My Neighbor, My Teacher Ch. 02

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After my afternoon delight with Mrs. Anderson, my next door neighbor, my urges became stronger. I kept looking for an opportunity to visit her again, but it was not possible because of my school schedule, homework and her husband being at home.

I had to satisfy myself by masturbating while thinking about her. Meanwhile, I began to see my Mother in a different light. She had a sexy body, not as large as Mrs. Anderson, but enough to make her curvy in the right places.

One afternoon, I sneaked into her room and looked into her dresser drawers looking for a pair of panties when I noticed a video tape hidden beneath her underwear. It was titled “Taboo” and it aroused my curiosity. I took it back to my room and slide into my VCR. I was astonished by the story line about a mother and her son. As I watched it, I stroked my cock with my Mom’s panties around my cock. Soon, my mind wondered from the movie to thoughts of sex with my own Mom. I wondered if she had fantasized about me.

After I had shot a load of cum into my Mom’s panties, I quickly hid them in the bottom of the clothes hamper and returned the video to her dresser drawer.

The next day, she called me to the bathroom and showed me her cum stained panties. I panicked and said, “I’m sorry, Mom! I promise I won’t do it again!”

“Chuck, I know that you are at that age and I know that you masturbate, but don’t let this happen again. “Why did you choose my panties? Are you thinking about me that way?”

My face turned red and I just looked down, avoiding her eyes. I wanted to ask her about the video that I had found, but I was in enough trouble as it was.

“Chuck, I have had naughty thoughts about you, too, but you know that it’s wrong.”

She could tell that I was hurt and embarrassed. She said, “I will forgive you this time if you will help me get ready for my bridge party tonight.”

“Anything you want, Mom,” I quickly agreed.

She had a regular group that met at one of the lady’s house every week. Mrs. Anderson was one of the ladies. I wondered what would happen when she saw me again.

I vacuumed the den and living room and set up the two tables that were needed for her and her friends. They played duplicate bridge requiring the tables to be in different rooms.

That night after the ladies arrived I went to my room to watch some TV and finish my homework. I could hear the ladies chattering and occasionally bidding and discussing their hands. I think that these are more gossip sessions than bridge matches.

I decided to go to the kitchen to get a snack. This required me to go through the den. I quietly tried to slip through without being noticed.

“Hi, Chuck!” I heard Mrs. Anderson shout. The other three ladies looked up and smiled. The looks on their faces made me wonder if she had told them what had happened. Did she tell my Mom?

“Hi!” I returned her greeting, speaking to all of the ladies. The action seemed to stop as they watched me. I stopped inside the kitchen door to see what was said.

“He does have a nice butt, Marge!” said one of the ladies. “I wouldn’t mind having him mow my lawn,” she laughed.

I was embarrassed and aroused at the same time, thinking about the possibilities of having another encounter with an older lady. I returned to my room and tried to study but the erotic possibilities kept running through my head. I mentally evaluated all of illegal bahis the ladies. Which ones were receptive to a young man’s cock? Mental images were going through my mind. I began to massage my cock through my jeans.

I heard someone pass the door and go into the bathroom. A few minutes later a soft knock on the door and a “May I come in.?” came through my door.

I quickly adjusted myself and said, “Yes.” It was Mrs. Anderson. She came to the bed and looked down at the bulge in my jeans.

“Think of me when you use these,” she smiled as she handed me her panties which she had removed in the bathroom. I stuffed them under my pillow.

Had my Mom told her about the panty incident? Now my mind was racing with erotic thoughts about my Mom and her. I had trouble focusing on my homework but my cock was wanting attention. I managed to control myself until I heard my mom and the ladies finishing their games. I got up and help them get the tables folded and put away while the ladies helped Mom with the dishes.

After the ladies had gone, I told my Mom that I was tired and was going to bed. She said she was going to take a shower before retiring. I went into my room and left the door ajar so that I could see into the hall. I turned the lights out and lay on my bed waiting for her to come out of the bathroom.

While I was waiting, I got Mrs. Anderson’s panties and smelled them and rubbed them against my face. I could smell her womanhood and feel the softness which reminded me of her soft body.

When I heard the shower turn off, I sat up so that I could see through the crack in the door. I waited for her to come out, hoping for the best. I heard the hair dryer turn off and I wasn’t disappointed when she came out naked. I got a glimpse of her round breasts and hard nipples before she turned to go into her room. I watched her soft round bottom as she walked away and disappeared through her door. She pushed the door but not hard enough to completely close it.

I went back to my bed, undressing as I went. I lay there thinking about my Mom while stroking myself with Mrs. Anderson’s panties around my hard cock. I barely noticed the squeak as the door came slightly open. I looked and saw Mom’s shadow as she peeked through the opening. I was too far into it to stop what I was doing. I expected her to come in and chastise me. When she didn’t come in, I was turned on by the fact that now SHE was watching ME!

I continued to stroke until I could stand it now longer. I let out a soft moan as I spewed my load onto Mrs. Anderson’s panties. I thought I heard a sigh coming from the doorway. I looked up just as she turned to return to her room.

I got up and went into the bathroom to clean up and wrap the panties into a towel. As I was leaving, I heard moans coming from my Mom’s room. Sneaking over to the door, I could see her laying on her bed in the soft night light, rubbing her pussy and her breasts. I began to get hard again and slowly stroked my cock, thinking of how it would feel to enter her sweet pussy.

Soon she was moaning loudly and I thought I heard her say my name as she came with an intense orgasm. I rushed back to my room before she could see me and once again masturbated with the sight of her cumming still burnt into my mind.

The next day was Saturday, my day to mow Mrs. Anderson’s lawn. I slept late and got there about 10 am. I started with the front illegal bahis siteleri yard As I mowed around to the back, I heard voices by the pool behind the privacy fence.

When I finished mowing and trimming the grass, I went to the gate and knocked.

“Is that you, Chuck?” I heard Mrs. Anderson ask.

“Yes, I can come back later if you like,” I replied.

“No, come on in, “she shouted.

I shyly opened the gate and saw her and another one of the ladies from the bridge party. They were lying on their backs in their bikinis with the tops lying loosely on their breasts.

“You know Jill Carter, don’t you Chuck?”

“Yes, Hi, Mrs. Carter,” I smiled. She is an attractive older lady with a nice body just a little heavier than my Mom’s and Mrs. Anderson’s. Her breasts were large and were barely covered by the brief bikini top.

“Jill’s husband is playing golf with, Bill, “she said. “We are just having some girl time here. I know you must be hot. Why don’t you take a dip in the pool while I get your money?”

I was disappointed that Mrs. Carter was there and I couldn’t have time alone with Mrs. Anderson, but I agreed that it was very hot and a dip in the pool was just what I needed, if she didn’t mind my going in with just my denim shorts and jockey’s

“Oh, you don’t want to get your clothes wet. What would your Mom say if you came home with wet shorts?”

I looked at Mrs. Carter to see what her reaction would be. She smiled and removed her top, revealing those huge breasts. Her nipples were lovely with large aureoles.

I shyly went to the deep end of the pool and with my back turned removed my denims and my jockey shorts. I turned quickly and dove into the pool, swimming under water to the shallow water. When I surfaced, I was surprised to see both chairs empty. Looking around, I saw Mrs. Carter in the water by the ladder. Her breasts were barely above the water and I could see that she had removed her bottoms. She smiled as she swam toward me.

“Marge told me what a hot young man you are,” she said.

“Well, I am a horny young man, if that’s what she meant.”

“I am a horny old lady,” she answered.

“You’re not old. You’re a sexy experienced lady,” I said while admiring her large breasts. I was getting hard now, wondering what plans these ladies had for me.

“My husband hasn’t given me what I need for a long time,” she said. He thinks I am too big. She came closer and reached for my cock, which was fully erect now. One hand stroked my shaft slowly while the other cupped my balls. “Nice!” she smiled up at me. “I can’t wait to have it in my mouth!”

I reached for her breast and slowly massaged one of her large nipple, which was now fully erect. My other hand reached down for her pussy and felt an engorged clit. She moaned and quickened her stroking, paying special attention to the sensitive head.

“I want to suck you! Get on the side of the pool!” she ordered.

I was happy to oblige as I lifted myself to sit on the edge of the pool, looking around, wondering what was taking Mrs. Anderson so long.

Mrs. Carter moaned as she licked the head of my cock, her tongue circling around the sensitive edge. Her fingers stroked the shaft.

I leaned back on my hands and enjoyed her skilled mouth and hands on me. I was happy that I had masturbated last night so that I could last longer, but her warm wet canlı bahis siteleri mouth made me wonder how long I could take it.

She began to take my cock deeper into her mouth hungrily, moaning. I could tell that she hadn’t had attention for a long while. I lay back on my back as she skillfully pleasured me.

My eyes were closed when I sensed a shadow over my face. I opened my eyes and saw Mrs. Anderson straddling me and fingering her wet clit. Without speaking she lowered herself to sit lightly over my face. Instinctively, my tongue darted out to lick her clit. My tongue moved in rhythm with the mouth on my cock. Both ladies were moaning now and the pleasure on my cock was getting more intense.

The vibration of the moaning on my cock was more than I could take. I could feel my balls tighten as my cum filled Jill’s hungry mouth. Marge’s juices flowed down my face as she came with a loud moan. Jill continued licking and sucking my cock while swallowing every drop of my cum.

Marge stood up and allowed me to raise up to sit on the edge of the pool. Jill was still stroking and licking my cock. She had not been satisfied yet. I slid into the pool and lifted her so that I could devour those large breasts. I sucked one nipple into my mouth while my hand caressed the other. She moaned softly and arched her back pulling my head hard against her breasts.

“Oh God, it’s been so long since I have had this kind of attention,” she said. My cock began to swell again with the thoughts of how wild she would be if I slid it inside of her hungry pussy.

Marge sat on the side of the pool enjoying the erotic scene that was unfolding before her eyes. “Fuck her, Chuck!” she shouted, “She needs a good fucking!” She walked over to the chaise lounge and pulled the cushion off on to the concrete.

I led Jill out of the pool and laid her down on the cushion, then dove between her raised legs and began licking and sucking her clit.

Marge reached down and stroked my cock, getting it hard and ready.

“FUCK ME!” Jill shouted, “I NEED YOU INSIDE ME!”

I moved up to kneel between her legs and raised them to my shoulders. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her wet slit before finding her opening and sliding inside of her pussy. I was surprised how tight she was.

“Oh my God! That feels so good!” she moaned as I slide slowly in and out. Her hips were meeting my every stroke as she sucked me deeper inside of her.

My pace quickened as she began to climax with a loud scream. I hoped that the neighbors couldn’t hear, especially, my Mom, next door, but I was lost in the moment as I pumped harder into her.

I knew that I could fuck her a long time because I had had shot my first load into her mouth. I continued to ram my hard cock into her as she moaned loudly with each wave of pleasure that washed over her. She wrapped her legs around my waist trying to get me deeper inside. Then I could feel my climax rising within my balls and I quickened the pace, hammering into her with a rage.

“Cum on my breasts!” She shouted as I neared my climax.

I pulled out and stroked my cock until my cum spewed onto her waiting breasts. She rubbed it all over her tummy and breasts as she continued to moan and lick her fingers.

Marge brought us back to reality by saying, “We’d better get cleaned up and dressed before the guys get home.”

We all went into the pool and washed the sweat and cum from our bodies before getting dressed. Marge handed me the money for mowing and I noticed and extra $20.

“That’s for a job well done!” she smiled. I thanked her and kissed both ladies good bye before leaving.

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