Mrs. Fletcher , Me Ch. 6

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Ellen returned me, back to my parent’s house, just after eleven that evening. We told my parents about the fun time we had had that day. Combining a few lies with some truths, we made it sound as if we had a very entertaining and very innocent time together. Picking up the tux, sight seeing, dinner and a movie had drained the both of us. My mom and dad were very pleased with how everything had turned out for Ellen and I. Knowing that their son had put some spark, back into the life of a person whom they thought of as a lonely woman, made them strut like peacocks.

“I can’t wait for the marriage between David’s brother and your daughter to take place tomorrow,” said my mother to Ellen cheerfully. “If you and David could have this much fun, imagine how much more fun they could have.”

“Yes,” said Ellen, as she yawned and stretched her arms out, as she sat next to me.

I watched out of the corner of my eye as her tits reached out towards the middle of the room. It took all my strength, not to reach out and play with her nipples until they were as hard as rocks.

“If they have as much fun as David and I, then I know that their marriage will last,” she continued, as she brought her arms back down and placed her right hand high up on my thigh and squeezed.

With each beat of my heart, I felt blood enter the shaft of my cock. Quickly, I covered my crotch with my hands, as a hard-on blossomed between my legs. I crossed my left leg over my right and sat back, hoping to hide the bulge in my pants from my parents. As I did so, my knee settled against Ellen’s thigh. My cock lurched at the stimulus, it’s own, little, self-contained brain, remembering the pleasures of the woman sitting next to me. Her warm skin sent a shiver through my body. I wished that she could come upstairs to my bedroom and sleep with me that night. I wanted to be able to hold her as I slept and wake up in the morning with her body still next to mine.

“Don’t you agree David,” Ellen said, breaking me away from my trance and bringing me back reality.

“Huh?” I said, not really knowing how much I hadn’t heard in those milliseconds of brain activity.

“I think his brain is somewhere else,” my father said. “Probably on the other things he could have been doing today.”

“No. Really Mrs. Fletcher,” I said. “I guess I’m a little tired. I had a great time being with you. I wouldn’t have wanted to be with anyone else today. Honest.”

“I believe you David,” she said smiling and giving me that look.

As she spoke, Ellen reached out her hand and placed it on both of mine, which were still holding my hard cock down. As she did this, she stretched her index finger down and playfully stroked the head of my cock. I begged with my eyes for her to stop. The end of my cock had wet my shorts enough with my pre-cum. I didn’t need a full load oozing out right now.

Ellen was fully aware of my predicament. She placed her hand in her lap and slowly brought her leg away from mine. The warmth that her hand and thigh had brought to me was replaced by a very cold sensation of loneliness.

Ellen said her good byes to my parents before she would leave and start her drive back to the hotel. This time gave my cock a chance to return to its “normal” shape and size. I walked her to her car, as my parents would have wanted me to. When we reached the side of her car, she grabbed my cock, playfully tugging on it and smiling at me. She gave me a quick kiss on the lips, as my parents faded into the back rooms of the house.

“No wet dreams tonight David,” she said to me when we were alone on the street. “I want more cum inside of me than Lilly had tonight.”

“You almost made me cum in front of my parents,” I said quickly.

“I’m sorry,” she said compassionately. “I enjoy getting you excited. I love when you have a hard cock jutting out between your legs. I get excited just thinking about it. I can’t help it. You get me going David, like nobody else has in a long time. If we could, I’d fuck you right now in the back seat of this car. But,” she said shrugging her shoulders, “you have to go inside. Your parents will be waiting. Remember, no wet dreams.”

“I promise not to jerk off too,” I quietly said back to her

“That’s very thoughtful of you David,” she said warmly, as she touched my cheek softly with her hand. “I really mean it when I say that I enjoy your company. It’s been a long time since I was around a man that I truly liked. I feel like a woman when I’m with you. The years that I’ve spent alone took a toll on me. You’ve brought me back from a very deep hole. I do appreciate what you’ve done for me these past few days. I feel as if I’ve been reborn.”

“Believe me Ellen,” I said, feeling kind of embarrassed by her praises, “I haven’t done anything. I should be the one thanking you. No one else that I know could have done for me what you’ve done. And believe me, you can’t learn what I’ve learned from you by reading a book.”

Ellen giggled as she leaned over to give me a soft kiss on the cheek.

“O.k. David,” she said. “We’ll antalya escort stop with the compliments right here. I’ll see you tomorrow for the wedding. Believe me, I am happy that my daughter found your brother. They do make a nice couple. Hopefully, they enjoy sex as much as we do.”

Ellen gave my cock a playful squeeze once more before she closed the door and started the engine. As I watched Ellen drive away, I prayed that tomorrow would be as good as today had been. I slowly walked back to the house and climbed the stairs to my bedroom, completely exhausted from the days’ happenings. I thought of Lilly and Ellen, their desires for sex really being too much for me to handle. I fell onto my bed and closed my eyes. I never heard my parents go to bed; I was asleep in seconds.

I awoke early the next morning, my body feeling surprisingly refreshed after a very active yesterday. I showered and made my way downstairs before my parents got up. I was preparing coffee, for my parents and myself, when the phone rang. I was delighted to hear Ellen’s voice on the other end.

“Good morning David,” she said, before I could even open my mouth.

“Good morning, Mrs. Fletcher,” I said in a teasing way. “How did you know it was me on the other end?” I asked.

“David, you should know me by now,” she answered, sounding somewhat disappointed in my surprise.

“I shouldn’t doubt your talents,” I said.

“That’s right David. I’m very talented,” she said, laughing at her self-praise. “Are your parents up?”

“Not yet,” I answered.

“No wet dreams, right?” she asked softly, anticipation evident in her voice.

“Nope,” I said proudly. “Didn’t even jerk off.”

“Good boy,” she said with high praise in her voice. “Save it all for me when you fuck me later today. First, we have a wedding to attend.”

She told me to let my parents know, that she would come to pick me up about an hour before the ceremony. That would give us more than enough time to get to the church. I would be riding with Ellen, because there was really no room for the two of us in my parents’ car. It really was a small car, and being dressed for a wedding would have made it all the more difficult. The wedding was at one o’clock, so we all needed to be ready before twelve. The reception was to follow immediately after the wedding. The bridal party would go to have pictures taken and then come to the reception. My parents, Ellen and I, and the rest of the guests, would go to the reception hall and wait for the bridal party to arrive.

My parents came down shortly after Ellen and I had talked. They were both excited about the day, and very happy that I would be riding with Ellen. Having Ellen’s car at our disposal made things a lot easier.

“It sure worked out great, having Mrs. Fletcher’s car for the two of you to ride in,” my mother said in a happy voice. “Things would have been tight in our small car. We’re both very glad that you’re not being left out of this special day David. It’s so nice that you and Ellen hit it off so well. It’s great that we have you two paired together.”

“Yeah,” I said, trying not to sound as excited, as my cock would be, when I was alone with Ellen. “We seem to get along quite well. I thought that I would just be hanging around at this wedding, but Mrs. Fletcher has sort of changed things.”

“I tell you,” my mother added, “it’s as if she fits you like a glove.

“It’s more like her cunt fits over my cock like a glove,” I thought to myself.

“Just remember son,” my father added, “We want you to keep on treating her nice. We’re proud of the job you did yesterday, and we want you to keep it up today.”

“Don’t worry pop,” I said to myself. “I’ll keep my cock up as long as I can.”

“I’ll do my best pop,” I said, pushing some toast into my mouth and mumbling on.

“You can count on me to try to make her feel good.”

The morning flew by, as we all got dressed. My brothers arrived shortly at my parent’s house, to take some final pictures. They had all been told, about how it had been decided, that Ellen and I were paired up. This was the first time I had seen all of them, since the rehearsal. They all teased me privately, when my parents weren’t around, about being with an older woman.

“Learn all you can Dave,” they said. “Don’t let her get you alone, she could kill you. If you need any help, just give us a call. Nail a board to your ass so you don’t fall in.”

We all laughed at their jokes, but I knew a little more than they did, this time. The joke was on them, and I was the only one who knew. I doubted if any of them had had a woman like Ellen.

It was just after eleven o’clock; when I saw Ellen, as I looked out of the kitchen window, drive up in her car. She was half way up the walk, before my parents had gotten out to greet her. She was wearing a light green, shoulder less gown. I guess she was relying on the stretchiness of the material, and the firmness of her tits, to keep the dress up. The gown clung to her body, as it followed her shape to her waist. fethiye escort It flared out gently at her hips, the spot where I could rest my hands, as I pumped my hard cock into her wet cunt until she came; until I would let my hot cum fly out of my cock, and deep inside of her. As Ellen turned, I saw how her round, firm ass, was shown off to whoever wanted to see. There were no panty lines, only the soft, smooth, roundness of her tight ass. The gown hung down to the tops of her feet, each side opened up by a slit that started a few inches below the middle of her thighs. The flesh colored stockings that she wore amplified the firmness of her shapely legs. My cock stiffened as I stared at Ellen and imagined fucking her sometime today. I was still in the kitchen when I heard her come into the house with my parents, and say hello to my brothers once again. I waited until my cock had softened before I came out to greet her. I caught the site of Ellen’s ass as I reached the hallway. She was standing in the living room where she was talking to my brothers and parents.

“David, Mrs. Fletcher is here,” my mother said cheerfully, as she walked around Ellen and saw me. “My, don’t you look hansom in that tux,” she said softly.

“I don’t feel hansom,” I said truthfully. “I wish I was wearing my shorts. I can’t wait to get out of this hot box.”

“Don’t worry son,” my father added, as he walked passed us and into the kitchen. “Everything is air-conditioned. You’re only hot because you’re nervous.”

“I got nothing to be nervous about. I’m not the one getting married,” I answered.

“If I were you, I’d be nervous with that Mrs. Fletcher. She’s one hot babe,” said one of my brothers quietly into my ear, as he left the living room and went into the kitchen too.

The rest of my brothers followed him through the doorway, each of them smiling and giving me a “watch out little brother” kind of look. Ellen turned to follow them and I knew immediately what they meant. Being in her presence was electrifying. The look on her face, combined with the dress she wore, made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. She was as happy as she could be. Her daughter was getting married, and she was all set to fuck her new son-in-law’s youngest brother. A very satisfied look came over her face when she saw me.

“My, don’t we look hansom David,” she said in a very motherly tone.

“That’s just what I said,” added my mother, obviously very pleased that Ellen was happy with the way I looked.

“You two women better stop complimenting him or his head is goin’ to explode,” I heard one of my brothers’ say.

“The only head that’s going to explode, is going to be the head of my cock inside of Ellen’s cunt,” I thought.

I saw Ellen’s smile, and knew that she was thinking the same thing.

“Thank you Mrs. Fletcher,” I said, going back into the kitchen with the crowd. “Be happy your daughter isn’t marrying him,” I said pointing at my brother with the big mouth.

“Don’t let your brothers get to you David,” said Ellen in an “it’ll be alright” tone. “They don’t know you like I do. I’d say I got the pick of the litter.”

I smiled and stuck my tongue out at my brothers as Ellen came over and put her arm around me, and gave me a “good-ole-boy,” pat on the shoulder. I could tell that my parents didn’t read anything into what she had just said, but I wasn’t too sure if any of my brothers hadn’t. I saw some smiles and looks, but hoped that’s all they were. After some milling around, some small talk, and a few beers that my brothers dug out of the refrigerator, Ellen went with my parents and brothers, back into the living room. I stayed behind, as they were leaving, and went to the sink for a drink of water. One of my brothers, the biggest, lingered behind and gave me a teasing smile.

I looked back at him and tried to present a look that said, “She’s just a harmless old lady.”

“Seems like you got yourself quite a gal there, little brother,” he said teasingly.

“Hey! Mom and pop got me into this,” I said, with an edge to the tone of my voice. “I was happy just hangin’ out and then everything started to snowball. They wanted me to treat her nice, so I did what they said. Anything wrong with that?”

“Just as long as you don’t treat her too nice,” he said, trying to keep from laughing.

I punched him as hard as I could in the arm, with very little effect on him, and a lot of pain to my hand, as he burst out laughing. He kept on laughing as he walked out of the kitchen.

“Mom, David hit me,” he wailed, as he went laughing down the hall.

As I followed my brother, I heard him making up a story about what he had done to me in the kitchen, saving both of us from an embarrassing situation with my parents. My mother scolded him playfully and told me that he was only fooling around with his little brother.

“It’s getting late people,” my father said, with the booming voice he used when he wanted our undivided attention. “If we don’t get going, no one will get married.”

We kaş escort all gathered what we would be needing in the next few hours and headed for the door. As we left the house, my brothers piled into one car, my parents into theirs, and Ellen and I went to hers. In keeping with our little game, Ellen tossed her keys to me. We were the last to reach our car, so once again, Ellen gave me the pleasure of opening her door and watching her enter the car in her teasing manner. No purses were dropped to the ground this time. There was no need. The slits of Ellen’s dress opened wide as she glided her firm ass into the seat. The back of her dress hung down with gravity, the front sank smoothly between her legs. Her well toned thigh muscles fought against the confines of her stockings. As she fixed her dress and sat, the edge of her stockings and the snaps of her garter belt came into view. They were the same color as her dress. My cock became hard immediately, bulging the front of my pants as far as it could. I knew that I would soon feel the dribble of fluid wet my underwear.

“How do you expect me to last until this wedding is over,” I asked pleadingly.

“Just remember that you don’t want to embarrass your parents or me, or make your brothers seem smarter than they really are,” she said smiling.

I closed her door softly and got in on my side to take us to the church.

“So you know that my brothers were giving me a hard time about me and you?” I asked, as I drove to catch up to my parents.

“Of course I did David,” she said, not seeming to be the least bothered by it. “I knew they would give you a few shots; brothers are like that. As long as your mother and father don’t suspect anything, you have nothing to worry about. Believe it or not, even your brothers are blind to what’s happening between the two of us.”

“What makes you say that?” I asked as I got behind my parents car.

“Believe me David,” she said, as she checked her image in the vanity mirror. “I could tell in their voices and mannerisms when I talked with them. They may be older than you, but they’re kind of naïve when it comes to what a woman wants. I know that they feel your too young and I’m way too old to make anything happen between us. I guess the jokes on them,” she said, as she reached her hand out and caressed my thigh. “I’m proud that I have you to fuck tonight.”

With that, she turned her body on the seat, so that she was facing me. She took her shoe off and brought her left leg up and placed it against my hip. She pulled the front of her dress up, so that I could see all the way up between her legs. Again, I saw the tops of her stockings, the snaps of her garter belt straps, and the small, lacy panties that covered her pussy. As I gazed between her legs, I noticed that something was definitely different down there. As I strained to see both her pussy and the road, Ellen picked up on my dilemma.

“Something wrong David?” she asked, with the tone of sex on every vowel.

“I can’t tell, but I know something is different down there,” I said, still trying to discover what I was seeing.

“Maybe this will help,” she said, as she reached down between her legs.

My heart jumped when I saw what Ellen had done. Ellen reached for the small panty that was covering her pussy, and pulled it aside. I stared in disbelief, as I saw Ellen’s hairless pussy staring back at me. The car swerved, and I fought to regain control of the car and myself. Ellen had shaved her pussy! Shaved, waxed, whatever. There wasn’t a single hair between her legs. Her mound looked as soft and as smooth as her ass. There was no sign of any stubble at all. The outer edges of her pussy gently rolled down and in towards the lips of her cunt, they way a well landscaped lawn looks, when its covered with a virgin coating of snow in winter. The curves of Ellen’s inner thighs, ass, and crotch melted into one large area of pleasure. It was as if there was no beginning and no end.

“Well, do you like it?” she asked with some hesitation.

“Wow,” was the best response I could come up with. “When. How?” That was my next attempt at speaking.

“When. Last night. How? That’s my secret. Who? You didn’t ask me that one, but our friend Lilly helped me after she was done with her work,” she said smiling.

“I hoped you thanked her for me,” I said as I continued to stare at her bald pussy.

“I told Lilly that I would send you to thank her personally,” she said with a wide grin. “I hope you didn’t mind?”

I didn’t answer but only smiled. She knew I would gladly find my way back to Lilly and fuck her as I had the night before.

Ellen slowly covered her pussy once more with her lace panties and put her shoe back on. I watched with disappointment as her newest surprise disappeared from sight. She adjusted her dress as I pulled up in front of the church behind my parent’s car. I wondered what it would feel like when I had my mouth between her legs as I ate her pussy. Yes, I knew that I would soon be sitting in a church, watching my brother get married, and that I would only be thinking of the hairless pussy, that was between the legs, of the brides’ mother, who would be sitting next to me, waiting to have my hard cock, dump its load of hot cum, inside of her wet cunt. If anyone would be going to hell, it would be me.

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