Captive Audience

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Darren flew off the handle once again, I had told him I had to go out of town for another training. This time his jealousy got the best of him and he threw me against the kitchen cabinets, breaking a few doors. I didn’t call the cops, I calmly got up told him we are done and that I’d get my things on the weekend. He didn’t even try to stop me when he realized what he’d done. I sat on the front stoop until my Tallie came to rescue me with murder on her mind. I talked her down on the way to her house.

Tallie, my best friend. Always the protector and the optimist. A woman of 5’6 with sharp features of a German toe headed blond school boy on her makeup less face, save for her size c’s and wiggle on her ass, she might pass for a dude. I honestly think she likes to keep people guessing, keeping her hair short and her vibe masculine. I’ve met men she’s dated, none ever seem to stick. They really don’t get her like I do. And here she is always at my side when I need her most.

We got to her home; she insisted we take pictures of the bruises on my arms and back. I relented to this, in case we had problems when we returned the next day. I took off my shirt in the bathroom.

“Ok, turn slightly sideways in the direction of the light,” she said as her camera phone shuttered taking multiple pictures at a time. “I’m going to sit here on the counter to get the best angle of your back, you might want to take off your bra” she continued.

We’d been shopping together, tons of times, but never in the same dressing room and not even been on vacation together. So I was a little apprehensive and she could tell.

“Just cover your tits with your arms silly” half laughing at my shyness.

The attempt was awkward at best with these DD’s but I managed. Then all of a sudden my eyes welled up and I burst into tears. Seems the night’s events had taken a while to catch up with me and here they were overflowing.

Tallie hugged me from behind. Carefully missing my nipples, she squeezed me hard and breathed in my ear “I’ll get you through this, don’t you worry about a thing”.

Starting to caress just under my breast so tenderly I hadn’t noticed her breath was heavier on my neck. Her hands started to wander and then graze my nipples. Our breath now in synchronization. I suddenly felt light wet kisses on the back of my neck.

“I think I should go lay down now, have a lot to think about and list out for tomorrow.” I said hurriedly putting on my shirt and grabbing my bra.

As if coming out of a spell herself Tallie awkwardly moved aside and with her head down avoiding eye contact stated, “Here take my room you’ll be more comfortable and you’re slightly injured.” She moved a laundry pile off her bed and threw it in the closet.

“Oh no that’s ok I can sleep on the couch no problem!!” I exclaimed. Tallie shook her head and rolled her eyes at me finally looking me in the face.

“No I insist, I’ll just take my favorite blankie.” She giggled, winked at me at shut the door.

I honestly don’t remember my head hitting the pillow but I do know the thought of Tallie’s kiss trail made me forget my troubles for the night.

**SATURDAY-Moving day**

“Ughhh, I hate moving, thank you for helping me”, I said, exhausted already from packing and my emotional turmoil.

“No problem, anything for my sweet cheeks!” Tallie winked and jabbed trying to lighten her friend’s mood. “We’ll get ya all moved in today!! Our incentive is that big bottle of wine!!” She continued with over-enthused zest.

She went to the living room to retrieve another box. As I looked up to her returning from the other room I saw a shadow behind her. Darren. He had a look of hatred I had not seen in our 2 years together. Tallie moved to the side only slightly to see his face but putting herself in between us.

“Hey Darren, this would be so much easier if you weren’t here.” She said with both her arms up, trying to make the peace.

“Just making sure this bitch not taking all my stuff.” He mumbled looking around in the boxes.

“All I’m taking is what I brought here, I could give shit about the stuff we bought together!!” Trying not get wound up.

I looked away to go back to task and get the hell of there, I didn’t notice his lunge after my last statement. Tallie saw him though and rooted her legs in to shoulder him. He was only slightly taller at 5’8 but stocky and outweighed her by 50 lbs. So when they connected she fell with Darren who bumped off her hitting his forehead on my grandma’s kitchen aide mixer in a box. He was out cold. “Thanks Grandma.” I thought for a millisecond.

“Are you ok Tal? Did he hurt you?” I asked helping her sit up.

“Nahh not too bad just now you won’t be the only one with a bruised back.” She chuckled.

“I guess we should call an ambulance, he’s still out.” I said out of fear not necessarily worry.

“Fuck him!! Just no, fuck HIM!! What do you think would have happened if I hadn’t been here. He could have really illegal bahis hurt you.” I interrupted her. “Head injuries can serious really fast though.” “No!!” She protested. “He does not deserve your concern. Always jealous, always accusing you of things you’ve never been guilty of. Especially since you’ve caught him several times. Mel, you’ve always deserved so much better than him!!” Tallie started to get emotional.

I first sat there in shock and then just hugged my friend so tight. I knew how much she truly loved me in that moment.

Easing my hug, I took her face in my hands and looked in Tallie’s eyes. In an instant my lips were on hers. At first and to my surprise, she was the apprehensive one.

As my tongue opened her lips to explore, Tallie let out a small moan and willingly received. Soon she was on her knees and gently laid me on the kitchen floor. Tallie took a moment looking down at me I felt penetrated at that moment. Then she kissed me, a deep passionate slow kiss. Our tongues exploring the others mouth. At that moment I wanted to consume every inch of her. She started to kiss down my neck while lifting my t-shirt. We were interrupted and brought back to reality with a moan from the corner.

“Oh shit he may be coming to!” I said suddenly remembering all the recent events.

“What do you want to do Mel?” Tallie asked at the ready for my request.

The years of verbal and emotional abuse coming flooding back to memory and revenge devoured my mind.

“Sit tight, watch him closely. I’ll be right back.” I instructed.

Heading to the garage, I was on a hurried mission. One thing is certain Darren kept a flawlessly organized garage. Even securing tools to the peg board with zip ties. I grabbed the remainder of the ties from the work bench and started assembling as quickly as possible, two short “tie” chains. At about five ties each I headed back in the house with the “chains” and a few extra just in case.

“Has he woke at all.” I asked glancing in his direction but noticing my cast iron in Tallie’s hand.

“No,” she replied, “But I was ready if he did, kind of figuring that keeping him “out” was part of your plan.”

She watched as I stomped on one of the taller boxes, flattening it down to the ground.

“Ok, help me carefully get him on this, let’s not jostle him too much, don’t want to wake in transition.” I instructed. Tallie helped maneuver Darren’s limp body onto the flattened cardboard.

“I’m going to pull the box.”, I continued, “But you pick up his legs and push.”

Working together as gingerly as possible, we headed to the master bedroom. The room I had not seen since early yesterday before the fight. I was shocked to find my toys had been mangled and scattered through the room. My bullet was crushed, the life like dildo had been cut in half. The glass dildo completely shattered. Darren had always been unnecessarily insecure about my toy box. Ignoring the mess for the moment.

“Alrighty then, let’s hoist this bad boy on the bed.” I said already a little breathless but suddenly determination fueled me. I grabbed Darren by the shoulders and Tallie lifted under his thighs. With unbelievable might we hefted him on the bed. He moaned and drooled slightly, there was a decent sized welt on his forehead.

“Do you want to leave his clothes on?” Tallie asked, catching on to my unmentioned mission.

“Let’s first secure his arms.” handing one of the zip ties to her.

I secured one arm to the headboard tightly, as Tallie secured the other. I took off Darren’s jeans, exposing him from the waist down and already half cocked despite being unconscious. The chains I had assembled were used to secure his legs to the side board leaving Darren widely spread eagle. I tossed the second chain to Tallie who followed my lead on fastening his second leg to the bed.

“This is what’s going to happen now.” feeling so charged and powerful for once in my life,” I am going back to the garage for some tape. I want you to sit on his chest and do your best to wake him, slap him hard if you have to…or want to, be careful not to get bit.”

Smiling leaving the room, I heard the first slap.

“Wakey wakey fucker!” Tallie sneered at Darren, “Looks like you created a little monster.”

Beaming now as I entered back in the bedroom with my lovely roll of tape. Excited for this game I was devising on the fly.

Looking down at Darren and grinning only made him angrier in his escalating agitated state.

“What the fuck is going on!!”, he screeched, “Let me up or I will fucking kill you!!” Darren strained against the hard plastic ties to no avail.

I sighed, “Oh Darren, it’s just about time for you to shut your mouth. Watch, listen, and learn.”

“Bitch, you can’t do anything! I will get free and then you will hurt.” he said through his hateful teeth.

I picked up my smashed vibrating bullet handed it and the roll of tape to Tallie. Clasping both my hands together and with all the illegal bahis siteleri strength I could gather, I double punched the fucker in the face. Yes it hurt, hurt a lot but I’ll admit made me a little wet too. Quickly I grabbed the toy and the tape Tallie had already doled out. Stuffing the bullet into Darren’s shocked mouth and covering with the tape, I did put two more strips of tape over just for good measure, it’ll get slobbery for sure.

Tallie giggled at the sight of Darren in shock and muzzled. Her delight woke me from my focused trance. Now completely transfixed on my friend, I leaned over our squealing, struggling captor and kissed my Tallie perched on Darren’s chest. Our kissing intensified, without uttering a word Tallie knew what we were going to do, what we were going to show each other and Darren.

I could not wait another moment. I slammed Tallie on the bed between Darren’s legs, intentionally crushing his dick as we crashed together on the bed. Hearing his muffled cries of pain only intensified our kissing, breathlessly consuming each other.

On top of Tallie now, struggling to free her of her t-shirt while keeping my mouth on her body. Her gorgeous porcelain breasts were finally free, her nipples a soft delicate pink. I caressed one lightly with my tongue while twisting the other between two fingers. She gasped and shuttered, her body in a graceful grinding motion towards my own.

It was a gorgeous sight obviously as we both noticed Darren staring intently, his chest now heaving and his member standing at attention so to speak. I started to trail my fingers from Tallie’s breasts wanting so much to touch her wetness.

Finding her hot hole through her shorts, I plunged two fingers in. The shock of the move caused my girl to grab my shirt bringing me back to her mouth to quiet her sexy yelp. Tallie started grinding against my hand. Feeling her drip and her motion made me hotter. I started to mimic her movement. We were soon both fighting for breath, kneeling in front of Darren in a passionate bind.

It was time to lose our shorts. Our frustration at the time away from each other’s wetness increased our fervor. Hearing Darren’s groans, they were hard to distinguish, was it pleasure or pain of being restrained? Maybe a little of both.

Free of our clothing, my friend and I took only a moment to take in the view of each other’s bodies. I imagined Tallie naked a few times while with Darren but she was better than I’d imagined.

I needed to be inside her again. I met her mouth once more, intent on a sensual tongue dance. Sticking one finger in her wet hole I moved it slowly in and out keeping my mouth firmly on hers. I quickened my pace, increasing her moans.

Moving my tongue from her mouth, trailing down her, kisses turning into light nibbles. Neck ever so gently, then on to her clavicle. My nibbles turning their attention to her sharp raised nipples.

I sucked and nibbled growing the slickness in her slot. Permitting a second finger to slide in, more fingers sliding in and out of my friend. As my nibbles intensified so did my pace. Tallie’s breathing quickened and then stopped, but only for a second. Her eyes closed, she let out a thunderous, guttural moan, my hand covered in her beautiful pussy juices. I just had to taste my fingers, absolutely delicious.

Darren apparently enjoyed the spectacle, as he groaned, cum spewing down his thigh.

“Ohhhh you like that baby?” I cooed at my ex, “Well you’re just going to love this. Tallie, honey, go lick the cum off his thigh. Clean him up, but mind the dick, do not go near it!”

Tallie moved towards Darren inner thigh. Slowly licking the sputum up his thigh trailing to his pelvis and back down. Darren reaction was quick, he was hard again and arching his back in frustration.

“Ok baby, come back here, I’m not done with you,” instructing my friend as she slid back next to me on the bed, ‘Stay on your knees.”

Like a good girl Tallie knelt near the end of the bed. I slid under her and perched her glistening pussy down to my waiting tongue. Letting her ride my face as I cleaned the mess I had made.

At this moment I was so happy to be pleasing my best friend, I started a bit of a gusher myself. Still situating myself, my foot accidentally bumped Darren’s inner thigh. I smiled as best I could, continuing to pleasure Tallie, I continued to gently stroke his thigh. Darren started to moan at the stimulation. Moving my feet slowly in, I started to carefully stroke his balls. His breathing became quicker and groans close to whimpers.

As he started to writhe and moan, Tallie’s breathing increased, the passion in the room was thick. I knew that Darren was about to blow, so I stopped suddenly, pulling my leg away. I swear I heard him softly crying at that point.

Tallie’s grinding on my face had gotten more intense, she was close to a second eruption. I pushed her off slightly, taking my tongue off my sweet slot. Tallie gasped in shock, I smiled canlı bahis siteleri at my torture but continued to push her slightly forward, spreading her supple cheeks wide licking my way to her tasty rosebud.

I lightly grazed my tongue on her bud back and forth, she squealed in delight. Leaning herself forward Tallie immediate found my throbbing soaked clit and started sucking at it, devouring all my juices. In a instant an orgasm came over me coursing through my entire body like lightning. Tallie hung on to my bucking hips loosening her mouth grip only to lick my pussy lips up and down, back and forth in ravenous passion.

Darren was unable to hold back and had his own explosion. Seeing a woman eat me had always been a fantasy of his. We both softly chuckled at the sight of his cum and vibrating body, without turning our attentions from our tasks.

With my own afterglow, my determination to have Tallies juices explode all over my face was heightened. As she licked and lovingly kissed my pussy, I hardened my tongue exploring the depths of my friend’s extremity. Her reaction was encouraging as she bucked back on my tongue, in and out.”OHH my GAWWWD, Ohhh my gawwwwd!!” Tallies moans were louder, I stuck my fingers in her pussy as she gyrated her ass on my tongue. That’s all it took, her juices squirted out all over my chin and neck. It was glorious, I basked in my reward, continuing to kiss and suck on her puckering bud, sending vibrating aftershocks throughout her body.

“God, I love you!” she whispered as she lay over my body, all of us catching our breath.

Darren was rock hard and breathing heavily, staring at our piled bodies. I lightly shoved my friend off me onto the bed, she was putty at this time.

Crawling up near Darren’s shoulders I looked down at him and smiled, “Did ya like the show buddy?”, I asked knowing the answer. “Boy I wish you could have tasted her, she was divine. Here smell her on me.” I leaned down over Darren’s face and started rubbing my chin all over his face. Transferring her scent to him.

Darren tried to talk through his gag but I couldn’t understand and didn’t care. I straddled my ex’s chest and started to grind just near enough to his face for him to catch my scent.

“You’re going to miss this pussy fucker.” Tallie then looked up from her coma and giggled at me.

“You are so torturing him!” she added.

“Oh we HAVE been torturing him and I’m not quite finished yet.” I beamed over at her. “OOO I have something for you.” I reached off the bed and picked up my halfa dildo.

Crawling back to my friend who looked stunning at this moment.

“You want a little more baby?’ purring in Tallie’s ear.

“God yes!!” she whispered back. I kissed her slowly, letting my tongue take hers, letting her taste how good she’d tasted. Making a trail down her glistening body once again twirling the dildo on her body along the way.

She watched in animated anticipation. I pushed her legs spread eagle so I could take in the view of her magnificent pussy, her clit dark pink already. Still extremely wet, I leaned down and took a huge slurp of the juices.

Tallie sighed. I circled my tongue around her clit some more and slowly inserted my short dildo. Moving it in and out without removing my tongue from her pussy. Kisses, nibbles, and sucking, while gripping our toy. Soon Tallie was on her elbows watch me play with her, moaning and sighing as our eyes met. All I could do was smile through my eyes, I was pleasing my girl.

Tallie’s hip thrust increased to meet my thrusts in her. She was getting close already. I created vacuum suction on her clit and increased the pace of the dildo.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!”, Tallie screamed, her hips elevated and legs squeezing my head. “I wanna fuck you NOW.”

I kissed her clit one more time. “Soon love soon.” I replied, “I have just one quick thing I want to do.”

Surprisingly Darren had not cum a third time but was still hard and chest basically concaving from his heavy breathing. I position myself between his legs.

Looking over my shoulder to Tallie, “Tal honey, finger my ass for a little bit while you wait please.”

She obeyed, as I leaned over to lick my ex boyfriends balls. Tallie licked my hole. I sighed in pleasure. Darren started a slow moan. As she stuck her fingers back and forth in my ass, I licked and sucked balls very lightly. He lifted his hips to meet my face. A few thrust not too strong as his mobility was still limited.

I lowered my tongue and took a long lick up and down his asshole, over and over. He tried to move from this but couldn’t.

I started to get both frustrated with his not cooperating and impatient from Tallie’s stimulation. The dildo was still slick from Tallies juices and Darren was sufficiently lubed, so I slowly started to stick it up his bumhole. His body tried to reject it but I kept slowly pushing. Now Darren was screaming behind the tape but I was not discouraged, I just continued to shove and successfully submerged my broken dildo into my ex boyfriend ass until I was unable to keep a grip.

Tallie had been leaning over watching and softly chuckling but keeping her fingers in my ass like a good girl.

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