Muscle Maturity Ch. 04

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Pumping it up, for a sweet, sweet victory

This series is a collaboration with KatieTay. The first three chapters appear in her library. This one fits thematically more into my library. She deserves all the credit for the quality of the writing. I accept all the blame for the topics.


I moaned into my pillow.

Judith was straddling my lower back while clamping my sides with her thighs. Meanwhile, her astonishingly strong fingers dug right into the flesh of my back. It felt as good as any deep-bone massage I’d ever received. I was justly proud of the sheath of back muscle I’d developed with pullups, pulldowns and rows of all kinds – ancillary exercises, to my mind, to make my biceps work easier – but Judith’s fingers were pushing through as if my back was a giant marshmallow! I knew she was strong, of course, and I liked to think I had a hand in that, somewhat… but lately her progress, both in terms of muscle mass and muscular strength, had been nothing short of astounding.

I groaned again, feeling a wonderful admixture of bliss and agony.

“Oh – sorry, Jay, was that too hard?”

“No, no… it’s fine… it’s amazing… you’re loosening up knots I didn’t even know were there…”

“You’ve been working hard, you know. I saw those barbell rows you were doing.” Her hands went to my sides, and squeezed. “Mmmm…” she moaned from deep within her throat, sounding well-pleased by what she felt.

And well she might, I thought. I had good lats, and I knew it. Next to my arms, they were the body part I was proudest of. Not many younger men, even, could boast lats like mine!

Her hands kept doing their magic, kneading my back muscles as if they were dough. “Like a mountain range,” she murmured appreciatively. “Watching your back move is like watching a shifting pile of bricks.”

I chuckled a little. “Judith, dear, that’s laying it on a bit thick, isn’t it.”

“What’s thick, Jay, is your scrumptious back. Mmm, mmm, mmm! Be a dear, sit up, flex your back for me. I want to see it,” she said, her voice deepening into a lustful growl.

Grinning, I pushed myself upright and rocked onto my haunches. Judith’s stiff nipples brushed against my back as we moved, and I shivered a little.

Four months into our mass-building routine so far, and we both could not have been happier with the results. It was a constant source of personal gratification to me that my initial assessment of Judith’s physique potential had been completely right. Back in the 90s – the heyday of women’s bodybuilding, according to some – she would have been a champion to rival the likes of Laura Creavalle, Tonya Knight and even perhaps Colette Nelson at her peak.

Unlike those women, though, she was a “nattie” – totally natural. The world had seen enough cautionary tales of anabolic steroid abuse, to my mind. I had opined strongly to Judith that hormonal supplementation should not be on the cards, without any valid medical reason, and fortunately she was in agreement with me. Only something like gender dysmorphia or an innate hormonal imbalance could ever justify playing around with one’s hormone levels, I always felt.

So, Judith wasn’t as incredibly massive or striated as a contest-shape FBB from the golden years, true… but every time I tried to close my hand over her baseball-sized biceps and failed, it hardly seemed to matter. And her shoulders… such delicious beef-boulders they were! Watching her flex from the back never failed to get me hard and throbbing within seconds.

Hell, watching her flex from any angle never failed to do that!

“All right, big boy, spread those wings,” she said in a low husky growl that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

Grinning, I obliged and reared up, raising my arms and clenching my fists, tightening my lats.

“Ohh mmmfff…” Judith grunted, as she sank her teeth into the meat of my trapezius.

I yelped a little in surprise, but this time I was mentally prepared for it. The first time Judith had bit into my back I’d jerked up and launched myself maybe a full foot off the mattress. After she’d laughed at me for two full minutes, she’d bared her carnivorous “fangs” at me again.

“You always said you wanted me on a higher protein diet,” she’d quipped. “I figure, might as well go for the highest-quality meat I can get!”

I liked doing it right back to her – her body was scrumptious – but with her I had to be careful with where I left any potentially embarrassing love bites. With me, since most of the time I was all covered up in my usual work outfit, she had no such compunctions.

Now she made as if to devour my back muscles, beginning from the top. While she gnawed away at the base of my neck, where I had an impressive mound going, her fingers clutched at my bulging lats and dug in. She grunted some more as her teeth worked away at my flexed flesh. I was as hard as a drill bit.

“Squeeze these slabs some more for me!” she commanded, rubbing her thumbs illegal bahis against the clefts of my rhomboids.

I obliged; first, I extended my arms out in front of me, and hunched over, as if I were diving into a pool. Then, drawing in a lungful of air, I arched my back and thrust my chest out again, and pulled my arms back and out as if she were yanking on them. Maximum movement for my back muscles – full stretch, followed by full contraction. This would make them look even more pumped than before. Crunch!

Judith hissed with delight, and plastered her face against my middle back, moaning as she rubbed her cheeks against it and nipped at the chunks of muscle with her teeth.

I bared my teeth. This felt good. It was good to worship a muscle goddess, especially one like her… it was right and proper to genuflect before strength and venerate it. But to be the recipient of such attention from a strong woman, and to know in one’s heart that one’s accomplishments fully merited it… there was little that could compare. A free and fair exchange of worship and reverence, strength recognizing strength, power acknowledge power, mutual desire fulfilled.

This was what we had now. This was the apex, the apogee, of achievement for us. We were living the dream.

Judith’s hands went to my arms. “Do it,” she urged me, her breath hot on my ear. “Do… that thing you do. Five times! All five!” So, she wanted me to push my limits! I could do three… sometimes four. But only rarely all five.

Her breath was hot on the nape of my neck. Her fingers dug into my flesh, expectantly.

“That thing” I did was not in fact any kind of song performed by some 60s one-hit wonder band. It was, I daresay, something quite a bit better.

I stretched my arms straight out to the sides, making as if I were about to embrace the world in front of me. Then I slowly clenched my fists. My corded forearms bulged, and then I made the tension spread to my upper arms, and shoulders.

“Ohhh, yes…” Judith moaned, in anticipation. She could feel the tightening beneath her fingertips, no doubt.

“Here it comes…” I said, through gritted teeth.

And then I pumped my arms in a massive double-biceps flex, grunting powerfully as I did so. My peaks jumped out sharply, the twin-head bifurcation just visible. “One!”

Judith moaned lustily from within her throat, and she cupped my peaks, fondling them. There was no give. My muscle fibers had become impervious to even her strong fingers.

“More!” she demanded.

She had curved her palms just so – fitting them precisely to the dimensions of my bulging biceps. What I did next would be “that thing” she was waiting for – I would flex so hard that my peaks would burst out even larger than the preceding time.

Slowly, I straightened out my arms again, but kept the tension constant and high across the length of my arms. This was vital, for my second powered-up flex. What I had to do was to go beyond what I did the first time, by just that small but appreciable amount.

Once more, I pulled my arms in, and cocked my fists hard. “Two!” As I did so, I ramped up the tension just a little bit more. My entire torso trembled finely with the effort.

Gratifyingly, Judith expelled her breath with a sound of satisfaction. My muscles pushed hard enough against the skin of her palms for her to discern that I had indeed expanded. I had reached Tier 2.

Now she swung herself around on the bed so that she could be in front of me, straddling my thighs and clamping them with her own. My erect staff was standing ramrod straight. Judith braced her hands on her hips, and slowly lowered herself down onto me, slowing down just as the lips of her labia touched the head of my penis.

We gasped in tandem at the moment of delicious contact, and then I groaned, long and loud, as I slid into her completely. She was so wet and aroused that all six inches of my thick cock fit comfortably inside her. It was hard to maintain the necessary tension in my muscles while she lowered herself ever so slowly to completely engulf my veined shaft with her soft strong womanhood. But I did it anyway.

This was what I loved most about penetrating her – no matter which of us initiated it, it always felt to me as though I slipped inside her with perfect ease. Her pussy walls accommodated my considerable girth snugly, with no difficulty.

“Haaa… yes,” she said throatily. Her eyes focused on mine. “Now, give it to me, big boy! Give it to me!”

She already had my cock, completely enveloped in the soft, warm glove of her womanhood, so of course she meant something else altogether: the next stage of my special “expansion”.

My arms trembled as I stretched them out again, still keeping them tensed up. With Judith capturing me like this, my concentration was starting to waver, but at the same time the sensation was fueling my libido, and stoking my primal urges. Here was my mate, right in front of me – demanding from me a display illegal bahis siteleri of strength, of power, of potency and virility!

The thought galvanized me as I practically slammed my arms into position. Judith emitted a satisfying gasp from her mouth as my biceps peaks exploded under her palms.

“This is it… oh yes, this is it, you’re bigger than before!” she moaned. Her thumbs dug into the lines separating my bis from my tris. Her fingers clamped my manly muscle mountains. Her lips parted – she was realizing, I knew, that she could no longer just cover my long heads with the span of her hands. My expansion trick had made them too big for her to cup.

“More… more!” she demanded. Her own muscles rippled across her chest and shoulders as she applied pressure, squeezing and probing for any weaknesses in my upper arms. She would find none, I vowed silently, as I always did.

But to exceed Tier 3… and go on to Tier 4 of my expansion… I would really need to pull out all the stops.

There was one more little trick I had up my non-existent sleeves, that would allow me to burst through to the next tier and give Judith the size she was craving. I slowly let my arms go straight again, out to the sides, still maintaining the tension…

And then, just before I curled them in again, I relaxed. My entire upper torso went slack: my shoulders, pectorals and arms all turned to butter for one split second.

Then in the next instant, I tensed everything. Timing was crucial – I curled my arms back up in that same moment. The sudden relaxation followed immediately by abrupt contraction… that was the ticket.

“Oh!” Judith’s eyes revealed her momentary astonishment. She probed with her fingers. “Oh… oh yes… yes!”

This was about as big as I ever went. I was on my fourth “expansion”. My veins were portruding, especially on my brachialis. The lines separated my deltoids from my biceps now looked as though they were sculpted from granite. I smiled winningly at Judith. She was a muscle goddess, true… but I was a muscle god. It was time for her to start riding me, so we could give mutual tribute. Liquid libations.

But she wasn’t satisfied tonight, oh no. She wanted more from me than I had ever given.

“Do more, Jay. Do more for me. I want you at your very best now!”

She squeezed my biceps again. At the same time, she gave a pulse with her pussy, squeezing my cock. I groaned a little, feeling the tight sensation on my sensitive head and shaft.

“Don’t get slack on me now! Come on, Jay. Do it! Number five! Come on now!”

Her exhortations energized me anew. I clenched my fists, lowered my arms, and prepared myself.

Tense – hold – CRUNCH!

“Grarrgh!” I growled with the effort as I consciously exploded my biceps more than I had the last two times. I was rewarded gratifyingly with a pleased exclamation from Judith.

“Ohh… yes! That’s it! That’s bigger than before!”

Now, her forearms trembled as she strained her fingers to encircle my guns – in vain, I thought smugly. I was at an incredible Tier 5. She could now get to maybe one-third of the total circumference, perhaps slightly less. It gave me such a feeling of power, the fact that she was struggling – and failing – to encircle my muscle mass with her hand span.

“You smug snake,” she hissed, while simultaneously squeezing my “snake” again, as if making an attack with genitals. “Think you’re big, do you? Huh? Think you’re big enough for me? This all you got? Huh? Come on, show me what ‘big’ means. Is this it? Is this as big as you can get?”

She had switched gears – now she was mockingly taunting me as a form of aggressive inducement. And good heavens, it was working.

Now I took a deep breath, then another. Judith had begun to rock herself up and down on my lap, while still bracing her hands against my rock-solid upper arms. I gulped. The sensation of being massaged by her pussy muscles like this was simply divine.

But once I came, I’d be completely enervated. The “expansion sets” would perforce come to an end.

Her range of motion was very small. It felt better to me than if she were to start making larger movements, bouncing more than an inch off me. This way, the rhythm was rapid, the pace was sustained, and my climax was inexorably building up.

I bared my teeth. “So you want big, huh?” “Oh yeah, I do.”

“Think you can handle big?”

“Oh, I can handle anything you got, baby…”

She squeezed my sculpted biceps heads so hard that her knuckles went white.

“Come on. Where’s your size, huh? This it? Is this all? Why don’t you give it to me, huh? Why don’t you?”

Her voice steadily rose in pitch, until she was almost whining in ecstasy, lapsing into near-incoherence. And all the while, she mocked and challenged me to be even more. Yes, it was a fantastic trick she had, especially since she managed to taunt without actually being belittling. Now that would be a mood-killer.

But canlı bahis siteleri now I had to rise to the challenge.

I let out my breath slowly, in a long whoosh, while I lowered my arms down again. Then, slowly, I relaxed. This time, it wasn’t followed by an instantaneous pump. I knew my limits and capabilities. If I was to do Tier 6, I would have to do something else.

She chuckled breathlessly as she felt my muscles go limp and flaccid, though her pussy continued clamping down on my stiff and engorged rod. She was pressing on me hard enough to create a little bit of suction, even, which only increased the pleasure for me. “Giving up, big boy?”

“Not on your life, babe.”

“Got some more left, huh? Come on, show me, show me…”

I closed my eyes, and opened them again. I was controlling my breathing now, trying not to give in too quickly to the multiple jolts of pleasure shooting through my entire nervous system from my loins. Judith’s torso was plastered against mine, and her abs rubbed silkily against my belly and sternum while she continued trying to rock me to an orgasm. I became hyper-aware of how her small breasts bounced and jiggled with her movements. My consciousness took in how her upper pectoral muscles had become so developed that I could see the striated clefts down the middle, connecting left and right.

The dam was starting to break. I could feel it. My orgasm was almost upon me. Within moments I would surrender to her irresistible pussy and fill her up. It was now or never.

My growl began as a low rumbling at the back of my throat, and then rose in volume as my arms went up. My limp muscles hardened again beneath Judith’s fingers, and kept hardening. I could feel the strength building up in me, welling up from my center. With a conscious effort, I channeled it up through my chest and into my arms, visualizing the fountaining of a geyser.

Grow… grow! I mentally commanded my muscle fibers.

Her mouth opened in an “O”. Her bucking movement slowed, then stopped, though she maintained the squeeze on my hard pulsing member.

Slowly, almost reverently, she traced the lines of definition on my arms with her fingertips. The peaks of my biceps were clearly split; they looked as if valleys had been dug into the sides of huge mountains. Judith’s hand span was clearly insufficient for encircling my arms now – in fact, with fingers fully extended, she could just barely cover the breadth of my arm from the heel of her palm to the tips of her middle fingers. I had not one but several lines separating biceps from triceps. And now, just below the surface of my skin, my network of veins had become visible to the naked eye.

Her hungry gaze devoured what she saw, even as she fondled it. I was flexing so hard I felt ready to explode, in more ways than one, This was Tier 7… the largest I’d ever been.

Suddenly, Judith gripped my engorged arms hard. She leaned forward, touching her forehead to my sweat-streaked one, and began rocking her hips up and down again. The room filled with the sound of flesh slapping together with a rapid staccato rhythm.

“Hurkh…” I was almost choking. Those few moments right before orgasm always felt so good…

Meanwhile, her panting was coming in loud, high-pitched whines. “Haa… haaaa…


Together, our voices rose in crescendo, until at last I could hold it back no more. My entire body stiffened and trembled uncontrollably as she drew load after load from me up into her body. A froth began to form at my crotch. And still she didn’t stop bucking, even after I had no more to give, so eventually I was jerking helplessly in the throes of incredible bliss, my arms deflated, begging her to stop and half-hoping she wouldn’t.

She only stopped when she herself was done, of course, a few minutes later – though to me, they seemed to stretch on for far longer. My throat was raw from crying out with the sheer intensity of the pleasure, but I was already getting hypersensitive enough that soon I would really have to get her to stop. When her orgasm came her head jerked back, and her eyes rolled up into her head. Her fingertips bore into my slackening upper arm muscle.

Three loud “Ughs” marked her extended climax, and then she, too, slumped with exhaustion.

We leaned against each other for support, both of us on our knees but with her straddling me. Our sweaty fronts pressed together, one meaty mass against another, and I smiled as I rested my chin on her shoulder. I had reached a new height, with her aid and “encouragement”. And she had evidently enjoyed my accomplishment in her own way, as much as I did.

She turned her head slightly to speak into my ear. “That… was… incredible. You were so big. I almost couldn’t believe it.”

“I’m having a hard time myself,” I said honestly, still catching my breath. “That was seven… count ’em… seven levels of flex expansion! And… credit goes to you, my dear, and the things you do.”

“What, goad you?” she chuckled.

“Well… yes! You know I love confounding you by defeating your wicked wiles…” I playfully bit her bulging muscle – seriously, she had such wonderful trap development – and she reciprocated, nipping at my neck.

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