Dirty Laundry

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My name’s Joshua, I’m 19 yet I still live at home with my mom, I started working right out of high school and haven’t gotten into college yet, plus I think Mom enjoys me helping her out around the house. She’s definitely not weak, but who doesn’t mind a helping hand?

I’m 5’10” tall, about 183lbs, blond hair kinda spiky. Mom always tells me I’m a good looking guy. I time to time look at myself naked in the mirror and don’t mind what I see, though frankly I’m not thrilled with the size of my package. It’s not small by any means, but simply an average 6 inches and as thick as an Italian sausage. But I watch so much porn that times I wish I was as large as the guys with cocks nearly as big as their arm…okay, so maybe not that big but I wouldn’t mind it being bigger!

Mom actually looks good for her age, though she’s often depressed and thinks no man wants her. She’s definitely mistaken in thinking that though, there are tons of guys who want her, for some reason she’s just too blind to see that.

Mom and I had just moved into a new apartment with her boyfriend. The guy was a nice guy, but he and I barely talk. I can understand that though, after all I’m the ‘tag along’ kid who hasn’t gotten his own place yet. Her boyfriend, Russel works all day, so since neither her nor I have found jobs in this new town yet, we’ve been spending a lot more time together. It’s kinda nice getting to hang out more.

On this very interesting day, mom got changed into a one piece swimsuit, one that must be new because I’ve never seen it, and headed down to the pool. I declined the invite due to the fact that my swim trunks are still in storage somewhere from the move. I instead took the time to ‘catch up’ on things I’ve missed. By this I mean look at porn online of course.

It took me a while to find anything online that sparked my interest, but I finally got illegal bahis a massive hard on and started jerking like there’s no tomorrow. Unfortunately, I had to quickly stuff my thickened cock back into my jeans as I could see mom coming up the driveway thru the window.

“damn it!” I thought to myself. “I really need to jack off or I’m going to explode inside!”

I retreated to the bathroom, thought about jacking off but I knew mom would be inside any second, so instead I just stood up and waiting for my cock to go soft again. I stepped out and asked mom how the pool was.

“It was good. You know there’s a fitness center down there too, you should go sometime.” she smiled at me.

“Sure mom,” I replied.

Mom went over to the washer and dryer, put a lot of clothes from the wash to the dryer then put some dirty clothes into the wash. It has been hot lately, this must be why mom is still wearing just her one piece bathing suit. I was surprised how revealing this suit was. She had been complaining about her wait, but this was a very low cut and crotch-riding piece. I could actually tell that she has shaved her bikini line. I don’t know why I caught myself staring, I guess because I had never seen her like this before.

“Oh shit” I heard mom call out, “the laundry detergent cap fell behind the dryer. It doesn’t look like the dryer can come out with ease. Son, can you get me a hangar?”

“Sure mom” I walked to the bedroom closet and got a hanger, unfortunately they were all plastic, a wire hanger would’ve been perfect.

I handed the hanger to mom and she sat up on the washer, bent at an angle and tried to get the detergent cap with the plastic hanger. I couldn’t help it, I started staring again. The crotch on this swimsuit was so small, I couldn’t believe my own mother was wearing this. She came back up and handed me the hanger.

“This illegal bahis siteleri isn’t working,” she sighed. She then grabbed a broom and decided she would push the cap to the side til we could reach it without it being behind the dryer.

She once again did this twist move, basically her ass was on the washer and she twisted her upper body so she could maneuver the broom yet still sit firmly on the wash. This time I noticed something different though…either it was an accident, or mom pushed the crotch of her swimsuit to the side. In plain view I could see a small patch of hair and part of her moistened pussylip. I wondered if it was wet because of the pool or if she was horny? Instincts took over my mind and body. I came up to her, really to get a closer look at the forbidden pussy taunting me.

“Can I help?” I asked. I placed my hand on her thigh, then made it look like an accident as I pulled my hand back. She didn’t say anything, so I tried another sly move. I pretended that the broom was nearly going to hit me when she started to bring it up.

“Woah, watch the broom handle!” I exclaimed in false threat as I reached for the broom handle, but instead brushed her pussy thru her swimsuit. Mom’s breath and speaking stopped for a minute, then she let out her breath and simply said,

“I’m sorry Son. I got the cap from behind the dryer, do you mind reaching in the side and getting it for me.

“Of course, Mom.” So as to be a good sun I did so. I still hard to reach quite a bit but got the cap. I turned around,

“Got it…” and was face first into my mothers pussy.

She made it look like an accident, but neither of us moved for what felt like an eternity. Once again, instincts took over. I lightly licked the front of her swimsuit, grinding my tongue into her pussy. She moaned and grabbed onto the washing canlı bahis siteleri machine. I pulled the crotch of the suit to the side and was greeted by a musky, wet pussy covered in short hairs. I licked her long and slowly and sucked on her clit. I could tell she never had a guy eat her out quite like this from her moans and digging her nails into my back and in the washing machine. I set her on the washing machine and spread her legs wide, slipping my tongue deep into her amazing pussy. As I licked her pussy I also slide my middle finger inside her and began to rub her insides in thrusting, twirling motions. This nearly sent her over the edge, her legs shivered and rocked.

I picked her up and took her over to the bedroom, tossing her onto the bed as I took my pants off as quickly as possible. We kissed a very passionate kiss, one I haven’t had in a very long time. She reached down and started rubbing my already throbbing cock. Her hand strokes felt so amazing. She rubbed my balls and even tickled my ass a bit, then finally directed the head of my swollen prick to her yearning pussy. I slipped deep inside her, it felt so amazing, definitely better than some of the pussy I’ve had before. I started out slowly, letting her feel every single inch of my cock as her pussy swallowed it. As we both got hotter and wanting it more and more we sped up our lovemaking. I pounded her pussy hard and deep, moaning loudly and holding her close.

“Oh fuck mom, I’m going to cum!”

She pulled me closer into her, squeezing my ass cheeks as my hot seed unloaded into her amazing pussy. I groaned and jerked as 10 huge load shot deep into her pussy.

She grinned, “well, you’re already quite the dirty boy. I have one more thing you have to do if you ever want to fuck me again”

I was confused, but it became clear as she pushed my head down to her pussy. Her cunt dripped with my cum, and she wanted me to clean it up. I spread her pussy lips and started to lick and suck my cum out of her sweet pussy. She moaned and told me how perfect I was.

Needless to say, laundry was always much more fun around the house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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