Sports Club

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Big Tits

I am a sports-lover. I am a dyke. I am an exhibitionist and I am a short-hair fetishist. This story is a loving tribute to the work of Tawny T.

Every day I arrive at my sports, leisure and fitness centre with plenty of time to spare for a swim. I find having a swim before I play whichever sport or game is on that day helps keep me supple and agile. And feeling very sexy.

There is a very strict rule at my club – shower before swimming.

I ought to explain here that when I say “my club”, I mean that literally. An elderly aunt died a few years ago and left me a small estate. Enough to be able to buy a struggling gym and leisure centre in a run-down part of town, just then being discovered by a lot of lesbians. My club is not a wholly lesbian venture, nor is it women-only. That wouldn’t make business sense. However, there are women-only pool times, teams and activities.

I greet Susanne, the receptionist, and head straight away to the locker room. I undress and walk to the showers. One locker room rule is no clothing, except when leaving, or dressing for a sport. I absolutely insist that all people playing a game or sport use the correct equipment and dress correctly. My very firm belief is that lack of wealth should be no barrier to fitness and participation in sport, so the club provides equipment and clothing to those women who otherwise could not afford to take part. Another rule is that all body shapes are valued, and there is never any disparagement of women, no matter what their shape, taking part in healthy activities. I have watched the most gorgeous bodies emerge, toned, muscular and shapely, from initially unfit and tired-looking shape. Some women remain larger than others, some, like myself, lithe and boy-lean, but invariably the bodies are fitter, and the spirits within renewed.

Today I walk slowly to the shower, fondling my nipples as I go, stroking my small breasts, kneading them, and experimenting with pushing them together and making them appear larger. I love to play with my tits! I also love to swim without a suit, feeling the sensuality of the silky water slide across my body, across my nipples, between my legs. Suits are optional. Being a lesbian is optional. (Some of our most enthusiastic members are “happily married women”. LOL!!!) Taking part in public sex is optional. Objecting to others doing so is grounds for expulsion.

I am getting turned on by playing with my tits. I tweak the nipple rings, hooking my little fingers through them and pulling and tugging gently but firmly. I feel the moisture welling in my cunt. I feel my cunt lips swelling. I feel good!

The water from the shower is warm, and it slips smoothly down my body. I push two fingers into my cunt and start humping on them. Yes, that feels great! I continue to masturbate as another woman, Diana, joins me in the shower. We smile at each other as she picks up the soap and then begins to glide her hands over my tits and down my sides, across my belly, and around my ass. One hand she transfers to my breasts, with one finger of the other, she traces languidly along my ass crack. I am still fucking my own fingers, about to illegal bahis explode, when Diana, who is one of my lovers, plunges her finger into my ass. I cum in a shuddering explosion of joy.


After the club had been operating profitably for a year, I decided to add some more unusual dimensions. As I have explained above, my prime motivation is the health and enjoyment of its members. A few members were struggling with integrating their fitness regime into an overall healthy lifestyle. Latest research is showing that neither weight loss nor exercise on their own is beneficial unless there are indicators that these are necessary , eg diabetes or high blood pressure. We decided to search for a suitable nutiritionist, and other lifestyle consultants, including alternative, natural, and traditional therapists to add to the staff. Eventually the club was able to offer a full range of advice to both men and women. Stella, our feminist doctor, Hugo the nutiritionist and Bean, Sly and Tango, the alternative therapists have all been with us for several years. Non-members can also access these services on a fee-for-service basis.

Some of the most popular workshops we have held have include gay tantric sex, getting pregnant: from pricks to turkey basters, and Group sex with Safety.

One night last year we held a women members’ only party-plan demonstration on the latest sex toys. That was so popular, we are going to repeat it this year. Let me describe for you what happened!

I had learned from one of our members who had attended such a party before, that two young women from the college ran sex toy parties along the lines of lingerie parties. We gathered in the gym, the more usual scene for rock climbing, basketball and other games. A small podium was erected in the middle. I had hired comfortable chairs and couches for the occasion, as it was suggested a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for examining the products was essential.

The room was full of women -singles, couples and many I have previously engaged in group sex with. Some were ostensibly straight women, out for a naughty night, looking for products to use with their husbands or lovers. Some of the couples were already in Lesbian Bed Death therapy.

The room was absolutely abuzz with anticipation. The two college girls took to the podium. One, who introduced herself as Lorrie was wearing a one-piece slip. It resembled a teddy, but was in fact open and flared at the bottom, so that her butt and neatly trimmed pussy were fully displayed – and cut so low at the top her breasts were fully exposed. It was held in place by shoestring straps. Gina wore a leather bra with cutouts that displayed her full, ripe tits and a pair of crotchless leather panties.

Gina went into her opening spiel to begin with, and handed out order forms and pencils with individually styled erasers – models of women engaged in various acts of fucking and loving.

They began with the vibrators, showing different sizes and colors. When asked to demonstrate one Lorrie obliged and lay back, lifting her slip up and sliding it up and down her lovely pussy. Her reaction illegal bahis siteleri left no doubt as to its effectiveness. Gina showed the accessories that went with some of the vibrators, such as small slender anal probes, and ribbed covers.

With no hesitation, she then bent forward, and after lubricating the anal probe, slipped the ribbed shaft up her ass. She turned on the vibrator and almost came on the spot. She had to pull it out to keep from coming. The excitement and buzz in the room intensified as women started rubbing themselves or women near them. The order forms were getting filled!

They moved from object to object. Lorrie placed the nipple clamps on her erect nipples. Gina fastened the fake-mink lined leather cuffs to Lorrie’s wrists and ankles, a fake-fur collar with leather leash around her neck. They had a complete line of restraints and they were placed on Lorrie as the women watched, eyes betraying their lust. When she was trussed up, she whispered for Gina to take the small leather whip and give her ass a good whipping till it turned pink.

At first Gina was hesitant to flick the whip hard, but then she heard several whispers from the surrounding women for her to ‘give it to her.’ Lorrie’s eyes gleamed, and her ass wriggled in anticipation so Gina brought the whip down against her taut butt again and again, changing from side to side till both cheeks were rosy pink. Lorrie went rigid and a cry of ecstasy came from her bowed head. She fell forward and the women applauded vigorously.

They then went on to jells, lotions, lubricants, and saved the dildos till the end.

The audience loved the various sized and colored dildos and Lorrie and Gina strapped on several and walked around so they could be inspected. They loved the sensation of soft hands sliding up their thighs, or over their asses.

Gina saved the best for last, it was a new style dildo that came with two bulbs at the base. One adjustable bulb went in the pussy, the other in the ass, holding it on with no straps at all. In front, underneath were tiny knobs that fitted against the wearer’s clit. The folds of the pussy hid the connecting portion and it looked like it grew naturally from the wearer’s body.

Gina slipped off her crotchless panties to expose a heart shaped, neatly trimmed pussy bush.

She said that thrusting with this dildo gave really wonderful stimulations, to the ass, pussy, and clit. When properly placed, it looked like it was naturally growing from the body. She carefully inserted both bulbs into her cunt and ass respectively, and then pirouetted to show the crowd. Loud gasps, followed by screams erupted. Gina came over to me, took my hand and suggested that I be involved with this demonstration!

Gina explained that she and Lorrie had trialled the dildo on numerous occasions. Gina said: “They’re wonderful, either as the fucker, or the fuckee! When you thrust, the knobs rub against your clit and the bulbs are pulled slightly inside you as you slip it out. You get sensations coming and going. We fucked each other all night, trading off. We even used the small ones up each other’s asses. canlı bahis siteleri The big one is really a cunt stretcher.”

I was absolutely ecstatic. I was wearing a long gown with nothing underneath, so I let it drop to the floor. I was so wet with anticipation I could barely wait to begin. Gina asked me what position I would prefer, and I indicated I would like to be taken from behind, doggie style to begin. Lorrie moved in front of me and placed chains through my nipple rings so that she could move and stimulate those while Gina was fucking me. A hush fell across the room as I was beginning to finger myself in anticipation. “Wait, wait” they called “No touching!!” I laughed and tossed my head as Gina began to massage my clit and stroke my butt. She turned to the crowd and announced…”My god…there is so much wet here, I hope it doesn’t just slide right out again!” That was met with uproarious laughter.

At the exact moment that Gina thrust forward with the double-cock, I pushed backwards, so that she banged it right inside both my holes with a slam. I let out a loud gutteral moan. Gina moved her hips like an expert, banging and thrusting deeper and deeper. Lorrie gripped the chains around her fingers and pulled and tugged, before sliding forward and taking my tits in her mouth. She continued to tweak the chains at the same time as her tongue worked all over them.

I came in a shattering explosion that had me slump forward into a swooning faint. Immediately I knew that the girls would be inundated with orders. It would certainly liven up the next softball or rugby party!

Several of the women then said they wanted a demonstration using two dildoes at once. Three women immediately volunteered. These three were an established threesome. Two donned cocks with the more traditional harnesses. The third lay down on the enormous sofa platform we had provided and the other two lay down in front and behind her. She lifted a leg and as we all watched the two slowly slipped the cocks into her pussy and ass. It took a few minutes for the three to get the rhythm down, but soon they were all three fucking together

Around the room, the women now masturbated openly. Gina and Lorrie moved together for the first time. The three demonstrators started to cum, first the one in the middle, followed by her partners. This was all the women needed, and before any more time was lost, an orgy had begun.

I had donned one of the new double, strapless cocks and was fucking Diana. Surrounding us were women engaged in all kinds of lovemaking, making full use of the toys. Gina and Lorrie were caught up in the excitement and proved to be popular participants. At one stage I saw Gina in a 69 with one woman, while behind her another woman, breasts jiggling, thrust a dildo into her from behind.

After two or three hours, the pace slowed and the women lay together in small groups or pairs, some stroking clits or lapping juices from pussies, or just lay whispering and fondling each other.

Gina and Lorrie took orders as the women beckoned them forward to place their forms and pay. Those two girls told me the orders from that party alone maintained them in college for a full semester! They said that they had only had one party as successful as this previously, and that had been at a wealthy socialite’s house.

It certainly set a new standard for co-existent activities at my club!

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