Mountain Retreat

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They agreed to meet in the little mountain resort he had found on-line. Excitement and wonder were all he could think about as he drove the Corvette north. Naturally the border was harder than usual to cross, but his excitement kept him going.

The resort was magnificent, the mountain views breathtaking. Steve’s first thought was to make the room as inviting as possible. He left the blinds open to enjoy the view from the bed since no one could see in.

Making his way downstairs Steve sat in the lobby waiting impatiently, nervously. They had talked so many times on-line and the phone he felt he knew her yet was anxious since he was old enough to be her father.

His questions stilled as Natalie walked thru the door and into the lobby. She was dressed exactly as he envisioned. Every ounce of his being quivered as he gazed on her beauty. Jumping to his feet they took hands for the first time. Slowly he pulled her into his arms and they kissed, tentatively at first then with deep rooted passion.

Natalie said she needed to use the ladies room just off the lobby to freshen up before dinner.

The dining room was virtually empty as they entered and selected a secluded booth with a great view. Steve waited as Natalie was seated, then sat across from her. The conversation seemed to pick up where their on-line talks and phone calls had ended. As he gazed at her Steve was not sure if she would pick up on the fact that his eyes were undressing her as she spoke. Beyond that he could only hope he was reading her eyes and expressions correctly.

The wine was perfect and the meal eloquent. When he returned to the table Natalie patted the bench and slid closer to the window. Her dress hiked up a bit and more of her thigh was visible. She made no effort to tug her dress down so, ever so gently, Steve’s hand found a spot just above the knee. Almost as tacit approval she gave him a gentle kiss on the neck. As they watched the sunset over the mountains his hand moved ever so slightly higher. Again a kiss although this time a gentle nibble on the ear lobe was felt as Steve thought he saw Natalie move her right leg further away.

His hand moved yet higher as they finished their wine. Her kisses on the neck became more frequent as his fingers almost, but not quite, went all the way to her love canal.

The next kiss was gentle on his neck, but Natalie raised her hand to turn his head so they could kiss deeply. Tongues swept thru and gently touched. Startled he discovered Natalie was wearing a pair of crotch-less panties, and his fingers felt the sweet nectar she was making – or maybe he was with the attention.

He tasted it then offered his fingers to her. Almost purring she asked to see the room.

The hall seemed an endless journey. It was tolerable because they kept stopping and kissing. Each kiss was a longer embrace, Steve was sure she could feel his manhood swelling, pressing against her.

Pushing the door closed with his foot they locked in a long, long wet kiss. He could feel Natalie pressing & grinding, almost massaging his manhood with her sweet spot. The bellboy had brought her luggage up but this was not the time.

They tore at each others’ clothes as kisses covered the skin as it was exposed. Every inch of exposed skin was kissed and touched. Gently he guided her back and sat Natalie on the bed with her legs dangling over the side. Kneeling before her he lifted and kissed each toe, foot and ankle. Steve slowly kissed his way up her legs. Each time he dipped a little more into the inner thigh until she laid back and spread her legs wide.

Ahh, but not yet. Steve kissed all the way up Natalie’s body to her face and lips; then kisses worked down the other side to the left foot. Each revolution became smaller, his kisses went less high until her breasts and knees were the limits. Her nipples felt his hot breath coming then felt as he bit them. Her legs kept trying to spread open as his kisses descended toward her knees.

Only when Natalie’s breathing got fast and her sounds became guttural did Steve begin kissing around her love canal, very close but not quite there until, without warning her hands captured his head and pressed it against her sweet most sensitive spot. His fingers opened her wide so his tongue could penetrate, dancing against the inner walls of her love canal. Slowly he slipped in one then two fingers moving his mouth to her love button. As he kissed it he sucked it into his mouth and held it firmly letting his tongue torture it as he clit grew in his mouth.

Saturday morning the lodge was deserted as we emerged from breakfast. The layout of the lobby permitted unrestricted views of the mountain majesty as the crackling fire created a warm glow. The couches were inviting and secluded.

The desk clerk wandered over and asked if we had missed the tour? Assuring him we had not he volunteered that we would be pretty much alone today but that he would keep the fire going.

Nathalie’s face and cheeks glowed in the bright sunshine as it streamed illegal bahis thru the windows. The sun radiated thru each strand of hair as we snuggled together.

As they kissed she did not mind as Steve’s hand slid under her sweater. His hand wandered as his kisses covered her face and neck then slid her hair up for more neck to nibble and kiss.

The desk clerk announced he was taking a break and stepping outside for air. Nathalie lay her head in Steve’s lap allowing his hand to wander freely under her clothes. The teasing of her lips and hot breath thru his clothing caused Steve to squirm as his manhood grew. Steve’s hands got more adventuresome. The roving hands moved from Nathalie’s breasts and nipples down to her sweet love canal and played freely.

As Nathalie squirmed at Steve’s touch he slipped a finger, then two inside her. Her head pushed harder between his legs as his fingers pulsated in her, gradually explored every bit of Nathalie’s inner self.

She unzipped Steve and started kissing the part protruding under his boxers. His fingers caused her to tremble.

Glancing out Steve realized the desk clerk had returned and he was pretty sure the clerk was playing with himself. As Steve whispered this in Nathalie’s ear she absolutely glowed. With twinkling eyes Nathalie suggested Steve invite him over.

Calling him over, he arrived with a huge bulge in his pants, which he tried to hide behind some wood for the fire. Nathalie called him closer. In a flash she unzipped him and freed his member. As Nathalie touched him, both men stood up. Steve bent Nathalie over the couch, and as she felt him filling her very hot wet pussy she began to suck the clerk. Steve had barely began pumping he when the clerk shot a huge load. Nathalie drank him and milked his balls with her hands as Steve blew an equally big load deep within her hot dripping cunt.

With two virile men available Nathalie still wanted more. Looking the desk clerk in the eye, she stood up & walked around the couch to sit perched on the edge of the cushions.

“Kneel” she told the clerk as she opened her thighs wide.

As he enthusiastically began to lave her slit with his tongue, she looked at her older lover. His eyes were bright with his recently spent lust and the erotic scene in front of him. She leaned back against the couch, reaching up to take his glistening member in her hand. Gently she tugged him towards her as she opened her mouth to taste him.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured, “delicious.”

It did not take long before she could feel her lover hardening again. Her mouth was like magic on his shaft, her hands massaged his balls while he watched her younger lover worship her pussy.

She could feel fingers thrusting into her pussy while the clerk nibbled and sucked on her clit. She couldn’t sit still and she couldn’t be quiet. Nathalie’s soft moans were accompanied by the harsh breathing of her lovers and the occasional snap & pop from the fireplace. Hands began to knead her breasts and pinch her nipples driving her desire up a notch.

Nathalie began to thrash on the couch, sucking harder on the cock in her mouth as if he was trying to get away. The fingers in her pussy thrust harder, adding another finger so three were filling her hole.

Her hips bucking and moans escaping her lips, she came hard as one lover spent his load in her mouth. Her second lover groaned between her legs as he stroked himself to completion a second time as well.

The lobby was quiet as the three slowly regained their normal breathing.

A pretty blush stained her cheeks as she realized that she was mostly naked in the lobby. Her top was really all she had on and it was not covering very much. The men tucked their spent members away in their pants as they watched her don her clothes.

She thanked the clerk and asked when his shift was over. He might be an interesting playmate for them later.

Steve & Nathalie talked as they strolled enjoying the mountain serenity. Together they replayed the wonder of Friday evening and that morning with Robby the desk clerk. Passionate kisses punctuated their stroll and they ground their bodies together more with each session.

Going back into the lodge Robby motioned the couple over. Robby told them he lived on the property, then asked if he could join the couple in their suite mid afternoon after a shower. With a wicked vixen grin Nathalie assured him he’d be welcome.

After lunch Nathalie told Steve to take a walk while she made preparations. Upon returning to the suite, Steve found her in heels, mesh stockings and a loose fitting shirt, unbuttoned, that she had found in his drawer.

They were slow dancing when the knock was heard. Robby stood there staring wide eyed at Nathalie, then at Steve who was wearing only a pair of boxers tented from his erection. The twinkle in Nathalie’s eyes told Steve they were approaching Robby together. Methodically they undressed Robby never permitting him to touch them.

Robby was told to sit and illegal bahis siteleri stay as Nathalie and Steve enjoyed foreplay — Robby was allowed to observe but not to touch himself. When Nathalie lay on the bed, she spread her legs wide for Steve. He placed his face between her legs, letting his fingers, mouth and tongue work her body into a sexual frenzy. Not being able to wait any longer, Steve placed pillows under her hips and plunged deep into Nathalie’s sopping hot cunt.

Laying on the bed entwined, they asked the naked Robby to come to them. Robby kissed Nathalie’s head and face tweaking and biting her nipples as Steve’s movements became faster and deeper.

Robby stood with his young member over Nathalie’s waiting mouth. As her tongue found it, Robby began to moan. Nathalie took Robby deep into her throat and moved slowly, as Steve was doing inside her pussy. Steve’s kisses moved up her chest, kissed her neck then moving to Robby’s suspended sacks. His tongue moved on Robby’s balls as Steve’s hand rubbed Robby’s eager ass. Robby’s initial shock turned instantly to pleasure as they both worked to milk every ounce of his juices from his young body.

Steve’s cock was still hard inside Nathalie as Robby collapsed, his energy spent on a hard come. She squeezed her pussy muscles around Steve’s cock as she took his tongue inside her mouth. Steve could taste Robby’s spunk in her mouth, but mostly he could taste her. Nathalie reached down to his butt and dug her nails in, urging him to grind deeper into her. As her muscles contracted around him again, Steve came yelling her name. He reached between their bodies to rub Nathalie’s clit making her come, screaming, seconds behind him.

While they were coming, Robby was beginning to recover. He was still a little unsure of himself, but he watched them on the bed with interest and excitement in his eyes. Nathalie gestured for him to come to her. Laying beside Steve on the bed, she opened her legs for Robby and he eagerly began to lick and stroke Nathalie. Steve were sated, but began rubbing, squeezing and pinching her breasts to help excite and stimulate her. Steve kissed and nibbled on her neck and it was like she hadn’t come at all. It seemed like hours that they both caressed Nathalie, her skin prickled as the cool air touched her damp skin.

Robby was kissing higher and higher as he crawled up Nathalie’s body. Working in tandem Steve and Robby rolled her on her side — Robby in front and Steve against her back. Nathalie could feel both their cocks pressing against her. She knew that they would fulfill her fantasy. As Robby suckled on a nipple, Nathalie threw her leg over his hip allowing open access where she wanted to be filled. Losing no time, Robby positioned the head of his erect cock at her opening and slowly pushed in. He moaned and she sucked in her breath — it felt so good.

Steve kissed her neck. She felt the cool, slippery sensation of the lube between her ass cheeks and Nathalie knew what he was doing. She tried to stay still but it was difficult — she was so excited. Steve whispered “Relax — I’ll go slow.” Then she felt his cock slide in the lube, pressing against her anal canal.

Robby began to pump his hips. “Wait,” Nathalie told him. “I want both of you inside me first.”

That was when Robby noticed what Steve was doing. The idea excited him, and Nathalie could feel him grow bigger inside her.

As Nathalie was talking to Robby, Steve slipped the head of his cock inside her. She could feel the pressure as he gently continued to push, then suddenly the pressure was gone and she just felt full. Full of cock. And she moaned. “Oh yes!”

“Now,” Steve told Robby, “but slowly”.

Nathalie watched Robby’s eyes widen as he could feel Steve’s cock rubbing along his inside her. As Steve moved Nathalie’s hips rocked with him. Their breathing quickened, then so did Steve’s pace. It was like Steve and Robby could read each other — as if they had been double penetrating women for years. So well did they work together that Nathalie soon lost all coherence of thought and could only feel. Hands, mouths and cocks were all she knew.

The pace quickened again. Hands and mouths got a little rougher. Nathalie’s inner muscles contracted on whatever cock was pushing in. Groans and breath filled the room. “Faster,” Robby said. “Harder,” Steve said. All Nathalie could do was moan.

They both pumped into her hard and fast. In seconds Nathalie was screaming another orgasm. But the two men weren’t finished. Steve continued to pump. Hard. Fast. They looked at each other and Steve could see Robby would come soon. Steve’s hand reached around to her clit — he you pinched her bud causing Nathalie to scream yet another orgasm to the room. The clenching of her muscles was too much for Robby and his cock exploded his second load into her pussy. Then it was Steve’s turn. One, two, three strokes and he spent his seed inside Nathalie as well. The three lay there entwined as their breathing slowly returned to normal.

Basking canlı bahis siteleri in the beauty of shimmering light dancing thru her hair and off her chest, Robby and Steve seemed to have awakened at just the same moment. Maybe the reality was that Nathalie had a hand massaging each of them with wetted fingers.

Both men went from deep sleep to rock hard erections almost simultaneously. Slowly, deliberately Nathalie aroused them and yet held them at bay. They both knew now the true pleasure of Nathalie’s inner caverns and throbbed to penetrate her. Again almost simultaneously Robby and Steve realized they were both restrained.

As Nathalie’s nipples dragged over one of them the other was being stimulated with the soft flesh surrounding her pussy. She alternated between them, torturing the men but being sure they did not get too much pleasure too quickly. Kneeling between Robby and Steve, Nathalie made them watch as she inserted her favorite toy inside herself, turning it on, then using her hands to capture their pre-cum, which she used to stimulate and excite her nipples.

The bed shook as Nathalie worked herself into a frenzy, both men only able to watch and occasionally feel her mouth or tongue on their dicks. As Nathalie’s body shook with the power she had created, beads of sweat rolling down her neck and chest. She leaned close to them men, allowing them to lick at her skin, but showing no interest in letting them have their pleasure yet.

Nathalie told them she would loosen them if, and only if, they obeyed exactly. Robby and Steve were both stunned when she told them, while she watched they would have to suck each other until each of them was rock hard. When either of them appeared close to climax she separated them. Once she deemed they were hard enough, she lowered herself onto Robby. Steve lubed both his cock and her before sliding into her hot tight hole.

Nathalie started off setting the pace, keeping it to slow deep strokes. She used her inner muscles to squeeze both the cocks inside her, causing both men to groan. Steve reached around and massaged her breasts, occasionally pinching the nipples the way she liked. When Steve began to kiss and nibble on her neck, Nathalie lost control of the group rhythm and the men increased the pace. Robby took over care of Nathalie’s tits, suckling and licking them with the occasional bite.

Robby leaned back, laying down on the bed and taking Nathalie with him. Steve grabbed her hips and increased his pace again. Occasionally Steve would pull all the way out, only to ram all the way into Nathalie’s dark hole. Her screams of pleasure filled the room, punctuated by the heavy breathing and occasional groan from the men. All three were enthralled by the passion of their threesome. The scent of sweat slick skin and sex filled the room. Nathalie was nearing her climax, when she felt Robby explode in her pussy. Robby’s release triggered hers, and her muscle contraction triggered Steve’s, each finding release within moments of the others.

Steve collapsed on top of the others, then rolled to the side. Robby rolled as well ensuring the Nathalie’s limp form remained sandwiched between the two men. As all three lover’s breathing returned to normal sleep claimed them again, both men’s cocks still inside Nathalie’s wanton body.

In the morning Steve woke to find Robby gone and Nathalie dressed. As Steve got ready, Nathalie shared how she had sucked Robby off hours before when got up for work. She tantalized him with words and images while insisting on coffee before they could have more fun.

As they drank in the spectacular view they sipped their morning coffee, fingers entwined. The server kept the cups full and hot. They could not get enough of gazing at the mountain splendor as well as at each other.

When Vickie, the server, came over with the check Steve realized he had left his wallet in the room. Vickie smiled and said it was fine, and to just sign the check with the room number. When she mentioned she had the rest of the day off Steve asked if she would mind stopping by their room so they could give her the tip.

Late in the morning there was a gentle tap on the door. As Vickie entered the room she gazed around. Blushing she apologized and told them she had never seen any of the suites. Vickie also told the couple that while most guests had gone on a tour yesterday, she had used the time to do the decorations in the dining room. The dining room, she clarified, which was right off the lobby. Vickie then made it clear she had been enthralled as she watched Robbie in the lobby with them.

Slowly Steve approached Vickie from behind. He stood very close as they all talked knowing his breath was hitting the back of her young neck. Vickie took a step backward moving herself against him. Steve lifted her long auburn hair, stroking and kissing the back of her neck. Sensing no resistance, his hands slid under her blouse. Vickie blatantly moved back putting pressure on his manhood.

Nathalie’s position on the couch was perfect. As Steve removed Vickie’s clothing he slowly walked her forward until Vickie’s naked frame was directly in front of Nathalie. Vickie was wet with anticipation. Steve’s hands had been all over her, a finger inside her as they moved forward.

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