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Squinting into the brilliant yellow glare of the sun filtering through my cars dusty windshield I pulled in to the dirt parking lot by the river and stopped. The car hissed and popped hot fluids gurgling. I stepped out and looked around. The camp site in front of me looked big. I walked up a slight slope to the picnic table past a large fir tree dripping sap in long sticky strings from numerous wounds. I saw the fire pit with a grate, it seemed a long ways off from the table. Several areas looked flat and level good tent spots.

Ferns covered the forest floor beyond the cleared camp in a knee high sea of green getting swallowed up by small stands of hemlock and salmon berry all in the shadows of the towering Douglas firs and Cedars that marched off up the mountain side by the churning river. I unpacked my supplies, swatting flies and continuously wiping sweat from my eyes.

Setting up my small green and gray tent on the most level spot I made up my bed and sat back to smoke. Sitting on the picnic table by my lantern and cooler I saw that the old wood table had carvings covering it almost entirely. Some were old enough to have moss growing in them and some were fresh and knew. Names and initials left there by faceless campers over years. It makes me wonder what those people were doing when they were here, why they scrawled there initials here for posterity, or to commemorate something, or just out of boredom and a pocket knife.

I got up and wandered off through the jagged green ferns on a narrow path, one of many that crossed and crossed again up and down the side of the river. Walking upstream I watched the huge dark trunks of the coniferous trees pass by, looking up through the lace of tree limbs at the blue sky from the shade bellow. The trail weaved through the old trees and virtually disappeared into a wall of thick green vegetation.

I ducked and weaved through, climbing over a large fallen alder tree and closing my eyes against the swarm of black gnats buzzing on the other side as I jumped down. I found the river eventually and sat on a mossy rock near a stand of small weed choked alders and smoked. The wind coming down the valley over the river was a cool and crisp, refreshing in the heat of the evening sun.

I found my way back on a different trail and set out back to civilization to call my girlfriend and show her the way to our campsite.

We met in the parking lot under a street light. I was waiting for her in my car, to show her the way. Hurtling down the long winding road in the dark under the trees, I was eager to get there and spend some time with her. I could see her head lights behind me, my beautiful girl coming to spend the night in the woods with me. A fork in the road led us down a dirt track to a small campground by a river. We pulled in and the night forest went black as our headlights flickered off.

In the dark illegal bahis I produced a small flash light and taking my girls hand I led her up to my camp sight. Lighting a propane lantern threw the woods into sharp contrast. We looked around the camp. I built a quick fire always trailing my hand around my honey’s waist, trailing my lips across her cheek. We sat together on the much carved picnic table and smoked, and talked.

Although We hadn’t seen each other in some time it felt as if we were never apart, chatting and laughing and smoking in the forest. She smiled and blushed seeing me staring at her. I couldn’t help myself. She was so beautiful, so sensual I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I held her close, kissing her and feeling her against me. Standing near under the dark trees in the lantern light I put my arm around her waist and leaned down to kiss her cheek and neck, the corner of her mouth. I felt her hand on my leg as she turned into the kiss opening her mouth. Soft lips pressed mine and small eager hands stroked my thigh, bumping so slightly my fast growing erection.

I squeezed her side, moving my hand up and down to cradle her pert round ass. I throbbed tight in my pants under her caress. My hand slid down and around to touch her thigh, fingers sliding up under the leg of her shorts. I felt her heat, and then her wetness as I slipped my finger around her underwear and down to rub against her pulsing clitoris.

Biting my neck as I kissed her ear I slid my finger into her tight folds, she gasped and rubbed against my pulsating hard on. “I want you so bad!” I whispered in her ear breathlessly.

Looking up at me with the most beautiful intense eyes “God!” gripping my shirt and thumping her hands against my chest. “I want you too!”

Staring into her eyes and losing my breath again I said “you wanna come see my tent?” nodding towards the little tent in the shadows past the fire.

“Yeah.” She breathed her body against mine eyes locked together. We walked hand in hand to the little tent and I unzipped the door and let her in. Leaving our shoes outside we sat on the small bedroll I had lain out diagonally in the rectangular tent. She lied back as I moved towards her kissing her eagerly our bodies seemed to conform as one, almost.

Biting my neck she ran her hands up under my shirt to caress my chest and around my side. I felt her fingers on my stomach as I breathed on her neck and shoulder, nibbling at an earlobe. Fumbling behind her back for the little hook on her bra we both laughed, but the passion overtook the moment of mirth quickly and soon enough our clothing lay in a heap somewhere and I kneeled over her naked, admiring her beautiful curves and smooth skin.

I sat back for a minute taking it in. My cock hard and pulsing, nearly ready to orgasm just from the anticipation of the sensual creature before me! Then illegal bahis siteleri leaning forward I ran my hands up her silky smooth legs and thighs as I crawled up her body, feeling her with against my cheek I stopped to suck on her hard nipple and felt her tender perky breasts with my hands and mouth. Her neck arched against my lips and her lips parted for mine as I slid up to her height, my hard cock rubbing up against her steaming throbbing clitoris. I moved my hips and the head of my raging hard on slid into her wet silky folds, tight flesh stretching around my rigid shaft.

We moaned and arched our backs seemingly as one eyes and mouths locked together. Breaking away to breath I pumped my full length into her tight wetness, groaning in pleasure as I thrust inside her she pulsed around me so tight I had to slow myself or ejaculate right away!

I felt her hips and breasts, sliding my hand down I squeezed her perfect ass slowly pumping deep inside her, I felt her mouth sucking at my neck, biting at my lips, I looked into her gorgeous eyes so filled with pleasure and without control I exploded! My hot cum filled her as we bucked and writhed together twitching to a slow stop We lay together panting. Brushing the hair from her eyes I stared deep into those bright soulful orbs, gyrating slowly as the last of my orgasm trickled out inside her.

Sweating and sticky we lay together kissing. As we moved apart to get up and smoke I slid out of her so tight little box and the pressure made me start to get hard again. I watched as she used a small hand towel to catch the gush of my semen it spilled out of her. It turned me on watching her clean my cum up, soon I was hard again. She saw me staring and said “What?” giving me that sideways glance and smiling. “Let’s go smoke.” She said.

“Okay.” I agreed and we got dressed together. Outside in the dark forest it was starting to get chilly. We smoked. We talked. We kissed. Standing by the picnic table I looked down into her up turned face as I put my arm around her waist. I kissed her cheek and felt her hips bump mine. She turned her head to kiss me and her hands slid around my waist.

Our bodies pressed together half turned, she felt my erection through my jeans while I felt her supple smooth ass, running my hands inside her shorts to feel her smooth skin. I felt her fingers tracing up the length of my hard cock through the heavy material, then at the top I felt the shock of pleasure as she caressed the tingling, throbbing head. I squeezed her firm round cheek and slid my fingers down between them to rub gently at her tight ass. My other hand found its way down the front of her shorts and slowly traced circles around her dripping wet clit.

I slowly worked at her with both hands, stooped over her biting at her neck and sucking at her earlobe while she moaned and squeezed me tight pumping my hard canlı bahis siteleri cock and stroking my neck. She bit my neck as my fingers slowly worked into her, my cock was ready to burst in her embrace as she moaned and quivered sensually writhing in my arms, around my fingers.

She was incredibly wet and incredibly tight, incredibly sexy. The need in her eyes as she looked up to mine nearly melted my mind. I almost picked her up and ran into the tent. I wanted to. We looked around, my pants were pulled down, I was fully exposed in her hands, and her shorts were pulled down low too. I wondered if anyone was watching. Smiling between moans of pleasure I said “Wanna go back to the tent?”

“Yeah!” she moaned against my neck. We pulled away slowly, and made our way to the tent in each others arms. Clothes peeled off as we lay down on the sleeping bag. I leaned over her, our tongues wrestling and hands exploring soft flesh. I cradled her smooth firm ass in my hand as I lifted her thigh slightly and the pulsing head of my raging hard on slipped into her tight wet folds. We gasped as one, she biting and sucking my neck and chest as I worked my hand around her supple thigh to rub at her tight ass.

I felt her shake and twitch as I slammed into her harder and faster, my cock and my finger in a rhythm pumping into her. She gripped the sleeping back tight and I saw her muscles straining as she moaned choked gasps of pleasure. I increased the tempo, her tightness throbbing around me ecstatically. Hard nipples tasted so sweet in my mouth and soft warm skin beneath me felt like heaven on earth as we writhed together.

I felt that familiar tingling as my hard flesh filled her deeper and faster and in a frenzy I exploded inside her, hot sticky cum gushing into her still quivering pulsing vagina. I groaned and arched my back body going rigid as I filled her with hot semen. I looked down into her beautiful lustful eyes and smiled relaxing down onto her to embrace her. I kissed her neck and held her in my arms and we lay there sweaty and panting.

Moving under the cover of my sleeping bag we fell asleep. I woke up to a dream of a soft kiss, and looking around in the dark. I groggily realized that it my baby wasn’t next to me. I got up and looked out the tent door. There were her headlights in the dark, pulling out. I knew she had to leave early. I threw on my pants and a shirt but it was too late to catch her. She was driving away. Sitting alone in the dark I smoked and got a drink. Then I went back to bed to dream about my beautiful sexy girlfriend that I barely get to see lately.

I woke up in the morning to some half formed dream of pleasure, my hard on throbbing and the smell of sex and sweat hanging in the still air. I got up and got dressed. Sitting on the picnic table I picked a good unmarked spot and began to carve out my initials in the hard old plank. I scrawled my initials and her initials inside a small heart there with my little pocket knife amid all the other etchings and I wondered if those other peoples initials and names had stories to go with them that were as good as mine. I doubt it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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