My Canvas Pt. 03

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I truly love Nina and we have been having an amazing time. However, to take her where I really want her to go I need more control. It took some thinking but now I have it all planned out.

It was New Year’s Eve. I had to go away for a last minute meeting with an important client, or so I said. Ann, a coworker was having a party at a hotel and she had invited Nina. What Nina didn’t know is that I had paid her off, single moms can be really helpful for $1000. A local hotel was offering New Year’s celebration packages that included a room for the night. The girls drank and partied with a large group at the hotel bar and the plan was for the two of them to sleep it off in the room so they do not risk driving drunk. The room was actually in Nina’s name. Nina was drunk off her ass. As things were winding down they made their way to the room, where Nina immediately passed out and Ann, who was not actually drunk texted me and left with the door unlocked. Five minutes later, I went in and gave her a very small injection of heroine then scattered around some syringes and left. I then reported the room to the police. They arrived promptly and gained access finding Nina and the paraphernalia. She called me from jail about 10am, I couldn’t do much because it was New Year’s Day so she had to sit. I had her out the next day. I told her I was very disappointed but I would take care of things. We worked out a deal where she served no time but had to do a ton of community service and were charged with felony possession of a controlled substance. I told her that was the best that could be done. However it was only best for me because as a felon she needs me like never before. Her up word mobility is destroyed.

I told her we could simplify things if she would see my doctor for a physical so I can get her health insurance. She had her appointment and signed a pile of documents they had. I told her to sign and she did. However what she actually did was to agree with the doctor that she was not capable of taking care of herself and giving me guardianship. Life is looking up.

After finding out about her felony conviction, Nina’s job promptly fired her. Lucky for her I was there to come to her rescue. I decided to help her and be her partner in her own personal, adult website. It would have pictures of her, and a live illegal bahis webcam among other things. Her apartment would be perfect for the cam. I would make 75% of the profit until I was repaid for startup costs and after that I would get 50% but since I have power of attorney I could just take it all if I chose to. I thought keeping it very real would help with popularity so we made her real first and last name at the web address.

We started with 100’s of pics, several video clips and webcam shows at least once a day. It was an instant hit. Money was rolling in. Private cam shows made huge money but I knew there was more to be had. I decided she should do an auction on her site. She would auction the ability to tattoo anything you want on her left thigh, with half the money to be donated to a local charity. The winner bid $5500…wow! It was a tattoo artist who specializes in Asian art. He used the entire thigh, creating a beautiful scene that included blossoms, naked geisha girls and even a dragon. It was beautiful work. He took several nice pics for his portfolio. Nina was pretty happy with it. To celebrate, we were off to see Pete at his shop. Nothing too crazy this time. I thought a lip ring would look hot on Nina. We went thicker than normal. It is an 8 gauge hoop, carefully and cleanly welded closed. It’s on her lower lip, off slightly to her right. Gotta admit she is starting to look rather trashy but hot all the same.

With her website using her name.

It got the attention of a local strip club. They offered $500 for her to come in on a Saturday as their featured performer. Four hours, dance three sets on stage, she keeps all tips and gets half of her lap dance money. Deal!

As Saturday approached, Nina was pretty nervous. We were up early mainly because she couldn’t sleep so I suggested she could go put in a few hours on her apartment cam. She did shows sometimes and others she just did stuff around the apartment. Cleaning, showering, just hanging, not necessarily naked but we could definitely see that the site made more money and added subscribers when she put in more hours. I decided to put on a fake mustache and some glasses and walked over. I generally keep my face out of view but might as well be careful. I walked in and with a southern accent said “her baby girl, it’s me illegal bahis siteleri Chad.”

She said “Hi Chad, what brings you by.”

So I replied “I’m here for some of that pussy, sweet thang!” I then pulled my dick out. She happily dropped to her knees and started licking my balls before dragging her tongue up to the head where her lips went to work sucking her mouth back down. Nina’s willing mouth quickly got my cock hard. She pulled back and said “take me now.” I told Nina to lay back and play with her pussy while I put on a condom. I added “your slutty ass ain’t gettin knocked up by me!” You could hear the chimes in the background ringing as more people logged in.

Once I rolled the condom on I got up between her spread thighs and slammed into her with all I had. I knew it would take a lot to cum with the condom on. As I drilled her, she moaned and writhed while twisting a nipple in one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. It wasn’t long before she started really thrashing and gasping as her orgasm exploded through her. It was so fucking hot, and the viewer chime kept going off. I grunted, tensed up and filled the condom with hot cum. I pulled out, yanked off the condom and stared down at her recovering body. I then said “you know you need this sweet thang, say ah” as I held the condom to her lips. The viewers went crazy as I emptied my load from the condom into her mouth.

I left and went home, Nina shut things down and got home 30 minutes later. She asked if she could take a shower since the show was now only a few hours away. I asked if she really thought I’d do that. Nina said “I was worried but when you used a condom I was a little less worried.” I laughed and said “go take a shower.”

Ninety minutes later we were ready to go to the strip club. Nina wore a cherry red bra and microthong. She brought along black heels and a black silk robe but wore sweats and gym shoes for the ride to the club. We arrived on time. She went in back to put her street clothes in a locker and put on her heels and silk robe. I took a seat and ordered a beer. I could hear a group of guys talking “I went to school with her, have you seen her website? She is a total whorebag freak now!” Loving it! I was about ready for a second beer when the DJ announced “Ok everybody, it’s time for our featured canlı bahis siteleri performer, she competed in the Miss Nude America pageant, the star of her own website, she is a Northwest Indiana’s own Nina T****s!”

The crowd got loud. Nina came out with her robe covering everything. Twenty seconds in she untied it and the crowd got louder and guys started giving her dollar bills, tucking them into the waist of her thong. At the start of the second song in her set she took off the robe. Several guys got really into it including the guys who called her a freak. She looked hot as hell by the way. At the start of the third song she dropped a shoulder strap, danced a bit and took down the other side. Nina turned around facing the wall and dropped the bra off. The crowd got really loud and when she spun around it looked like most of them were unaware of the tats and stuff. Some were a little shocked to be honest. The guys by me were laughing about her “store bought” tits but most still loved what they saw.

After her set the DJ announced “Nina is now available for lap dances.” The $20 dances were at the seat, the $40 dances were in semi private booths at one end of the club. Nina was told she could get away with a little more in the $40 dances but not with the $20’s. She almost immediately was going for a $40, she said “I let them touch my nipples and gave them a peak of my pussy but to do anything more they have to tip or at least buy a second $40.” The guy who called her a freak bought three $40’s. When he returned the fingers on his right hand were still wet and he was laughing and holding them under his friends noses.

In all she did three sets. Nina took home roughly $1200. Not bad for four hours. She also added some new paying members for her website. The manager was also happy. We talked about doing another show in the winter. I told him about the Asian art on her thigh and how it earned us $5500. He asked if she might be willing to auction tattoo rights for her ass when we come back and that they would promote it I. Their ads, email list and website. I said I would talk to Nina and get back to him but to me it was already a go! As she was gathering our things, an observant guy from the club said, I heard the talk about raffling Nina’s butt, I probably won’t have that kind of money but I think I could pay enough that she might agree to letting me decorate a smaller part perhaps. Here’s my card, think about it and shoot me a message. I thought, this could be interesting, what a night. Nina needs to be rewarded. Time to talk to Pete.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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