The Misfortunes of Twinks I: Part 4 – A Neighbor’s Sweet Revenge

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Early morning around 4am a black BMW pulls up into a quiet suburban neighborhood. To the right of the car are white houses with white picketed fences that look like they’ve all been cut from the same cardboard box… and just like the title song from the TV show Weeds describes, “They all look just the same.” To the left of the car is a thick forest. There’s no one on the street and it appears all of suburbia is still asleep.
Billy Minh steps out of the driver’s side of his black BMW smoking a cigarette. He inhales deeply and flicks off the ashes. It’s still dark out and the sun has yet to rise. With his trusted box cutter in hand he walks around to the back passenger door that’s facing the forest. Minh opens the passenger door to reveal blond twinky boy Mark Williams being sucked off by the red-headed girl from the county fair. Mark is still clad in only his cum-soaked tight white briefs. His dick and balls have been pulled out through the fly of his tighty-whities. The poor kid struggles against Red’s continued assault on his overly sensitive Viagra hardened prick, but the red-headed girl is surprisingly stronger. She over-powers the struggling youth keeping Mark’s hands to his side. With the twink’s legs spread wide open over her shoulders, Red ravages the suburban teen’s much abused penis.
“Stop! Please, no more,” Mark cries out just as Red deep-throats him, the edge of her lips lightly grazing his hairless crotch! His voice is still coarse and rough from all the screaming, crying, and moaning he did just hours ago. “It hurts too much. Please stop sucking my dick. It hurts!”
For a second Red releases his five and half inch prick. A bead of pearly white jism bubbles out of Mark’s piss hole.
“You must be a fag if you don’t like getting your dick sucked by a girl,” Red teases the straight teen.
“I’m not a homo… I like girls… It’s just my dick has been hard for so long. Those sick fuckers did shit to me. And it’s so sensitive it hurts real bad. Please. Stop. Oh god, no. Stop it, stop. Ow. It hurts,” he begs her.
She ignores the sobbing teen and returns to giving him head. Mark winces in pain as Red’s dick-sucking lips engulf his jutting member down to the root. Her head bobs up and down as she rapes his teenage penis.
Right as Mark orgasms, his teen boy cum pulsing up through his dick shaft, Minh grabs a lock of the white boy’s blond hair and roughly pulls him out of the car. Red watches on as Mark’s body spasms and his dick slit spews out load after load of teen boy spunk all over his chest, crotch, and thighs. Right before Mark is dragged completely out of the car, she slaps the teen’s short stubby dick hard across the shaft. It elicits a brief and painful cry from him. Billy Minh pulls him to the edge of the forest. The older Asian teenager stands between Mark’s open legs. He notices Minh holding his notorious box cutter and fear suddenly overwhelms the poor white suburban twink. All of the rumors and stories he heard about Billy “The Box Cutter” Minh fills Mark’s mind with dread. The gruesome details of how The Box Cutter had once castrated some dumb jock, who had unknowingly picked on the notorious teen, nearly makes Mark wet his pants. And the poor sobbing sap would have pissed his pants if he were wearing some at the moment. With his dick so painfully erect it would’ve been painful to pee. Kneeling between the white teenager’s legs Minh takes a firm hold of Mark’s five and half inch teen boy pole.
“Minny, please…,” Mark realizes what he just called Billy Minh would infuriate chinky Charlie. “I… I didn’t mean that… I didn’t mean to call you Minny… I meant Minh… Please. Oh god, please don’t cut off my dick… Please don’t cut off my dick and balls,” he pleads!
Billy Minh brings the blade up against Mark’s groin. Red hears the blond teen squeal and the sound of slicing and fabric tearing! She imagines Billy’s box cutter knife slicing off Mark’s hard on and hairless scrotum, then blood and teen boy jism squirting all over the place. Red plays with herself slipping a finger inside her wet twat. She’s wearing a pair of white crotchless lace panties. Mark begs and cries. Red is surprised, but cums when Minh steps away to reveal Mark with his white boy dick and plump balls still intact. She gets out of the car and walks up to Mark. Her thighs are coated in her cunt juices. She stands dominating over the blond teenager with her red burning bush at eye-level with the helpless youth.
“Well, will you look at that. We match,” she comments looking at Mark’s now matching crotchless briefs. Minh had also cut off the back of the teen’s tighty-whities leaving Mark fully exposed. Except for the waistband and what remains of the tattered and torn underwear Mark is naked, on his bare-ass on the sidewalk by the woods, his body slick with man-teen boy sperm, and his hard as a nail teenage prick pointing up at Red.
Mark is hyperventilating, eyes watery, his voice cracking every now and then. He is shocked, but not unhappy to find his genitals still attached to his body.
“Oh god… My dick… my nuts, they’re still there, thank god,” Mark says fearful, exhausted and grateful. He looks up and sees Red’s flaming pubic bush inches from his face. With snot dripping from his nose he turns to face Billy, then realizes his dick is still painfully erect, dripping teen spooge, and completely exposed to the red-headed girl in front of him. Mark pulls his legs together and covers his leaking prick, but Red simply continues to stare directly at the naked twink’s crotch. Embarrassed and totally ashamed being naked outdoors with a full blown hard on, Mark cannot look her or Billy in the eye. He hangs his head in utter humiliation.
“Billy, please… Please don’t tell anyone about this… about what happened. I swear… I won’t tell… Just don’t tell anyone… I’ll be ruined. I’ll do anything… Just don’t say anything to anyone… especially Lauren. I’m begging you, please,” the blond twink begs.
“Anything,” Billy Minh comments. The Asian teen sits right next to Mark. The white youth realizes he’s just gotten himself into deeper shit. Before he can reply and retract his offer of “anything” Mark suddenly feels Billy’s hand wrap around his five and half inch dick again. Billy pushes Mark on his back. Utterly defeated he reluctantly lets the older Asian teen molest his already abused and tender bits. Surrendering every inch (all pun intended, dear reader) left of his dignity and modesty, Mark spreads his legs wide open giving his assailant complete access to his crotch. Tear drops stream down his cheeks as precum leaks out from his dick hole. Mark looks around afraid some neighbor might suddenly walk by and catch him in this most humiliating and compromising position.
Red grabs both of Mark’s feet further spreading his legs apart. She places a foot right below the helpless blond youth’s balls. Billy continually milks his dick. Mark gasps when suddenly Red sticks her big toe inside his twink boy pussy! She pushes her toe as far as it would go. Poor Mark moans and gasps as she roughly toe fucks the shit out of his ass.
“Oh god, what are you doing? Stop that. Oh my, oh god, oh stop… That’s so dirty. Please… Oh my god, I’m… Stop. You’re gonna make me cum. Oh, oh, ooh… Aagghh,” Mark shoots off and orgasms. His cum splatters all over his chest, crotch, and thighs! Even Red’s foot gets sprayed in teen sperm. This pisses off Red and while Mark is still in the throws of orgasmic release she viciously STOMPS on the blond twink’s still ejaculating dick and balls… twice!
They release poor Mark and the blond teen boy immediately curls up into fetal position on his stomach. The sudden pain is a shocking contrast to the unwanted but ecstatic pleasure he felt seconds ago. His piss hole is still burping out globs of pearly white semen when Mark manages to pull himself up a little. With the pain still radiating from his crotch and abdomen he crawls toward the woods in an attempt to distance himself from his tormentors. He makes it past several trees and bushes, but his assailants walk leisurely behind him.
Billy Minh notices the white teenager’s dangling balls and still hard prick fully exposed from behind. He runs up to the cute teenager and brutally kicks him hard square in the taint, nuts and dick. Billy’s kick literally flips Mark over and on his back. The poor blond teenager cannot even scream as intense pain shoots out from his taint, crotch and up his abdomen, silencing his voice box. Mark feels as if his balls were kicked right out of his scrotum into his throat. He’s unable to speak and his throat is all choked up feeling as if his testicles would fall out of his mouth if he speaks. All the blue-eyed teen could do was dry heave and cry.
“Ouch, that has got to hurt,” adds Red. “Probably worse than my kicks. But blondie here deserves it for shooting his wad on my foot.”
“I hear you can you ruin a man by kicking him the way I kicked white boy here,” Billy comments. “But I hope not. Making him impotent would ruin all the fun I have planned.” They watch as the white suburban youth dry heaves with his mouth in an open O trying to catch his breath.
Chinky Charlie stands over Mark’s face. He pulls out his flaccid brown six inch cock and the white twink notices that even soft the Asian bully’s cock completely and utterly dwarfs his own hard white boy dick.
Billy begins pissing all over the blond teen boy’s face and open mouth. The teen is forced to swallow some piss and nearly chokes. He coughs up yellow liquid and jism.
Red follows suit, squats down over the teen’s crotch and begins pissing all over Mark’s bruised teen pole and swollen balls. Piss stinging in his eyes, Mark notices for a second just how close his fully erect five and half inch virgin penis is from the red-headed girl’s hot wet pussy. For a moment our unfortunate twink thinks the girl is actually going to fuck him. He is whole heartedly disappointed when a stream of urine hits his diminutive white boy dick and hairless nut sack. Will his humiliation ever end Mark thinks to himself?
Billy zips up after pissing a river of piss on Mark. Before getting herself up, Red SLAPS Mark’s short but thick erection leaving a harsh red bruise across the shaft.
“See you at school, Mark,” the bully adds spitting on Mark’s face. The Vietnamese teenager brutally kicks him in the junk. Speechless, the white teenager wriggles and squirms in pain as his assailants drive off leaving him naked beaten and battered at the edge of the woods.
Half an hour passes and the sun is just about to rise. The blond teen is still crying, but now finds himself all alone. Hidden behind shrubs and bushes Mark nurses his injured prick and balls cupping them in his hands. Although shaken and not unscathed, the teen is glad to be alone. Mark had never been nude for such a long time let alone so exposed. As he comes down from the shock of his horrid ordeal, Mark realizes he’s in the woods just behind his neighborhood.
His house is the second house on the block and he can see his bedroom window just over the eight feet wooden fence that separates all of the houses on his side of the block from the forest. He knows he can’t climb the tall fence without getting hurt and bruised and some one would likely see him.
It dawns on Mark that he’d have to go through old “Dirty Larry’s” backyard to get to his own backyard. Larry Hussein is Mark’s reclusive greasy fifty-something year-old single neighbor from Pakistan. The Arab moved in next door three years ago and the all-white suburban neighborhood knows little about him. The teen and his buddies had nicknamed him “Dirty Larry” not only because the man is greasy and dirty looking, but because on the rare occasions they did see him, old Larry would perve on his friends, pretty girls and cute guys, while they swam in Mark’s swimming pool. The man makes Mark’s skin crawl and the teen is always on edge whenever he saw Dirty Larry. His tuzla escort buddies tease him saying he lives next door to a mad Arab terrorist. Mark and his friends had even made it a point to torment the old geezer by calling him “Dirty Larry” or “Paki Larry” and by teepeeing the tree in front of the man’s house. Once Mark made a shit-bag bomb with fireworks which he lit on fire and left on Larry’s front doorsteps. Mark rang the doorbell and ran behind some bushes hiding with his pals. They quieted down when Dirty Larry came out all shocked and when he stomped his foot on the bag to put out the fire… well the shit done hit the fan and the arrogant white teenagers laughed themselves silly running away down the block while the dirty old man screamed at them covered in dog shit. He recognized Mark the ringleader as his neighbors’ preppy teenage son. The mad Arab promised himself that one day he’d get revenge on the blond twink and his friends.
Both the right and left side of Larry’s backyard is fenced off by a short five feet chain-linked fence. One that Mark knows he could easily climb over with little to no difficulty… that is when you’re fully clothed. But being bare-assed naked he’d have to be more careful not hurt himself. In his rush not to be seen naked Mark forgets the fact that Dirty Larry’s backyard is also guarded by a fierce and vicious Doberman called Grinder, a dog extremely loyal to his bitter master.
So it goes to the extreme delight of Dirty Larry that he happens upon our protagonist early this morning. From his kitchen window he is surprised to see Mark naked as the day he was born except for the shredded remains of his underwear. The teen is having difficulty climbing over Larry’s fence. Mark’s dick sticks out still hard and perpendicular to his body. It gets caught between the fence keeping Mark from getting over the other side. He winces in pain as his dick gets all scratched up from rubbing up against the fence. Dirty Larry smiles a wicked smile as he video records his teenage tormentor’s precarious predicament on his cellphone. Finally Mark manages to pull his prick out and has a foot on the other side his toes barely touching the ground. As he turns, his ass faces Larry’s kitchen window and the old pervert gets a clear view of the teen’s perky bubble butt. Mark stretches his body to get a better footing. Larry nearly creams his boxers when he sees pearly white jism leak out of the teen’s once virgin asshole. Globs of cum bubbles out of the blond twink’s butt hole streaming down his inner thighs.
At first Larry thinks this is just another one of the teen’s cruel pranks. You know, run into the neighbor’s yard naked, get a rile and a laugh with his buddies and make fun of the dirty old mad Arab. However after seeing what he just saw and the look of Mark’s condition, Dirty Larry knows this is an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. Revenge is mine sayeth the mad Arab. The man walks out of his kitchen into his yard to exact his vengeance.
Mark is busy trying to steady and lift himself over with the fence still between his legs. Suddenly he hears the all too familiar CLICK, CLICK, CLICK sound of a camera phone. The shock and humiliated look on the white teen’s face is priceless as it’s captured along with a full body pic of Mark and his hard five and half inch stiffy now pointing up at the sky in full view of the dirty Arab.
The young man is surprised to see Dirty Larry grinning at him. He loses both his grip on the fence and his footing, causing him to slip crushing both his teen pole and balls under his own weight. He falls over into Larry’s yard and immediately folds his body into fetal position. Again pain racks his virgin bits as Larry continues taking pictures of the teenager who’s been a bane in his suburban life. Why couldn’t these fucking punks just leave him alone. Well at least this blond brat’s gonna learn a lesson.
Larry kneels next to the racked up teen. “Want me to kiss it and make it better, Mark,” he says sarcastically and with a heavy Arabic accent. The white youth feels as if the dirty Arab is already raping him with his penetrating eyes and the damn uni-brow hovering above them.
A greasy and clammy hand grazes across Mark’s butt cheeks. “Look like some mudder-fuckas did a real good number on you, boy. Turned you out like a real bitch.”
“Fuck you, towel head. Get off me, Dirty Larry,” Mark slaps Larry’s hand away from his ass. “Fucking faggot. Don’t touch me,” the frantic teen adds as he jerks away from his perverted neighbor. He gets up on his feet, backs away from Larry and slowly turns to make a run for it hoping to hop over the fence into his yard. The teen keeps an eye on the greasy pervert as he bolts for the fence. The dark-skinned Paki stands there in his boxers, pot belly pushing out his stained wife-beater shirt, and suddenly WHISTLES.
“Grinder,” the Paki calls out.
Mark turns to face his yard, but his escape is now blocked by Grinder, Larry’s big bad guard dog. Grinder snaps and barks its mouth only inches away from the white teen’s hard dick and plump ballsac. Mark is frozen on the spot scared to move an inch as the dog growls frighteningly. Its snout rubs up on the youth’s genitals.
“You don’t wanna piss off Grinder. See them sharp teeth. He can make you a girl with an instant snap of his mouth. He’ll grind up your white dick and testicles like ground beef,” Larry threatens.
Grinder sniffs Mark’s erect penis and tight ballsac then licks off the cum streaming down the teen’s inner thighs. Mark gasps as the dog’s rough tongue touches his tender skin.
“Please. Please, Mister. Please don’t let him bite off my dick and balls,” Mark begs in a whisper almost crying now stripped of all false teenage bravado and arrogance.
“You wanna keep them, then do as I say,” Larry orders. “Get on all fours and crawl backwards to me, boy.”
Mark does as he’s told and watches as Grinder sits staring him coldly in the eyes. Grinder is an alpha dog and he can smell the bitch boy before him. The dog stays put glaring at Mark, but he obeys his master and watches as the bitch boy bows in submission. The teen crawls away from Grinder with his ass exposed to Larry.
Larry is again treated with the sight of the teen’s cute white bubble butt moving toward him. Giving into his anger the dirty mad Arab sneaks a hand between Mark’s legs, grabs his hard teen pole and nutsack and roughly drags the young man into his house. With his hard dick painfully bent backwards over his strained testicles the poor white teen boy is forced into Larry’s kitchen.
“Please… Just let me go. From now on I promise me and my friends will leave you alone. I promise we won’t bother you, Mister. Just please let me go. Ow! Ow! Ow! Oh god it HURTS,” Mark let’s out as Dirty Larry ignores his begging and lifts the teen up in the air by his penis and balls. Mark manages to stand on his hands for a moment alleviating the pain, but the old Pakistani bastard is surprisingly strong. He lifts Mark five inches off the floor. “Oh god, Aargh! You’re killing me. Please let go. You’re gonna tear them off. Please, my dick… my balls. Have mercy,” the blond twink pleads for his tortured genitals.
“Now tell me what happened. Always thought you were straight with that girlfriend you always got coming to visit you. But seeing so much man cum leaking out of your ass tells me you some kind of faggot bitch,” the greasy Arab demands. He suddenly let’s go of the teen’s bruised twinkhood. Broken and dismayed Mark falls like a sack of potatoes onto the tiled kitchen floor. He clutches his crushed prick and balls and curls up into fetal position. Why the fuck do these bastards keep hurting him there he thinks to himself?
“Tell me everything and don’t leave anything out or I’ll know and I’ll sic old Grinder on you,” Dirty Paki Larry threatens. The teen can see the ferocious dog staring at him from outside the kitchen storm door. Poor Mark is forced to regale his horrible experience at the county fair. As he recounts his traumatic encounter with the niggers and spics and the infamous Billy “Box-Cutter” Minh, the cute, but battered white teen boy can’t help but be aware and be scared of how Dirty Pervy Larry is eye-balling his nude teenage body. The blond teen boy next door is shy and embarrassed by his nudity and tries to cover his crotch with has hands. The Mad Arab slaps the teen’s hands away.
Mark is now on his knees, legs spread with his hard dick exposed and pointing up at the ceiling, and his hands behind his back as he finishes his tale. “And I told them… I ain’t like that… I ain’t gay and I got a girlfriend. But they didn’t care. They just did what they wanted and… And raped me,” the white teen boy says with his head hanging down in shame.
The blond youth looks up just as Dirty Larry opens the fly of his boxer shorts and pulls out his thick throbbing nine inch man cock. “No, please. Don’t make me do this… I told you… I ain’t gay,” Mark pleads. “I’ll tell. I swear I’ll tell the cops,” he threatens.
“If you don’t I’ll throw you outside and old Grinder will make you his bitch and bite off that pathetic white boy dick of yours… And I’ll tell the cops you were trespassing. You were in my yard so it’s self-defense,” Larry retorts.
Mark sobs. Dejected and again defeated he cries looking up at Dirty Larry’s thick brown cock. “Why? Why me,” the white twink asks uselessly. “I’m not gay. “
“Cause you’re such a pussy boy. Your dick sucking lips are begging to be wrapped around a thick juicy cock, your cute bubbly ass is just screaming to be pounded deep, and this dick of yours is so hard it’s asking to be milked,” Larry says slapping the twink’s hard penis.
“And because you’re such spoiled suburban white snot who made my life here a living hell. Now I’m gonna take it all out on your mouth and your ass, bitch!”
Just as young Mark yelps Larry pulls him by the ears and shoves his nine incher deep inside the white teenager’s throat. He skull fucks his teenage next door neighbor fast and hard finally spewing load after load of man cum down Mark’s gullet. Our unfortunate twink is in tears, but is forced to swallow every drop of semen.
Larry pulls the teen up against his body just as Mark pukes out some jism. The Paki bastard turns Mark around and pushes him against the kitchen table. He grabs both of the teen’s wrist with one hand and restrains the white boy’s arms behind his back. Grabbing locks of Mark’s straight blond hair with his other hand Larry pulls the teen’s head back awkwardly stretching the youth’s body like a harp. He fucks Mark dry pounding his burgeoning brown man meat in and out of the twink’s already used and cum-filled ass. And like a harp he plays Mark like an instrument causing the teenager to moan, gasp, and cry as the man’s bloated cockhead rubs up against the teen’s prostate.
To Mark’s shame he cums all over the kitchen table his piss hole shooting wads of twink boy milk. Larry’s cock wrapped in the white teen’s velvety ass muscles erupts and fills Mark up with his hot man slime. Pearly white streams of semen leak out of the teen’s butt-hole coating his inner thighs. The Paki roughly pulls his still stone hard cock out of Mark causing the twink to squeal like a pig.
Dirty Larry again grabs locks of Mark’s hair, forcing the young man’s face over the puddles of teen sperm on the table. The disgruntled mad Arab makes the blond boy lick off every drop of his own jism.
“Lick my table clean, bitch,” he orders! Mark complies in fear. He sticks out his tongue and wipes the table clean. His face is a mask of tears and utter disgust and humiliation as he swallows his own forced eruptions.
After skull fucking the teen’s mouth and raping his ass over and over again, Dirty Larry ties Mark on his back and spread-eagled on the kitchen table. Using some rope the Mad Arab restrains the teen’s hands and feet to the legs of the table. The pervert looks over his helpless naked and captive neighbor as he tuzla escort bayan cooks up a breakfast of eggs and toast. The Paki bastard sets his plate up between Mark’s outstretched legs. He calmly eats watching the white youth hopelessly struggle to escape the tight bondage grade ropes. The white teenager’s five and half inch rock hard twink dick points up toward his belly button and his plump balls dangle just above his used and totally fucked asshole.
“You really into this shit? You like sucking real man cock and taking it up the butt. Don’t you, fag boy? Look how hard your little prick is, Mark,” Dirty Larry jabs at the straight teen’s ego as he lightly jabs his fork at the teen’s exposed mushroom dickhead then scraping down the shaft to the base of his erect penis. Larry does this over and over scratching up Mark’s tender bits.
“Ouch! No, I’m not. I ain’t into this. I told you I ain’t gay. Please just let me go. I promise I won’t tell anyone. And my friends… We won’t bother and tease you no more… and… oh god it HURTS! Stop it. Stop it,” the unfortunate white boy sobs as Larry pinches his dickslit open and scratches the inside of his teen penis with his fork. “Aaarrrgggghhh,” the twink cries.
The young teen struggles to get out of the ropes, desperately trying to close his legs to keep his overly sensitive Viagra hardened dick from further abuse. The greasy Paki has a laugh as he watches the twink’s useless efforts. Mark gets a moment of reprieve when Larry gets up to place his dirty plate in the sink.
“I think I’ll have me some sausage and milk for breakfast too,” the fat brute adds as he sets up a large clear glass votive candle several inches away from the twink’s right hip. The young man hears the sound of a match strike and sees old Larry lighting up a red candle.
“What are you doing,” Mark panicks shaking his head no? He doesn’t know what the cruel man intends to do to him, but he knows it will be very unpleasant. “What are you gonna do to me? Please don’t. Just let me go. Let me go home. I promise I won’t tell and I won’t ever bother you again, mister” the blue-eyed all-American blond white boy pleads and pleads with his sadistic Pakistani neighbor.
Mark’s sicko neighbor takes off his dirty cum stained boxer shorts, rolls it up into a ball and forcefully stuffs it into the white teen boy’s mouth tying it off with some packaging tape to keep it inside the struggling youth’s mouth. The blond teen’s crying and pleading are muffled by the greasy and cum stained makeshift ball gag in his mouth. He can’t help but look frightfully at the lit candle watching the wax melt and pool inside the glass container.
The cute teen’s attention to the candle flame is disrupted when he feels one of the man’s greasy hands suddenly cup his plump hairless balls. A shameful moan from the teenager escapes through the gag as Larry takes a firm hold of Mark’s five and half inches of hard teen meat. The burly man begins pumping his fist up and down the teen’s virgin prick stalk. He keeps up a steady and slow pace with his brown fingers wrapped tightly around the stiff white pink dick. Every stroke edges the poor twink closer and closer to yet another unwanted and forced explosive orgasm. Mark wriggles and struggles in a vain attempt to free his manhood from Larry’s molesting hands.
Dirty Larry is insistent and driven by his lust for both pleasure and revenge. With a quick gulp the man swallows Mark’s entire ballsac in his mouth. The teen can feel his assailant’s tongue licking his left testicle first then his right one. The Paki man’s tongue licks up the middle of the white boy’s scrotum separating the teen’s balls. To Mark’s further shame the youth realizes Larry’s tongue like the man’s cock is bigger and longer than the teenager’s pathetic white boy dick.
Mark is overwhelmed with shame and confusion. How could his prick still be so hard after being used and abused over and over by men? And not just men, but the fact that colored men have molested his white straight five and a half inch penis is what shames the blond teenboy the most. What scares the naive heterosexual suburban twink is that he may actually be enjoying the rape and abuse of his body. No, Mark thinks to himself. Shit like this isn’t supposed to happen to straight white males like him. Guys like him are cute and always gets the pretty girls. To guys like him the world was their oyster. He tries to imagine it’s Lauren, his hot white girlfriend, touching him with her silky soft fingers, stroking his erection closer and closer to climax. Mark imagines it’s Lauren deep-throating his testicles first his left then the right. He thinks when he opens his eyes he’ll find his ballsac covered in Lauren’s lipstick and saliva. Poor Mark’s attempt to escape momentarily by fantasy is ruined when he abruptly feels a finger, then two, then three sliding in and out of his asshole. The rough fingering causes the teen to open his eyes revealing his plump balls completely engulfed in Paki Larry’s mouth. The man’s left hand toys with Mark’s stiff white teen boy prick thumb and index fingers rubbing the teen’s sensitive glans. The young unfortunate straight teen moans and groans through his gag as his milky white virgin jism is yet again forcefully milked out of him. His eyes are shut closed in utter shame, but tears stream down his face. His body writhes in ecstasy as load after load of cum spurts out of his piss-hole splattering Mark’s face and chest, covering his stomach, crotch and thighs.
Dirty Larry is relentless and merciless. He continues finger-fucking the lad’s well-fucked butt hole. Mark feels a warm wet tongue licking up his dick shaft. The teen’s penis remains ever hard and a bundle of nerves that seconds ago sent a wave of pleasure throughout Mark’s body now screams out PAIN! Larry’s mouth engulfs the twink’s sensitive mushroom dickhead his tongue playing with the white boy’s piss slit. The Dirty Paki deepthroats Mark’s entire dick down to the root. He can feel the teenager’s boy pole pulsating inside his mouth. Mark in turn can feel his dick throbbing deep inside the sleazy bastard’s throat.
Just as the teen erupts deep inside Larry’s throat Mark feels his entire ballsac suddenly engulfed inside the Paki’s wet warm mouth. With the white boy’s entire package in his mouth Dirty Fucking Larry looks like he’s muff-diving on a chick instead of a defenseless pussy boy. The brute’s mouth is latched onto Mark’s crotch like a lamprey. The straight blue-eyed teenager tries to resist, but is forced to give up twelve thick healthy loads of his teenage jism juice. Dirty Paki voraciously swallows the twink’s cream-filling sucking it through Mark’s dick like a straw. The perv’s sucking sends shots of pain from the white youth’s dickhead, down his shaft, and throughout his crotch. His balls have pulled up tight against his body aching in agony!
The old fucker releases the teen’s penis and balls covered in his slimy Paki saliva. Mark’s dick shaft is bruised red and his mushroom dickhead is a mean purple proof of the Mad Arab’s vicious cocksucking abilities.
Dirty Larry’s eyes remain locked on Mark’s jutting member. WHOP! WHAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! WHOP! The teen flinches and groans, his eyes shut in pain, as each meaty slap hits him hard. It’s as if Larry’s hand is a wooden ruler slapping across the twink’s boned up piss pole.
Paki Larry sucks on just the tip of Mark’s little teenboy cock. Soon the teen is again brought near the edge. Precum leaking out of his pee hole and straight into Larry’s mouth. Mark suddenly feels the warmth of the votive candle just against his right hip as the warmth of the old Paki’s mouth disappears and the brute releases his mushroom dickhead. Larry plays with the white teenager’s prick with one hand, he pinches Mark’s dick slit open, and gives the bitch boy a nasty smile with his decaying teeth in full display. Mark had felt those teeth scraping across his shaft and prick tip.
“This is so gonna hurt you,” Dirty Larry whispers to the bound teen. He grins wickedly tormenting the twink and licks the back of the teenager’s ear. Mark shakes his head NO! NO! NO! The blond youth sees the glass votive candle is now half full of melted red candle wax. The man continues to jerk off the pretty boy and Mark struggles in vain to escape. The lad is tied spread-eagled on the kitchen table with his hands and feet tied to the legs of the table. The Paki bastard also tied his elbows and knees leaving Mark fully exposed with his crotch vulnerable and open for Larry.
Mark frantically wrestles against the bondage ropes and attempts to twist and turn his hips hoping to free his dick from Larry’s firm grip. All his attempts prove futile as the greasy Arab painfully milks the teen to orgasm. The unfortunate teen’s body spasms and his erection throbs wrapped in the pervert’s fist. Mark manages to shoot out one load. His pearly white jizz spurts out and lands perfectly on his belly button forming a small pool of cum. Before the white teen boy’s body can shoot out the rest of his virgin juices, Dirty Larry again pinches open the teen’s piss slit and generously pours hot melted wax straight into Mark’s dick. The melted wax seeps down inside his urethra and has an immediate and extremely painful effect on the splayed out pussy boy. The horrible pain ruins the already intense orgasm Mark was in the midst of having. The hardening wax blocks off any possible ejaculate bubbling up from the teen’s nut bag trapping it inside his prick tube and causing the most frustrating and excruciating case of blue balls Mark has ever experienced. If the white teenager wasn’t gagged he’d be screaming his lungs out right at this moment. The dastardly bastard continues pouring melted wax covering the blond teen’s hypersensitive mushroom dickhead. Our poor Mark is in an exquisite extacy of pain! Our dear villainous villain is in an exquisite extacy of pleasure as he watches the hapless youth writhe and struggle in a rapture of unbelievable torture!
Soon Mark’s entire penis is covered in red wax. His dick still erect looks like a sculpted wax penis. Saliva leaks out of the makeshift gag stuffed in the twink’s mouth. His eyes are shut closed tears streaking down his face as he tries screaming through Larry’s piss cum soaked boxers. The wax on his dick has cooled a little giving Mark some respite from the pain. Suddenly the suburban white teen’s eyes burst wide open as Larry begins dripping hot melted wax all over the teenager’s hairless balls. His body becomes a bundle of nerves radiating pain from the center of his crotch where red hot melted wax drips steadily onto his ball bag making the youth’s white pink scrotum look all bloodied and mutilated. The teen makes grunting, moaning, groaning and sobbing sounds as his voice is choked off by the filthy greasy Paki’s boxers and the pain biting into his precious gonads. More saliva drips from his gagged mouth and snot from his nose as Mark pleads and begs through his tear filled eyes for the man to stop.
Old Pervy Larry continues his assault dripping wax until Mark’s entire junk is a red sculpture of living tissue encased in red wax. Two streams of hot melted blood red wax runs down either side of his balls; they meet up and pool right at Mark’s sensitive taint! Just as the burning hot liquid passes his taint and seeps into his well-fucked asshole PAIN overwhelms the blond teen. Larry watches in joy as he stares directly into the spoiled white teen boy’s beautiful blue eyes. Mark makes more choking sounds and his pretty blues eyes all watery from crying disappears into the back of his head swallowed by the empty whiteness of unconsciousness. The pussy bitch boy passes out from yet another horrific experience.
Time passes and soon twinky boy Mark wakes to find Larry busy pounding his brown nine inch man cock in and out his cute bubble butt. The teen is groggy and confused. He finds himself no longer gagged, but escort tuzla still bare-ass naked and tied up on top of old Dirty Larry’s kitchen table. His feet have now been tied over his shoulders fully exposing his vulnerable ass and crotch at the edge of the table. From a profile point of view dear reader one can see the thick fat Paki cock being swallowed up by Mark’s puckered up ass lips. The greasy Paki pulls out his man meat and then roughly fucks it deep inside Mark. The teen moans like bitch whore when the man’s bulbous mushroom tip hits his prostate over and over again massaging the teen’s pussy boy button pushing him closer and closer to the edge. “Oh god… Oh, oh, oh… Please stop. Oh god, stop. You’re gonna make me cum. It hurts! Oh it hurts! My balls! My dick! My dick it hurts so bad! Uhnng. Aaaagh… Oh. Please, no more,” the white boy begs hopelessly as his sleazy Pakistani neighbor smiles grinning from ear to ear fucking the punk hard and deep.
“Bet you ‘re really aching with pain, ain’tcha boy,” Larry teases slightly bending Mark’s wax covered erect penis. The brute also cups the teen’s wax covered balls too. “I’m gonna fuck some more cum out of ya, boy. And bitch, with your dick all blocked off and filled with wax inside your jizz ain’t going nowhere but here,” the sadistic man points to the base of Mark’s teen boy pole.
Dirty Larry fucks him to the hilt, his brown hefty and hairy balls slapping against the twink’s pale white ass cheeks. Mark’s body is enveloped in an orgasm of pain. The first wave of pleasure hits his entire body shaking the teen to the core. When his balls and prostate hit over drive and churn out load after load of semen with nowhere to go the pressure builds up and centers at the base of his five and half inch erection. Meanwhile the teen’s pain of course brings Dirty Pervy Larry all the more pleasure as Mark’s orgasm overwhelms the youth and forces his ass muscles to clench and engulf Larry’s nine inch flesh rod in a warm velvety blanket of twinky boy ass.
“Please, mister, no more. Oh, oh, aaagggh… It HURTS so much! Oh god,” Mark sobs. “You have to stop fucking me. My balls… My balls… My dick… My dick feels like it’s gonna explode. Mister, please. Oh, oh. Ow! Ow!Ow!”
“What the… What did you,” Mark manages to sputter out as the blur of unconsciousness slowly disappears and his eyes begin to see more clearly. The teen stares at his wax covered genitals and notices an M80 firecracker has been attached to them. “What the fuck?”
“Remember that prank you and your punk friends pulled on me last year? Bag of shit and fireworks were really funny, right? Heard you and your buddies laughing all way the down the block,” the Dirty Paki comments. Both Mark and Pervy Larry stare at the M80. Mark stares with his eyes all bugged out in fear and Larry looks on smiling in amusement. “Bet you all had some real fun at my expense… And well will you look at that, the fuse on that M80 is exactly the same length of your pathetic tiny white boy dick… Exactly five and half inches,” the greasy Paki adds. The teen struggles and panics to escape. His movements only causes him more internal frustration. His struggling only causes Larry’s mushroom cock helmet to brush up against his teen boy prostate. Mark moans, but resists with what little strength he has left. The straight white teenager does not want to be forced to give up more of his virgin boy milk knowing with no where to go the pressure from the build up will cause him agonizing pain.
“Here’s the deal, Mark. If you can keep yourself from orgasming, I won’t light the fuse. But if I feel you climax and your ass muscles clenching all over my dick then I’m gonna light the fuse, continue fucking you, and then watch the M80 explode,” the Paki man threatens. The hopeless youth is even more pathetic than Larry had expected, a total wuss pussy boy bitch. In less than five minutes of fucking him and as soon as the dirty perv stops speaking, Mark is wrought in an overwhelming climax. His body produces copious amounts of pearly white twink boy milk and with no release the pressure painfully radiates in the base of his dick and his balls feel like they been repeatedly kicked a thousand times.
“Ow, ow, ow… Please stop it! I’m gonna burst! My dick! My dick! My dick is gonna burst! No more. Please take off the wax. You’re killing me. The pain. It hurts so bad, mister” the white teenager cries strapped on the table spread-eagled as his sadistic psycho neighbor fucks the hell out of him. Tears streaming down his face as the scared teen looks at the M80 attached to his wax encased throbbing erection.
The greasy Pakistani feels the Caucasian teen’s butt muscles engulfing his thick brown man meat. The white youth’s anal passage feels like rings of silk and velvet as Larry pushes his nine inch cock in and out of the lad’s well-turned-out straight boy pussy.
“Hah. What a surprise. You got a short fuse just like you got a short prick. Time to say bye bye to your tiny useless pathetic white boy dick,” the flabby old pervert comments as he pulls out his cock and cums all over Mark’s crotch. He lights the fuse on the M80 firecracker and backs away to watch the show.
Mark is in total panic mode. He gyrates his pale white hips up and down appearing to fuck the air as he attempts in vain to dislodge the M80 firecracker attached to his wax covered junk. We hear the FIZZLING sound of the fuse as it slowly burns out closer and closer to the firecracker.
“NO! NO! Oh god, please mister, stop the fuse. NO! NO! My DICK! MY BALLS! Please I’ll do anything. Please, mister don’t blow em up,” Mark exclaims! The white teenager breaks down and cries like a baby begging for his mommy. “Oh god, MOMMY! The fuse! It’s getting smaller! MOMMY! He’s gonna blow up my dick and balls! Mommy!”
Our despondent youth closes his eyes shut as he awaits the horrible pain to come when the fuse burns off into nothingness and the M80 explodes into oblivion along with Mark’s virgin bits. Streams of tears profusely pour out of him as he suddenly hears the FIZZLING sound vanish… Moments pass. It’s replaced with the CLICK, CLICK, CLICK sound of a camera phone and the cruel and maniacal laughter of Dirty Pervy Larry.
“Holy fuck, that was fucking priceless. You should see your face. You’re such a fucking pussy boy. Caught it all on video too. You crying out for your mommy. Priceless shit… Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it, boy,” Dirty Larry rejoices. “Fooled you, didn’t I bitch. Had you going there.”
The poor white teen boy is in shock. Utterly humiliated and broken his body is a wreck of pain and sexual agony. His still erect penis is still pulsing and throbbing encased in wax. The solid wax lining his urethral tube keeps the pressure of orgasm rooted at the base of his prick and in his balls.
In a coarse and rough voice, he begs, “Please, mister, take the wax out… It really hurts. Please, no more. Please, just let me go home. I’ve learned my lesson. I… Me and my friends won’t ever… I swear we won’t ever bother you or call you names again… I’ll do anything you say… Anything. Please, please, take it out,” the cute blue-eyed twink whines over and over as Larry rubs a thumb and forefinger up and down the teen’s wax coated dick shaft.
“Anything,” Dirty Party replies with an evil smile.
“Anything, sir,” Mark repeats defeated and wanting the torture to simply end.
“You’re gonna be a good neighbor from now on, right,” the Pakistani perv asks with an-all-so-serious face. He cups Mark’s ass cheeks with both hands rubbing the young man’s smooth bubble butt.
“Yes, I promise, mister,” the pussy white lad adds.
“Good. Cause from now on, twice a month you’re gonna come over and mow my backyard, bitch. You’re gonna mow my lawn naked or if I feel nice you’re gonna wow it in nothing but your underwear, got it” Larry proudly demands of his once cocky and arrogant all-American next door teen boy neighbor. Mark nods his head yes.
“And if you refuse, well these pics and videos I got will find their way to your parents, your friends, your school and the Internet.”
“But my folks? The neighbors? Someone might see… And it’s so humiliating and demeaning, please… There must be some other way…,” the white boy negotiates stopping short when Larry suddenly inserts his middle finger knuckles deep into his boy cunt rubbing his prostate threatening to push Mark over the edge of another excruciating climax.
“Ow! Ow! Okay, anything. Anything. Just please stop. It hurts so bad. You gotta take out the wax before my dick and nuts explode. PLEASE! Mister, I swear I’ll come back and mow your lawn naked, okay,” the abused bitch boy agrees to the sick pervert’s demands.
Larry keeps to his promise but at poor Mark’s painful expense. He continues his onslaught finger-fucking his suburban neighbor. Mark moans and groans like the bitch whore he is as the greasy finger rapes his fuck button. The Paki bastard cracks the red wax coating the white twink’s mushroom dickhead. Seconds later a flood of coagulated semen, wax, fresh teen boy jizz, and piss erupt from the bound young man’s sore and abused piss hole. Larry slaps the teen’s dick and balls cracking the wax off until Mark’s genitals are clean again… Clean but raw and very sensitive. The brute keeps the white teen strapped on the table for a few good hours until noon. He skull fucks the teen shooting loads of his thick man cum down Mark’s throat. Dirty Larry fucks him hard in the ass over and over humiliating the straight white teenager as he milks the kid’s embarrassingly hard throbbing five and half inches fucking the sperm out of the blond youth’s bloated ballsac. Lastly the old perv has Mark sit in the middle of his kitchen floor jerking off his ultra-sensitive teenage penis. The teen cries as his dick erupts dripping out a steady stream of pearly white teen boy jizz all over his hairless crotch and onto the floor. Of course the Paki bastard makes him lick off every drop.
And so dear reader, this is how two weeks after Mark’s horrid ordeal at the county fair and the vengeance his sicko Paki neighbor exacts upon him throughout the day after, our unfortunate blond twink finds himself mowing Dirty Fucking Larry’s backyard wearing nothing but a new clean pair of tight white Fruit of the Looms briefs. His stiff prick and nut bag have been pulled out through his fly. Mark’s body glistens with sweat under the hot and straining summer sun as old pervy Larry sits on a lounge chair, watching and sipping lemon ice tea. Here and there, the man sprays the young teen with the hose making Mark’s already translucent briefs even more transparent. Attached to his five and half inches of teen boy meat is a milking device, which in turn is attached to the lawnmower at just about waist high. It pumps and milks the teenager forcing orgasm after orgasm. One intense forced climax nearly makes Mark stumble to the ground, but his balls being hancuffed to the mower keeps him from doing so. The Dirty Paki’s backyard is large and thus our fine hero has much cumming to him today and henceforth. His crying and moaning is overshadowed by the SOUND of the lawnmower…..

DEAR READER, I hoped you enjoyed reading the Misfortunes of poor twinky boy Mark. I do promise more to cum of the onging unfortunate happenstances of our dear protagonist. And as some of you may have or may not have noticed, yes, I am quite the avid disciple….. an apostle of the Marquis de Sade. All comments, reviews, and well-thought-out thoughts are appreciated. – AW, Le Marquis DeZade


The author does not condone child abuse; this story is meant as an erotic fantasy not real life. Anyone acting out such scenarios in “real life” can look forward to many unproductive years getting it up the butt by a fellow convict in their local prison.

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