Moving on With Two

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Moving on with two

By Fanta_Story

“Honey, this—our relationship—isn’t working for me anymore.”

Like all men who have heard this line before, a number of emotions surfaced in Alvin. He knew that they did not have a lot in common but they always had a great time together. Whether talking on the phone, having simple dinners at Denny’s or Islands or Applebee’s they had a lot to talk about. Nothing lasts forever. Among the strongest feelings is lack of control. She felt it was over. Still, he wanted to know why.

“I hate to do this to you, as you are really a nice guy,” said Audra, “but, I have started seeing Mike Barber, sorry. I know he is a buddy. Don’t be angry at him. He really likes you and does not want to alienate you.” Alvin was thinking all week about the party he took Audra to a few months ago where she met Mike. He knew there was nothing he could do but move on. He saw Mike in the aerodynamics class the next day. They smiled at each other. Maybe it was meant to be. Now Mike could enjoy that gorgeous brown body…and maybe even have a long-term relationship.

Alvin had to focus more on his studies and on flight training. He had made a serious commitment and needed to do well enough to find a good job with an airline if he did not make a career at the air force. Classes were very difficult and included aerodynamics, meteorology, metallurgy and fluid dynamics to name a few. He also had to learn how to shot a side arm, land from ejecting or free falling and survival skills. He had little time for socializing. He did like to grab a beer once in a while at the officer’s club on base or at a bar in town. He never returned to the bar where Audra worked as there were many other good places. He did like one or two that attracted hot women, who he stared at and fantasized about.

Meanwhile, after Audra’s phone call letting down Alvin, she told Kendra and Catlin the news. “There’s nothing wrong with him, is there?” asked Catlin when Audra had told them while walking from the dorm to the gym. “I mean, he seems to be…you know…good. We heard you moaning and groaning often.” She and Kendra giggled.

“He is a great guy. I am sure he could have a lot of girls,” said Audra. The other two glanced at each other, secretly hoping that she could catch him on the rebound.

“Audra, let’s get down to brass tacks. Can he go downtown? I mean does he know how to eat pussy? I am sick and tired of guys who act like it just is a way just to so much fooling around. I need someone who is a serious pussy eater.” Audra had never heard her roommate use this type of language but figured that Catlin was frustrated about her dating life.

“He will not disappoint.”


Catlin was tall and blonde and, as a member of the Tri-Delts at USC had every guy on campus to choose from. As an athlete on an intercollegiate team, she also had all of the girls on campus to choose from. She often chose wisely and those choices varied based on her needs at the time. Sometimes, she needed a hunk to worship her. Like most women her age, she was an attention whore. There were many date parties at Tri-Delt and she had to show up with a hot athlete to make the other girls jealous, and jealous they were. She had her pick. She even showed up once with the All-American quarterback—who was on his way to winning the Heisman. They fucked a few times but he could never learn how to eat pussy. There were lots of guys on the row who she could snag for a good ride but most of them were also deficient in that all important skill. As mentioned above, she could also hook up with any girl on campus. On occasion, she hooked up with Melanie who was a swimmer. They met in a class and easily struck up a friendship. They had different majors and very different activities (Catlin was in a sorority while Melanie spent every waking hour in the library because she was pre-med).

Melanie suggested they have coffee at the Starbuck’s at the film school and they talked in the cool courtyard on otherwise near-100 degree day. “So, Catlin, I imagine you have a ton of boyfriends.”

“Why do you say that?”

“You are the model of the hot Southern California girl, blonde volleyball player…. I have seen you in the locker room in the swim center. You have a perfect body.”

“You are hot as well. But you spend all of your time in the library. I am sure you could have any guy on campus if you would only get out more. “

Leaning over the small table, “Catlin, I never talk about this…but I…don’t date guys. I don’t want it spread all over. I hope you understand.”

There is a girl in Tri-Delt who is a lesbian. Catlin only knows about Shannon because Shannon was her little sister. Catlin offered many times to set her up with a hot guy but Shannon always declined. Finally, Shannon told her that she did not like boys and would be horrified if the other girls knew. Catlin never told anyone.

“My lips are sealed.”

Melanie inwardly wanted those lips. She wanted to kiss Catlin for hours at a time. She wanted illegal bahis to feel those lips on her nipples. She wanted to feel those lips nibbling her pussy. “Hey, um, could you ever, you know, be attracted to a woman?”

Sure, attraction would not be the problem. USC was filled with girls who were beauty queens. Guys walked around with erections all day. Twice when she was in the freshman dorm, she attended parties that got a little raunchy and she did some things to one of the other girls, but she was drunk. Her identity was that of a sis-girl. Still, Melanie was her type, tall, muscular, large brown eyes.

“Sure, ah, well… I could be….”

“I think it’s best to talk about these things in advance, just to avoid bad outcomes, hurt feelings and revenge rumors…. Would you like to come over to my apartment for dinner some time?”

Catlin hated cooking but Melanie was an excellent cook. They talked about everything and had a great time. They were sitting on the small couch. “May I kiss you, Catlin?”

Catlin was nervous but she knew what would likely transpire that evening and was ready. She was shaking and her heart was beating a mile-a-minute. “Sure.”

Melanie leaned in and Catlin did the same. It was great. Melanie wanted it so badly but did not want to go too fast. She felt Catlin’s left breast over her sweater. Catlin responded by pushing her tongue deeper into Melanie’s mouth. Melanie took that as a positive sign and slowly ran her hands down to the bottom of the sweater and then up and under the sweater to find Catlin’s bra. They continued their hot kiss. Melanie now moaned because she felt a warm feeling in her head. Melanie started nibbling Catlin’s neck, and very lightly biting it. Catlin flinched but used her right hand to pull Melanie closer. “That feels good,” said Catlin.

“Take of your sweater,” pleaded Melanie while pulling of her wool top. They were in their bras now. “Turn to your left so I can remove your bra.” Removal of her lovers’ bras was one of her favorite things to do, for it always led to more intimacy and hot sex. “Would you take mine off?” and she turned to her right. Catlin knew at that moment they would go all the way that night and felt a tingling in her groin. They continued their loving kiss for a few seconds but Melanie was eager to taste her guest’s nipples. She slowly kissed her way down and reached Catlin right breast, she had lovely breasts, about C cups that fit into her hand perfectly. Her nipples were pink. She lightly flicked it and Catlin ran her fingers through Melanie’s shoulder-length brown hair. Another good sign. Melanie’s mouth was watering now and she ached for a taste of Catlin’s pussy. Melanie put her right hand on Catlin’s left breast and it felt so feel a beautiful woman’s body.

Melenie was getting very hot now and kissed her way over to Catlin’s left breast. Her head was exploding with sexual desire at teased around Catlin’s body. She used her sensitive cheeks to feel Catlin’s abdominal muscles. She kissed, nibbled and licked the bottom of her rib cage, one of her signature moves. Melanie was highly aroused by the hot bodies of the female athletes. She had many crushes and fantasies. She only hooked up with Lisa from the soccer team. Lisa was “out” and Melanie knew that her desires would not be broadcast if she had a quiet relationship with a girl who had no need for publicity. Melanie was wildly turned on by the girls’ hard bodies. So she savored Catlin.

Catlin was enjoying Melanie’s wet tongue bath and knew that she was in for a treat tonight. Melanie kissed her way as far down as she could and unbuckled Catlin’s jeans, was able to unbuckle one more clasp and had gotten so hot she could not concentrate on the others. “Pull them off,” she commanded and leaned back on her haunches. Catlin stood up and wiggled out of the jeans to reveal super sexy red panties that accentuated her perfect thighs. She continued to savor Catlin’s perfect body. She squeezed her ass, which was perfectly toned from years of jumping. She ran her nose beneath the red panties until she could feel her lover’s silky curls. Melanie could smell that Catlin was aroused and this made Melanie’s temples start pounding. The panties were tight so she helped Catlin wiggle out of them. Then she pushed Catlin back onto the couch, got between her legs and leaned up again to lick and suck Catlin’s boobs.

“Is everything on, darling?” asked Melanie.

“I feel great. None of the guys on the row know how to make a girl feel good. Continue, please.”

Melanie kissed her way down to Catlin’s stomach area and lingered. “I hope you like the feeling of warm wet tongue on your pussy because I am starving from all of the sexual tension and my head feels like it will explode.”

Catlin was now beginning to get into it so she leaned down for a kiss. “What can I do to help you out?” That made Melanie get hot all over and the tingling between her legs intensified. Her mouth suddenly felt dry and she could not speak. She took a breath. “For now, let me illegal bahis siteleri taste your pussy and pleasure you and get my face super wet. You can do that for me now. Later, maybe something else.”

Melanie got her first good look at the girl’s pussy. It was perfect. Catlin trimmed her bush and it was sexy. The hair was medium length so it did not look overgrown and it was shaped like a “V”. There was no hair, nor stubble on her lips or her legs. The outer pussy lips were thin and the inner lips protruded perfectly. Catlin’s clit hood was visible, as her clit was engorged. Melanie ran her right index finger down her slit once and was rewarded by cool liquid lubrication that flowed over her hand. “You are soaking wet, girl. I am a bit surprised but I think you are enjoying yourself.” All Catlin could do was nod her head and smile.

Melanie was now enjoying the hot, sexy smell of vagina, a vagina that was hot and open. She touched her tongue to Catlin’s lips. “Fuck!” Catlin jumped. Melanie giggled and smiled and was eagerly anticipating more tastes of Catlin. Melanie licked her lips some more. Catlin groaned each time. They must be extremely sensitive, thought Melanie. So, she kept licking the labia majora over and over again. Catlin was in heaven, eyes shut tight, trying to savor the moment like never before.

“You taste so good. Would you mind if I played down here for a while? If you want me to stop, just let me know.”

“Stop, no! God, no. I am burning up.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear.” Catlin had the best cunnilingus of her life. She was nibbled to painful anticipation. Melanie licked her slit up and down, just barely licking Catlin’s clit. She scooped out as much sweet nectar as she could and swallowed it all, making strings as she licked upwards. Her face was wet from her nose to her neck. She was in a sense of delight she had not experienced for a while. Catlin was floating and digging her fingers into Melanie’s hair with each lick, suck or nibble. The next time, Melanie looked into the other girl’s hairy snatch, she saw the prettiest pink labia minora she had ever seen. Catlin’s lips were glistening pink and a pool of lubrication could be seen in her vagina.

“Mel, this is amazing…beyond amazing but I am dying here. Please make me come. Ohh, ahh, yes…yes…yes. You are so good at that!” That is also what Melanie was hoping to hear.

“I will take care of you tonight, I promise.” Catlin was breathing heavily, as her heart was pounding in her chest. She was moaning a little bit louder with each lick. Melanie wanted to prolong her lover’s anticipation. She pushed Carlin’s legs up to her chest and got a look at her puckered ass hole. She put her tongue lightly against the anal opening. Catlin screamed, “Fuck, fuck you. I am on the edge, fuck.” Melanie was loving this and really wanted to keep this going for a long time but Catlin was now pulling her hair and it hurt.

Up until this point, Melanie had not sucked Catlin’ clit only scraping her tongue against it as she liked the slit up and down. Melanie moved up a few inches and sucked Catlin’s clit into her mouth hard. “Argh, ahh, oh, I am so close.” With that Melanie put her right index finger into Catlin’s hot vagina and sucked with abandon. Catlin went over the top with one huge grunt and about twenty second of sighs, first loud, then getting quieter. Melanie ran her nose through Catlin’s dewy hair, enjoying the smell and taste.

Catlin was smiling from ear to ear. Melanie leaned back and sat on her ankles, staring at her beautiful lover. She could not believe her good fortune, making love with a gorgeous woman, a woman who acted like a sexy woman, appreciated by men and women alike. Catlin was probably the most beautiful women she had been with at USC. She had been looking for a girl like Catlin for a long time but had only been able to hook up with lesbians who did not practice the kind of hygiene that she liked. Lisa was an athlete, had a great body and gave great head. However, Lisa never shaved her legs or trimmed her pubic hair. She was not as hairy as a man but Melanie was most attracted to women who shaved…their legs…their arm pits. If she met someone who also manicure or shaved their public hair, perfect. She remembered going down on Lisa, whose bush almost extended to her navel.

“Catlin, was that OK?”

“Fuck, that was incredible. I am still shaking.” After a minute, Melanie could still see Catlin’s thighs quivering a little bit.

“Have you ever made love to a woman before?”

“I have kissed girls and licked their boobs.”

“Were they girlfriends?”

“No, just dorm games.”

“Dorm games?”

“Actually, drinking games that turned into sex games. It was all quite innocent.”

“Come to the bedroom.” She led Catlin into her bedroom, which had a double bed, a lamp on a table and a dresser. She gently pushed—really she just urged—Catlin onto the bed. She undressed quickly and jumped on the bed. They kissed long and hard and warmly, exploring their canlı bahis siteleri bodies with their hands. Melanie put her hands near Catlin’s groin and Catlin pushed it away. “I am still too sensitive. Give me a few minutes.” Their tongued danced with the other’s.

Catlin reached down to find Melanie’s pussy soaking wet, and hairless. Melanie used the act to grab Catlin’s wrist so that she could guide Catlin’s fingers into her aching hole. Melanie grunted and jumped and used Catlin’s hand like a dildo. She could make herself come much faster but she was enjoying letting Catlin pleasure her. She pulled Catlin’s hand out of her vagina and brought it to her face. It was dripping with wetness. She sucked on Catlin’s fingers. “Would you go down on me? Please?”

“I have only done it, you know, as a game, never as a lover.”

“I need it so badly, I am close to coming right now. Just do what you like yourself.”

Catlin climbed down the bed and got between Melanie’s legs. Catlin knew that the swimmers had to shave everyday in order to remain competitive and sleek in the water. Melanie looked like a little girl. Catlin brought her mouth to Melanie’s lips and Melanie groaned her approval. “Just do what comes naturally, darling.”

Catlin had only done this twice before and only while drunk playing games in the dorms, never as a lover. She liked it when things started slow so she licked Melanie’s clit ever so lightly, barely touching it. “Perfect, darling, perfect.” More light touches. “Faster.” She licked the clit like a lollipop and sucked a little bit. Melanie moaned and groaned, cooed and sighed. She was feeling those lips on her most sensitive spots. “Stick a finger in.” Catlin had never done that, was nervous and slightly repulsed, but did as she was told. She felt the tiny rough patch at the top and rubbed. Melanie grunted, “perfect.” Catlin concentrated now on sucking and rubbing. Before she knew it, Melanie screamed, “I’m there babe.” And grunted her orgasm into Catlin’s mouth.

They got together a few more times but the subsequent times were not as hot and satisfying as the first. Catlin was heterosexual–moarly, liked boys too much to give them up. The times she met Melanie at her apartment were due to her frustrations with men and their inability to please her orally. She needed to ride a hard cock as much as the next girl but she always had orgasms when Melanie took care of her.

“Look, call him. He may be open to a relationship. He’s a man and you both have all the curves.”

Catlin was first to pipe up. “For sure, I will! Text me his number.” The women arrived at the gym. Catlin was on cloud nine and had one of her best workouts, thinking that she might have a chance with Alvin. As the outside hitter (Audra was the opposite) she had many chances that day to bound high into the air and get her frustration out on the poor ball.

Catlin called him the next day but he did not return the call for five weeks. She began to think that he was blowing her off. Finally, she got a call with his number. “Hello, Alvin, hey I am so glad you called. Are you OK?”

“Of course, oh, we were at the winter survival course in Alaska for a month. Anyway, uh, what can I do for you?”

“Um, well, since you and Audra broke up, I was wondering if we could get together for coffee or something.”

“Gee, I never thought you even noticed me.” That was a bunch of bunk. He saw that blonde hair, green-eyed Catlin was a hottie. He was trying to be coy.

That required some kind of response. “Yeah, I was secretly whispering in Audra’s ear that she should dump you, kind of a hex.”

“Hmm, you have powers I should know about?”

“Let’s get together and I will demonstrate my powers.”

Alvin had been in Colorado Springs for a while and he really wanted to attend a baseball game. One of his best friends, Kurt Moore, had made it to triple-A ball, playing for the Rocky Mountain Vibes, a team in the Milwaukee Brewers farm system and he wanted to see him. He got tickets from an officer on base who had season tickets, as he really could not afford the price of the tickets and dinner. They had a great time and talked the whole time. She knew a lot about baseball. After the game, they went onto the field to find Kurt.

“Ted, I am glad you finally made it. After almost two years in Colorado Springs and, well, it took long enough.” Kurt was the catcher for the Vibes and was the best player on Alvin’s high school team, maybe the second best after Alvin but he was pursuing a career in baseball. They made plans to have dinner together. “I need about a half hour for the team meeting and a shower. Meet me at the will call at 7:30. ” The game was an afternoon game that began at 2:00 pm and went into extra innings . The Vibes lost 2-1 in twelve.

Kurt sprang for dinner. They all had a great time. Catlin excused herself to freshen up in the ladies’ room. “Ted, where did you find her? She is gorgeous.”

“Actually, she is the roommate of my last girlfriend who dumped me a few months ago. ” Kurt had already learned that Catlin was the outside hitter, attended USC where she started four years in row. Catlin would be a prime fantasy for many men. She was 5’10”, had a perfect body, great smile, blonde hair and green eyes, a real number.

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