Mrs. Wood Gets Hers Ch. 02

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Erica awoke to a delightful tingling sensation in her pussy and rhythmic movements on the bed beside her. Turning her head to look at the other side of the bed, her eyes met Valerie’s lust filled eyes. She then looked up and saw that Tom Wood was fucking his sexy wife gently, but steadily. When he saw Erica was awake, he smiled at her and said,

“Good morning, my Dear. I trust you slept well.”

Erica replied, “Oh yes. I slept very well. Your hot wife exhausted me. I’m amazed that you can find time to teach with such a sexy woman at home.”

Still stroking easily, Tom said, “That’s why she works. It gives us time to regenerate our energy and desire.”

“It gives me time to rest,” said Valerie.

“It gives me time to rest,” laughed Tom, as he began to pick up the pace of his fucking.

Valerie reached over to hold Erica’s hand. “Do you like our gift?” she asked.

Not sure of what she meant, Erica looked at her questioningly. About that time, Tom reached down and moved something on the bed. Erica immediately felt the vibrations in her pussy increase. Realizing the “gift” was a vibrating egg, she closed her eyes and began to enjoy the sensations.

“I take that as a ‘Yes,'” laughed Valerie. “We like to reward our special guests.”

“Ooh, thank you,” said Erica, her breath quickening as the vibrations became more intense. “I need to wake up like this more often.”

Valerie’s eyes closed as Tom brought her to a climax, never changing the pace of his strokes. When she opened her eyes, she said, “Now it’s your turn, my Dear. Enjoy it.”

When Tom moved to Erica’s splayed thighs, he gently removed the egg and replaced it with his enormous dick. Although not long, it was a full three and a half inches in diameter, with a head like a small apple. Tom entered Erica easily, as the vibrator had caused her fluids to flow, but the breadth of his cock created delicious friction with every centimeter of Erica’s pussy.

It was only when she tried to reach out and touch her lover did she discover that her hands were tied o the headboard. Although not uncomfortable, Erica showed some trepidation in her eyes as she looked over at Valerie.

“Be patient, my Dear. We would never hurt such a delicate flower as you, but for the time being, you must trust us,” said Valerie as she kissed Erica passionately. She then got off the bed and picked up a candle.

Tom had succeeded in burying his cock fully in Erica’s accommodating cunt, and had begun to move slowly in and out. Looking deeply into her eyes, he said, “We have thought that you might make a delightful addition to Valerie’s tantric practice, and this is part of your job interview.”

Erica closed her eyes to absorb this information and enjoy the gentle fucking she was receiving when she got another shock. Valerie had lit the candle and was dripping wax onto Erica’s ultrasensitive nipples. That sensation alone would have driven her to climax, but Tom’s relentless, slow fucking was keeping her on the edge.

Tom’s engorged dick contacted every nerve ending in Erica’s pussy. She could feel every ridge, bump, and curve deliciously. She wanted to fuck him wildly, and come like never before, and she also wanted the gentle pussy massage to continue forever.

Valerie made Erica’s decision for her. She crawled across illegal bahis the bed and let her breasts dangle in Erica’s face. Her puffy nipples were delectable, and Erica took advantage of the situation to suck one hungrily into her mouth. Valerie groaned in pleasure, as Erica sucked the tender morsel, then bit it gently. Valerie almost came, and lifted her breast out of Erica’s reach.

“There will be more time for that later,” she said, sitting up, and moving her hand down to the point of Tom and Erica’s coupling. “Do you like Tom’s cock ring, Darling?’ she asked. “It has a clitoral stimulator on top. Do you feel it rub your clitty when Tom fucks you deep?”

Erica had wondered what was keeping her clit so aroused, and that explanation made sense.

“See, the ring won’t allow him to come, but you are at your leisure to come as often as you wish,” said Valerie. She had begun to rub her breasts and pull her nipples. “Just looking at you two is arousing me again. Tom, do you think we might let her wrists free, so she can fuck me with her tongue?”

“I don’t think she will try and get away,” answered Tom, never changing the speed of his thrusts.

Valerie crawled to the headboard and released the silken tie that held Erica’s wrists. She then turned and began slithering down Erica’s face, making sure that each nipple contacted her lips, and finally stopping when Erica kissed her cunt. Pulling her knees beside her, Valerie sat on Erica’s face, grinding her slick pussy onto Erica’s waiting tongue.

Tom took the opportunity to lean forward and kiss his wife’s nipples, bringing her to a gentle climax. This caused her pussy walls to tighten around Erica’s tongue, giving her another longer, more intense orgasm.

Valerie slid off Erica’s face and watched her husband fuck their erotic guest. She told Erica, ” See there are times when I’m with a tantric student, that I need to demonstrate a sensation that will heighten his pleasure. If you are here to help, you and Tom can demonstrate the technique or practice, while I maintain contact with my student. You would really be a ‘teacher’s assistant.'”

Erica was hearing Valerie, but her mind was on her very aroused cunt. Tom had taken her by the backs of the legs and stood up straight on his knees. This brought Erica’s ass off the bed and Tom’s cock as far as it would go into her pussy. The clitoral stimulator created unbelievably delightful sensations throughout her entire body, especially where they coupled. She just relaxed and enjoyed the pleasure, thinking that Valerie had to be the luckiest woman on earth. Tom was such a considerate and skillful lover.

They had been fucking for about fifteen minutes and Erica had become very comfortable. Suddenly, out of the blue, an orgasm washed over her like a tidal wave. She fucked back into Tom’s thrusts and finally held him in place with her legs, grinding purposefully until she had ridden out the best orgasm of her life.

Looking up at Tom’s gentle eyes and soft smile, she said, “Get down here and let us kiss those wonderful lips.”

Sliding over so that he had room between them, Erica and Valerie attacked Tom with their mouths, often kissing the same spot, often kissing each other. Tom did not play the helpless victim. He grabbed a swinging breast, felt a smooth ass, and kissed illegal bahis siteleri any and all offered nipples. The trio engaged in this erotic play for a few minutes, when Valerie looked over Tom’s chest and said to Erica, “Tom told me he wants to come in your ass. If you’re willing, I’ll get you ready.”

“Oh, I’m willing. I just don’t know if that log will fit in my ass,” said Erica, feeling a tingling sensation in her ass, and fondling Tom’s engorged dick.

“Oh Valerie knows how to make it fit,” said Tom. “She’s become quite an expert.”

Valerie got up and opened a cabinet beside the bed, taking out a bottle and leaving the room.

“Where’s she going?” asked Erica.

“She’s going to warm the lube. About ten seconds in the microwave makes it superslick!” he answered. “We need to get this cock ring off first.”

Although Erica had sold such devices at the Toy Shoppe, she had never been a participant in the use of one. She asked Tom, “What do I need to do?”

“Lick my cock to make it slick, and I’ll do the rest,” he told her.

Crawling down the bed to Tom’s sausagelike dick, Erica licked the shaft, then the head, and the shaft again, enjoying the taste of her love juices and leaving a thick coating of saliva over most of his cock. Tom slid the ring off slowly, telling Erica to lick some more near the head. She was getting into the mood and really enjoying the job. She could smell her aroma on his dick and the cockring, exciting her even more, when she felt warm oil cascading down her hips and in the crack of her ass.

Valerie said, as she massaged the oil into Erica’s asshole, “I know how much you love to suck cock and drink cum, but this load’s going in your ass!”

Tom finished removing the cockring from his engorged dick and swung it in front of Erica’s face.

“You can suck another load out of it when I’m finished with your delectable ass,” said Tom, as he walked behind her. Valerie had tied both of Erica’s wrists to the bedposts, and pulled her down so that she was bending over the edge of the bed.

“Tom likes deep penetration when he fucks my ass. Let’s see how he does with yours,” said Valerie, as she sat on the bed, near Erica’s face. She splayed her legs, and began stroking her clit gently. “I think you might need to eat this pussy once more before you get through.”

Tom had coated his dick with the warm lube and stepped behind Erica, gently parting her twin globes and bending down to kiss the rosebud, sticking his tongue in it as far as he could. “Oh God! Even your asshole tastes sweet!” he exclaimed as he stood up and grabbed his bloated dick. “You want it hard or easy?”

“Easy, at first,” said Erica, uncertain of the level of pain she could expect, or endure.

“Easy does it then,” said Tom, as he let the massive head of his dick contact her now unpuckered asshole. The lube was doing its job, and Erica felt very little pressure as Tom, slipped the head into her anal ring.

Tom moved his dick forward as Valerie dribbled more lube onto the shaft. He slid in to the hilt very easily, surprising both himself and Erica.

Erica looked over her shoulder with lust-filled eyes and said, “Please don’t move. I may come just from the first stroke. Let me get used to this.”

“Certainly, my Dear,” replied Tom. “Take all canlı bahis siteleri the time you need. I’ll let you set the pace, but remember, I’ve been fucking for some time, and I need to cum.”

Erica, now accustomed to the size of the cock up her ass, began to push backwards slowly and swing her hips. Tom withdrew his dick until the only the head remained inside Erica’s ass, letting her get the feel of the size of his tool in her ass. When she nodded her assent, he began thrusting, slowly easing every inch in and out, making sure Erica was enjoying the same sensations he was.

Valerie, seeing that the two were into their rhythm, set about adding some extra stimulation. She took the vibrating egg and placed it at Erica’s cunt lips, pushing gently so as not to startle her. Erica’s pussy was so slick that Valerie had trouble holding it in place. She finally gave the egg a shove into Erica’s cunt, getting about two inches of her fingers drenched in the process. Satisfied that the device would stay in place, she turned on the vibrations and sat back to watch the show.

Erica, pleased at the added sensations, looked at Valerie and said, “Thank you. Come here and let me kiss you,”

Valerie crawled to the center of the bed and lay so that she and Erica were face to face. The feel of the satin sheets on her luscious breasts was giving Valerie quite a thrill, but when Erica kissed her, she almost came. “God, what a kisser she is!” thought Valerie, as Erica’s tongue darted into her mouth, and began a slow in and out fucking motion. Valerie finally captured the snakelike invader, sucking it as if it were a cock.

“Let me untie you so you can put that tongue to better use,” said Valerie, ready for Erica to perform her oral magic on her hostesses’ waiting pussy. “You did such a good job earlier that I want more.”

After Valerie had untied her, Erica pushed herself up on her hands so Valerie could slide her pussy near Erica’s waiting mouth. This move changed the angle of Erica and Tom’s coupling, creating even more delightful friction for both of them.

“Much more of that and I won’t be able to hold back,” said Tom through clenched teeth.

Erica, about to be overwhelmed by all the sensations, said forcefully, “Don’t hold back! Watch me eat your wife’s hungry pussy! Feel the vibrations on your fat cock! Come in my ass!”

She dove into Valerie’s slick, waiting cunt with abandon, knowing that neither she nor Tom could hold out much longer. Getting her lips on Valerie’s clit, she began to moan as her body reached the point of no return.

Tom, feeling the vibrations of the egg through Erica’s membrane, began to fuck faster and faster. Valerie screamed at the top of her lungs, as Erica began to shake violently. Tom spewed a tremendous load into Erica’s ass, slipping out and continuing to come onto her back and asscheeks. Valerie, seeing this went onto her fourth orgasm of the morning, clenching her thighs around Erica’s head, and humping on her tongue.

Erica could not believe she could come for so long. She felt Tom’s eruption, cumming at the same time; before she finished , Valerie came and prolonged her orgasm. The vibrating egg caused another wave of lust to course through her body. She continued to hump the egg, and Tom slid down to remove it and lick her cunt lips.

Finally, the waves of lust subsided and the three collapsed into a pile on the bed.

“If I passed the job interview, I guess you’ve got yourself a teacher’s assistant!” said Erica, as she snuggled closer to her lovers before drifting off to sleep.

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