My Interracial Fantasies

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The following story isn’t a story so much as a confession. I could have rewritten it in the form of a narrative with characters and plot, but I think I will save that for some other time. Instead, this story is more of a stream-of-consciousness confession of the fantasies I have. Being that this is all a true confession of sexual secretes I’ve been keeping I would be very interested in any and all comments on this story. Even just to know that someone read this is satisfying to me.

As a straight man, the ultimate in sexual domination would be to be dominated and used by another man. There are two ways this can go. One is that he, too, is straight and is just using me as fuck-meat. The other is that he is gay and actually cares for me. But the latter relationship seems rather strange and I don’t know how it would work.

I would like my new master to control when and how I cum via a chastity belt. There’s something incredibly emasculating to have your cock and your sexuality placed in the hands of someone else. In my fantasies I am only allowed to cum once a week or two and when I do it must be the most humiliating way possible. I imagine my master would only allow me to cum during particularly brutal ass-stretchings and with heavy nipple clamps on. That way I would look forward to these sessions with both trepidation and excitement.

I would have to use humiliating language as well. I would refer to my master as Daddy, perhaps. And I would refer to my dick as my clit, my bahis firmaları ass as my pussy. I would have to feign enthusiasm for all manner of tortures inflicted on me. I’d have a humiliating name like Princess or Cumdumpster.

My master would arrange craigslist gang-bangs for me as well. I’d have to suck off and swallow cock after cock until I thought I was about to cry. Speaking of which, I’d forgo any safe word. I’d give my consent to have this done to me once a week, say.

As more meat than man, I’d have to practice deep-throating for an hour every day.

I don’t know why, but I have a strong preference for black cock. There’s something extra degrading and forbidden about it. It’s of course atrocious that straight white men are raped and dominated by scary, black thugs in prisons. But the fact that it’s real, that it really happens, that men can be turned into dominated pieces of meat is incredibly hot to me. If there were a button I could press that would increase the prevalence of black-on-white “punking” I honestly believe I would press it if I were even just a little horny.

Another fetish of mine is bukkake. I tasted my own cum once and I nearly threw up. But that doesn’t stop me from fantasizing about being forced to drink it, get used to it and get used to taking increasingly large amounts. Again, if there were some button or some magical wishing well where I would be subjected to this for some set of time – say four months – I would definitely include in the fantasy kaçak iddaa swallowing up to 75 loads of cum a day, every day, for the last week or two of my ordeal. It’d start off with just being forced to swallow one load of cum a day for week. Then slowly increasing the number of loads to about 10 the next week, spread out over the day. Into the third week I’d be swallowing three loads of cum at a time several times a day. Over the next month I’d swallow one more load of cum each day at increasingly short intervals until I’m swallowing 30-40 loads of cum every day for a month. In order to get that much black sperm into my system it’d have to be mixed into all of my food, into my drinks. I’d have to suck the cum out of used condoms and of course my own cum would be included.

And the things I’d be forced into doing with my ass would be no less extreme. It’d be plugged and fucked and gaped and fingered until I was taking such obscenely large black cocks in my “pussy” (as I would now call it) that I might as well be taking a fisting.

If I thought I could make any money off of doing this, I’d start a porn company where I was the lead bitch. I’d shoot three or four movies a day doing the most extreme porn I could think of. I would even hook my penis up to one of those devices that measure an increase in the size of the penis while I looked at gay porn to prove I wasn’t gay. Then it’d be off to me sucking the piss out of an over-sized black dick

Let me tell you now that I’m not ugly kaçak bahis or anything. I have a mere six inch cock, but I work out at the gym and do everything right (except for drinking on the weekends). But I’m 200 pounds of lean muscle and I’m looking forward to having a six pack within the next few years of working out. My small dick might prevent me from working as a top, of course, but I think I would make a fine porn bottom.

If I started my own porn site, I think I’d have a running series where I fuck any and all black men larger than seven inches who sign up to my site, provided they can prove they have no sexually transmitted diseases. I’d tell them that if they’re willing to travel to NYC (where I’d be located) they can do whatever they want to me, short of marks on the face or other exposed areas. If they allowed me to I’d post these videos online with their faces blurred out. If, on the other hand, they didn’t want that, I’d still fuck them. If I could gather enough fans I’d do daily gang-bangs for my fans, provided I could get the dozen or so well-hung black men together.

Now, for whatever reason, the thought of eating out a black man’s asshole makes me feel nauseous despite the other things I’d be willing to do in the name of humiliating and degrading myself. But that’s no excuse for a worthless whore like me. Any black man that washed his ass first wanted me to, I’d eat his ass.

I’d be willing to swap sperm with someone else, too, or suck the cum out of their (freshly cleaned) ass. I’d of course prefer a woman, being straight, but if it were an attractive white boy and there were the proper incentive (the threat of violence perhaps if I were to back out), I’d do it.

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