my way.

‘Shit… your hymen is still there,’ I said, looking down into those marvelous green eyes.

‘Get rid of it then,’ she said, smiling up at me.

‘It might hurt,’ I warned her.

‘I feel safe with you,’ she said simply. ‘Do it,’ she added, her eyes burning with lust again. I drew my cock out slightly, so that just the head was inside her. Deciding it was best to get it over with quickly, I took one last look into her eyes and then plunged myself fully inside her.

‘Ahh!’ she shouted, pulling me down on top of her convulsively.

‘Are you ok?’ I whispered into her ear.

‘Yeah, it doesn’t hurt now,’ she whispered back in mine. ‘Make love to me.’

I didn’t need telling twice. I slowly drew my cock out again, as I had done before I took her virginity, then slowly fed it back into her. Her pussy was exquisitely tight around my cock.

‘Uhhhn…’ she moaned softly, as I continued my slow, rhythmic pace.

‘You’re so fucking tight,’ I said, barely stifling my own moans.

‘This feels so good…’ she said, her voice trailing away into another soft moan.

She pulled me closer to her amazing body, so that her sweet lips were right next to my ear. This made every little erotic noise she made clearer and louder than usual. Knowing I wouldn’t last very long if we stayed in this position, I raised my head and kissed her passionately on her soft lips.

This didn’t help much however, as her moans became more pronounced and she seemed to be putting every ounce of amazingness she had into the kiss. To counter act this, I started fucking her slightly faster and harder. She broke away from my lips and started moaning almost uncontrollably, pulling me even closer to her. Putting all manliness aside, I let out my first moan. I had never felt anything even close to this in my life, and I never could have hoped to feel it with anyone more perfect.

‘This is incredible,’ I managed to say, voicing my thoughts.

‘Faster!’ she gasped in between her moans. I slid my hands underneath her body so that we were both holding each other as tightly as possible. Then I increased my speed, making sure that I penetrated her fully with each thrust.

‘Oh god!’ she gasped.

Suddenly she moved her legs up and wrapped them around my lower back, so that we were completely locked together. Then she moved her hands down my back and pushed down with each thrust, making me fuck her harder.

‘Uhn.. uhhh.. yes.. oh fuck..’ she was moaning as much as possible, getting slightly louder after each thrust. I was also moaning and panting myself, but at the same time willing myself not to cum. It seemed she was nearing orgasm.

‘Make me cum,’ she said, tightening her legs hold on my body. Taking a deep breath, I pounded into her as fast and as hard as I could, grunting and panting to keep the intensity at the same level.

‘Ahhh! Ahhhhh! AHHHHHH!!’ she gave an ear splitting scream as her body shook rapidly, her pussy walls contracted around my cock, and I felt her warm juices flowing over it. I gave a huge grunt and let my cum shoot into her, my own body now shaking with hers, as we writhed together on the bed riding the final waves of orgasm.

When we had both stopped we collapsed completely on each other, still shaking after the ferocity of our orgasms. When I had regained my breath again, I raised my head and looked at her.

‘Wow,’ was all I could say. She looked deep into my eyes and pulled my head down, kissing me tenderly. She broke away.

‘That was…’ she began breathlessly.

‘…the best homework session you’ve ever had?’ I finished.

Her smile lit up the whole room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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