The Team Mascot ch 1_(0)

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How did I become the team mascot? That is an interesting question.

My wife noticed my energy level namely, sex drive had dropped off so she got me a gymnasium membership for my birthday. I was less than enthusiastic about it at first. But as time passed I got more accepting of the new situation.

Beautiful young bodies working out around me kept my cock stirring as I watched their asses and tits bobbing up and down on the various pieces of equipment. To my amazement I was watching the guys as well as the ladies. Between mentally undressing the ladies I would wonder what size cocks the guys were sporting. When I guy did weighted deep knee bends I would imagine them doing the exercises naked, their cock and balls swinging under them in time with their movements. My mind’s eye watching the lips of a lady’s pussy opening and closing in time with her knees flexing.

About six months into my new exercise program I noticed two teams of guys playing basketball every Saturday. My mind began to zero in on the men moving around the court, sweating, jumping, and bumping into each other. I felt my swell at the thought of joining the game and feeling our bodies rubbing across each other.

After my workout I would walk in the locker room, strip down, and shower in one of the private stalls before going home. When I walked into the house my wife would smile and tell me how good I was starting to look. The stimulation from the workout usually had my motor running so I took her into our room made love to her more often then we had in a long time.

After about a month of this practice my wife no longer asked what I wanted when I walked into the house, walked over to her, and offered her my hand. In silence I lead her to our bedroom. Slowly undressing her, touching her body as each article of clothing dropped to the floor. I turned her around and opened bursa escort her bra before moving the straps off her shoulders before moving my hands across her back, under her arms, and cupping both breasts. A soft moan slipped from her lips as I nibbled the nape of her neck as my hands massaged her soft, slightly sagging breasts. Another moans passed her lips as took both nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and rolled them and softly tugged on her tender flesh.

She ground her ass back against my rock hard cock leaking pre-cum into my boxer briefs. My wife turned her head and we kissed deeply, passionately. Our tongues danced in her mouth as l moved my hands from her breasts to hips. I slipped my hands into the waistband of her shorts and panties then slid them down. I whispered into her ear,”lay down on the bed.”

I was naked before she had shifted to the middle of the bed. My cock was swinging at attention as I followed her onto the bed. The head was covered with clear liquid as the pre-cum oozed out of my cock head.

I moved between her thighs and caught the aromatic scent of her womanhood. It looked delicious! I licked my lips and moved in to claim the gift offered me. First I licked her outer lips as her hips wiggled under me. I folded both her legs over my shoulders as I parted her pussy lips with the tip of my tongue. Her legs flexed, pulling my tongue deeper into my soaking wet box. By the time my hands cupped her breasts her body was moving, moans had evolved into gasps intermixed with sexy groans. My wife never uses offcolor language so when I heard her groan “Ohhh fuck, you are driving me crazy with your tongue. Ohhhhhhh. I’m cumming”. She then clamped her thighs, pinning my head between them and shaking.

As her orgasm subsided her thighs loosened and I dove into place. My painfully hard cock slipped into her waiting opening. bursa escort bayan On entry my wife orgasmed again as my balls slapped against her shapely ass. I was a monster slamming into her with power and speed. My wife’s velvet tunnel accepted the abuse with becoming well lubed as my wife arched up to accept each crazy thrust. We were two wild animals pounding until we were covered in a coat of perspiration. I slammed deeply into her and shot thick ropes of cum into her body as we both screamed in joy. Collapsing side by side we lay there gulping air as our after glow faded.

” I don’t know what happens at that gymn, but I approve!” My wife whispered before kissing my cheek.

I lay there quietly, feeling a bit guilty that my mind was laced with images of those guys playing basketball.

The next week I did my usual workout but finished just as the guy finished their game. Moving past me on their way into the locker room I caught their scent. My cock jumped in my sweats as they brushed against me.

“You like the game?” A deep male voice rang out behind me.

“What?” I weakly asked.

“You have been watching us pretty hard the last few weeks.” I turned to look into the chest of the tallest of the players. ” You want to play sometime?”

“I’m not sure I’m the right size to play.” I whispered.

“Oh I think you’d fit in fine,” the man’s voice was warm and smooth, ” let me talk to the rest of the guys and we will see what happens.”. With that he moved past and went to his locker. After a few seconds I moved to my own locker and got ready to shower.

I didn’t pay attention to the other guys as I walked naked to the shower room. The last stall was open so I pulled the curtain closed, most of the way and turned on the warm water. I was washing my hair when I felt two big hands massage my shoulders. I was stunned as they escort bursa worked my sore muscles. As the hands moved down my back I tried to object but no words escaped my tight lips. But when both hands cupped my ass cheeks I blurted out,” I’m not gay.”

“You don’t have to be gay to enjoy a little massage.”

I said no more as those big hands made me melt from their touch. When I felt the hands move down to my calves it was obvious that whoever it was behind me was on his knees. Nudging me forward until I had to put my hands on the opposite wall I felt his hands part my butt cheeks and completely clean my crack. Then I felt his fingers probe the sensitive skin between my rectum and ball sac. My legs moved wider as he started tugging my sac and his tongue began probing my bottom. As the movement continued I arched my back so his tongue could get deeper into me. I felt empty as he stood.

I knew what had to be coming but I couldn’t stop it. An arm wrapped around me as a cock head parted my cheeks. I gasped as the head entered me with pain mixed with pleasure. ” That hurt?” Whispered in my ear.

“A little,” I answered weakly.

“It will ease up soon,”. The cock began to move slowly as my sphincter relaxed. As if by magic the pain was replaced with a pleasure I had never known before. His cock pumped in and out as I groaned with pleasure as his speed increased I felt his free hand grip my rock hard cock and pump his fist in time with the strokes in my ass. I exploded quickly as he repeatedly tapped my prostate with his cock.

” You seem to be enjoying yourself.”. How could I argue? I had just shot the biggest load of my life with another man’s cock in my ass! I felt his motion getting faster and more dynamic as his orgasm built. He grabbed both my hips and slammed me back on his cock as his balls emptied in my body. His cock softened and slipped from between my cheeks and then he was gone.

I stood in the spray and two thoughts invaded my mind. When will this happen again and I can’t wait to get home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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