Campus Toilet Orgasm

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“Miss Waites, err, Sophia. I am sorry to bring such a delicate matter up but, errr…. Not to put too fine a point on it… erm. Ok I’ll come right out with it. The campus is alive with rumours about a sexual liaison between you and some of your male students. Something of a scandal seems to be in the offing. I felt the need to consult you about it.”

Professor Donald Manzarek is my boss. He’s a boring, old, low paid fart, fighting alcoholism and terminal bachelorhood. He probably hasn’t been able to get it up in the last ten years. He’s coming across like a Victorian clergyman. I want to slap him. But I can’t. He’s head of faculty.

“Donald, the rumours are that I got drunk at a house party being held for one of my PE student’s nineteenth birthday, and then had group sex with three boys, from the course. The allegations are, needless to say, untrue. In fact they are quite ridiculous. I haven’t found the right moment to tell you before since I started In September Donald, but I’m a lesbian. I was at the party for about ten minutes. Of course none of the lurid goings on you may have heard about took place. It is just another simple case of silly young men making up stories.”

I seriously doubt that the professor has ever been so shocked, embarrassed and uncomfortable before in his whole life. I could throw in my alibi, that I was getting fisted by a cuddly little third-year called Debbie when those pathetic little bastards were supposedly sodomizing me, but he might keel over and die.

“I see…. You’re completely innocent of course…well I must say, I’m a little taken aback. The whole faculty will be behind you of course Sophia. I’m relieved. Not surprised, but relieved. I’m most glad the stories are groundless. The university cannot have scandals undermining our position in the community-“

I want to get the fuck out of here, “Well thank you for coming to me with this Donald. It’s nice to know I can rely on the trust and support of my friends and colleagues in this sort of situation.” Professor Manzarek is not my friend.

“Oh think nothing of it Sophia. You are, after all, a most valued member of the Physical Science team. There was one more little matter I wanted to talk to you about…its your appearance”

“My appearance Donald?” He’s gone all red again. He’s agitated. I really want to get the fuck out of here.

“Well Sophia please, I implore you, do not take this the wrong way… you really are an exceptionally attractive young women-“

“Why thank you Donald!” Don’t piss yourself. Do not urinate in your knickers. Hold it together.

“Yes…. well. It’s just that, with you being younger than the rest of the faculty, you are bound to get some unwelcome attention from some of our more boisterous young male students. We were wondering, that is, I was wondering, if you could perhaps tone down your dress. Just a tad. I wouldn’t want to sympathise with any of the young rascals of course, but on occasion Sophia, with all possible respect, one wonders how the young gentlemen are expected to concentrate on their studies, hahaha”

“Of course Donald. You’re absolutely right. I should have realised myself that I wasn’t helping the situation. I’ll put things right forthwith. Thank you for being so open with me. I truly appreciate it.” IF I DON’T GET OUT OF THIS OLD BASTARD’S OFFICE NOW I’M GOING TO KILL SOMEBODY SO HELP ME GOD…

My cringe-worthy pep talk has made me rather angry. Those lying little gobshites from that party deserve to have their tiny little penises cut off and fed to them. I’m thinking of this delightful revenge güvenilir bahis as I step out of the elevator on the third floor. Two guys are looking straight at my tits. Do they think we don’t notice? Or is it my fault for trying to look the best I can in clothes I like? Fuckers…

At 11.57am on Thursday morning I should be standing outside room 17 waiting for the room to be free so I can teach vacant young people about optimum nutrition for intense sports. Well, what I really would be doing is eyeing up the impossibly sexy little rock chick as she goes into 18 next door for photography. If I miss a sight of that hot little bitch I’m going to let my class go fifteen minutes early so I can go and masturbate in the ladies. My vagina will have its revenge on Professor Donald Manzarek…

But there she is. God. No wonder I’m getting obsessed. Everyone in the whole busy corridor is checking her out, even the women. She is stunning. She’s got every reason for being super confident. Some people like tits. Some people like ass. I like legs. This little bitch has the perfect legs. Legs to die for. She has on a short, frighteningly short, reddish tartan skirt on, but the real highlight here is her stockings. She has black woollen stockings midway up her thighs. There has to be four inches of thigh on show between the tops of the stockings and her skirt. I’m getting wet just looking at that exposed flesh. The Lord knows she always looks breath taking, but I swear she’s never looked this good before. Never.

She’s got a black t-shirt with the Rolling Stones lips logo on it. The shirt is so tight it could have been painted on. She is probably a B-cup, but they suit her figure perfectly. Her hair is down to her shoulders, a deep chemical red. A black, snakeskin Prada bag hanging off her left shoulder says, I know I look like a cheap slut, but I have more money and more class and more fun than you will ever have.

Rock chick’s face is so beautiful it’s not even fair. Her bright blue eyes are hard but still feminine, cat-like. Her skin is tanned to a lovely olive. She’s delicious. Top to toe. I would die to fuck this girl. I want this girl’s body so badly my cunt hurts. Her chin is up, high and proud. Out of reach. As she’s striding into 18 she hesitates. Is she looking at me? My pulse quickens. Is rock chick checking out my tits? Her eyes come back up to mine, and for a second I feel like a gazelle being stared down by a cheetah. She goes into the room….

For the next sixty minutes I am sat in front of thirty-odd bored students, trying to summon up the courage to approach rock chick when she comes out of her lecture….

Shit. She’s walking off. I’m staring at rock chick’s monumental rear end as she walks away down the corridor. God I want to lick her little pussy. As she turns to go through the double doors to the stairwell she looks round and sees me. God, she’s pretty. She flashes me a look so filthy I’m wetting my panties. She wants me? She’s either bi or gay or on drugs or I don’t give a shit. Its game-on as the door swings shut behind her. She wants to be chased? Fine. I’ll catch her. Then I’ll lick her sweet cunt till she loves me….

Did she go up or down? I hear the door swing shut upstairs and I’m on my way. I’m through into the fourth floor corridor just in time to see her vanish through the doors at the other end. This is getting sillier and sillier, but there’s snatch at the end of the rainbow and I want it. I run head down along the corridor. I run head down along the corridor and straight into a student. We both go flying. Fuck….

Better still, türkçe bahis its one of my students. Just to put the cherry on the top of the cake its one of the good looking, heterosexual ones. I’ve masturbated about Alyson Richards a few times; with that pink vibrator that my mother thought was some kind of novelty biro when she found it on my dresser. This fact serves to make me blush even deeper as I stoop to help Alyson pick up her notes. Which are all over the floor.

“Are you ok Miss Waites?”

“Never mind me Alyson, I’m so sorry. Are you ok?”

“Oh I’m fine, I’m alright thank you.”

“Well that’s good. I should have looked where I was going. Is that all of them-?” I’m turning to go after that little bitch so I can find out how many of my fingers I can fit in her vagina.

“Actually, Miss Waites, its lucky I ran into you, or you ran into me! Hahahaha” HAHAHAHAHA! I want to bury a tomahawk in her head and throw her off a cliff like that bloke in “Last Of The Mohicans”

“I called at your office earlier on but you weren’t there. I could really do with some help with my protein and carbohydrate diet balance” I could be sliding my fingers in and out of rock chick’s rectum now. But I’m not. I’m stuck with Alyson Richards, who is almost as gorgeous, but straight (I’ve seen her with her slimy boyfriend in the car park.) She’s good looking and fit as fuck though. Fiddling with my genitals whilst thinking about Alyson might at least end up being some consolation, but I might still catch up with that other little bitch. I want to catch her and molest her until she squeals for daddy, I don’t want to spend ages telling Alyson why she needs less pasta and more bananas if she wants to beat her time over a hundred meters.

“I’m a tiny bit busy just now Alyson-“

“Could you please just spare me a few seconds, I really want to get this wrapped up today, it will only take a couple of minutes, really” She’s pleading, and motioning for me to follow her into an empty room. She’s got her folder out. Alyson is going to get an F for her next essay. I don’t care how big her tits are. I close the door behind me. Alyson’s fumbling with her notes.

“This is my chart. But I saw some other peoples’ and mine’s not right.” I move in to look at her chart, “Its really just a matter of balancing the protein and carbohydrates with other nutrients so that the levels in your system stay fairly constant-” I stop talking because Alyson is stood right up next to me and she’s pressing her tits against my side. Hard. As I’m absorbing this piece of information Alyson puts her hand on my ass. She ever so gently cups my ass cheek. Then she leans in and kisses my bare shoulder. Again, really gently.

There’s a shitload of people walking in the corridor outside the room. It takes all of two seconds for me to glance around and verify that no other student or bystander could have seen any of the things that Alyson’s just done. Then I say, quietly, but firmly, and without looking at her:

“Put your stuff back in your bag and we’ll go to the toilets”….

I’m following Alyson. We’re going down a level to the ladies on third floor. She is pretty. Like I said, I’ve masturbated about her. Her face is a bit like Shannon Doherty’s, except with far less make up and a wider jaw which actually make her prettier than Shannon Doherty. Her hair is lovely shade between blonde and brown, honey blond I think one should call it. It’s tied in a ponytail, which from behind reminds me of J-lo. She probably weighs one-thirty and she’s about five nine. She has fantastic breasts and a great rear güvenilir bahis siteleri end, which her tight jeans emphasise. Alyson’s not quite as obscenely, drop-dead gorgeous as rock chick, but its close, it has to be said; she’s a good-looking girl. If I hadn’t been so sure she was straight I might have obsessed about Alyson….

I get the cubicle door shut and we’re tight up against each other. She’s lovely and firm and I’m clinging on to her hard. We’re kissing really deep, fuck-me it feels good. This is going to be hard, fast, aggressive, back scratchy sex. I have to get that shirt off her. She’s wearing a lacy black bra, which makes her tits look enormous. I pull the straps off her shoulders and they’re out and they’re beautiful. They’re perfect. I squeeze them really hard and we’re kissing again and this is fantastic. This utterly fantastic and I feel like Zena or something. I let her push me back up against the partition and she’s groping me so hard that it hurts and I’m soaking down there. I’m sucking on her tits like my life depends on it. She’s fumbling with my zip. She’s got her hand inside my knickers and she’s rubbing my cunt. We’re kissing hard. This is totally marvellous, the kind of thing you dream about. I don’t want to come just yet. Gotta wait….

Alyson puts two fingers into my cunt and I nearly scream out, I nearly bite her lips off and she’s trying not to laugh. She shoves them deep inside me. Her hand on my ass pushes me against those fingers and I’m going to come really soon and I feel light-headed. My tongues as far down her throat as I can manage and I’m grabbing her ass and the rhythm is pulsing through our bodies. Only women can multi-task like this. I could, scream, but Alyson’s mouth is clamped on mine.

Her fingers are in again and again and again, harder and deeper every time and I’m sinking into the climax as she presses me hard up against the partition

I’m coming. I have to stop myself screaming and just I’m about to faint I get some air in and I’m ok. It’s the best orgasm I have had in my life and it’s pulsing through me. My whole body is tensed and shuddering as it washes over me and this is bliss. OOOOH GOD This is bliss, this is what life’s about, she’s lovely, she’s gorgeous, she’s wonderful…

We’re kissing gently, tenderly now. She’s a sweet girl. Its so relaxing being intimate like this after what we just did. She’s special. No doubt about it.

“I wanted you since I started last year”

“You waited till now” I’m only joking with her. She smiles.

“I was scared. I didn’t even know you liked women until I saw you getting into a cab with Debbie on the weekend.” I kiss her lips. She’s special.

“You were fantastic.”

“You mean it?”

“Yes” This time she kisses me.

“Maybe we could see each other again.” She looks nervous, poor girl. She doesn’t need to worry about a thing.

“I’d love to.” The look on her face nearly melts my heart, “Alyson, could you meet me outside Brannigan’s later on, eight say? We could go back to mine, have dinner and maybe get a video”

“Yeah. I can’t wait. You mean it though right? You want to carry this on?”

“Yes” Alyson kisses me so slowly, so gently that I want adopt her. That would make it incest though. Silly thought. Then I kiss her.

Alyson had to go. She was ten minutes late for another class. If I’m honest, I can’t wait for later on. I’m not going to get anything done for the rest of the day. I’ll be thinking about my new girlfriend.

I spend a couple of minutes trying to sort out my ruffled appearance, and then I give up. I walk out of the toilet. Just as I’m about to head down the stairs, I hear the toilet door swing open and shut again behind me. Rock chick strides out of the toilet, through the double doors and into the corridor. She doesn’t look at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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