Daughter’s Depression Ch. 02

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In the days and weeks after my father and I had our first foray into incest, I was mildly surprised and intrigued with my father’s attention via the telephone. He called me at least once a day wanting to know how I was, how the twins were, how David was, did I miss him, etc. I had talked more to my father in those weeks than I had in the prior six-month.

“Will I see you soon?” He would often say, nearing the end of our phone conversations. “I miss you, Moose.”

“Dad, you know I cannot leave the twins whenever I get the notion.” I would say, or, something similar. “It is not safe and you know it.”

I never spoke the words directly but I am sure that dad knew “notion” meant sex, and that “safe” meant having sex again at his house on mine. I really did have the twins to consider. They could not be left willy-nilly. My short bouts of depression was now cause by different reasons.

My masturbation picked up considerably in those weeks. It caused the depression to evaporate for a while. I did indeed miss dad. I just had no idea how to schedule any time with him…… sexual time. My orgasms always ended with the vision of dad in me…. coming in me.

One evening, I was finishing up the supper dishes and happen to look out of the back window. I noticed dad’s truck was down by the tool shed about an eighth of a mile down the dirt track behind my house. He was no doubt in the shed working on furniture he was building are such.

“Honey, I want to take a walk down to the back trail. Can you watch the kids for 30 or 40 minutes?” I shouted.

“Sure. Take your time.” He shouted back.

Moving into the shoe-room at the back door, I reached under my skirt and quickly pushed my panties down. Stepping out of them, I retrieved them off the floor and stuffed them into my skirt pocket.

It was not a casual walk that I took as I headed down the track towards the tool shed.

As I opened the door to the tool shed, I stopped in my tracks and I was shook to my very soul when mom turned to greet me, standing next to dad.

“Hi, honey!” Mom said in greeting. “You out for a walk. It sure is a nice evening.”

“It is a beautiful evening for a walk.” I replied, noting the twinkle in my father’s eyes. “I saw the shed lights on and dad’s truck. I figured I would duck in and see if he was okay or needed any help.”

“Actually he does and you can relieve me as I’ve got chores that I need to get done back at the house.” Mom said. “And don’t worry about me Al, the walk will do me good. I’ll stop by and tell David that you are helping your dad.”

I followed mom to the door and then moved to the right, through the door of a small bathroom, to a small window above the sink, to follow her walk down the trail.

I was instantly aware of dad behind me lifting my skirt. His hands palmed my bare buttocks.

“You’re ready!” He whispered, breathing heavily.

My eyes followed mom who was halfway to my house, but I was very much aware of dad’s hands leaving my butt, unbuckling his belt, unsnapping antalya escort them, pushing pants and underpants down.

I knowingly and willingly spread my stance and pushed my ass to prominence. I felt him moving close between my legs, lifting my skirt again, probing my pussy that the head of his cock.

“Right there!” I guided. “No! Yes! Right there! Push!”

I pushed back and we were coupled. He was not as hard as I remembered, but we had just gotten started and I knew I had surprised him.

Dad, I figured was as excited as a man can get, unexpectedly getting a piece of ass. He did indeed harden up and I was soon feeling his cock penetrate me deep, causing me to grunt or moan with each thrust. There was no talk just heated, incestuous fucking.

I put my right hand between my legs and put my middle finger to my clit. Dad seemed to know, as I did, that we did not have a whole lot of time.

I saw mom enter my house by the back door, apparently leaving by the front door, crossing the road and disappearing into the side door of their house. The track became a blur, my mind trying to envision our coupling, but I kept my eyes glued to it.

I was the first to come and I did not try to squelch my loud moan as the orgasm flowed through me. I don’t think dad was aware of me fingering my pussy, causing my orgasm. The old man’s rhythm increased significantly during my moan and he was now near delirious as he hammered at my ass. The thought did occur to me that the old guy could have a heart attack. That would be embarrassing, to say the least.

He fucked me a long minutes, holding firmly onto my hips, but finally his animal growl echoed in the small confines of the bathroom and I felt his cock jerk, filling my pussy with his cum. I felt quite content as he lingered, keeping his cock in me and caressing my ass lovingly, but his cock finally lost all of its firmness and plopped out of me.

“This was a hell of a treat, Moose.” He said. “I thought we would never together again.”

“Never again! Dad, that is rubbishing you knew it!” I chided. “We just have to be careful.”

“You call this careful?” He exclaimed.

“I just can’t please you.” I again scolded. “I saw an opportunity for a quickie. I thought you would be pleased?”

“I’m sorry, Sugar!” He apologized. “I am very pleased. I suppose, it’s just having them so close.”

“Dad, I think a minute ago the whole world could have popped in here and you wouldn’t have slowed down a minute.”

Dad just gave me a shit-eating grin as I wiped tissue over my pussy, gathering as much as his cum from me as I could. I retrieved my panties from my skirt pocket stepped into them, placed some tissue in the crotch, and pulled them up tight.

“We need to do some work out here, dad.” I said walking past him. “What did you need help with?”

Telephone calls from dad eased up a little bit. I figured with our second sexual encounter he realized I would accommodate our needs whenever I could. In reality, he was probably antalya rus escort accommodating me much more than I was accommodating him. He still had the computer and could watch the porn and jerk off whenever he pleased. Still, I was hoping to keep him in the dark about that fact. After all, I had shown a great deal of weakness that first time.

The first few days after fucking dad in the tool shed it was all I could think of. I loved having cum in me again. Also, I guess it was the naughtiness of it all. My husband, dad’s wife, my mother had been close. They would not have caught us as they did not suspect transgression and had no reason to sneak up on us. Plus, I had had a full view of the track and that approach was the most practical, innocent approach.

A few days later dad called.

“Hey, Moose.” What are you up to?” He asked me casually as usual.

“Trying to get the boys to sleep.” I replied. “Too much sugar, I guess.”

“Where are they?” He queried.

“In their cribs talking to each other.”

“Would you like an obscene phone call this afternoon?”

“What the hell!” I exclaimed. “What are you doing, watching porn on the computer?”

My mind was reeling. My dad was actually trying to have an obscene phone call with me. The problem was I was not inclined to hang up.

“What have you got on?” He asked, without answering my question.

“I have on a sleeveless tank-top, a pair of baggy shorts and pink underwear.” I answered, in a seductive tone, playing with him. “What have you got on?”

“Nothing but a hard on, Sugar britches.”

Now, I knew dad did not drink so he couldn’t possibly be drunk, but I was seeing a new side of my father. I found it comical that he had come up with such a zany idea, but I also found it a little erotic and arousing.

“Sounds nice.” I said, walking into the living room and taking a seat in the recliner, reclining it back. “What would you like to be doing with that stiff, hard cock of yours?”

“I’d like to put it in your sweet pussy.” He replied, his breathing a bit labored.

“Maybe I don’t want you to put it in my pussy quite yet.” I cooed. “What would you do to try to convince me to allow you to do that?”

“I would begin by kissing your naked body all over. Would you like that?”

“I would like that very much.” I replied. “Continue.”

My right hand slipped under the elastic of my baggy shorts and underwear, continuing down to rub the top of my bushy mound.

“I kiss your neck, your cheeks and your eyes. Kiss your shoulders down to your lovely breast. Oh! They are so lovely. I would have to spend a minute or two sucking on each nipple.” He related.

“That’s good, daddy.” I whispered, wishing I had an extra hand to put on my breast. “Suck on them good. Suck on them hard. Where are your lips going now, daddy.”

“I continue down your belly……… down to your mound and rub my nose in that beautiful bush of yours.” He continued his sweet words.

“You’re antalya ucuz escort so bad, daddy!” I lovingly taunted. “You’re not going to put your lips on my pussy, are you? I would not be able to resist anything if you did that, daddy!”

“Not yet, sugar.” He continued. “I’m going to roll you over so I can kiss, lick and nibble at that gorgeous ass of yours.”

My finger was on my clit and I was rubbing it in a circular motion. I was becoming quite aroused, causing my voice to show my sexual arousal.

By his breathing and the coarseness of his voice, I could tell my father was definitely pumping on his cock and becoming very excited.

“Oh yes, daddy!” I praised excitedly. “Run your tongue up the crack of my ass! Bit my butt! Bite it hard, daddy!”

“While I’m loving your ass,” he continued. “I’m going to slide my hand between your thighs and stick my finger into your pussy!”

“Oh fuck yes!” I cried out.

We were in seventh heaven with our incestuous passion now. You could hear it in our voices and our labored breathing.

“I’m turning over now, daddy!” I spoke timidly. “But I’m scared daddy. I want you to stop.”

“Don’t close your legs to me!” He demanded. “Open your legs! Spread them wide so I can get my tongue on your pussy.”

“No, daddy! Don’t!” I whined. “I can’t let you eat my pussy! I won’t be able to stop you from fucking me……. from sticking your cock in me. DADDY! Your tongue is on my clit!”

“Your pussy tastes so good!” Dad exclaimed. “Your clit is hard. It feels so good on my tongue. You what my tongue inside of you, Moose!”

“YES DADDY!” I begged. “Put your tongue in my pussy. Push it deep! Oh, fuck! Yes! Tongue fuck me!”

I was in full-blown incestuous lust as my middle finger scrubbed at my clit.

“Stick it in me dad! Stick your cock in me!” I demanded.

“Here it comes baby! I’m going to fuck your ass off!” Dad cried.

“AAGGggggg!” I growled, in an attempt to bring to life our coupling. “Fuck me hard, dad!”

Our bantering ceased as we both breathed heavily into the telephone. Dad, I imagined, was stroking his cock hard in an effort to come into his imaginary, but vocal, daughter. I was very much delirious with the thought of my dad cock banging into my pussy.

“Fuck me, dad.” I pleaded, more to myself than to the person on the other end of the phone. “Come in my pussy. Please! Come into my pussy!”

“OOHHHHH FUCK!” Dad bellowed, no doubt sending his semen wherever…… on his belly, the floor…….. I did not really care.

“YYYYYEEESSSSsss!!” I followed closely behind him as my orgasm gripped me with incestuous passion.

We listened to each other’s labored breathing for a long minute. I finally returned to reality and to the sound of the twins still talking to each other.

“Lord, will those boys ever go to sleep!” I said more to myself than to dad.

“You won’t have to worry about me taking a nap.” Dad teased.

“You’re a cruel, man!” I chided.

We said “I love you” and “goodbye” but I continued to stroke my clit softly. The boys eventually drifted off to sleep, as I did. I awoke with my hand still inside my panties. I had to retrieve the telephone off the floor.

I made a promise to myself that I would indeed feel dad’s tongue on my pussy very soon.

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