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My son and I had been playing golf during a Sunday twilight golf deal. All the golf you can get in from five O’clock until it’s too dark to see. We’d had a couple of beers in the clubhouse and when we got back to his place it was almost eleven PM. The house was quite and dark and it appeared that everyone had gone to bed.

“Shit!” Grant said. “I’ve got to be at the Capitol at Eight tomorrow morning. I’m going to hit the sack. You shouldn’t drive tonight Dad, why don’t you use the guestroom. I don’t want to wake Amy up, I’ll sleep on the couch.”

“You’re the one that has to work tomorrow, I’ll take the couch. Besides I want to catch the news on TV.” I only live about fifty miles away, but I had to agree that I wasn’t in any shape to drive home.

“You sure you don’t mind sleeping on the couch? It’s not that big, you know.”

“Positive. Besides I’m shorter than you are.”

“Alright, then I’ll see you next week.”

I watched the news for a half-hour than went in and cleaned up and took a leak. Turning off all the lights, I took off my shirt and pants and hunkered down on the couch. I was still in my boxers, but I pulled the waist band down and tucked it under my balls and with my eyes closed, I was slowly stroking myself when a soft hand joined mine.

“Let me help you get to sleep big guy,” A low throaty voice whispered. Then soft lips circled the head of my dick and started sucking while the hand continued its up and down movement. Than another hand cradled my balls and the hand on my dick added a slow twist to the up and down movement. In a matter of moments I unloaded a bucket of jism. My new best friend managed to swallow it all and continued sucking until I went limp.

“Come on…try to get some sleep sweetie…tomorrow is already today.” Than she was gone.

Damn but my daughter-in-law just gave me a blowjob. At least I think it was Amy. I’m not even sure if she knew that it was me, or if she thought it was her husband. I kept still on the couch thinking how much fun it would be to be buried to the hilt in that bitch. Not that Amy was a bitch. She was a good wife to my son, and the mother of two teenage daughters, one sixteen and the other eighteen.

Amy was a tall slim attractive looking woman. She worked as a school nurse and had a master’s degree in nursing. She was a touchy feelly sort of person and would snuggle up and press her body against me all the time. I would pat her on the ass once in awhile, and kid around some. The most I’d ever done was at first more accidental than intentional. A while back I was holding my neighbor’s one-year-old daughter and walking around the pool.

“Let me hold the baby for awhile Dad,” Amy said reaching out toward me and sitting more upright in her lawn chair.

I handed antalya escort the baby towards Amy and when she got her hands around him and pulled him towards her body the back of my hand was trapped against her breast. As I slowly extracted the hand I could feel her nipple and I let it slide between my middle and index fingers. I spread them just a shade and than squeezed and pulled out on her nubbin. She arched her back to pull away but I just turned my hand over and caught the nipple between my thumb and fore finger and rolled it around a little.

“You’re going to get caught one of these days,” she whispered as I extracted my hand. “Everybody’s going to find out that you really are the dirty old man that they think you are.”

We both laughed and I walked away. A few minutes later I came back.

“Want me to take the baby back?” I asked reaching out towards Amy.

“Sure,” she said with a laugh, “just keep your hands to yourself while we’re in public. I’d hate for my girls to find out what a horny old man their grandfather is and what a slut they have for a mother to let him get away with all his shenanigans.”

I was thinking about this conversation and about how good Amy looked and was trying to convince myself that she knew that it wasn’t her husband she sucked off. I finally concluded she knew what she was doing and I figured that I owed her big time. About fifteen minutes has passed since she had left, so I got up and went into her bedroom. She was sleeping on her side with only a thin sheet covering her.

When I lifted the sheet her bare ass was staring me in the face so I leaned in a started kissing and licking away. She pulled her knees up to her chest giving me better access, than she rolled over on her knees and stuck her ass way up in the air. I ate her to the best of my ability and when I moved up and washed her puckered back door with my tongue she cupped her hand to her crotch and collapsed face down on the bed.

I figured that she got hers off, so we were even, and went back to the couch. I didn’t sleep very well. My feet hung over one end and with my head pushed against the other end it doesn’t make for a very comfortable bed. Couches are not built for six foot four guys to sleep on.

I woke up when I heard my son leave, and went to the bathroom to take a leak. I figured he was done with the bed in the guestroom, so I climbed in and used it. It was around seven AM when the smell of fresh brewed coffee woke me. I ambled into the kitchen and found Amy wearing a thin nightgown and cooking bacon at the stove.

“God you’re sexy,” I said as I wrapped my arms around and then moved them up just slightly so that her breasts were resting on my arms.

I was wearing only my jockeys and my semi-hard cock alanya escort nestled in the crack of her ass and I moved my hips up and down and back and forth.

“Stop that! Your grand-daughters will be down here any minute.” Amy said twirling around and pushing the fork and spatula she was holding against my chest and moving me away from her. “Where are your clothes? Go get dressed.”

“Over by the couch,” I said, “I’ll get em.” And I started off toward the couch.

“Oh, my God! Why are your clothes over by the couch?’

“Because that’s where I took them off.”

“Don’t tell me you slept on the couch last night…You didn’t sleep in the guestroom? You were in the guestroom when I got up this morning.” Amy was turning a bright shade of red across her upper chest and neck and into her face. “Please tell me it wasn’t you on the couch last night.”

“You mean to say that you didn’t know it was me?” I asked. “Why than did you greet me so eagerly when I went to you a little bit later?”

Amy’s hands went to her mouth and her eyes got as big as saucers when she said; “That was you? I don’t believe it…I sucked you off and than had one of the best orgasms of my life being eaten out by you. Oh my God.”

“So, old Gramps gives good head, eh?”

Amy and I were both startled by the sound of Kelly’s voice coming from the doorway. Kelly is my eighteen-year-old grand daughter.

“I find it hard to believe that my own mother gives blow jobs, let alone enjoys getting eaten out by my grandfather. You just never know about people. Some of the quiet ones lead rather exciting lives. You’re something else Gramps.” She chuckled as she joined her mother at the table.

“It’s not what you think it is,” Amy said.

“I heard the whole thing.” Kelly said. “You give Gramps a blow job on the couch…thinking it’s Dad…than Gramps does an oral tongue bath on you that is, and I quote, ‘one of the best orgasms of my life’…”

“Who had the best orgasm of their life?” Nikki, the sixteen-year-old has joined us.

“Gramps and mom are getting it on behind Dads back.” Kelly said.

“Cool,” Nikki replied. “What’s for breakfast, Mom, I’m hungry and late for school.”

“I don’t believe this,” Amy said as she got up and went to the stove to scramble some eggs to go with the bacon.

I sat down at the table and joined Nikki and Kelly.

“Well, you don’t look all that bad for a really old guy.” Kelly said. “What did you do that was so special that Mom thinks she had the best cum of her life? Give her a rim job or something? Would you be interested in giving me a demonstration?”

“That will be enough, young lady. I don’t want to hear any more conversation about sex. Just eat your alanya rus escort breakfast…all of you…and get out of here. You too Dad, eat and go on home.”

All I’m wearing is my boxers, but I figured it wasn’t worth the bother to get dressed until after I ate, so I dug in. A couple of seconds later I see Kelly scrunched down in her seat across from me, then I feel her foot press into my crotch. My instant erection pops out of the fly of my shorts about the same time Kelly gets her other foot in on the act. Before I know what’s happening, she has my prick trapped between her feet and is giving me a foot job.

“Sit up Kelly!” Amy said as she joined the rest of us at the table. “With posture like that you’ll never get ahead in this world.”

Kelly dropped her feet to the floor and sat up saying; “Well I hope to get at least a little ‘head’ real soon.” Then she looked right at me and winked.

Both girls finished before Amy and I did and within seconds they were out the door and on their way to school. Amy started putting the dishes in the dishwasher and I came up behind her as she bent over the open door.

“So you like the way I give head.” I said as I ran my hand up the back of her legs to their apex.

I could feel the coarse hair and her furrow with my thumb through the thinness of her nightgown as I moved my hand slightly back and forward. When she remained bend over, I moved my hand back down her leg and lifted her nightdress up. When I dropped to my knees she put one foot up on the dishwasher door and I started where I had left off the night before.

“Oh God!!! You have no idea how good that feels. Grant hasn’t done that to me for years. I loveeeeeee iiiiittttttt.”

“That’s too hard on my knees.” I said standing up and turning Amy to face me. I planted a little kiss on the end of her nose and said; “lets go where it’s a little more comfortable.”

She took my hand and led me back to her bedroom where we stayed until noon. I ate her out until my jaw and tongue gave in and she did another one of her talented mouth and hand jobs on me. Most of the time we just cuddled and I think I fell asleep with one of her nipples in my mouth.

She made me a peanut butter and baloney sandwich before I left to go home. We agreed that because the girls knew about what had happened we had to tell Grant. She planned to explain to Grant that it was an accident, and that we both felt bad about it. She thought that he would understand. She explained that he had been involved with another woman, for a short time, a couple of years ago and that she had forgiven him.

(A side note: When the baloney is green and a little on the slimy side, the peanut butter prevents it from sliding off of the bread. Makes a great sandwich. You should try it sometime.)

When I got home there were two messages on my answering machine, both from my granddaughter Kelly. She was asking if she could host a pool party for a few friends on Saturday. The following weekend she came and came and came again, but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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