Meena – Saga of Tumultuous Sex Ch. 06

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On her own, Meena felt daring and wild. The ghaghra was bunched around her hips, and the wind was blowing against her cunt, through her panties, as she rode through the suburban streets. Unlike her beautiful sister, Meena was fully aware of her own raging sexuality and of her bizarre fetishes. She wanted more than anything to be a rock ‘n’ roll queen, to stand on a stage and sing to huge crowds. This desire to be on stage manifested itself in a full-blown exhibitionism streak. Of late Meena was a performer and as such she loved having an audience.

For the young slut, it almost seemed a waste of time to fuck someone unless she had someone else watching her. Despite her tender years, she’d already lost count of the times that she’d fucked Rajeev or Ravi while their buddies and Kavita watched. Nowadays she really enjoyed giving blow-jobs while having her pussy stuffed with a cock. Group sex was what triggered Meena’s most powerful orgasms. Pulling her self over to the curb, Meena smiling to herself when two young boys got a quick glimpse of her panties. She walked up the narrow concrete path to the front door and pushed the doorbell. She heard a chime sound inside and then the shuffling of feet. When the door opened, Ratan Lal’s bespectacled face appeared in the opening.

“Yes?” he asked in his high-pitched voice. Meena’s big tits were on display, the Choli did little to hide the cleavage tight and milky. It took a moment for the old man to notice her tits, but when he did his eyes got big and round.

“Hello, Ratan Lal,” Meena said, confidence surging through her as he stared at her boobs. “I wonder if I might have a moment to talk to you in private. You see, you’re the owner of the private money lending bank that my parents have their money at and there’s something very important I must talk to you about.”

“Yes, well, I don’t know,” he said quietly, a tremulous quality in his tone. “This is most unusual. There are normal banking hours for this sort of thing.”

“Yes, sir, I’m well aware of that. But an emergency has come up and it’s very important that I see you, that I talk to you in private.”

It took all of Meena’s will-power not to openly laugh when Mrs. Lal’s jaw dropped open as she walked by. Meena’s legs scissored smoothly as she walked and old Mrs. Lal just about fainted as she sat on the couch sipping coffee. Meena was escorted to Ratan Lal’s small office in the back of the house. The place smelled musty and Meena could tell that he was the kind of man ideally suited for banking. He probably didn’t go to the bathroom until he wrote it down in the books — in triplicate — and then he asked for his wife’s permission.

Meena told her story without leaving any of the important details out. She told Ratan Lal everything, including the part about her brother in law getting a blow-job when he was arrested. When she was finished there was a definite lump in the bank pawn broker’s crotch.

“So you see, sir, if you could only write a cashier’s check for the bail, I could get my father out of jail. I’ll pay you back every paisa, and I’d be so grateful to you.”

Meena uncrossed her legs and spread them, hiking her ghaghra over the tops of her knees.

“Wouldn’t you want me grateful to you?” she asked sensually, allowing the tip of her tongue to play around her full, glistening red lips. “I think I could do you a world of good. You see, Mrs. Lal may enjoy spending her time sipping coffee, but what I like to do is suck cock. Doesn’t that sound interesting to you?”

Meena once again had to antalya escort keep from laughing.

Behind those thick glasses was a pale face and wide eyes that simply couldn’t comprehend what was happening. She slipped off the chair, getting on her knees on the floor of the small, musty office. Within seconds Meena had Mr.Lal’s cock out of his pants. Though he hadn’t said anything, Meena knew that he’d do what she wanted him to. It was mildly surprising to Meena that Ratan Lal, who wasn’t very tall and really didn’t seem like the kind of guy who would have one, was quite well hung. His prick was a decent seven inches long and it was actually quite thick. Without giving him a chance to stop her, Meena put her face in his lap, pushing her red lips over his prick tip.

“Mmmmmmm!” she moaned, sucking the entire cock head into her mouth, kneading the shaft with her lips while her tongue went to work on the lust-hardened cock meat.

“Oh, my! Oh, my!” Ratan Lal moaned, looking down at the mass of wavy brown hair that was swirling about at his waist. Meena guessed that Mrs. Lal wasn’t one to give blow-jobs, so she wasn’t going to hold anything back from Ratan Lal.

She pushed her lips down the shaft of his cock until his prick tip was nudging the back of her mouth.

Then, relaxing the muscles in her neck, she sucked the cock completely down her throat. Ratan Lal’s thighs quivered as he felt the entire length of his cock being enveloped in the young juicy housewife’s warm, clutching throat. Meena pushed her face hard against his body, feeling the edge of the zipper against her nose. She rubbed her chin against his balls and tongued the shaft of his cock as best as she could with her throat crammed with his prick.

After a while Meena pulled her lips up the throbbing shaft of his cock, holding just the prick tip in her mouth.

She nodded her head, whipping her lips over the ridge of his cock head while tonguing the underside of the big, meaty, delicious crown of his prick. As she sucked Meena unfastened the two buttons that held her leather Choli together. She purred lustily, bobbing on the prick, taking it down her throat several times.

Of late Meena started to love deep-throating cocks and the only thing that could make it an ever better experience for Meena would be if Mrs.Lal would walk in and watch her as she sucked her husband’s bone-hard prick.

The young juicy housewife’s 36″ tits jiggled from her chest, the nipples hard, the areolas pink and rosy with the excitement that she felt. Continuing to suck on the prick, massaging its entire length with her lips and tongue, Meena opened Ratan Lal’s pants and squirmed them down to his knees. At last she took the cock out of her mouth. She looked up at his face, smiling lustfully. “Do you want me to suck you off, or would you like to fuck me, sir?” she asked quietly, mischievously, her eyes shining with the glow of youthful lust.

“I … I guess I want to …”

Meena grabbed Ratan Lal’s cock and the words seemed to get choked off in his throat. His eyes were glued to her nipples. “Why don’t you fuck me?” Meena stood up quickly, aware of how her tits were jiggling and the effect that had on the pawn broking and money lending expert. “I think that would make us both very happy.”

She pushed the sleeves of her choli over the elbows, then pulled her ghaghra up to reveal her see through panties. Hooking her thumbs into the panties, Meena pulled them slowly past her hips,down her legs over the mesh laced high heel shoes. She stepped fethiye escort out of her panties, tucking them into a pocket of her Choli. Standing up again, Meena spread her legs wide, balancing on her three-inch spike heels, and started pushing the fingers of her right hand through her curly, dark bush of cunt hair. “You want to fuck this pussy, don’t you, Ratan Lal?” Meena whispered, promising heights of ecstasy the staid pawn guy had never before known. “You want to stick your cock in my young cunt and cum inside me, don’t you? That’s okay. You can say so.I won’t get angry with you if you admit it.” she was a slut and he knew his client’s sister in law was a born whore.

It pleased Meena that Ratan Lal couldn’t speak. She gave him the full force of her sultry, lusty smile. Spreading her feet wider apart, she brought her left hand up and cupped one luscious tit. With her right hand she slipped a finger into the seething recesses of her hot, juicy pussy. “Yesssss! You don’t have to say it, but I know you want to fuck me. I know you do.” Meena turned it on for Ratan Lal, the staid, quiet broker who spent the vast majority of his life looking at pawn items rather than a sexy young juicy housewife who seemed to enjoy finger-fucking herself so much she looked like she was about to cum. Meena slipped her finger in and out of her cunt until it was wet with her pussy juice. Then, lewdly, she sucked on her finger like it was a small, slender cock, enjoying the flavor of her own feminine cum. “Mmmmmm!” she moaned, her eyes burning into the pawn broker.

Walking toward him slowly, holding her Ghagra up around her waist, Meena straddled his legs as he continued sitting in the chair. Reaching down with her left hand, she used her fingers to spread her cunt lips a little. She used her right hand to guide the cock head to her pink cunt lips. “See how grateful I can be?” she purred. Meena lowered herself until she felt the fat crown of the pawn broker’s prick rubbing against her slightly parted cuntlips. She gasped, a little louder than necessary, shivering with the ecstasy that was going through her. It was shocking to her that she could get so turned on by a man who had so little physical charms. At least he’s got a hard cock, the young juicy housewife thought happily. She slowly relaxed the muscles in her legs and felt her pussy lips being wedged apart by the mushroom-shaped head of Mr. Lal’s cock.

When the prick tip was inside her pussy, Meena released the cock. She put her hands on her stocking-encased thighs, feeling the texture of her meshed shoe strings against her palms. Slowly, inch by inch, her cunt lips puckering inward, she took the entire length of his prick into the seething pussy that so passionately needed a cock to fill it. “Ohhhhh!” the young girl moaned softly as she rested on Mr. Lal’s thighs, his cock throbbing hotly deep inside her cunt.

“Ratan Lal, you’ve got a beautiful prick. You really, really do.” She started bouncing on his lap, working her pink, tight cunt lips over the shaft and head of Ratan Lal’s fiery, turgid prick. As she raised and lowered her luscious ass on his lap, Meena’s tits bounced near his face.

“Suck my tits!” the young juicy housewife gasped, cupping her tits from the underside to raise them, pushing her nipples close together.

“You are so …”

The words seem to get lost inside Ratan Lal’s mind. He opened his mouth and Meena pushed one tit between his lips. When his lips surrounded her nipple, taking in almost all of her pink areola, she kaş escort shivered and dropped down, working her cunt lips along the shaft of his cock until she could massage the entire prick in the tight sheath of her pussy.

“Mmmmmmm!” Ratan Lal moaned as he sucked on the girl’s tit. Meena continued to bounce on his lap. When his hands slipped around her waist and he cupped and fondled her tight, smooth ass cheeks as she fucked him, Meena was more pleased than ever. The old man was breaking out of his shell, going for the satisfaction that she wanted to give him, and Meena couldn’t have been more happy about it.

“Ohhhhh! You’re such a big man!”

Meena inserted her other nipple into his hot, sucking mouth. His tongue sent shocks of ecstasy rippling through her veins. She could feel his red-hot prick getting harder inside her cunt. She dropped down, taking all of his cock in her pussy, then twirled her hips around in a circular motion. Meena could feel the cock head rubbing around deep inside her pussy, spreading her cunt walls as her pussy lips worked on the root of his cock’s shaft.

“Kiss me!” the young juicy housewife hissed.

Meena forced Ratan Lal’s mouth off her tit, bringing her lips to his. She kissed him with fierce passion, knowing that she was turning him on more than he had been in years and years. She thrust her tongue between his lips, slithering it deep into his mouth. When Ratan Lal pushed his tongue into her mouth, she danced her tongue over it, sucking on it lustfully.

“Mmmmmm!” she moaned as he grabbed her tits, pressing his fingers almost timidly into her firm melons of tit flesh. Meena bounced faster and faster, her clit rubbing against the hard cock as she worked her cunt lips over the shaft of Mr.

Lal’s prick. When, quite suddenly and without warning, she felt his cum splashing inside her pussy, she kissed his mouth and sucked on his tongue. Dropping down on the prick to satisfy all of it with the liquid warmth of her cunt, Meena churned her lips as blasts of cum detonated out of the old man’s balls.

“Ohhhh! Ratan Lal, you are absolutely wonderful,” Meena whispered, holding his face in her hands as she looked down at him. “You know, there’s going to come a day when I walk into your glass-lined office at the bank and suddenly nobody is going to see me. And do you know why they won’t be able to see me? It’s going to be because I’m under your desk sucking your beautiful cock!”

She got off his lap, groaning softly as her cunt was suddenly emptied of his prick. As Ratan Lal regained his breath, Meena carefully worked her panties back up her leg, pulled her stockings a little higher up her thighs, then smoothed her Silky Ghaghra down once again.

“Thank you, Ratan Lal. If you do agree to give an overdraft loan so that I can get my jiju(brother in law) out of jail, that’s great. And if you don’t, I still thank you for that wonderful fucking.”

Meena put her hands on his shoulders and bent down, kissing his head lightly.

“And I wasn’t lying. I really am going to show up at your office some day and give you the best blow-job you’ve ever had, and all your bank tellers and customers will be able to see you and not me and not be able to figure out why you’ve got this strange, satisfied look on your face.”

He gave her the Fifty thousand as she buttoned up her Choli, waved good-bye to him, then left his house feeling quite satisfied. Meena wasn’t the kind of young juicy housewife who usually fucked older men, but they could be quite surprising, quite interesting. Ratan Lal really had tickled her clit and filled her pussy nicely, and she could still feel his hot cum inside her.

With a bounce in her step, Meena headed for her destination, anxious to tell Renu about how she’d made sure Som would have his bail money.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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