Daughter Watcher

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I found a picture of my 18-year-old daughter posing in a white lace teddy. Her blond hair was curled with dark makeup highlighting her blue eyes. She had on matching white seamed stockings with long heels propping her small legs up. It appeared to be taken in some cheap motel room with her small body standing out against the wild floral patterned background. I couldn’t believe my daughter would pose with her legs spread and chest thrust out. I could see her pink nipples and pouty mound showing through the transparent material of the slutty lingerie she wore. My daughter posing for naughty photos? … Who took the picture? The thought of her being sexual active made my stomach roll but I was sinfully excited, too. I tiptoed from my daughters room, photograph in hand, debating whether to confront her or tell my wife.

I was still looking at the picture when my wife came home from work. I was thinking about my young, lovely daughter looking like one of my fantasy girls from the Internet. The taboo nautre of the situation didn’t stop my groin from stirring. I was at a loss for ideas or options and figured my wife would take care of this unusual situation. I figured she would at least try and straighten Becky out.

“I think you should have a look at what I found in Becky’s room today,” I sighed, as my wife came in our bedroom.

“Oh…?” she asked, sitting down on the bed next to me looking at the picture closely. Her forehead wrinkled and her eyes squinted at the site of her daughter looking so graphic and mature. I was prepared for her to break down crying or even to start shouting. Instead, she handed me the picture back and started undressing.

“Well? What do you think, Babe. What should we do? Obviously she is fucking someone… what are we gonna say to her?”

She unzipped her skirt and turned to me in her white bra and pantyhose. “Do? Do what? I think she looks very sexy and I am sure she is making some boy very happy. Why do you have a problem with that? She has always been trustworthy and intelligent. And why are you still snooping around her room, anyway? Did you look through her underwear drawer again?”

My wife had seemed perturbed when I had confronted her at finding out that our daughter was wearing thong underwear. She said I shouldn’t have been so nosey and our daughter could wear whatever was comfortable. I didn’t agree since a girl of her age should never be comfortable in such slutty clothing. I lost that argument, as usual.

I may have been over the line snooping in Becky’s room but, my young daughter posing for almost nude photographs was a serious situation to me. My wife dismissed my ranting and jumped in the shower, drowning out any further discussion. I put the picture in a safe place after one long, last look. The image antalya escort of her licking her lips with her small tongue made me wonder what she did with that sensual mouth. I wondered what it would feel like wrapped around my cock. I noticed the way her plump breasts pushed against the lace material of her teddy… The way her firm abdomen led to the V between her shapely legs. My dick was completely erect as my mind swirled with wicked thoughts of my young daughter.

Later that night, I waited beside the garage. My adrenaline was rushing as I strained to see through the darkness. A small back porch light illuminated the driveway as my daughter came home. A sporty old Firebird revved its engine once and then was quiet. I could see two people entwined in the front seat, as I peered around the corner. Obviously her boyfriend was dropping her off and trying to get some last minute nookie before she ran into the house.

I bent down and crawled towards the passenger side of the car. As I leaned up, looking into the window, I could clearly see Becky making out with some kid wearing a leather jacket and jeans. His hand was under her shirt, feeling her breasts. They were kissing like heated lovers when I noticed Becky’s hand on his crotch. My heart was racing at the site of Becky fondling this boy. I tried to breathe in small gasps to prevent hyperventilating or maybe even fainting.

“Stop Ricky, I gotta get in the house. My parents are in there and they might look out the window,” I heard my daughter whisper.

“Come on, Becky… you wear that short skirt to the party and tease me all night. Then, you don’t want to leave early enough for us to have sex. Now I gotta drop you off and go home with blue balls… I think you do this on purpose.”

“Here, let me show you what I have on,” she giggled as she leaned back in the seat pulling her tiny skirt up around her waist. In the low light, I could see she was wearing stocking hose with a black satin garter belt. Her pussy appeared to be naked as her boyfriend’s eyes popped out of his head.

“Jesus Becky! You’ve been walking around all night without panties? I can’t believe you.” I saw him reach down and part her legs. His hand was buried in her crotch, probably fingering her tight snatch. Becky threw her head back and moaned. The boy lifted her shirt up and began sucking at her pink nipples. I could see her pale breasts against the darkness of the car’s interior. She was pulling at her other boob with her small hand and using her fingers to pinch the sensitive tip. Their breathing was ragged as he continued exploring her budding sex with his hand. He was working his fingers in small circles causing her to squirm and hump against him. She unzipped his pants and snaked a hand inside to stroke alanya escort his cock.

“Please, Becky… let me be inside of you. Just for a second or two. No one will see us out here,” he begged.

“Aw… does Ricky’s little dicky hurt? I bet it just needs some kissing…” I could hear the smile on her face as she tortured the horny kid. Part of me wanted Becky to do the right thing and scamper inside. The other part of me wished I had a video of Becky leaning down in his lap. Her blond hair bobbed up and down between the boy’s legs. His hands were gripping her head when I noticed my daughter had her own hands between her legs.

She was sucking his cock and masturbating right in front of me. I could see the dark nail polished finger slipping in and out of her velvet folds…. And the way she rubbed and pinched her clit would be burned into my memory forever. I was aroused more than I had ever been in my life. My penis felt like steel in my pants and I gripped my crotch hard. If someone was to see me kneeling there, I must have looked like I was taking a piss on the car. Luckily, no one would be out at this time of night.

The windows were starting to steam up as I strained to see the boy lean my daughter against the inside of the door. She was inches from me and I could hear her panting. Becky spread her nyloned legs with one on the dashboard and one across the back of the seat. The kid lowered his head to taste my daughter’s juicy pussy. Jealousy washed over me at the site of him spreading her petite, flowery labia to ease his stiff tongue into her girlish opening. I wanted to be Ricky at that moment. I wanted to hear her beg ME to fuck her… Not this young punk.

Becky was thrashing around the seat from Ricky’s oral technique on her sex. She was lifting her torso up and pulling Ricky’s head into her pussy. I heard her start to groan and say she was cumming. Ricky’s head shook from side to side until her climax peaked. He then moved up between her legs as I saw the shadow of a fairly large, erect penis. Her small hand took hold of him and guided his cock to her wetness.

“We have to hurry, Ricky. I don’t want my Father finding us. Just put it in… Forget the condom. I want you to cum inside me tonight, please…,” she said, pulling him into her.

“Oh, your pussy is on fire, Baby. Its soft and tight at the same time. I love fucking you,” he breathed against her ear. His ghostly, white ass bounced up and down between her legs, rocking the car a little. The door handle bumped my nose as their passion increased. My daughter was thrusting her pelvis against the boy with the same enthusiasm she had used when he fingered her. The lustful scene was too much for me. I put my hand inside my pant’s pocket alanya rus escort and started gripping my penis.

I heard my Becky tell him she was cumming and not to stop fucking her. I was amazed Ricky’s thick tool wasn’t hurting her. She just kept saying all kinds of vulgar things, even begging him to do it deeper and harder. The site of her short, shapely legs wrapped around his back and her foul language made my pocket pool activity pay off. I felt the warmth fill my crotch as I came in my pants. I was completely disgusted at myself but couldn’t stop watching my daughter being penetrated and loving it.

The kid was thrusting into Becky at the speed of light. His skinny ass pounding her against the door. She was barely holding onto him with her legs when he started grunting, slapping his hand against the window. I almost had a heart attack and had to fight from screaming at this startle.

Ricky was spilling his seed into my daughter before my very eyes. His back arched, butt muscles clenched, and he gave one last thrust deep into her tight pussy before falling on top of her. She stroked his hair as I made my way back to the corner of the garage.

I could see her silhouette moving about the front seat, straightening her clothes. She open the car door and leaned in giving him one last kiss. The Firebird pulled out of my driveway as Becky walked up the steps. I ran around the garage just in time to appear from the backyard, calling Becky.

“Getting home late, aren’t you?” I asked, trying to look normal and not nervous.

“Yes, maybe just a little, Daddy. I’ve been sitting in the driveway talking to Ricky or I would’ve been in bed, already. Sorry, Daddy.” Her golden hair was matted to her forehead and I could still see beads of sweat on her upper lip. Her makeup had smeared giving her dark raccoon eyes. The glossy lipstick she wore was completely rubbed off and I could smell the heavy scent of sex waft from her pores.

I found myself glancing at Becky’s chest. Her breasts pushing against the elastic fabric of her thin halter. The hard tips of her nipples standing erect in the cool night air. My eyes quickly dropped down to the site of her tiny feet incased in black high heels. I moved upwards noting the wonderful shape of her calves and legs in those translucent hose and the high hemline of her short, wrinkled skirt. Then, I noticed a white goo dripping down the inside of her thigh. Droplets of white spooge was leaking from her naked pussy and running down the silky material.

“What the hell is that, Becky?” I started to ask. With a casual yawn and turn, Becky went in the house, saying goodnight before giving me an answer. She had pretended not to hear me.

I watched her skip away with her firm bottom wiggling inside her little dress. I was dumbfounded from what I had seen her doing tonight. The excitement of seeing my daughter spread her legs for some boy was making me feel almost drunk with lust and guilt. I headed inside knowing this would not be my last voyeur experience with my daughter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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