The R-Virus: Escape

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Stacy’s head spun when the car made even the slightest turn and every time it did, it had come as a complete surprise. She had other priorities on her mind than where they were going because her head was bobbing over the lap of the driver.
She had shoved down his pants enough to have pulled his dick out so she could wrap her lips around it. Her lipstick was smeared over his member and she was pushing the brightly colored ring lower down his impressive length.
When he groaned appreciation from her she suddenly recalled something, she had no idea what his name was. He was just some random hook up at the bar, but their meeting was just a drunken blur for her. Whatever she had thought to herself, it hardly mattered to her, he was just a cock for the night.
Then the bitter taste of his precum washed over her sense of taste and her mind once more fixed on the only thing she craved. She moaned deeply and hungrily slurped up his flavor until only her saliva coated his member.
His salty slime was making her drool profusely over his shaft which only served to make her blowjob sound even more sloppy. It turned her on to make so much noise with his twitching dick engulfed in her mouth.
She barely noticed the car had come to a stop, she was too enamored with giving him oral. Then he groaned deeply while pushing his hips towards her face and was shoving his cockhead at the back of her throat.
The oral was getting too frantically paced and he kept slipping out of her mouth with a popping sound from the seal breaking around her plump lips.
Then he put a hand on her head and she felt him clutch a fist full of her short black hair before until he pulled at their roots. When he took control of her head and greedily shoved her face into his crotch.
She gagged when he so suddenly forced the end of his member down into her throat but then was quick to relax. The way he was forcing her to him so deeply only served to turn her on even more. She liked it when men took control of the action, timid sex was boring when she had to do all the work.
With him controlling the movement of her head, she took the opportunity to reach between her legs and under her skimpy skirt to play with herself. Her two fingers slid between the slippery apex of her folds and pushed down against her throbbing protrusion of flesh. She rubbed at her sensitive button with quick rotations of her fingers and let out a mouth filled groan to vibrate deeply down his twitching length.
He was getting more aggressive and pushed her face deeper into his lap until he wasn’t giving her a chance to breathe. He was fucking her face and it was starting to scare her a little when she never felt his cock leave her throat.
She couldn’t breathe and her lungs burned with a need for air, yet, all she could do was gulp loudly on the piston pumping into her neck. There was such a dirty thrill she was getting from being choked by his dick.
Her fingers ground harder between her legs until she could hear how wetly they churned between her folds. Her eyes fluttered over just how good it felt to stroke her pussy while he humped her mouth.
Then he pushed so hard on her head until her lips were kissing up against the base of his groin and he let out a husky groan of triumph. She was staring wide eyed when her face was crammed so deep into his lap.
Her vision was narrowing into a dark tunnel and she couldn’t control the desperate swallows for air making her throat constrict his cock. Just when she was about to tap out and push away from him, he finally relented and released her head.
She pulled away with a sputtering gasp while the world surged back into startling clarity and he chuckled while clutching his cock with a deep sigh. She knew the look, he had almost cum in her mouth and he was battling the urge with his eyes pinched tightly closed.
She moved to lean back in her seat, but she overdid it and collapsed into the passenger side door with a giggle. While she was wiping her mouth with her forearm, she had come to the realization she was beyond just a little drunk tonight.
It was all his fault because he had been feeding her a stream of nonstop drinks and she couldn’t say no to free booze. She couldn’t help but chuckle over how messed up she felt, it was hard for her to keep eyes focused on one thing for even a short length.
Then he was suddenly up against her, pushing her further into the corner of her seat until she was smothered by his body. She pushed at him trying to keep him away like she didn’t want it, but she was only testing him to see how forceful he would get.
He passed with flying colors by grabbing her by the wrists and yanking her arms away from his chest. When he forced his kiss on her she whimpered while he wormed tongue past her lips and into her mouth.
She was wriggling in his grasp still putting on the act of not wanting it, but she was returning the messy kiss and battled back until it was a flurry of clashing tongues between their lips. The ache she felt throbbing from her wrists was turning her on, it made her dark fantasy feel much more real.
Then the pressure on them was gone and his hands were at her chest, he grabbed the top of her cocktail dress before yanking it down to her stomach. Her heavily endowed chest was so suddenly exposed they wobbled when the tight material was ripped from them.
She groaned haughtily into his mouth when he filled his palms with her breasts and he growled right back when he got his hands on them. He was kneading them roughly, but all she felt were surges of pressure from his hands squeezing her tits, it was deeply boring for her.
Their kissing had stopped and her head fell back while he groped her and it was her turn to clutch his wrists and she was half heartedly trying to pry his hands off her chest with a whimper. When he became more aggressive with them she finally felt some kind of spark, there it was, the predatory gaze in his eyes, it was the reason why she picked him tonight.
When she felt those faint pricks of pain from his fingers gouging into her plush flesh, it made her sex pulse hotly between her legs and she was thinking about she could goad him on. Then he did something that made her gasp in surprise, he was pinching her chocolate colored nipples flat between his fingers before rolling them up.
She slipped from her unwilling act and moan was forced from her when he finally made her feel some kind of pleasure amidst the rapid fire series of electric jolts coursing through her. It was a tantalizing mix of pain and pleasure coming from her nipples from his crude play and she was deeply enjoying the cocktail they made.
“OH, you like that?” He asked her and she internally berated herself while shaking her head in denial and whining out at him.
He chuckled before then took one of her nipples into his mouth and then bit down hard on the fat bud. She cried out when his teeth crushed such a sensitive part of her peak and making her nipple ache hotly.
Then he set her tit on fire when those teeth sawed against her tender flesh like he was going to chew it off. He pulled his mouth away, taking the trapped and raw bud along for the ride until it slipped from free from his pinching teeth. Her nipple snapped back into place, making her breast ripple from its return.
“Yeah, you like it, fucking slut.” His words were a venomous accusation, but he wasn’t wrong, he just didn’t need to know it.
She covered up her throbbing nipple and looked away from him, but his hand was already roaming lower. He was pushing his hand between her thighs, but she refused to open them.
“Please stop, I’m too drunk.” She begged him with a whine to her voice.
“Shut up.” He snapped at her.
His hand forced its way between her legs and then she felt him grinding his fingers up into her snatch. It stung to have him grind those dry digits past her folds, but she wouldn’t have had it any other way.
Then he was inside her, gouging his fingers around in her opening, crudely exploring her from the inside. Her legs parted and she groaned when he began to pump them inside and her slot loudly squished because she was so wet.
Her sloppy mind drifted from the action for a moment, but it was enough for her to notice their surroundings. They had parked in an empty lot and the car was flanked by two lamps and sitting in the darkness between them. It looked like they were behind a big industrial building, he had taken her some place dark and isolated, more fuel for her depraved fantasy.

Then the driver side window exploded inward showering them both in tiny cubes of glass and she screamed in alarm while shielding her face from the glittering shrapnel. The last thing she saw of him was the way his eyes bulged with terror when something had grabbed him from the window.
He was gone, pulled outside by a stranger and she was certain they were getting mugged, but every instinct was telling her it was so much worse. Her guts twisted she heard them struggling, she heard a whimper of pain, but then there was a primal snarl followed quickly by a wet crunch.
“What the fuck…” it was all she could say in a hushed whisper.
Then there was only silence outside which helped to make things seem much worse, she didn’t hear anything at all. Her heart was pounding so hard in her chest it hurt and she was struggling to even breathe properly.
The only thing she thought to do in her panic was to crawl into the back of the car away from the broken window. There was not much else she could think to do, where the fuck could she run, could she even out run it with her knee high boots?
Then she heard the faint clicking of claws outside coming from the shattered window and it had felt like her heart dropped into her guts. It was some kind of predatory animal lurking outside. She covered her mouth with both hands to suppress the desire to scream building in her throat.
She was only able to breathe in short panicked bursts and her body was wracked with quakes of fear and they were so bad it had her teeth chattering. Even glancing towards the window had become too frightening for her, all she could think to do was sink lower into the seat trying to make herself as small as possible and pray it left her alone.
The car was violently shoved from one side when something heavy and powerful had pushed into it. Her horror surged to new heights and she screamed long and loud, hiding had failed her.
Her screams of pure terror then reached an even higher pitch when huge spires of white craggy bone punched into the car door. Never had she felt so vulnerable, it was like she was in nothing more than a tin can for whatever was trying to get in.
When the door was torn from its hinges it looked effortless for the beast and it was pulled off with such force the air around her rushed out the gaping hole it made in the car. Then she saw the silhouette of the thing, it looked human in stature but every instinct was screaming at her it wasn’t human.
It was reaching for her with a pair of ghastly looking arms and the only thing she did was stare doe-eyed at them. She had wanted so desperately to flee, but her reaction was too sluggish to respond from the heavy dose of alcohol in her blood.
They were not human or animal limbs, the palms were too huge and out of proportion with the forearms. The long white protrusions of bones that jutted from the stubby fingers looked blunt and uneven. There was no skin on its limbs at all, only completely exposed crimson muscle that glistened with wetly.
The thing grabbed her by the ankles of her knee high boots and pulled her towards it. She whimpered while she was being dragged by across the seat. The sight of such a monstrosity towering over her had her bursa escort body quivering uncontrollably, she was going to die tonight.
His body was human in shape but it looked like a man that had been flayed of all his skin, but easily the worst part about him was the head.
It was such a grisly sight, devoid of any human features and capped off with an exposed brain bulging from the crater of a skull it sat in. There was no room for eyes on its head, just a massive mouth overfilled with sharp looking teeth and the wad of pink brain matter.
She forced her eyes to roam down over the tight bundles of overlapping cords of glistening wet muscle. Then her breath caught in her throat when she saw his flaccid penis hanging between his legs.
Her mouth gaped at the darkened silhouette of, but just the outline alone filled her with shock and awe. She couldn’t tear her eyes off the massive log and it had the unwanted effect of igniting a small fire of lust in her loins.
Yet, those wicked looking hands had her thinking a creature like him only had murder on the mind. She went stiff when she felt those hands moving from her ankles and were slowly stroking up her legs and reaching past her boots.
Her heart was pumping so hard it felt like it was punching at her chest from the inside they were getting far too close to her delicate places. Her skirt was hiked up around her hips and her bare pussy was exposed. She could have sworn he was looking right at her plump slit with some kind of interest.
Then he pushed his hands between her closed knees and she whimpered when he pried them apart. Her breaths were short and panicked when he ground his palms up her inner thighs and she felt the intense heat of his flesh scorching into her skin.
Those long spikes were close to the seam and she feared he planned to skewer her groin with them. She begged him for mercy with a tremble in her voice and pleaded for him do anything but what she thought he was planning.
Instead, he stroked his hands over the black material of her nylon stockings and from his petting, he was gently pushing legs open wider. The delicate material sheathing her legs were no match for his claws and long lines were torn into them. He shoved his hands into those gaps to grab at her silken legs and he seemed to growl in pleasure while petting her.
She wasn’t certain but it seemed like the thing might have been taking up the offer she had just made. Even with something so monstrous pawing at her, there was an eager pulse coming from her entrance. It was a little embarrassing she could feel desire for such a creature, she blamed the alcohol, but deep down she knew it was just an excuse for her behavior.
He suddenly and very forcefully spread her legs with a hard shove and she gasped in surprise while her thighs were pushed higher until her knees nearly touched the sides of her tits. Her calves were laying over top his hands and the backs of her heels were hovering over the cheeks of her ass.
He had turned her lower body into a buffet for his nasty looking mouth, she was exposed completely to him, so vulnerable in such a position and she wasn’t sure about what was about to happen. When he lowered his head towards the puffy lips of her pussy she was dreading he would start eating her out pampered seam in a horrific way.
Instead, he took in a long inhale of her scent before his body was wracked with a shudder and let out a deep rumbling growl, of all things, it was a mutated freak that would properly enjoy the smell of good pussy. He must have really, really liked the way she smelled because fat gobs of spit were pushing through the gaps of his bottom teeth and she still wasn’t entirely sure if it was hunger or lust.
“So… are you just going to stare at it all day?” Her throat snapped closed after the question had spilled from her lips, his head tilted at her words but his mangled face was impossible to read.

Then grabbed her by the hips and tugged her to the edge of the seat before pushing his hard hips between her spread legs, it must have been his answer. She was staring up at him with wide eyes of shock, what mess had she gotten herself into, she was always goading men with her words. She felt such a hot slab of heavy meat slap over her stomach and she flinched from the impact and she knew it was fat cock resting on her midsection.
She had to see what he was packing and lifted her head to peer past the high swell of her chest and her mouth slackened from the sight of his python draped over her toned belly. It wasn’t human in shape at all and it was twitching against her midriff, the black cocktail dress only helped enhance the bright crimson color of his member. It was pulsing, thick veins twitching so he could get harder until it was pushing higher up her torso.
It had a narrow point that quickly widened out to match its intimidating girth, perfect for busting into tight pussy. If she was to make a guess it would be only the most well endowed of horses that could compete with his size.
His immensity didn’t frighten her in the slightest, what had her deeply worried and a little scared was how the entirety of its flesh was erratically studded with tiny barbs. They were lying flat against the shaft, those sharp looking points tucked in, but she was worried over just how long they would remain like that.
Still, those little black spines gave his organ a look more fit for a wicked torture device and he was going to use in on her pampered pussy. The anxiety she felt about getting fucked by him clashed with her arousal and the way those feelings had mixed in her drunken mind was just as intoxicating.
She bit her bottom lip when the excitement she felt was making her spine tingle while he dragged his erect trunk down to the tightly closed seam of her sex. The heat of his cock was intense when he pressed the tip against her silken petals and it felt like he was scorching them.
She was watching when he shoved such a hot organ against her opening and the sudden pressure of him trying to enter her made her toss her head back against the seat with a groan. Her silken lips were yawning wide over his girth, stretching them far apart and her opening was quick to suffer as well.
It felt disturbingly good to feel him pushing her at her entrance, forcing it to yawn open far too wide to swallow his inhuman organ, even when it was starting to hurt she still hadn’t taken him in. A monster was about to rape her, the dark fantasy she so deeply enjoyed playing out at every opportunity had become deliciously real for Stacy.
Then was wracked with frantic gasps while he was sinking into her and those puffy lips just couldn’t move apart fast enough and were crushed into her hole.
When she dared to watch him entering her, those pretty eyes bulged wide from the sight his organ imploding the folds of her sex into her body. She couldn’t stop herself from watching him so brutally cram those first inches of inhuman cock into her slot.
He was jabbing hard at her, trying to pack more of his hot prick up her uncomfortably stuffed slot. It looked like his cock was stuck at her opening and her pussy loudly responded with one wet belch after another while not giving him another inch of its passage.
He moved his paws to the back of her spread open thighs and pushed down hard to better mount her. Her legs were aching from the strain when her knees were pushed past her shoulders pinning her arms under her thighs. She was compressed into an uncomfortable position, her hips were lifted high giving her a front row seat to watch the action.
Then she screamed when he drove down hard into her, crushing her body down into the seat and working his cock deeper into her fuck hole. There was just an aching discomfort for her to experience while he continued to greedily force feed her cunt his hard dick.
The pain she felt from his brutal rape was only stoking the fires of her lust, it felt right for something so thick to hurt her. She thrashed her head in denial while begging him frantically to stop, only to feel a surge of elation when he thrust even harder into her.
She was watching his member pushing into her with rapt fascination, never had she seen her slit yawning open so wide to swallow the monsters cock. The lips of her pussy were already looking sore and red from being stretched and they looked like they were sucking at his length.
She was trapped under him, completely unable to move in the position he had her in and he was merciless in his conquest. He was so eager with those mighty thrusts, his dick kept slipping away from her pussy. He kept cramming it into her, again and again, making her pussy wetly queef every time he plunged inside.
Her throat was becoming raw from him using his cock like a battering ram on something so delicate. He was breaking her pussy and she could see him sliding in a little more with every buck of his hips. Tears streamed down her cheeks and her voice was haughty while she sobbed her pleas for mercy.
He snarled at her while burrowing his cock deeper into her and she saw the mound of her sex being obscenely pushed out from his size. Her eyes rolled back and she a low lusty groan spilled from her lips when she came from the sight of a monster’s barbed dick over filling her snatch.
He was deeply hunched over her twitching body, the exposed muscles were rippling with the pure strength they held. His every motion over the top of her was for one intent, driving more crimson dick into her pink passage.
She was lost in the euphoria of her forced release, her blue eyes rolling back a little more with each lunge. More of those barbs slipping past her folds, like hard studs grinding into her softness. They added a harsh texture to his member and when he would pull from her it made her toes curl from the sensation.
He was building up to a proper pace, sliding through what he had stretched out, but always punching a little harder at the apex of his thrust to push a little deeper. She adored how he was filling her with his mutated flesh and it was not much longer before she was begging him to give her more.
She had gotten so wet for him her pussy was slurping and squishing around his churning piston. They were not the light delicate sounds she was used too, but sloppy and profane noises erupting from between her legs. It was the only kind of sound that could be made with such a massive cock wrecking her pussy.
When she felt a deep cramp in her lower body she realized with a depraved groan he was pushing so much deeper than any normal man could. Those harsh cramps she felt were only getting worse, but her twisted mind only found pleasure from him pushing too far into her pussy.
He growled while punishing her with even harder punches of his cock and her moans grew into more frantic and desperate when he got more violent with her. Her hips were aching from being shoved down into the seat when he put his weight into his mighty thrusts and she knew he wasn’t going stop smashing his hardness into the limits of her pussy.
All her mind could focus on was the intense sensation of him reshaping her depths for his cock by battering the tip at the dead end of her passage. Over and over his spear drove at her without mercy and his brutality was taking its toll on her sore cunt, she groaned brokenly under his assault while more of him as being achingly crammed into her already overstuffed fuck hole.
Her mind was struggling to cope with the pressure and the discomfort until her mouth only gaped in silent shock while her eyes rolled back into their sockets. His length was bulging out her toned stomach with a sharp relief of his massive organ squeezing into her depths.
Her eyelids would flutter while her blue ringed orbs remained stuck looking into bursa escort bayan her skull, senseless words babbled out of her and he giggled from how stupid she was sounding. It was like his cock was smashing right into her brain and something had truely snapped in her already messed up head.
The aches and pain she felt were suddenly replaced by such raw surges of pleasure and her world was rocked by another orgasm and it made the others before it looks pathetic. The intensity had her body shaking uncontrollably in his grasp a low groan droned from her throat. He growled while her pussy contracted around his shaft and he squeezed her legs tighter until she could feel his claws grinding at her skin.
His pace was quickening and the crimson piston churning at her quaking passage was a blur between her folds. She didn’t even have any control over her voice and the sounds she was making were utterly embarrassing, she sounded like a dying animal.
Then he shoved something so thick into her mouth it made her jaw ache and her eyes bulged from the surprise. She couldn’t believe it, but it was his tongue reaching far from his mouth like a serpent and he was shoving it down her throat.
She managed one final squeal before her throat was bulging with his dexterous muscle and then all she could do was gulp at it while wormed deeper into her esophagus. It was too intense, being spit roasted by him from both ends and she squirmed desperately under him.
The pleasure of it was overstimulating her and it felt like her mind was being shorted out with an electric static buzzing in her skull all over her brain. Her body was responding by flooding her passage with so much of her nectar until she was gushing with every blow like he had struck a vein of the sticky fluid of it with his dick.
Just from the way he panting and snarling and how erratic the movement of his hips became she could tell the monster was fit to burst inside her. In her reckless lust, she was eagerly anticipating it, she was completely overlooking what else was going to happen when he reached his peak.
Then she could only gurgle her displeasure around the tongue slithering down her throat when cock throbbed powerfully at her battered walls. Each pulse was making him thicker and harder and she felt nothing but searing agony from her pussy, it was like he set tender walls of her passage on fire. She flexed her throat so hard to scream from the awful sensation and his pulled tongue withdrew from her mouth.
She shrieked from the horrible pain and looked to her body for answers and what she saw made her eyes bulge from their sockets and sent her head spinning out of control with dizziness. There was a long bulge of his deeply entrenched cock in her midsection, the lightly toned abs had been pushed out to make room for his size. It was in deep, pushed too far up just past her navel and she could see his cock twitching from the outside, lifting her already pink skin from being stretched around his immensity.
Then she saw the sorry state her pussy was in, the lips were red and swollen, tightly wrapped around his pole like a fleshy cockring. It was those black spines hurting her so terribly, they had spread out inside and looked easily twice as long. They had gouged deeply into her walls and she watched in absolute horror while he continued to push and pull the pink meat of her cunt past her petals.
The grotesque sight of her pussy stuck around such a wicked looking cock took its toll, all the fuses popped in her mind and the lights went out upstairs. Her eyes drooped heavily and she let out one final groan before her head dropped to the seat and her body went completely limp in his clutches. Her face had lost the horrified expression she was wearing only a moment ago and went completely slack.

He hardly noticed when the Female lost consciousness and kept fucking the busty slut trapped in his clutches with short jabs of his stuck cock. When the time finally came for her to take his load he gave one more hard pump to bury himself far into the tight orifice. The only sound she made was listless groan when he had shoved the tip of his cock right against the firm ring of her cervix.
He growled low from the bliss of his first release into a fertile female and shot the first of many ropes of slime against the barrier of her womb. Each pulse of his breeding organ was so powerful her body would stiffen in his grasp while he basked in the waves of euphoria from his orgasm. His seed gushed around his cock and fell from her sex in long streams of pearl white slime before splattering onto the concrete.
He continued to rut into her, wanting to experience more of the intoxicating pleasure, but his cock had gone numb once it was spent. Frustrated, he took it out on her and bit down on one of her nipples, hard enough to elicit a whimper from the woman. He enjoyed the way her flesh felt in his mouth while chewing on her rubbery protrusion and he pulled on it greedily.
She was panting while he gnawed at her tits and his mouth struck at their softness again and again until her mounds were left with numerous the circular marks of his teeth from his savage biting.
Once his spines unhooked from her faintly twitching hole, flaccid his length flopped out of her with a loud slurp. He backed off of her with a deep shudder from the experience of his time mating making his exposed muscles ripple along his back.
His marking off of her chest had served to remind him of just how hungry he had become after coupling with her. She could have easily made for quite the buffet and the way her breasts tasted had his mouth watering.
He was not stupid, so he left his plaything alone to eat his fill from the competing male whom he had removed by crushing the front of his skull into the pavement. The body was not far from her and while he ate he couldn’t shake his mind off the pleasure he had just felt, it was not long into his meal he had decided he wanted more from her.
He did not stray for long, in fact, he ended his meal before he felt truly full once the urge to mate had his cock rock hard and twitching again.
He didn’t need to see to know she hadn’t moved at all when he returned, the sweet smell of her arousal was a sweet perfume. Her legs were still spread open which felt like an invitation to him. He could hear the patter of his thick seed still leaking from her hole, such a sound only served to arouse him further.
He used his tongue to grab her by the ankle and dragged her limp body by the leg out of the vehicle. She smacked onto the unforgiving ground with a deadpan groan before he pulled her along the ground to lay sprawled out before him.
He grabbed the woman by the hips with his hands and flipped her over her onto her belly. With his paws on her waist, he manipulated her until she was kneeling before him with her creamy back end was sticking high in the air.
Her face was twisted to the side and resting on the ground and her soft mounds were squashed into the hard pavement, their round shape bulging at the sides of her body. She was exposed in the position he made her assume, it felt like the proper way for him to breed her.
He tenderly stroked the cheeks of her ass enjoying how beautifully sculpted they felt under his palms. He had to leave a mark on such perfection and gave one of her thick rounds of meat a hard love bite leaving a deep imprint of his teeth in her flesh.
Then he mounted his fuck toy while clutching her waist and aimed his twitching cock for her opening. He groaned when he felt those silken lips kissing at his sensitive tip, they were so warm and soft he had to tease himself with them for a moment.
His tenderness did last very long and when lost his reign of those urges, he plowed into her juicy cunt with an aggressive snarl. He used his hold on her hips to force her limp body down onto his cock and groaned deeply when her tight fuck hole was slow to welcome him inside.
With his hands he pushing and pulling on along his length, he was making the unconscious woman ride his organ. He was barely moving his hips and let her slide back and forth over his twitching length. He groaned deeply from the sensation of her softness clutching him so tightly and the resistance when he hit her limit.
He was deliberately pulling her off his cock until his tip pulled from her hole before with a wet slurp before making those plush folds engulf him. The sounds meant so much to him and the sloppy music her pussy would make for him was tantalizing. He wanted to hear what kind of notes their clashing organs would make in this new position and started to buck into her body.
He growled with savage pleasure while boring out her hole with his hardness, his unconscious fuck doll panting breathlessly from his primal lust. He was hammering at her limit again with growing annoyance, his hips were so close but her body kept resisting his desire to hilt inside her.
The cock found the squishy ring of muscle and when he felt his tip prying at it, he needed to feel bust it open for him. He growled with desire from the thought of his cock pushing past it, surely she would be able to take all of him then. There was only one thing on his mind, hilt the piece of fuck meat, make her take his entire length. He began to yank her back into his thrusts, recklessly crushing his cock against her cervix without compassion. Over and over he drilled into her, stabbing at her most sacred of places, but it was refusing to yield to his desires.
Then she came to life with a series of panicked gasps and groans, he had fucked her awake from trying to push into her womb. She groaned brokenly from his abuse and was clutching at the pavement, desperately trying to try and crawl away from him.
He was not going to be denied and dug his claws into her tender sides before hauling her back with all his strength. She was reaching with an arm over her back to push at his bucking hips, her panicked screams stuttered from how savagely he was plundering her tight cunt.
His persistence was paying off, he felt it opening up to him, bit by bit it was yielding to him, the female was frantically babbling at him, her body jerking away from the impacts. Then the resistance inside suddenly gave way, her ring spread open with a shudder of its surrender and he felt his cock punch into the spongey cavern. His hips crashed onto the plush meat of her ass, it was a sharp connection of her soft flesh meeting with his boney hips and the sound reverberated off the structure he had escaped from.
He roared out in victory from the sensation of her taking the entirety of his length while she screamed hoarsely from the violation. The tight cervix had been reduced to nothing more than a tight ring for his cock and he churned his rod in her slimy cavern.
He kept slamming hips into the soft cheeks of her ass relishing in the feeling, pushing into them so forcefully her hips were being lifted off the heels they were resting on. Those hard strikes were making those thick rounds of meat ripple deeply from those primal connections and they traveled high up her sides. It was the new sound he enjoyed the most the sharp crack of his body meeting with hers, it was the note he felt was missing.
While his cock churned into her baby maker, she was frantically gasping, eyes rolling around erratically under their sagging lids. All the while she was weakly slapping her hands at the asphalt like she was trying to crawl from him with those sluggish movements.
The bulge of his cock was pushing far into midsection just under her rib cage and her guts would gurgle and churn when he reached so deeply. The groans she was making when he pushed into her were the sounds of a mentally broken piece of fuck meat.
Her pussy was squeezing him like a vice, her escort bursa body was trying to force him out and the hidden strength of her walls had surprised him. Those forceful contractions had the opposite effect however, he was bucking harder and faster into her with a greedy growl for more.
Those pale cheeks were turning a bright red from the rapid strikes he inflicting on them, his sac would swing like a wrecking ball and she would tense up when it struck the apex of her slit. The pace he was setting had far exceeded their previous coupling when he fucked the busty slut with everything he had.
The frenzied rutting was taking its toll on his plaything, her mouth was hanging open wide, tongue licking at the concrete all the while bubbling gurgles frothed past her lips. There was a slight hint of a grin in the corners of her gaping mouth, he had completely broken her and a wide pool of drool was forming around her face.
His tongue snaked from his mouth and he plunged it past her pouty lips and it slithered down into her throat and she moaned for it in acceptance. Her neck was bulging from his thick intruder, throat contracting with loud gulps like she was swallowing his tongue and it pushed further inside her until it had vanished into her torso.
She peaked when he spit roasted her, her cunt spraying its clear sticky fluids all over his hips from the intensity of her release. Her passage was wracked with rippling spasms, the lips of her cunt flexing at his shaft as if hungry for it. She was pushing her ass into his thrusts to impale herself on his organ with burbling squeals vibrating over his tongue.
Her willing debauchery tipped him over the edge, his organ was expanding and his barbs were spread out to saw at her passage. Her walls shuddered around his spines and they burrowed into the soft meat. Still, he was thrusting into her without mercy, dragging a long pink sock of her passage out of her body. Her pussy responded by spraying even more of her musky honey all over them.
Then he erupted inside her again with a triumphant bellowing cry while stabbing at her with every potent release until her insides were groaning from him filling her womb taut with his spunk. Her cervix remained a tight seal around his entrenched member and her stomach quickly swelled up, her abs spreading out with so much roiling spunk inside.
His tongue was reeled from her mouth and she broke into a series of sputtering gasps to fill her lungs with air after he had strangled her for so long. He was laying on top of her, both of them panting from the frenzied mating with their own tempo while his cock continued to twitch inside her.
Once he pulled his limp organ out, she collapsed onto her side with a grunt and she laid there with her gaping hole winking at him with sloppy belches. There was only a small trickle of his seed while the majority remained deeply implanted as a slight swell low on her midriff. Her breathing was ragged those eyes had a vacant stare from his rough breeding, other than the rise and fall of her chest, she didn’t move a muscle.
Her waist was covered with a tangled mess of deep hash marks and some were bleeding where her skin had given way to his blunt claws. Her pussy was peeking out from between her thighs and was looked nothing like it was before him. The succulent lips were red and bloated like a pair of angry slugs and they were spread wide around the gaping tunnel between them.

Stacy’s mind was fubar, she only recalled small fragments of when she had woken up to discover the creature was raping her again, she wasn’t even sure if it had actually happened at all. It was the deep throbs coming from her pussy that confirmed he had taken another round out of her.
She felt an intense heat low in her stomach and reached for it with a trembling hand, then she felt the firm swell in her midriff under the elastic material of her cocktail dress. Her mouth parted in awe from how large a load he had pumped inside her and how hot it was in her womb. It made her horny to think of what kind of twisted freak he had implanted inside her.
Her lust had raged out of control and when he returned, she was openly masturbating with her belly pressed on the cold ground. She was sweating profusely and felt hot all over, even her brain felt like it was melting. She didn’t care, all she wanted was more and writhed her hips around the entirety of her hand she had wedged up her sore pussy.
When she finally noticed him standing there on all fours, seemingly watching her debauchery with curiosity, she did hesitate in the slightest to push herself onto her knees before grabbing the bruised cheeks of her ass and spreading herself open to him. her invitation had him back on top of her in an instant with a desirous growl.
The creature was clutching her aching hips and pulling her pussy back into line with his massive bitch wrecker. Then his tongue wrapped around her throat and gave a hard yank on her neck like a rein until she was bending backward. He was pulling at her throat until she felt the muscles straining from the force, her head was tilted so far backward until she could only stare into the high lamp bathing its light over them. Her trembling hands rushed to clutch the rope of muscle, only to have it tighten and she managed one final gag before her throat was crushed shut.
She was so fucked up mentally it only turned her on from being strangled by him her, even her hands were only half-heartedly clutching the tongue. Then she felt an intense pressure in her rear passage, he was going to fuck her up the ass and she was actually elated he was going to her back door.
The pressure was getting so intense and she could feel her tiny pucker being pried open by the narrow tip of his cock, there was no pain when she felt her asshole being gaped by his size. She needed to feel that huge dick inside her and reached back again to hold open her cheeks to make way for his fat pole.
The ring of muscle quivered when it was stretched so obscenely wide, but her lover could have any hole he wanted and she willingly pushed herself down onto his spear. Her complete surrender to his desires was rewarded with her mind coming apart and she winced from the feeling. It was like everything that made up her personality was being put to the torch, the last moment of her awareness was one of pure terror.

Then she slipped into oblivion.

When he pushed his trunk into her slimy bowels, her arms went limp to dangle like pendulums at her sides. He growled into her ear while she wore a smile of utter euphoria when he turned her anus into a cock ring of flesh.
The silken cleft of her ass cheeks was spread so wide there was a deep wrinkle being made in their once perfect shape to make room for the crimson drilling between them. He was pushing his member deeply but barely pulled back at all, he felt stuck up her tight ass, the grainy friction almost achingly intense for him.
The lobotomized bimbo’s huge tits were swinging with heavy rotations, the plush meat clapping together at the center of her chest. He reached for those mounds and grabbed onto them tightly, gouging his claws into their softness until the creamy flesh was bulging through the small gaps of his fingers.
He used the grip he had on those globes to pull her onto him, but it was pointless, she apparently no longer needed his help and was pushing back all on her own. Her caramel colored ring was fused to his cock and was being yanked in and out past her rump with every pull he felt her depths suck at him like her body wanted him to stay inside.
It didn’t take him long to core out her asshole and soon he was buried right to the hilt in the brain dead husk that once was Stacy, the shell of a woman convulsed in his grip with every buck of his hips. Her insides groaned and gurgled from the internal abuse, the pace much was slower as he churned away at her gooey insides and he could feel her pussy contracting from her anally induced peak.
He took a good long time boring out her back passage and only let her take in enough air to keep her heart pumping, she had a batch of his children to grow when he was done with her.
He groaned when his member began to uncontrollably pulse in her hot bowels, spines extending into those thin walls, but he was still sliding it inside her. Those spines gripped her guts and when he pulled back the delicate walls detached from the inside with a wet ripping sound. Her red meat was being pulled out of her sphincter, the spines skewered through the soft tissue, but the broken woman was still pushing her ravaged ass along him heedless of how ruined she was.
With a vicious snarl, he slammed right back into her and blasted deep into her intestines until they gurgled loudly with every flex of his entrenched organ. He pumped into her longer and heavier than before until her belly was sagging with the weight of his load.
The orgasm he was experiencing was much more intense and seemed to be lasting much longer than before. When she started to gag and gulp at nothing, he grew curious and released the hold on her throat a fraction and what happened caught him by surprise.
She let out a long burbling gurgle and he knew from the smell she was puking up his spunk, it was flowing past her lips and over her face. He could hear thick gobs of it splattering onto the pavement from falling off her tits and swollen belly.
Once he had spent himself inside her, he yanked his still twitching dick from her ass before his barbs had relaxed. Those spikes had a good hold of her bowls and red lining of flesh was pulled far out of her body until she had a long tube of her insides hanging out from between her thighs when he carelessly removed himself from her.
He was completely spent and he untangled himself from his used up fuck toy and she collapsed onto the hard ground, muscles faintly twitching from what little neurons still sparked in her barely functioning brain, but her eyes were glassy and vacant.

She laid there for hours, but when her body did shift, it was not of her own action, it was her stomach swelling up, filling the small gap under her until it was touching the asphalt and pushing her chest off the ground. Her body continued to grow, her dress stretching over her pregnant belly, insides groaning from being pushed to make room.
There was no reaction coming from her swelling up, even when she was bloating past a normal pregnancy from the things growing inside her. The stitches burst on her dress exposing her taut stomach, the flesh turned a bright pink from being stretched so round.
Her breaths became short gasps when her guts were pushed up against her lungs to make room for all her mutated children, she was nearly in a sitting position from being lifted off the ground by the grotesque size of her pregnancy. Then her taut round midsection was being delineated with countless wriggling lumps, loud squelches and gurgles were coming from her stomach from so many restless bodies trapped inside.
More sloppy sounds were erupting from the lips of her pussy, they had found their way into her birth canal and had crowded it with a tight knot of mutated spawn. Her pussy was being pushed out by the thick tangle of thrashing invertebrates, the lips forced out wider than their father’s cock ever could.
Creatures both large and small pushed from the tangled mass and they wormed their way out her body to either fall from her gaping hope or slithered over her ass and thighs. It was a ceaseless cascade of warped creatures forcing their way out of her, so many children were coming out her leg and nethers were buried in pink wriggling flesh.
Eventually, the swarm was spreading out around her, but her stomach was still just as taut when they began to pass through her. They were moving from their perpetually pregnant host and made their way through the chainlink fence and into the forest past it.

A new outbreak had begun.

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