Sharing a Moment Ch. 02

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Second Edit – 9/29/20

Alex awoke and stretched out on the enormous bed, his hand on the curve of his wife Melissa’s thigh. After the events in the hot tub they had all returned to their bedrooms a bit shell shocked from the amazing sex, and Melissa wanted to spend some time alone with her husband.

“Afternoon, beautiful.” Alex smiled, his face close to hers. He ran his hand up and down her warm naked body.

“Oh hey,” Melissa said opening her eyes, “What time is it?”

“Just gone two.”

“Damn it, I’m starving!” She sat up, the sheet falling away from her breasts. Her body was warm and relaxed, her dark nipples soft and large. “Is there anything to eat in here?”

“Well, I’ve got some sausage and a protein smoothie for you, if you like!” He grinned and drew her hand to his erect cock. He’d awoken to his mind racing with thoughts of what they’d done together, and the fantasies Denise had sparked with her dirty talk.

“Ha ha, very funny,” she deadpanned, “Feed me now or you can forget it, Mr!”

Alex lept out bed, grabbed snacks from the cupboard and threw on the kettle. Minutes later they sat in bed together eating and drinking tea.

“I feel a bit more human now,” she smiled at him.

He looked at her and was suddenly filled with gratitude to be where he was with such a stunning woman. A stunning woman who’d just shown him sides to herself he’d never known.

“So…umm…how are you feeling? You know… about what happened?” he asked her carefully. For the first time in a very long time he really had no idea what she might be thinking.

“I guess I’m OK. I mean it’s hard to believe we did that, together, in front of each other. My mind’s a bit blown, honestly…” Her thought trailed off.

She held her cup in both hands and took a long slow drink from it, her gaze distracted

“You seemed to enjoy Denise’s dirty talk a lot.” Alex ventured.

“Yeah,” Melissa gave an embarrassed laugh. “That was hot, though she has one wicked imagination!” She paused for a moment, seeming to mull something over in her mind.

“What is it, honey?”

“I don’t know if I should say. I’m worried I might upset you,” Melissa said timidly.

“Go for it, babe. We need to talk about it and I don’t want you to hold back on me,” he reassured her.

“Did you…” she hesitated, scared of what she was about to say… “Did you really mean what you said about… you know…. seeing me with John?”

Silence. Alex could feel his heart beating hard in his chest. Should he really tell her? What if it made her furious? He hoped her tone of voice suggested curiosity rather than anger.

“Fuck…” he blurted, “Are you sure you want to know?” He needed to give her a chance to back out. She looked him dead in the eye with a composed smile.

“Yeah I do,” she said calmly.

Alex swallowed hard. What he said next would change everything, and there was no going back.

“OK then… yeah. Yeah, I do! He has a massive cock and the thought of you trying to suck that thing totally turns me on. Maybe it shouldn’t? It’s all a bit confusing,” he blurted out.

Melissa reached over and cupped his face.

“It’s OK, honey, don’t feel bad. If it turns you on, it turns you on. Don’t overthink it,” she said smiling. She went back to sipping her tea as though talking about giving head to John was an everyday occurrence.

Alex had no idea what to say.

Melissa bit her lip coyly.

“So you like idea of me going down on him. What about…umm… him fucking me?” she asked into her tea mug.

Alex looked out the window at the amazing view, which barely registered in his mind. He knew he had to be very careful what he said, but honest too.

“OK. Here’s how it is. Mentally it sounds seriously hot. I think seeing your pussy filled up with a cock that big would look incredible. I’m just not sure about how I feel about my best friend fucking my wife.”

“What if we agreed you could fuck Denise?” Melissa tossed out as if it were the most normal question in the world.

“Are you serious?!” Alex asked, astonished. He’d never dreamt his wife would ever utter something like this. No question, it was shaping up to be a very unusual day.

“Yes, honey, I think I am. I mean this is all so confusing for me… but I feel like something in me changed just now and I want to just…let go! This feels like a one off chance to try new things together. And we both know and trust them.”

Alex took a deep breath. “You’re right,” he declared bravely,”I’m so horny right now I just don’t know how to even express it. Should I talk to John, see how he feels about it? You can broach it with Denise…”

.”..that is,” Alex paused, “if we are seriously talking about doing this, what am I telling him we’d like to try? What are our limits?”

“I want to keep things open but you can tell John to forget about anal if that’s something he is into. You know I don’t do that.” she said, calmly sipping her tea.

Alex studied her face.

“Wait. You know something antalya escort don’t you? They do butt stuff don’t they?” Alex asked, perhaps a little too excitedly.

“Calm down, Mr.! Yes, she may have hinted something like that in the past. To be honest, it took me by surprise. I didn’t know what to say so the conversations got awkward and we moved on. What if I find out how much they are into it? Maybe you and Denise could…”

“I swear if this conversation keeps going like this you’re gonna have to call me an ambulance!” Alex clutched his chest and Melissa punched his ribs.

“OK,” Alex said after a minute, “My hard rule is I’m not touching John. If it happens accidentally that’s gonna be OK I guess but not intentionally. I’m not sucking his cock or anything no matter who asks!”

Melissa stroked her finger along his chest “Aww, you wouldn’t even do it if I asked?” She smiled at him playfully.

“No fucking way. Not even for you” he said, pulling her across him and playfully smacking her ass.

“Good!” she announced, “I don’t like the idea of you doing that anyway.”

Then she gave him an evil grin and he spanked her again.

He untangled himself from Melissa and got up from the bed, began scrounging for his shorts.

“I’ll tell John the same goes for you and Denise right?” he said casually.

He looked back at Melissa in the growing silence. She was biting her lip. When he met her eyes she flushed red and hid her face.

“Get…the…fuck…out of here! You’re thinking of playing with Denise?!” Alex exclaimed in astonishment. Melissa had never once hinted at being interested in experimenting with a girl. Even in her college days she’d never considered it.

“It was just when I was watching her play with herself… she looks so different to me…” her voice drifted away. Suddenly she came back to herself.

“Shit. I don’t know. I’m so mixed up.”

She paused.

“Don’t say anything unless he specifically asks. If he does, just say it’s a maybe.”

Alex’s cock was creating an enormous bulge in his shorts.

“Look at the state of this!” he laughed pointing to his erection. “I can’t go out like this!”

“Shall I start talking to you about next month’s bills and childcare?” she smiled.

Just the mention killed his boner and dragged him back into the moment. “Yep, that seems to have tamed the monster!” he laughed.

“I’m gonna grab a bite to eat with John at the bar. Why don’t you and Denise enjoy some room service?” He smiled, leaned over the bed and kissed her on the cheek.


He found John and Denise on their sofa having a coffee together. John was fully dressed but Denise was only wearing a robe and underwear. He wondered if this was a sign she was still turned on.

“Hey, bud!” said John with a warm smile.

Alex felt a sense of relief; he and John were good.

“Fancy grabbing a beer at the bar by the golf course?” John asked.

“Boy would I. I’m starving!” Alex smiled back.

“I guess you boys have worked up an appetite” Denise grinned at them.

John give his wife a kiss on the lips and she gave him a long, lingering kiss, one usually reserved for being alone. “See you boys later! Don’t be too long now,” she purred at them. Alex was quite conscious she seemed to be starting at his crotch.


At the hotel bar they both ordered a pint and some appetizers.

“Don’t want to spoil my appetite for later,” Alex tried to fill the awkward silence. Since leaving the room their conversation had been confined to brief questions and replies.

“You seem pretty distracted,” Alex finally said. “I guess I probably seem that way too?”

“Yeah, you certainly are. Can’t imagine why…” John grinned.

“Well, I mean… Fuck! Can you believe what just happened?” Alex spat out.

“No I can’t. It’s crazy. I can’t believe the girls went so wild like that. Especially your Melissa. She always seemed so timid and straight laced,” John said, and then his eyes grew hazy. He was clearly remembering what he’d seen.

“Err, that’s my wife your daydreaming about there!” Alex nudged John playfully.

“Shit, sorry man. You’re a lucky bastard having such a gorgeous wife. God, I couldn’t take my eyes of her pussy, it was just so pretty. Sorry, is that out of order?” John was almost blushing as he played with his food.

“Well, it’s not like Denise isn’t bloody hot, too! I love her huge tits and the way she plays with herself whilst getting you off. Her filthy mind… I mean just… wow!” Alex smiled.

When the laughing stopped it was quiet again.

John cleared his throat, “So, there’s something I need to ask you, Alex, but before I do I want you to know how much Denise and I love you guys and we don’t want to spoil our friendship.”

John paused, took a deep breath and continued…

“The thing is we’ve never done anything like this but it’s got us kemer escort both really excited and, well, we’ve been talking a lot since… you know the hot tub. And well… er … we wondered, umm…”

John was falling over himself, and it was painful for Alex to watch his usually confident friend stumble with his words like this.

“And you were wondering if Melissa and I wanted to play with you both?”

John eyes were wide open, his mouth dry.

“Yes. Yes, we’d love to.” Alex finished his sentence. His heart was beating hard in his chest. God, he hoped he hadn’t misunderstood and fucked up.

“Oh thank FUCK for that!” John nearly yelled, and they both laughed loudly.

Seconds later they were quietly but animatedly talking about how they’d been terrified of asking each other the question and figuring out how to broach it. Once the sense of relief had passed they discussed health concerns or reasons if they shouldn’t share. They were relieved no one had any STD’s, they’d all been faithful since marriage and both guys had been snipped in the last couple of years. So they agreed no condoms were needed as long as Denise and Melissa were cool with it. When they discussed their hard limits they both laughed when they simultaneously said “no touching each other.”

“Man, I’d give my left hand to see Denise playing with Melissa. That would be so fucking hot!” John was clearly getting a bit excited.

Alex thought about what Melissa had said, but thought he would test the waters without giving anything away.

“Is that something she wants to do, or has she fantasized about being with a girl before?” Alex asked around the last bite of his slider. He hoped eating would hide his reaction.

“I want to say, “maybe.” We’ve watched some lesbian porn before and she gets really turned on watching it, and even more so when I say stuff to her about how I’d like to watch her eating another girl’s pussy.” John took a swig of beer. “What about Melissa?” he asked raising his eyebrows.

Alex knew he couldn’t betray her trust, but he wanted to see the girls together so badly.

“All I’ll say is when we talked about definite no’s, Denise wasn’t brought up. It could be that the idea wouldn’t even register with her. Maybe she would if everything was just right,” Alex smiled.

John put his hands together as if praying to some invisible god of sex and they chuckled.

“Wow. So we are really going to do this?” said Alex nervously.

“I guess so. If I’m ever going to let another man touch my wife then who else but you? I know I can trust you both. Nothing ever happens without everyone knowing. No secrets. Deal?” said John.

“Deal. We love you guys and neither of us wants to fuck you up or our marriage either. If we can all have a bit fun this weekend and explore stuff we’ve never had the chance to then… fuck yes!!”

They stood and give each other a firm hug.

John pulled back and looked at his friend.

“That’s it for the touching each other, though!”

They burst out laughing and around them people smiled and wondered was making those two men so very happy.


“Hey, can you pass my bag over?” Denise asked.

Denise and Melissa were enjoying some room service together and a drink from the next bottle of prosecco. It was too hot for clothes so they were lounging about, Melissa in a lacy blue bralet and panties, Denise in white panties and a white cotton camisole top.

“Sure, babe… oh!” Melissa tripped over a bag left out on the rug and its contents spilled across the floor.

As she gathered the items up something unusual caught her eye.

“Hey Denise, what’s this? It’s really pretty.”

Denise snickered a little.

“You don’t know what that is?” she teased her friend.

Melissa shrugged her shoulders as she turned it round in her hands. It was metallic with a pretty pink sparkling jewel at one end.

“Oh, sweet Melissa, you are so lovely and innocent sometimes,” Denise smiled,”That, my dear, is my butt plug…”

“What!!” Melissa squealed and proffered it to Denise, dangling it gingerly by her fingertips.

“Sorry, honey!” Denise chuckled.

Melissa burst into laughter. “I can’t believe I’ve just been examining your butt plug! Well, you’d always hinted you and John had messed about in that department but I guess this seals it.”

“Interesting choice of words. It certainly does seal it!” laughed Denise. “Anyway it’s called anal sex. We’re all adults here.”

“You mean John’s actually had his cock up… your, umm… bum?” said Melissa incredulously.

“Sweetheart, you’ve just seen that thing I have to contend with. You don’t really think I can get that up my ass do you?”

The thought of John’s cock made Melissa’s pussy tingle. Her mind raced back to earlier that day and the thoughts Denise had put in her mind.

“Hellooo?” Denise teased mockingly, waving her hand in front of her friend’s face. ” Someone daydreaming about my husbands cock by any konyaaltı escort chance?”

Denise was smiling, so Melissa decided to confess.

“I’m so sorry… but yes! It’s just before was so incredibly hot and I feel like I’ve been turned on ever since. I can’t begin to imagine trying to take John’s cock up my ass”

“You’d like to take it somewhere else then?” Denise teased her.

“Stop it! This is about you, not me. So come on, spill the beans!”

Denise poured them both some more bubbly and spent a while explaining her journey into anal with John. How eventually she took the plunge and allowed him to put a finger in her and it was surprisingly nice. She said John ultimately wanted to fuck her ass but it still scared her. She hoped to one day, though, and was working her way up with bigger toys.

“I kinda feel like a bad wife now,” Melissa said. “I mean, I’m sure Alex really wants my ass bad but I’ve flat out refused and he’s been such a good guy about it. I just thought it was porn bullshit that women really liked anal.”

Denise, paused her heart beating faster. “Would you like to try it?” Her reasons for asking weren’t entirely altruistic, but surely Melissa didn’t know that.

“Is it that good? Melissa asked cautiously, “I mean, is it worth the pain?”

“I can’t say what it will be like for you, honey,” Denise reassured her, “But the sensations I’ve had so far are nothing but good”

Denise was practically holding her breath. Ever since she’d seen Melissa in the tub she’d wanted her alone. There might never be another chance…

“If you’re curious… I’d be happy to show you what I do with my plug.” She could hear her heart pounding in her ears.

Melissa paused and bit her lower lip.

“Well, I am curious, but it kinda feels weird.”

“I know, I get it. Let’s just start and if it gets too weird for you let me know, OK?” She knew Melissa was timid and needed a little encouragement.

“OK! Anal 101 it is, then!” Melissa giggled. “Jesus, fill my glass will you, I’m gonna need it!”

Keeping herself as calm and collected as possible, Denise explained the importance of relaxation and lube and how much was needed. She reassured her the hygiene aspect wasn’t as hard to handle as Melissa might think.

“Are you ready?” she finally asked, her voice maybe a bit higher pitched than normal. She swallowed hard as Melissa gave her a shy nod.

“OK then, here we go” said Denise nervously.

She slipped off her panties and lay on the bed on her side, and brought her knees up.

“I like to prep a little before I fool around with John. That way I’m more relaxed and it’s more enjoyable for me when he starts fooling around there.”

She reached for the lube and a naughty idea struck her.

“I don’t suppose you could help me a little?”

“Umm… what do you mean?” Melissa’s mouth was suddenly dry.

“It’s a bit awkward doing this at the best of times and a pair of helping hands would be great. Could you squeeze some onto me? It’d be less messy.”

Perhaps it was the alcohol speaking, but somehow Melissa found herself watching in fascination as Denise lifted her buttock slightly with one hand. She really didn’t need to, thought Melissa, her ass was so perky and round she already had a clear view of her asshole.

She’d been aroused seeing Denise bent over the hot tub, but a small voice in her head still wondered what the hell she was doing as she squirted a small blob onto her friend’s anus. Denise let out a tiny gasp as the cold gel touched her skin.

“Oh honey, I’m going to need more than that,” Denise laughed, “Remember when I said lube, lube, and more lube?!”

They giggled a little and Melissa grasped the lube and gave it a good, hearty squeeze, spilling a great glob of gel onto her friend’s now glistening anus. Seeing that dusky puckered hole look slick with lube made her feel strange… but she was pretty sure she was getting turned on, that particular tingle was spreading between her thighs.

“OK, that’s better. Now what I like to do is just spread it around a little in circles. It feels great and warms me up for the next part.”

Melissa watched spellbound as her friend slowly traced her finger in a circular motion around the delicate, darker skin. She’d never seen another woman touch herself like this…

She watched as her friend’s eyes drifted closed and her body relaxed. “Mmm…” she heard Denise sigh softly, as though she were about to drift off into blissful sleep, “I could do this for a long time.”

Melissa was mesmerized….

And jumped when Denise suddenly announced cheerfully, “But let’s move things along! So now it’s time for my finger! It’s important to stay relaxed and breathe.”

Melissa watched in awe as her friend’s finger closed in on her puckered hole. She watched almost slack jawed as that slim finger push slowly into her ass. Melissa was taken aback by the thoughts going through her mind. She wanted to see it in deeper. Wanted to watch the finger go in and out of her. Her inner voice kept telling her to stop, that they were friends, but she was aware of the wetness building between her thighs. She crossed her legs, embarrassed and confused.

Over half a finger inside, Denise paused, and seemed to register the look on Melissa’s face.

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