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Complacency had crept into our lives, the sex was good, but it never moved into that realm where we are so satiated that the afterglow lasts for days, you know the kind, everyone wants to know what you changed, and everyone adores you because you are spewing pheromones from the glow, and all you can do is smile and tell them nothing changed.

You knew that I loved watching porn, I always gravitated toward the “real” sites that featured amateurs because those perfect body porn stars just didn’t keep the voyeur in me from becoming bored and restless because they seemed, well too fake.

In my search of something to quell the restlessness I came across one of those group webcam chat sites and wandered in for a free trial.

I’m not talking about those $2.99 a minute after the tease draws you in type sites, what I found was real people, all on webcams watching and chatting, and then suddenly I’m staring at a gorgeous pair of breasts on the screen with a pair of hands gently caressing the nipples, plucking, twisting, gliding over the tops oh so gently as they grow into two hard excited nubs of quivering pleasure as the room fuels her passion by telling her what it is doing to them.

I stayed and signed up, and was not so restless anymore, how could I have missed this all along?

You had made a decision that one day that it might be fun to join me and see what all the fuss was about on my new found voyeuristic website. You always had enjoyed watching Porn with me and felt that all couples should indulge to better know exactly what turns on their partner.

Without telling me, you decided that you were going to run out and buy me a webcam to allow me to join in the groups by allowing others to see me.

Walking into the shak, looking at all the cameras and the sales man explaining all the features to you and asking what you want to accomplish with it and that telltale flush is showing all the way down to your nipples, and your clit is throbbing with excitement, and demanding attention!

The embarrassment was almost as strong as the excitement, you knew what you had planned for hubby, and seeing that look on the salesman’s face, OMG…. You are positive that the salesman knew that grandma was not going to get any pictures from this baby!

You rush back to your car with your new toy, your heart is racing as you enter and sit down the package grazes across one of your nipples which sends a lightning bolt of excitement straight to your clit which makes you gasp and moan out “Mmmmm Ohhh god” as you realize your nipples are on fire, standing straight up and quivering for attention.

A low moan escapes your lips as you lightly run a fingertip over one and gently grab it and twist it back and fourth, pulling it from your body “ummmmm Ohhhhhh Mmmmmmm” and your eyes begin to glaze over as the flush on your chest creeps higher.

As you squeeze your legs together you can feel your wetness seeping through your panties and never even realize that as you lightly twist a nipple, the other hand has found its way to your overheated sex and is sliding over your turgid clitoris before dipping into your hot box, suddenly a massive Orgasm overtakes your body, causing you to squeal out a sharp orgasm right there sitting in your car. When the orgasm has subsided, you embarrassingly look around to see if anyone had noticed, the coast looks clear and you breathe as sigh of relief as you start the car and head home.

I am surprised at my new toy as you present it to me and wonder if deep down, you were secretly excited about this whole new world, I knew you had some voyeuristic tendencies but we had little clue as to just how fast and completely this new forum might swallow us up

Had I known then what was in store for me, I might have tried to get some rest before we logged in the first time, because there was no way to realize just how little sleep we would be getting in the very near future.

I set up my new toy and logged in and was searching for a room that looked like fun with you at my side, we wandered into several rooms, chatting and watching and pervin all the nudity on screen at each different forum we entered. I had thought it was strange that you seemed so turned on right now, because in the past, you had never shared my passion for viewing Porn, but seeing your breath quicken as the flush on your chest turned deeper red and was only matched by how rock hard your nipples had gotten told me that your passion for reading porn, where you let your mind fill in the blanks as you read was only a hobby.

I had wandered into a couples room and with you sitting beside me, you were out of camera range and could not be seen at all, as I chatted with some of the couples in there, it became apparent they were playing “Truth or Dare” and it was starting to get extremely interesting with a few couples egging each other on to be bolder.

Suddenly as I was sitting there, the room started cheering on someone, it seemed that everyone, both male and female was either rooting someone on, or laughing at illegal bahis some unseen joke when I realized it was my id they were egging on, you were gone from my side and as I turned more I find you behind me with the twins pulled out over the top of your brassiere as you twist each nipple between your thumb and forefinger before lightly flicking your finger over the hardened, very excited nubs of pleasure.

My jaw dropped almost as fast as my cock hardened and tented my pants, seeing you there with a look of pure lust on your face as you pleasured your nipples and stared at all the cameras on screen as they got moved to show you just how turned on you were making everyone in the room. Dozens of cocks on camera, all hard and getting stroked as there special way of showing you just how much they liked your performance.

I could not believe how hot I was, my pussy was so wet I was actually showing through my undies and shorts! Here I was with my breasts pulled out showing them to a bunch of strangers as I pleasured myself, and OMFG the entire room had joined me! All those hard cocks on the screen, strange men stroking themselves, and other gals joining in, couples having sex right in front of everyone, OMG what had I started.

I put my breasts back in my bra, and was amazed at just how hard my nipples were, they were standing straight out and throbbing, and more than usual they both seemed connected directly to my clit, I had almost cum just playing with my nipples, and I needed to sit down before my knees buckled. I sat by your side and saw how hard your cock was and instinctively reached over to stroke you through your pants as we watched the screen and answered messages addressed to us.

The room was alive, your cock was so hard and throbbing in my hand as I tenderly stroked up and down as you typed to our new found friends on the screen. Before I knew it your hand had pushed aside my sopping wet shorts and slipped 2 fingers to the hilt into my streaming pussy and as your thumb gently circled my clit my eyes glazed over and I immediately yelped out a sharp orgasm as my pussy clamped down on your fingers as they thrust in and out gently.

As I shuddered through my orgasm, my foggy brain thought it heard you tell me you were going to cum in my ass or my mouth and that it would be my choice tonight and that because being on camera obviously turned me on we were going to leave the camera on for all to watch.

OMG, my brain was screaming “Nooooo… not in front of everyone!” as another huge orgasm overtook my body, OMFG I had never cum this hard, I thought I was going to break your fingers as my pussy clamped down and started convulsing as my eyes rolled back in my head and a low guttural moan escaped my lips and I could feel the flush on my chest grow down toward my breasts making them warm and my nipples were on fire! Oohhhhh God….Oooooooooo.

I could feel my clothes leaving my body as you removed them and let your lips trace over each new area that you were exposing, first my neck, nibbling and licking, moving to my earlobe to nibble as you removed my bra, cupping my breasts from behind and gently twisting my nipples between your thumb and forefinger as you squeezed then together and raising them up toward the camera for everyone to see.

Ohhhh god it feels so good, my nipples are on fire, they are harder than I have ever felt them and every time you caress them my clit jumps in tune to your fingers. My hands are drawn behind me as you make me stand to remove my shorts and panties, as you remove my clothes, I can feel the cool air hit my overheated pussy and it makes my already turgid clit stand up and beg for attention.

As I step out of my clothes, you raise my hands toward the middle of my back, pressing me forward to bend me over the desk right in front of the monitor and camera. As my ample breasts touch the cool desktop a low moan escapes my lips as my nipples drag across the cool surface as the hand holding my arms leaves to gathers up my hair and pulls back forcing me to look directly at the camera.

Ohhh god, I can feel my juices running down my leg as your fingers probe my pussy from behind, first two fingers enter me and start to caress my G-spot as my mouth opens to protest but I can only utter a groan of pure pleasure as your fingers do their magic and I feel myself rapidly climbing up toward another orgasm, Ummmmm…Oooohhhhhhhh….My mind is racing, so many people can see me, and your fingers are rubbing my G-spot just right, I try to stop from the cum from building, holding back as your relentless fingers stroke my fiery pussy and my heart beats faster and faster as the orgasm builds stronger and stronger.

As soon as I think I have the upper hand and can deny you your prize, I feel a cool sensation on my clit and realize you have a vibrator ready to use and then the vibrator turns on and begins it’s heavenly throbbing as I scream out as the added sensations push me over the edge into a toe curling screaming orgasm from my clit and my G-spot at the same time. OMG Aaaaiiieeeee…..My illegal bahis siteleri face is beat red, and I can hardly breath as you continue to pound your fingers in and out of my pussy as I wail out multiple orgasms that blend together and don’t seem like they will ever stop!

The world comes back into focus as I feel your soft stroking of my hair as you lean over me whispering in my ear asking if I liked that. I raise my head and see the screen is filled with men and women, all of them masturbating or fucking on camera, and then you tell me it is my fault, the entire room cannot contain themselves at seeing, and hearing such an explosive orgasm. Oh god I have never cum like that before, I never knew it could be that intense, and as I lay there over my desk I feel you behind me starting to spread my lips open with the head of your hard cock, running it up and down my labia and gently over the top of my clit as I squirm against the desk. Suddenly your cock spreads me and begins its relentless plunge into my hot depths, accompanied with a groan as you feel my hot tight pussy devour your cock as it enters. Mmmm OOooooooooo Ummmmmmmmmm.

You bottom out and begin stroking your hard cock into me and as you plunge in and out of me, your pelvis is slapping against my ass causing my nipples to drag back and fourth across the desk surface, and each time you withdraw from me, my pussy grips you tightly trying to stop you from leaving. I gaze at the monitor, and Ohhh God, Everybody has joined in, messages are streaming across the screen, telling us how we look, and how hot she is when she cums! I can feel a huge orgasm building already, my toes are curled up tight and just as I start to climb up toward the plateau, I feel your hard cock leaving me…Groaning Noooo baby please! Don’t stop! FUCK ME!

I hear a small chuckle from you as I feel a cool sensation against the opening of my hot pussy as the head of my new rabbit vibrator that you bought me recently is inserted and sinks deeper as you slowly insert it fully into me as I moan at the way it stretches me and probes deeper than I am used to.

As the rabbit vibe starts humming, and those delicious beads start to rub the inner walls of my vagina, I feel your hot cock being run up and down my ass again, this time stopping at my anus where it begins pushing into my ass stretching me as I groan out loud at being filled so much. The sensations are overwhelming as your hard cock pushes deeper and deeper into my ass, I can feel you pushing against the rabbit through the thin wall separating my two orifices and I have never felt so full in my life, I am stretched to the limit! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh….So full…….

As I feel you bottom out in my ass, the rabbit vibe starts to churn its tip back and fourth as the speed is increased, and those rabbit ears start strumming against my clit, OH MY GOD! Ohhhhhhhhhhh…. I moan as you start pounding my ass, I am so full, the rabbit is churning against my G spot and those ears on my clit, as I crash over the plateau and begin cumming and uttering Oh My God, oh My God, Oh My God, before my mumblings turn into a constant stream of moans.

As you begin cumming your ass is clamping down on my cock so hard I don’t know how long I can last, I cannot tell where one orgasm ends and another begins as your steaming hot ass finally sends me over to the edge as I plunge to the hilt and start filling your bowel with a huge load of semen as my groans join yours. When I finish and pull my shrinking cock from you ass, I reach down and turn off the Rabbit vibe as you moan at its removal and slump forward sprawled across the desk as you listen to me whisper in your ear about how hot that was.

I vaguely remember looking at the screen and it is filled with cheers and accolades on our performance as you thank every one and sign off and help me into bed where I immediately fall asleep in your arms.

The next day is filled with excitement knowing that what we have discovered about ourselves and each other has brought so much excitement and pleasure to us last night, I hurry home to wait for you, the pleasure you brought me yesterday as you fucked my ass in front of the camera needs to be rewarded, and I prepare myself for your return.

You enter the house carrying a package to find me dressed in your favorite nitie that lets almost all of my areola show as it tries to contain my ample breasts, I am kneeling by the door, with my hands behind my back and my eyes downcast. The bright red flush on my breasts tells you I am excited already and you walk over to me as you start undressing.

As you near me, I look up to see the huge bulge in your pants, you are already rock hard for me and I reach to open your pants letting my prize spring out to greet me. As my lips glide over the silky head of your penis, I let them travel all the way to the base as my tongue dances along the underside and I apply suction to draw you deeper into my mouth. I feel your knees buckle slightly as you groan at the unbelievable sensations my talented mouth is giving canlı bahis siteleri me.

Oh god how I love sucking your cock! I think of it as my prize, because it is. I know you will try to resist me, but I am determined to make you cum hard and fast as I want to reward you for what we did last night. I begin bobbing my head as I reach up and start teasing your nipples as I repeatedly suck you deep into my mouth and let my tongue dance on the underside of your cock as you begin to shake and groan. Before long my prize is awarded, I feel you plunge your rock hard cock to the back of my throat and begin spewing a huge load down my throat, there is too much to catch all of it and some begins running out of my mouth to decorate my chin before dripping hot onto my cleavage.

As your softening cock leaves my mouth, you draw me to a standing position to kiss me deeply and tell me how fantastic that was. Gathering your clothes and that package you arrived with, you take my hand and lead me to the bedroom where I enter to find our laptop and webcam setting on the bed ready to be used in a more comfortable setting.

You lay me back in bed as I ask what it in the package, you laugh and tell me not to worry, I will find out soon enough. As you remove my nightie, leaving me completely necked, you are pleased to find my pussy shaved bare and baby smooth for you. As your hand wanders over my hard nipples and down over my belly as it trails its way to my vagina where your finger easily enters to find me sopping wet already!

As you finger me, my hips rise up to try and force your fingers deeper into my pussy and suddenly you slap me across my breast and you asking me who gave me permission to move! Moaning (and knowing better than to question him) I lower my eyes to try and appease him. I feel you pinch my nipples and pull the upward as I follow into a kneeling position on the bed.

Hands behind your back Slut!

As I comply to his command I see him reaching into the package he has brought home with him and he withdraws a blindfold, securing to my face, he whispers in my ear that I am not to move without permission and under no circumstances may I cum before he lets me, moaning, I know I must obey him, how could he know that trying to withhold an orgasm actually makes my cum faster and harder? Oh God, I don’t know if I can! I am so turned on right now, almost anything could push me over the edge!

I feel his hands on me, running over my breasts, lightly grazing my rock hard nipples, to tracing light paths down my back to my ass as I squirm against the feeling that almost tickles as his hands travel over my ass to the back of my thighs. His hands return to my breasts, gently caressing my nipples until his fingers are replaced by his hot mouth as he draws a hard nipple in and begins tonguing it, Oh God, that feels so good! He is suckling and using the flat of his tongue to gently caress my nipple as he begins to twist and pull on the other one with his hand. As his hot mouth leaves my nipple, I feel it replaces my his other hand and groan at the sensations because today they are so strong it feels like his is directly caressing my clit and he is no where near it! Ummmmm Ohhhh that feels so good!

I feel his mouth on the other nipple, drawing it into his hotness and suddenly the feeling is different, something is hard in his mouth and OMG! Its ICE COLD! He has an ice cube in his mouth! OMG! The feeling is incredible!, hot and cold at the same time, My nipple feel like its going to explode! And my clit is standing up and singing for attention as I feel myself heading toward an orgasm and have to grit my teeth and try to subside the feelings which makes my moans of pleasure turn into groans of frustration from trying to stop an orgasm from building.

He is alternating between nipples now, back and fourth and as his mouth leaves me, I groan half in frustration and the other in thanks at having the ice cube removed so that my nipples can warm themselves a bit. I hear rustlings, the he is telling me to spread my knees wider to open my pussy to him, I don’t know what he has in mind, or had brought me today.

I hear a strange clacking from his hand as he handles something, and he leans in and softly tells me he has 2 gold plated steel balls called Ben-Wa balls” that he will be placing into my pussy shortly and that I am to not let them fall by using my vagina to keep them in place, and I am to remember not to cum without permission. No problem I think to myself as I feel him pressing them into my pussy one at a time, they are warm and smooth and not too heavy and feel nice. I squeeze lightly and they stay put just fine. It all goes quiet, I can hear his breathing and he must be sitting and just watching me.

As I sit there thinking I have the upper hand I feel myself getting more and more aroused and cannot tell exactly why, Oh God WHY? is my pussy screaming like its being fucked, but no one is? Suddenly I realize what is happening, the balls in my pussy are moving around from my pussy trying to keep them in, when I squeeze the ride up deeper, and then gravity starts to draw them down and I have to squeeze lightly again to keep them in and OMG they are pressing against my G spot, and gliding back and fourth ever so slowly and that’s what is arousing me!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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