Camping Trip

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“How about we go away for the weekend?” I ask, “I know of a cabin we can use, it would be fun, just the two of us secluded away from the rest of the world.”

The cabin I am referring to is a little on the rustic side, it doesn’t have any modern conveniences, no electricity, no bathroom except the outhouse. So we would have to bring everything we need and cook on the campfire. It is placed back off the road in the woods, nobody even knows it is there and a trout streams runs by at the bottom of the hill, just your kind of place. You tell me that it sounds like fun and that I should go ahead and make the arrangements.

I set things up for a couple of weeks from now. We are both excited about a weekend away from civilization and all the fun we could have.

Finally the weekend arrives and we pack up the truck with everything we will need. We are all set to go and head out for the hour drive with you behind the wheel. Once we are out of town I slide over close to you to cuddle up and run my fingernails across the fabric of your jeans where your most prized possession rests between your legs. “Mmmmmmmmmmm,” I hear pass through your lips as your cock starts to get hard with my touch. I move my hands to undo the button on your jeans, and unzip the zipper, wanting to feel your naked cock in my bare hands.

Now that I have started something you want to set your cock free. You ask me to hold the steering wheel while you make a few necessary adjustments so that I can play while you drive. This just happens to be one of your favorite ways to pass the time while driving and we just haven’t had the opportunity lately. I know just how excited you are over this because I can see the pre-cum already. Now that you are all situated and hanging it all out there for me, you take over the wheel again, as you anticipate what’s about to come.

I scoot back over just a little bit to get comfortable as I lean over and run my tongue across the top of the head on your cock, tasting that wonderful pre-cum. I swirl my tongue around the head, licking up and over the slit, “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” is the response I get as more pre-cum makes an appearance. I quickly lick it up and make it disappear before sliding the head between my lips, past my teeth and deep into my mouth. You feel a such a hard sucking on your cock that it almost causes you to lift your ass off the seat trying to fuck my mouth. I continue to tease, sucking and licking, making you want more. I wrap my hand around your cock and move it with the motion of my mouth as I slide it up and down your shaft. I move my hand to caress your balls, reaching one finger down to rub against your asshole.

I hear a horn blast and look up to see a semi drive by and the driver is giving you a thumbs up, he knows how lucky you are. I continue to run my hands over your cock, but now it is time to get down to some serious business here. I pull your cock into my mouth sucking hard, wanting you to cum. You have the most incredible stamina and can hold off cumming for a long time. Only it has been so long since we have done this, you are so excited and can’t hold out too long as I work my mouth furiously over your cock. Soon you erupt in my mouth with many squirts of your precious cum. MMMMMmmmmmmm I swallow every last drop. As I look up at you, you see me licking my lips with a coy smile and point to the trucker who is still right next to us. You tell me that he has been sneaking peaks the whole time.

I sit back and look up at the trucker and smile and give him a wink as I continue to lightly massage your still hard cock. I suggest pulling off at the rest stop just up the road. You like this idea illegal bahis and signal the driver that you want to move into that lane. He slows down a bit to let you in front of him. We pull off at the rest stop with the trucker pulling in right behind us. I get out and head for the bathroom as you put things away.

When I get back you are standing there talking to the trucker. You tell me that he really enjoyed the show.

“You really brightened my drive woman”, he tells me, “It can be long and boring driving these roads all the time. When I looked down and saw your head in his lap sucking his cock I was hard in an instant. I’ve seen a lot of stuff driving but that had to be the hottest thing I have ever seen.”

“I am glad you liked the show,” I tell the trucker as I wink at you as if to say just watch this. “If you think that was hot, maybe the three of us could jump up into your sleeper over there and we could give you another show. That is if you are up for it and have the time.”

His eyes are about to pop out of his head as he picks up his jaw and says, “Sure.”

We all walk over to the truck and climb into the cab. Once in the cab we move into the sleeper compartment where I start things off with a hot kiss to you. Kissing you deep and hard with lots of tongue as I run my hands over your crotch. I am completely ignoring the trucker at this point, I want to drive him wild. I start to undo your jeans as they are getting a little tight on you, besides I want to taste you. As I free your cock from your jeans you remove your shirt, just so it won’t get in the way.

I peek over at the trucker and see a noticeable bulge in his jeans too, but he is just watching us with his eyes glued to the scene. It is like he can’t believe what is happening. Now I move into a position that allows you to help me remove my clothes.

Once my clothes are gone we continue to ignore our viewer and move into a classic 69, my mouth on your cock and your tongue deep at work in my pussy. I spread your legs wide so he can see your cock slide in and out of my mouth. He can also see your tight asshole as I slide my finger in and start moving it in and out. At this you start to buck against my face wanting something more. I look up at our friend and notice he couldn’t hold out anymore. He has pulled out his cock and is now stroking it as he watches.

This is what I was waiting for. I move off of you and make my way over to him, where I replace his hands with mine and move his cock to my mouth. I suck and play with him for a couple of minutes before he reaches down to play with my nipples, pinching and squeezing. You move over behind, running you hands over my ass, slipping a couple of fingers in my pussy. I moan around the trucker’s cock as I push back against your hand wanting more. You take your fingers out of my pussy look at the trucker and lick my juices off of your fingers.

Next you slide your cock into my pussy deep and hard, pushing me up against the trucker as I suck his cock. You fuck me hard and furious for a couple of minutes and then pull back to get my juices on your hands so you get lubricate my asshole with it. Now I can feel your cock pressing against my tight hole wanting entrance. I press back against you allowing the trucker’s cock to slip from my mouth. You are now buried deep in my ass and start to move, fucking me good. Once I am nicely loosened up you pull out and move away from me.

I tell the trucker to lie down on his back and I mount his rock hard shaft, taking him deep in one smooth motion. Immediately he is thrusting his hips up to meet mine, soon he finds a good rhythm. I get him to slow down as illegal bahis siteleri you reach over to rub my back and slide a finger in my ass. I lean over onto his chest to give you better access. You move around behind me and slowly slide your cock into my ass again.

I am so full of cock. I have never been this full before and it feels wonderful. I can feel the heads of both cocks as they rub against each other inside of me. Soon you both start to move and work at finding a rhythm that works for both of you, making me feel sensations I had only dreamed about before. It is only a matter of a couple of minutes when I feel him make a final thrust and cums deep in my pussy. You can feel his cock pulsate as he empties his load, which send you over the edge and you cum as my orgasm engulfs his cock. We spend a few minutes lying there, just enjoying the sensations as we catch our breath.

The cabin waits and we must be on our way. We separate from each other and get dressed once again. Once outside of the truck we say our good-byes and head our separate ways, never to see him again. We stop in the restrooms to clean up and then head back out on the road. I slide close to you on the seat, wanting to feel your arm around me as you drive. I reach up and pull your face to mine, kiss you and simply say thank you.

It is getting close to dark when we finally get to the cabin. We quickly unload and head off to bed for the night. We are both tired and content to just lay in each others arms for this night.

Early the next morning you are up and about letting me sleep in a little but all you can think about is yesterday afternoon. This is just making you horny so you crawl back into bed by sneaking up under the covers from the foot of the bed and start licking my pussy. Without conscious thought I spread my legs wide and you quickly take up the invitation and bury your tongue deep. This brings me to full wakefulness, at which point I grab the sides of your head and pull it tight into my pussy. I can feel your beard rubbing against my thighs as you work my clit, bringing me to my first orgasm of the day. My pussy clenches tight with the intensity as I cum for you.

As I start to relax you move up and kiss me allowing me to taste myself on your lips and tongue. I kiss you back hard, pulling your tongue into my mouth. Wanting more I raise my hips, pushing against your erection to encourage you to place your cock inside my pussy. What do you know it works, I can feel the head of your cock pushing at the entrance to my pussy. Sliding slowly to maximum depth as you look into my eyes, seeing the passion overtake me again as I start to move against you. I grind my clit against your pubic bone wanting to feel you deep.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh,” you moan,”that hits the spot!” You can’t hold back any longer so you ride me as if you were a jackhammer making me clench tight on your cock as my orgasm explodes around you only moments before you empty your load in my warm, wet pussy.

We lay together panting and sweating from our exertions, feeling as if there is no one else in the world but the two of us.

After awhile we get up to get breakfast and feed the appetite we have built up. Breakfast is simple fare just some fruit and cereal, we just didn’t want to go out and build a fire.

Once breakfast is out of the way we go and get dressed and decide to see if we can find the creek. We start out walking hand in hand down the well worn path that we find. The late morning sunshine feels great as we walk and soon we can hear the gentle sound of rushing water. As we walk to the end of the trees we see the creek, and it canlı bahis siteleri looks so nice, clean and inviting. We turn and look at each other, grin and start to remove our clothes to play in the creek, all without saying a word.

The water is just a bit chilly as we walk into the creek. I splash some water at you, only to have you splash me back. My nipples get hard instantly upon the touch of the cold water, hard as two pebbles. You reach out for me to pull me close for a kiss, rolling one nipple in your fingers as you run your tongue over my lips.

I reach down with one hand to run my hand up and over your semi-hard cock, down and around your balls so nice and tight from the cold water.

I pull back from you “That’s enough play for now. Let’s wash up and continue our walk,” I suggest. You agree and we finish washing and get dressed and continue our walk along the path.

It is such a beautiful day as we walk hand in hand. The woods are quiet as we go, the only things to be hear are the birds singing and a few animals as they scurry away.

It is getting to be late afternoon so we decide to head back to the cabin for a lunch of sandwiches and possibly each other.

Once back at the cabin we have our sandwiches and decide to spend the rest of the afternoon in bed. As we lay in bed we just cuddle and enjoy our time just being with each other. But soon as always happens with the two of us, we start to caress and rub each other in all the special places and our hunger for each other takes over.

You are kissing my neck and along my shoulder as you run your hand over my breasts, down my stomach and through my pubic hair until you reach my clit. I press my clit up and into your hand wanting to feel your fingers inside of me. I reach down and push your hand with mine closer to my pussy pushing your fingers inside of my pussy with mine. As I pull my hand back I wrap it around your cock feel you get harder as I do. I grip you firmly and stroke your cock slowly up and down, up and down, then I reach down and cup your balls in my hand, squeezing gently. You moan as you press your cock harder into my hand wanting more.

You kiss my lips as you move your body over mine wanting to feel my pussy wrapped around your cock. You take a moment and rest the head of your cock against the opening of my pussy, teasing me until I raise my hips up to meet yours and take your cock into my pussy. You can’t stand it anymore either and in one smooth motion bury your cock as deep as it will go. In just a matter of a moment or two we are thrusting against each other hard and fast wanting more from each other. You want to make it last longer so you pull back and take a breather or you will be cumming fast and hard.

You roll over onto your side and just run your hands all over my body, over my face, across my breasts, down my stomach, up one side and down the other, massaging my inner thighs. You position yourself so that you can lick my pussy, wanting to taste my juices. Slowly you move your tongue along the outside of my vaginal lips, flicking it over my clit before diving into my pussy lapping up the juices.

When you have had your fill you roll me over onto my stomach and enter my pussy from behind. Just your cock entering sends me over the edge and my pussy grips your cock tight as it explodes with an orgasm. Feeling my pussy pulsate around your cock causes you to thrust hard, fast and deep until leave your cum deep in my pussy.

“Wow that was awesome,” you say as we cuddle up together for the night in each others arms.

The next morning we both sleep late until we just wake up on our own still feeling satisfied from the night before. We get up slowly and start moving around, it is time to pack up and head home. The weekend is almost over and we have to get back to civilization, but we certainly made some memories that we can relive back home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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