More Fun with Frank , Bill Ch. 02

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So I was lying on the bed and was joined by both my older lovers.

I had kept my heels on and my suspender style tights/pantyhose.

Frank lay on his back beside me and I was urged to climb on top of him. I did as I was asked and we got into a 69 position. I began to slurp and spit all over Franks stiff cock. Meanwhile he licked and nibbled at my clit from underneath me.

Bill got behind me at the bottom of the bed and he began lightly to finger my pussy as Frank slurped away at me.

He pushed one, then two, then three fingers up my sopping gash.

I moaned at the delight of the penetration and from the lovely fanny licking I was getting from Frank.

“Oh fucking hell, go on Bill get as many fingers up me as you can,” I urged him on. In-between gobbling on Franks sloppy, wet and throbbing prick.

“I will stuff you alright, you dirty fucking cunt,” was his filthy reply.

With this he eased three fingers up my pussy and slipped a finger from his other hand up my arsehole.

“Oh fuck yes,” I groaned. “Fucking get my arse and cunt full Bill.”

He thrust another finger up my ass as I continued to wank Frank furiously, licking the tip if his knob and then ramming as much of it into my mouth as I could.

At this point I was gagging for a stuffing.

“Get my vibro up me, go on fucking fill me up.”

Bill reached over and took my purple vibro. He slowly eased it up my cunt as he continued to finger fuck my arse.

Frank had a birds eye view of it all from underneath me and I was hungrily sucking greedily on his massively hard tool.

Bill plunged my humming vibro into me hard from behind and in rhythm he fingered my arsehole.

“Take it you fucking young slut, take it for us you bitch.”

I begged him to continue.

“Fucking ram it up me, I’m cumming off you dirty old twat.”

He plunged my fanny with my vibro hard as he asked me to tell him about how I love cock.

“Tell us about all the cocks you have had.How many have you fucked you slut?”

“What would your husband think if he could see you now?” he rammed me hard as he questioned me My filthy answers only serving to drive him on.

I was pummelled up my fanny with my vibrator as I recounted how to Bill how I had enjoyed my time with the many dozens of men I had fucked and sucked off,

Frank and Bill egged me on to tell them some of my dirtiest sex times.

With this I came heavily, leaking my pussy juice out and dribbling it onto Frank.

“You’re fucking gushing loads Anna,” he told me.”My face is getting covered in your sticky cunt juices.”

“I fucking love it,” I told him.” I want your cocks and spunk so badly.”

As my climax subsided, Bill positioned himself behind me as I knelt on all fours on the bed, my nylon clad legs were trembling and I had lost one of my high heels, the other dangling precariously on my foot.

He spat onto my arsehole then eased his hard cock up my arse from behind me, his cock slipping up my wet hole easily with a shove.

“Your fucking arse is tight,” he informed me.

Frank was still lapping at my cunny from beneath me. I was slowly wanking him off as I took Bills massive hard on deep up my arse.

Frank then fumbled for my vibro again and it was slipped up my wet cunt again,now I was stuffed. Stuffed with Bills prick deep up my bumhole, my purple vibrator in my wet, aching twat and Frank licking my clit and inner thighs.

His hands ripping at my suspender tights, pulling holes into them as I was being fucked mercilessly by my two darling elder lovers.

They fucked me slow and steady, then Bill built up a deep hard pounding rhythm. Within a few minutes he was fucking my ass furiously.

I was clinging onto Frank below me as I was ass fucked. Bill then announced he was going to spunk.

“I’m fucking cumming up your tight arse Anna,” he told me.

“Fill it then,” I urged him.” Fill my slutty arse up for me Bill.”

He emptied his balls up my ass, his spunk leaking as his prick shot spurt after spurt up me.

Franks cock was twitching heavily as I wanked on him. “Fucking spunk on the sluts face,” Bill urged him.

I wanked and licked Franks cock as it twitched and throbbed.

“I’m gonna spunk too,” he announced.

I wanked him into my mouth hard as he began to shoot off.

Spurt after spurt splattered my mouth and lips, most of it being splashed across my face, the rest dripping onto my hand as it spunked its sweet, sticky mess onto me.

“That’s the girl,” Frank mumbled.

We got ourselves up and the three of us lay on the bed and we cuddled, me with spunk all over me and oozing out my ass hole.

Once we had snuggled for a while we parted after having a shower and getting our night clothes on.

I slept in my room with Frank that night as Bill went back to his.

They had already agreed on who was sleeping with me on which nights.

In the morning once we were all up and ready we had a lovely breakfast, then a nice walk into the local town and onto the beach.

On returning illegal bahis to the hotel for a spot of lunch, I was greeted by my surprise…

Another man!

A life long friend of Bills who was visiting for the day.

His name was Ronald and he is 79 yrs old.

I was dumb struck at first…

It was here that I was introduced to Ronald, a life long friend of Bills who now lives down south in England.

I had dressed casually in jeans and a pair of calf length boots for our morning walk.

I was flabbergasted at first! Another male joining us, I had no idea.

Obviously Mike, my hubby, knew I was away with my two older lovers. Bill still being unaware that Mike knows everything about my being ‘unfaithful’ with the 2 guys.

My amazement must have shown because on the way into the dining room Frank pulled me to one side and spoke quietly to me.

“Don’t worry Anna.” he said to me.

“Mike knows all about Ronald turning up, he said for you to phone him once you have made your mind up.”

I asked, “Made my mind up, about what?”

Frank smiled at me.

“You know, if Ronald can join us for some fun and games. Mike wants you to phone him later.Bill knows nothing about Mike knowing. It was Bills idea and he told me he was planning to get Ronald to meet us here. Obviously I told Mike as soon as I knew and he said he would leave it to you on the day … Obviously Bill is to be kept in the dark, as is Ron, about the true nature of your ‘unfaithfulness’.”

I was amazed…

“So Mike knows!,the bloody sod, I cant believe he never said anything to me.”

“I guess he wanted it to be a surprise,” Frank responded.

After this explanation we both joined Ron and Bill at the dinner table.

“Hiya Anna, nice to meet you.” Ron seemed very charming.

“I’ve heard a lot about you from Bill,” was his response.

I blushed.

“Not too much I hope,” I replied.

Bill sat smirking, “Oh he’s heard a lot Anna trust me.”

I gave a nervous smile to Bill, thinking, you dirty bugger.

“Yes I have,” was Ron’s smirking reply.

Frank ordered us a bottle of wine to have with our lunch and then we began the small talk and introductions properly.

It transpired that Bill and Ron had been friends for years. They visited each other twice a year now, since Ron’s wife’s death two years ago.

Ron had a small ‘fallout’ with Bills wife (apparently over some long standing problem between the two wives).

Anyway they now stayed overnight at a hotel for his annual trip back to Scotland and they usually met for a round of golf etc.

On further discussion I found out a bit more about Ron. He was now 79, though I have to say he has the appearance of only a man in his 60s. Very trim and very tall. He was a widow, and had 3 children, of whom Bill was godfather to his eldest son.

“So what do you two usually get up to on your visits other than golf,” I leeringly asked.

“Oh as much as we can!” admitted Bill.

Ron laughed.

“As much as we can, and as much as I can persuade Bill to try,” was his dirty response.

“Bill won’t need much persuading,” I said.

“Well if you think I’m bad, I’m nothing compared to old Ron here,” Bill informed me.

The chat went on and it transpired that they had often hired an escort for an evening when the two of them had been together.

Bill took great delight in telling me that, “Ron’s rather large down below Anna.if you get my drift.”

He said this with a wicked smirk on his face and I could again feel myself blush, but also begin to get the usual tingle down below.

After more chat and gentle flirting Ron finally admitted to having heard all about how Bill first met me and how Bill had shared the experiences with him when the two of them had chatted on the phone.

I again blushed and mocked embarrassment. “Bill how could you,” I said.

“Hope you don’t mind,” Ron said. “But I’ve had some fun on my own imagining you, if you get my drift.”

He clearly meant he had wanked off, thinking of me, and this was a real turn on for me.

“Hope I didn’t disappoint,” I replied.

“Oh no,” Ron replied.”You got me good and hard pet, and don’t worry I emptied a load thinking of you,and I must say you’re a delight in the flesh too,” he added with a wry smile.

“Why thank you sir,” I replied.

Aware that I was now getting very turned on and that Ron was giving me a good eye up and down.

I was thinking to myself, ‘I hope he likes my arse and legs in my jeans.’

We chatted for a while longer during lunch then I made my excuses, giving Frank a knowing wink, and I went off so as I could call Mike on the phone.

I had a long chat with him and he told me that it was purely my choice on what happened and that it was my Easter treat if I wanted to include Ron in our fun.

I returned to our table to find the three of them in a deep conversation.

“And what are you three conspiring?” I mockingly said to them.

They all smiled at me and Bill spoke first.

“Well Anna illegal bahis siteleri dearest we have been wondering on how to approach the subject of Ron best with you.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, knowing full well what they were ‘wondering’.

“On how I can try and get into that sweet body of yours,” was Ron’s blatant reply!

“And what ever gave you the impression that I was that kind of girl!” I laughed as I said it.

“Well I know how much the guys love you Anna,” was his response.”And Bill has told me everything.”

He lingered on the word ‘everything.’

“Oh has he indeed,” I replied.

“And what are you thinking then Ron?”

He smiled at me and simply whispered.

“That if you’re as sexy and naughty as Bill and Frank say you are, and if you’re half as gorgeous out of those tight jeans as you are in them, then I want to fuck you desperately!”

I blushed and smiled, all the while getting warmer in my panties and wetter.

“Well we will have to see won’t we,” I jokingly replied.

With this we again chatted for a little while, enjoying some more drinks and some flirting. I then simply said.

“OK I think its time to call your bluff Ron.I will pop up and change into something more suitable for you and why don’t the three of you come up and see me in, lets say an hour or so?”

It was agreed, with much smiling from the three of them and plenty of compliments for me.

My legs were shaking a little as I made my way up to my room.

Once inside I quickly stripped out of my jeans and boots. I showered to freshen myself up. My cunt was soaking and had leaked a lot of juice onto my knickers already.

Once showered, and dried and my make up applied I dressed for to await my three senior lovers.

After about the hour mark there was a knock at my hotel room door.I opened it gingerly and was greeted by the three of them standing smugly, carrying a bottle of champagne and a laptop PC.

“Come in gents,” I beckoned to them.

They entered and once in they stood back to look at me and I was showered with compliments again.

I had decide to go for a french maids outfit, seamed black stockings and suspender belt, high heels and decided on no knickers and no bra.

My nipples were standing to attention from the anticipation and my pussy juice was already leaking out of my moist lips.

“You look good enough to eat,” was Bills response.

“well I’lll be doing any eating,” was Ron’s response.

Frank stood and smiled.

“You look gorgeous as ever love,” he said to me, then he moved towards me and gently kissed me on the cheek.

I responded by giving him a slow lingering deep kiss. Making sure the two of the other guys could see my tongue popping into his mouth and making moaning noises as he responded to my french kiss.

“OK you three, lets have some fun and let me know what you would like to do.”

I was offered a glass of champagne to sip on as they all slowly undressed down to their underpants. A large bulge was evident in all of their briefs but the bulge in Ron’s was substantially bigger than even Bills.

“That looks like a big one,” I said as my eyes fixed on Ron’s crotch area.

“Big enough to fill you up anyway,” was his reply.

“Oh that sounds nice,” I said as I finished my glass of champagne.

As they stood and took some drinks from their glass of champers I decided to put a little show on for them.

I walked over to my wardrobe and took a couple of my vibrators out, my big purple favourite and my long double dildo.

“Wanna watch as I get myself ready for you then?” I asked.

They nodded as I walked over to the chair in my room. I sat on the chair and spread my legs wide apart. My short french maids outfit riding up as I sat down. My legs fully exposed in the seamed black stockings.

I slowly licked the purple tip of my vibrator and got it wet with some of my spit. I then gently began to tease my aching cunt lips with the tip of it.

On doing so I could see the bulges in their briefs twitching.

“Let me see those cocks,” I said.

“With pleasure,” was Ron’s reply.

As they all stepped out of their briefs, their thick stiff pricks springing up, I licked my lips and shoved my toy deeper up into me. I then lifted one leg up and hooked it over the arm of the chair.I then followed suit with my remaining left leg and sat splayed for them to admire, as I fucked myself with deep, slow heaves.

“That’s fucking gorgeous” Frank said.

“You’re every bit the dirty slut Bill told me Anna,” Ron added.

“I’m glad you like it Ron.” was my filthy response.

Ron spoke back to me, “Too fucking right Anna, go on love get as much of that up you, cos my fucking hard cock is going up there, right up to my balls. God I’m glad your such a dirty slut wife.”

I smiled as I continued fucking myself.

“I cant wait, Ron. its fucking massive. I thought Bills was a cuntful for me but you’re going to fill me good and proper.”

“Bigger than your husbands?” Ron asked.

I canlı bahis siteleri decided to play along with the unfaithful wife theme.

“Oh fuck yes Ron, much bigger. He cant satisfy me like this.”

“You need more cocks to satisfy you Anna, and mine is waiting for you,” Ron replied.

As I sat slowly toying, Bill and Ron set up the laptop PC and put a DVD on. Again a hardcore porn DVD, this time entitled ‘Uniforms.’

“Lets get you even hotter by watching this as we fuck ” Ron said.

The DVD started and the intros showed various scenes, of nurses, maids and police women all being fucked by hunky men.

“Oh fuck yes,” I said as Frank had begun slowly teasing my tits, now slipped out of the top of my maids outfit.

They then all in turn took shots at licking and sucking on my tits. My nipples were now rock solid and my vibrator was easily slipping up me to about three quarters of its length.

“Let me suck on those fucking cocks,” I dirtily said.

With this Bill took first go of my eager mouth. His cock was being offered to me as I sat in the chair, my stockinged legs spread wide apart for my older lovers to see how wet and horny I was feeling.

He gave me his cock to lick and suck and I greedily gobbled on it, taking the length of it into my mouth and letting it slip fully in and out in a fucking motion. His full sevena and half inches was sliding into my mouth as the two others stood and watched, Frank still tweaking my nipples with his fingers.

“Shes a fucking great cock sucker Ron,” Bill said to his friend.

“So I see, ” he replied as Frank took Bills place at my left side and his prick was offered for me to worship with my tongue and mouth.

Ron’s cock was standing up, I could see that it was not fully up yet, as it still twitched and appeared to grow as he watched me suck on Frank for a few moments.

Bill lay on the floor at this point and began to lick and nibble at my clit, probing my cunt with his tongue.

Then I beckoned Ron forward to me.

“OK let me at that monster,” I said to him.

With this he presented me with his huge cock. At first I grasped it and then slowly wanked him with first one hand then I placed both around the shaft of his massive tool.

“Like it?” he asked me.

“Oh fuck yes, ” I said as I lowered my legs down from the arms of the chair. I then slowly slid onto my hands and knees and slowly began to lick the tip of his old, hard, huge cock.

Bill and Frank stood back and watched as I took it into my mouth and slowly wanked him. His cock stiffening with each suck and slobber. I couldn’t fit it all into my mouth but I got a good length of it into my eager open mouth. I sucked and wanked, covering his old shaft in my spit as I did so.

“You dirty little cunt,” he said to me. “You’re fucking great,” he said.

“My cunt is getting fucking soaking Ron,” I told him.

With this I got onto all fours and Bill got behind me as I continued to suck on Ron. Frank stood alongside Ron and I began to alternate between the two cocks. Bill positioned himself at my rear and slowly eased his hard on up my pussy.

“Oh yes, fuck me Bill,” I said as his strokes began to thrust his engorged prick up me.

“Fuck her hard,” Ron urged his friend on.

“Fuck me,” I screamed as Bill pounded away behind me.

After a few minutes his place was taken by Frank and he guided his hard throbbing cock up my wet gash.

“Oh fuck me Frank,” I urged him on, at the same time being fed Ron’s massive cock into my face.

“Suck on this bitch,” he told me. “Suck on it and think of your husband not knowing what a dirty fucking slut of a wife he has.”

“I’m a fucking cock hungry bitch Ron,” I said to him.

“I’m fucking hungry for yours up my cunt now.”

Frank withdrew after a few more thrusts. My tits were hanging out of my french maids outfit, my legs spread as I was kneeling on all fours as these three old men had their way with me.

“Oh yes,” I pleaded as Ron got behind me, placing a pillow on the floor to kneel on.

“I’m gonna fuck you harder than you’ve been fucked for years slut,” he told me.

I was facing the PC as the porn played away, the scene depicting a nurse being spunked on by 2 men.

“Fucking use me then,” I blatantly said to him. “Use me as your big cock loving tart.”

With this he slipped his first couple of inches up my by now sopping, open fanny lips.

A couple more thrusts and he was another couple of inches up me.

“Go on Ron give her it all,” Frank and Bill urged him on. He slowly began to hump me doggy style, my tits swinging with each thrust.

Ron slowly eased inch after inch up me as he fucked me in long hard strokes.

“Oh fucking hell Ron, get it all in me now,” I begged him. I felt dizzy, my head was spinning, my legs trembling as his massive cock impaled me from behind.

“Take it then,” he said as he thrust heavily at me, I bucked back instinctively, and his whole cock was up me.

It had swollen and grew considerably feeling more like a good 9 or 10 inches up me.

“Give me it!” I screamed at him and bucked back, my arse slapping against his balls and belly. I continued humping back at him like a like a mad thing.

Frank was now offering me his hard on to suck, as he stood in front of me.

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