My Coming of Age

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This story contains Small Penis Humiliation and some bisexual nature.


I would like to introduce myself. My name is Kevin, I’m a pretty normal guy. I never really had a problem talking to girls, I wasn’t the most confident, but I wasn’t shy in the least.

My friend Mike however, he was totally the alpha here. I remember when we were younger he would pull girls like nothing.

We were both young men at the age of 18. Regardless, we were best friends through thick and thin and even on an awkward day, shared a partner.

This is that day.

I had arrived at Mike’s on a nice summer day to help him set up his new pool.

“Hey Kev!” I hear him call me to the backyard “Dude! I’m stoked! We’re gonna have so many bitches! I invited Katie over to help. I hope you’re cool with that.”

Katie was Mike’s neighbor, who, he knew I had a crush on. He had been trying to set us up for months.

“Nah, I don’t mind at all!” I say.

“Well good, because I can’t stand seeing you let this go” Mike stated.

It took about 45 minutes to setup and mostly fill the pool, it was big enough to have all the epic parties Mike had envisioned.

We had already gotten in while it was still filling and we heard a feminine voice in the background.

“I see you boys have already started the fun with out me.” Katie said. She stood there, I remember the outfit, flip flops displaying her painted toes, smooth long legs leading to cutoff jean shorts a white tank top with her two luscious C cup breasts on display behind what looked like a bright orange bikini top.

“Well don’t let me stop you guys” she said as she sat on the deck.

“Why don’t you come on in? The water is fine!” exclaimed Mike, who could tell I had almost become speechless.

She nodded and climbed on in. Mike shook the ladder so she would just fall in. She did.

“You fuck! This water is freezing!!” She yelled.

“Hey! Kev here did that!” Mike said while chuckling.

“Woah! don’t get me involved! I didn’t touch anything!” I scolded as Katie clung to me.

A surge of warmth filled my body as she said “Yeah! Kev wouldn’t do anything like that! He likes me too much! Don’t you Kev?”

I could feel her soft breasts against my shoulder.

I mustered up the courage to say “Oh yeah, you’re uh… yeah… uhm… Great?” illegal bahis

She looked dumbfounded.

“Smooth…” smirked Mike.

“Well, I won’t be needing this anymore!” Katie said as she pulled off her tank top, it clung to her bikini top and pulled one of her cups off her breasts.

Mike and I were wide eyed looking at her revealed breast.

“OMG Guys! Don’t stare or act like you’ve never seen a boob before. I might as well be shirtless with you guys.” She removed the bikini top.

I felt my penis start to grow. It eventually was full mast, hoping no one would notice.

“I think…I need to sit down…” I said as Katie grabs a chair for the pool, her breasts sway.

“Here you go, I don’t want you to get too light headed now!” She giggled, she knew I was hot for her.

At this point the water was about 6-7 inches for our waist lines.

She kneeled down, her breasts hanging, she looked me in the eyes. “You okay?” She lovingly said.

“Oh yeah, I always faint when I see gorgeous women half naked.” I said panting.

“Damn Katie, I didn’t know you were hiding those under all the loose clothing!” Mike exclaimed.

His swimtrunks had clung to his body and his flaccid length.

“Well, I try my best to hide them, I don’t like the attention.” She explained.

“I’m good, I think I just need to get up now.” I said as Katie helped me up, no one had noticed my tent at this point. She bumped into it with her thigh.

“Uhm.. Kevin… What was that? I didn’t know you were that happy to see me!” She giggled.

I stammered trying to find the words. She reached for it.

I felt her warm hand caress the front of my swim trunks.

“Well, no sense in you having all the fun!” She kneeled down and brought Mike and I side by side in front of her.

“On three, you both pull down your trunks! Got it?”

Mike and I looked at each other. “Oh you are on!” Mike said out loud.


My heart was racing, my penis was engorged and pulsing.


I heard his trunks hit the water.

“Wow! And to repeat what you said, who knew you were hiding this?!” She said, admiring his length. Mostly flaccid as it proudly laid on his leg.

“Well, you know, we weren’t anything but neighbors.” He explained.

Looking over at me, she notices illegal bahis siteleri I haven’t yet dropped trough.

“Oh come on baby, Mike did it, I’m topless, it’s only fair.” She gently cooed.

I sighed. “Ok…”

She tugged at my shorts and off they came.

My penis came out swinging, standing tried and true barely a centimeter from her nose.

He eyes widened, her mouth puckered and she started to laugh.

“Oh. My… GOD!”

She cried laughing.

“Kevin! Where is your penis!?”

I was red, trying to blame it on the pool.

“Well, the water is cool, but why is Mike soft and big, you’re not even half his size, and you’re hard!” She began poking my penis with her finger. As she was doing this, I noticed her other hand had gone under Mikes member.

She grabbed us both. “Let’s go inside.” Gently pulling me while leading him a good 4 to 5 inches behind us.

“Sit down on the couch, Mike, where is the ruler?”

He pointed to the kitchen where she soon found a generic plastic ruler.

“Let’s have some fun here!”

She said as Mike soon started to grow.

“No! Keep it soft!” she exclaimed and Mike soon shrunk back to flaccid, she looked at me.

“You stay hard!” as she licked her hand and gave me a tug.

I softly moaned.

She giggled “That was cute! Like your peepee.”

Looking me in the eyes, she brought the ruler to my dick.

“Let’s measure you honey.” She said in a loving voice. Posing my penis upwards, bringing the ruler parallel to my short guy.

“Hmm, four and half inches. That’s cute! I think my little brother is about there.”

How would she know? I pondered to myself.

“Now Mike, try not to get hard.”

She pulled his soft dick up to the ruler.

“Wow, seven inches, soft. Kev, I’m sorry, but he has you beat.”

“Sorry bro.. I didn’t expect this to happen.” Mike said.

I accepted the apology.

“Let’s have some fun!” she starts to move her hand on Mike making him grow. He doesn’t stop, soon he is standing a good amount outside of her hand.

“Damn! I gotta remeasure!” She says grabbing the ruler letting go of me.

“No, that’s okay! You don’t have to!” Mike tries to get her to stop to make me feel better.

“It’s fine, I don’t mind, either way, we’re both getting canlı bahis siteleri some.” I assure him.

She eyes me, smirking at my shrunken member, placing the ruler once again by Mike’s cock.

“No fucking way. 10 INCHES?”

She drops the ruler, lightly kisses his cock, mine flexes as she watches and giggles.

“You like that? You like my mouth on his dick?” She begins to lower her mouth on him.

Her hand starts wandering my way.

I soon felt her rubbing my thigh, inching her way to my crotch. She wrapped her hand around my erection. She released his meat.

“It’s so cute and little! It’s like a replica of a real penis!” She cheerfully said.

I was edging at this point, she could tell. She firmly gripped my dick as a whole.

“NO CUMMING!” she yelled.

Bringing Mike back into her mouth, first his head, soon his shaft. Her nose was touching his pelvis as he grunted.

“Katie, Katie Stop!”

He cried as he started cumming, filling he mouth with his seed.

Her cheeks bulged out, some leaking from her tight lips. Trying to hold all of his semen in her mouth she managed to make out the words.

“Oh fuck, Mike that was so much cum!”

She looked me in the eyes, smirked and moved her face between my legs.

Nervous I looked down, my hard on twitching in front of her face.

I watched as her head moved up above my member, she opened her mouth, and spilled Mike’s still warm cum on my groin.

I inhaled heavily. “Why did you do that?!”

“Maybe your little dick will grow!” She said, as she sat up between us wrapping her hand on my dick, started to stroke me. I looked her in the face, Mike had passed out, presumably from letting that massive load come pass his large cock.

She pressed her lips on mine, and started kiss me deep, pushing her tongue in my mouth. Her warm tongue and mine gentle tussling in my mouth.

The taste was salty and musky, my member pulsated, I was about to cum.

“Not yet!” She said lowering her mouth onto my small cock.

I came, hard, almost equally filling her. With her mouth full she moved back up.

Pressing her lips to me once more, and pushed my load into my mouth.

I was stunned, she put her fingers to my mouth.

“Nuh huh, swallow, all of it!”

I obliged. Down it went, my salty seed.

She looked me in the eyes and said “Well, how was it?”

I was out of words, out of breathe, all I could try and say was.

“I love you.” then passed out with her in my arms, her hand on my cock, and a smile on her face.

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