Moving Day

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I had just sold my house and the movers were scheduled to come the next day. I was moving to New York were I didn’t know anybody. It had been sooo long since I had been fucked and I was really missing it. I knew it would be a while before I met someone in the Big Apple. It wouldn’t be as easy as in the small town I lived in. I knew I had to pack, but the urge to indulge in some dildo action got the best of me.

I stripped naked and got on to the bed. My favorite dildo in hand, I slowly slide it into my wet pussy and start stroking as I’m playing with my titties. Hmmm, Ohhh, feels good. As I lie on the bed with my eyes closed, stroking my pussy, I hear voices but figuring that it’s just the neighbors who are always loud, I just keep on working the dildo, sliding in and out of my sloppy wet pussy. Suddenly, a voice says “Miss we’re the moving crew and we are here to help you pack your box. Looks like you could use a hand or two. Can we be of service to you?”

As I open my eyes, I see 5 of the most gorgeous hunks standing around my bed. They are ready have their cocks out and are stroking them. Having 5 Guys has always been a fantasy for me, so I’m now in heaven! “I’d like to have this box packed by each of you” I say as I spread my legs wide for them to see my pussy stuffed with the Dildo.

They all suddenly descend upon me. The boss grabs the dildo from my pussy and commands his crew to get to sucking and fucking because this lady needs her box stuff full. bahis firmaları He pulls the dildo from my pussy and starts teasing my asshole with it. Slowly pushing it in just an inch and pulling out. Stroking In and out, just barely sticking it in.

Two of the crew get to work on my tits. Slowing licking and biting my nipples before sucking my hard nipples into their mouths. They suck hard on my nipples which sends tingles all the way down to my pussy. As they are sucking on my titties, they are stroking their hard cocks.

Another of the crew is kissing me, sticking this tongue in my mouth, teasing me, flicking in and out rapidly. Ohhh, Ohhh , Yes, Yes I moan. I want him to lick my pussy with that fast tongue. He must be a mind reader because he stops kissing me and slowly moves down my body, kissing his way down to my throbbing mound. He kisses my pussy lips before licking inside. He licks slowly up and down my pussy lips, then flick my clit with his tongue. Slowly back and forth he works my clit with that lightning fast tongue.

As I moan, the Boss man shoves the dildo all the way into my ass, stroking in and out. I’m surprised by how good this feels. My Ass is tight but the pressure feels soo good! “I need a big cock now!” I hear myself scream. I can’t believe I said that.

The fifth guy has just been hanging back and watching the other guys suck and fuck me as he was stroking his cock which is now rock hard. He climbs onto the bed beside me and dangles kaçak iddaa his cock onto my lips. Teasing me with it. I open wide to take his cock into my mouth & he pulls away. “Please I need to suck you now. I’ve got to have your cock” I plead with him. .He lowers his cock to my mouth and I slowly suck the head of his cock into my mouth. As I circle the tip of his cock with my tongue, I stoke his shaft with my free hand. His hips start thrusting as I continue to suck him. He starts moving faster and faster, fucking my mouth.

Just as the sensations of having my titties sucked, my pussy licked, my ass fucked and having a big cock fucking my mouth all at the same time are about to overcome me, I feel a hard cock enter my pussy with a hard thrust. Suddenly I’m being fucked by the boss. “Here’s how you fuck a woman” the boss tells his crew. “I expect each one of you to be able to do this the way I show you when I’m done. We want an excellent report sent back to the corporate office from a satisfied customer. We must do everything to please her.” He tells the crew.

I’m thinking “Oh yes, please me each and every one of you.” My pussy feels so full because the dildo in my ass is pushing up against it. As he fucks me, stroking in and out slowly I feel the orgasm building. As I begin to moan, he starts fucking me faster and faster. My moans become faster to match his rhythm. The cock in my mouth begins thrusting too match my moans. The tongue in my pussy also increases kaçak bahis his speed until he has my clit rock hard. He sucks my clit into his mouth and starts to suck it hard.

The two guys sucking my tits stop and move up onto the bed beside me. They continue squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples as they stroke their cocks. They shoot their hot load onto my tits, squirting their cum all over them This is more than I can stand watching them cum puts me over the edge. A wave orgasms over comes me, as my clit explodes and my pussy begins to quiver. Just when I can’t imagine anything better, the hard cock in my mouth shoots his load, spilling out of my mouth and down my chin. The boss starts thrusting harder and faster, and is only a few seconds before he blows his wad deep inside my pussy.

As the boss pulls out of my pussy, he also pulls the dildo out of my ass. Suddenly, I’m being rolled over and pussy eater shoves his huge cock deep into my ass. Fucking me like I’ve never been fucked before. Much to my surprise, this makes me cum again. My ass is sooo tight it doesn’t take long before he’s had enough. He shoots cum deep into me and all over my ass as he pulls out.

As I lie on the bed totally covered in cum, I hear them discussing who get to fuck me next. “Don’t worry guys, we’ve got ALL day and I expect you to take ALL day completing this job. You wouldn’t an unsatisfied customer to complain to the corporate office would you?” I ask them. “Now line up boys and each one of you will get your turn” I command.

We fucked and sucked all day. Each one moving to a different spot each time we all got off. I’ve never had my hot box stuffed so full and had so much fun moving.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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